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12 Minutes of Garbage Time

Holy crap we had 30 assists and 10 turnovers as a team.

That's a pretty amazing stat. Especially considering they had 4 turnovers in the first five minutes and change, plus there was so much garbage time.

Will be a battle tomorrow keeping the Voose out of foul trouble. I hope for the best.

Even though Voose did nothing all that memorable I was happy to see that they could have him out with the starters without any let down in team play and production. He is a real euro in how he has a great feel for team concepts and it allows them to play fluidly despite his age and lack of experience.

Unfortunately they lack the athletes up front to counter Amare and Chandler so they will have to win decisively at the other positions.

Also, am I the only one who is no longer annoyed by Lou's game. Either I have just gotten used to his style and no longer expect PG play or he is slowly morphing into Jason Terry in terms of being selfish in a way that us actually conducive to winning basketball. But of course winning masks a lot.

I was pissed a couple of his quick shots tonight, but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be.

I also think they're doing a better job this year of having him off the ball w/ either Turner or Jrue handling the ball. It's not exclusively like that, but it's not like it used to be, where he was dominating the ball whenever he was on the floor. Earlier in the season, he was doing a better job of setting guys up, as well.

MCT reply to Tk76 on Jan 11 at 0:25

I don't have an irrational hatred for Lou like I used to, but he still has stretches where his shot selection makes me livid. All in all though he has grown on me and I do think we would miss his offense off the bench if he wasn't around. That being said, I would not pay him what we just paid Thad if he opts out of his contract early.

Guess I'm stubborn but Lou still drives me nuts and I won't miss him one bit if he leaves after this season. He had three straight bad games before tonight. His 2-for-1 disaster at the end of the first half made me want to throw my television. I also think he is just terribly defensively (often doesn't even appear to be trying) but yet he is exempt from Collins' wrath because he's the coach's pet.

Tray reply to Tk76 on Jan 11 at 1:38

I don't know, there's something a lot less annoying about a great streak shooter than a mini-Monta.

Spencer for hire reply to Tk76 on Jan 11 at 7:56

I believe little things like being the first guy in camp and the young guys looking at Lou as a leader play into it as well. And less of the bad Lou when the team is winning also.

I have a bad vision of a future of Lou and Spence each getting 10 mpy. contracts and no additions coming. Wonder if Thorn feels that way.

Btw, Turner's a little bit of a dick, huh? I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but the way he was yelling at Voose seemed kind of like, "I'm a soph, you're a rook. You're the only guy I can yell at, so I'm going to do it."

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 1:01

haha it's pretty funny seeing Hawes lecturing him and Iggy elbowing him. He probably still thinks about it all the time and couldn't wait to dish it down to Vucevic.

Heh, I never saw that second one.

Turtle Bay reply to MCT on Jan 11 at 1:49

I wanted to do this on a nightly basis to Hawes last year.


Stan reply to Turtle Bay on Jan 11 at 6:19


Yeah I didn't like it. One of my favorite things about Turner is that he seems like the nicest guy in the history of NBA basketball in his interviews. And like you, I did take it to be something like the rook is the only guy I can yell at so I'm gonna do it. It seemed over the top. I always wondered how he got the nickname "The Villain," I guess I finally see it.

Turner was given the nickname "The Villain" from OSU team mate Mark Titus, who proclaimed Turner was "The Villain" because he would come in and steal victory from the opposing team and break the hearts of the opposition.

I wouldn't read to much into Turner yelling at the Vooch. ET is an emotional guy, probably to his detriment sometimes.

I've actually thought the two have played pretty well together on the pick and pop.

I'm waiting for someone over at Libery Ballers to do a "Tuner and Vooch" photoshop of the Turner and Hooch movie poster.

Maybe its my rose colored glasses after 6 STRAIGHT WINS!, but I want to think this is ET coming into his own. At his best, I think he's a floor general (even if not a true PG). So, even if he can be a bit of a dick on the floor I think him taking ownership of the team's play is a sign of confidence and that he has completely bought into DC's system/philosophy.

Turner has played well in 8 of 9 games, so I like your rose-colored analysis :) ... yeah I think he's way more confident, maybe he just plays better when he gets hot-headed!

Like I said, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. The conversation was, I think:

ET: "Get back on defense."
NV: "I did."

Then someone stepped in but Turner was still yelling at him.

If he turns into a really good player, then maybe he's holding guys accountable. If he doesn't, and he's a dick like that, then he's just annoying, probably. Most important thing if you're going to be pointing fingers is you have to be beyond reproach in how hard you work.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 6:22

You're starting to remind me of typical a WIP caller

Seth reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 1:45

video of him yelling at Voose?

Turner seems like an interesting guy to psychoanalyze.

On a slightly different subject, I noticed that the Turner/Williams lineup was one of the most efficient lineups so far this year, and that actually might be the lineup where I see the most conflict within the team. I just think that's interesting. Like a few games ago Turner tried to bring the ball up and Collins yelled "Lou can handle" to get him to give it to Lou. I heard it on TV. In tonight's game, it didn't seem like as much of a conflicting relationship, so I guess they're learning to coexist. But earlier in the season, that question of who does what was being worked out right out in the open.

It seems like with Turner you can really see everything. You can see when he has his man beat, when he wants the ball, his reaction when he doesn't get it, etc. His consciousness is his gift and his curse. Now I'm just trying to sound poetic. But really, he's a great setup man and all that because he is very aware of what's going on on the floor.

Golden State upsets Miami 111-106. Were down big and apparently resurrected by Nate Robinson; Yes that's not a typo.

Lived at the line and brought them back. Something tells me he's gonna really like it in Oakland.

Portland bests the Clippers 105 - 97. Barring injury to Aldridge (50-50 odds on that) Blazers will be a FORCE in the West this season.

As long as no other team realizes all you have to do is give him 22-footers all night and he'll shoot them out of the game, maybe.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 3:21

Not really.

As to the Clippers, I watched that game and they're just not very good. I've never seen Paul look so ordinary or be so underutilized. And they're always failing to get the ball to Blake. It's a little like watching Miami early last season. Plus, Butler and Billups aren't good offensive players at this point in their careers, and Mo Williams is their only scorer off the bench, they let him run the offense and he's incapable of passing the ball. Tonight aside, they don't rebound, and DeAndre Jordan is only good for some highlight blocks and dunks but little else defensively.

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 12:16

I agree. Vinny might just be the worst coach in the league. I've never seen so much standing around on offense.

They've been making a lot of shots and free throws this year and yet they're still only 6-4. That just goes to show how much Vinny is underachieving with all of that talent.

I like watching blake griffin try to become elton brand and shoot from 12-15 feet - that's fun

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 14:29

You must watch them very closely because Griffin's taken less than 1 shot, on average, per game from 10-15 foot range this season. He does take quite a few mid-range jumpers from beyond that range, though, and they're not going down.

Somehow this team manages to have games on each of the next three Friday nights...all of which count for the $17.76 or less prices AND (i think) the buy 3 get 3 deal...anyone else starting to look at when they can get down to the sports complex to #showyaluv ??

Watched the entire game and didn't see much of and Iguodala presence. I even had to go back a look at his stat line to see if I missed anything. But anyway...

I was glad to see Turner get the green light to initiate his own offence in the first half. I think that role fits him best. I am really concerned with how this team starts games. It's almost like they are playing 4 on 5 with Meeks in the game. He is really struggling in the half court making shots.

I have a similar concern. So far the slow starts haven't hurt us because we've been playing teams without their best players, so it's easy to come back. If the Knicks are at full strength tonight, I think the slow start will kill us. I anticipate a loss if Anthony/Amare/Chandler all play. You can only come from behind so many times.

Stan reply to stoned81 on Jan 11 at 8:17

Hopefully they run their offense through Melo

Who else are they going to run their offense through? They have no real PG.

In addition I would have loved to see Iguodala lock down Evans one on one all night.

What's with the spam comments? Anyway, a modest proposal to buy some help on the front line this season without doing too much damage to our long-term flexibility. How about Nocioni's expiring and a 2nd round pick (if that) for Jason Maxiell? Thinking short-term here.

Marty reply to Marty on Jan 11 at 4:33

Thinking behind this is to try and do something to help us this year without removing any of your core pieces at this point. I think those types of moves will happen this summer. Who knows where this season leads, but as it is developing, I think it would be a shame to not add another useful big man that might be able to give you a little more than Tony Battie.

Stan reply to Marty on Jan 11 at 6:37

I wonder if either Jason Thompson or Timofey Mosgov is available. I would use the trade exception along with a conditional first round pick to get one of them

jswigga on Jan 11 at 6:47

yee-haw! Bring on NY.
Cannot wait for that game.... Wife's with her folks and I got place to myself!
Sixers win and I'm a happy, happy man

Sharone Wright reply to jswigga on Jan 11 at 9:19

Very concerned about how we match up against their frontcourt (foul trouble?). Of course, if I were a Kincks fan, I'd be very concerned about how they match up to the Sixers backcourt and bench.

knicks are 4 point favorties, O/U 194.5

I'd take the Sixers money line.

I'd take the over...not sure about that line

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