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Three For Three, Get It Done

I believe only one team has swept their 3 in 3 (OKC) and the t'wolves were the first team to lose their third of three last night...I can't believe I'm saying this but if Spencer isn't available, I don't think they can win this game.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 14:51

But we've already won our first two, something that no other team has done. So that's not predictive at all. All we know is that, in spite of the exhaustion, teams are 6-1 in the third game.

But we've already won our first two, something that no other team has done.

Really - interesting - how did OKC sweep those games on the 6th 7th and 8th of January then? (PS - their road game was in the middle - so slightly more travel involved than the sixers)

But maybe you're right - maybe the OKC wins don't count.

Then again, I didn't say any of it was predictive now did I?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 15:00

Oh sorry, one team has swept their back-to-back-to-back, so one team has done it. What I meant more generally was, it doesn't matter how many teams have won all three, because we've already won the first two legs. All that's relevant is the third game and teams have done fine so far.

Ah but as you've established repeatedly your pettiness is that being exact and accurate is usually more important to you than the intent...or does it only apply to others and not you.

My point wasn't predictive at all - I made no predictions - just stated the available facts - which you then got wrong

Ugh. Guys, now that I have kids who can disobey and throw things at each other I have to get in the middle of enough pointless fights at home. Let's try avoid pissing contests over semantics.

FreeMattCord reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 15:17

"I don't think they can win this game."

How is that not predictive?

FreeMattCord reply to Tray on Jan 11 at 15:16

This is correct

By the way stickler boy 'we' haven't won a damn thing, 'we' don't play for the sixers

good write up, Brian. I am as pumped for this game as i've been for a Sixers game in a long time. I'm worried about a slow start and there is no doubt that Melo, Amare and Chandler have been hearing about the Sixers hot start, so they are going to be looking at this game as a must win. Especially with what Doug said last night. Basically, that we are going to win the division. Tonight is big time.

Brand needs to come out like a man tonight and keep them in the game in the first quarter. From what i can tell the Knicks have no bench besides Douglas. He can get hot and give us problems for sure, but after him they are really very thin.

Need a big game out of Brand (15-10) and you need a solid 20 minutes from Hawes.

A smackdown on the Knicks would get this city pumped, no doubt.

btw--the difference between this year and last year is Turner handling the rock on the 2nd team. Lou is not a point guard, period.

I'm pumped. Have fun up there and stay away from any thugs in Rangers jerseys looking for some revenge.

Hey look, 97.5 is finally talking sixers, still bad mouthing Iguodala constantly, but still at least talking sixers, as opposed to all Eagles

Hmm...they don't know if the knicks would be a better basketball team if they had lebron james...

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 11:19

lol. What's their reasoning?

Spencer for hire reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 11:14

Missanelli was all Sixers talk yesterday but quite depressing with his outlook. I am just enjoying this ride and hope for another step this postseason and winning our division possibly.

If Hawes is out I expect Battie to start and keep the Vuce in his current role. Defensively that could be a good thing. According to one of our local writers, Brand averaged 26 ppg. against the knicks last season.

Spieghts got a start last night and pulled in 1 rebound in 20 minutes, by the way.

Missanelli has wanted Iguodala traded since he signed his contract extension and beats that drum constantly. He's also kind of a racist and a moron

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 11:22

Pretty much everyone dislikes Iguodala- but Gargano is the most annoying sports radio talk host when it comes to basketball. He calls himself an expert, everything he says is complete nonsense and he is so smug about it.

I stopped listening to sports radio about a year ago.

MikeW reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 11:22

Mikey Miss is actually my old boss, and is neither racist nor a moron.

If you say so, his on air persona is both, he's worse than eskin, he could choose to elevate the discussion in philadlephia sports radio but chooses to have discussions about the best players in a given sport, by skin color

... and shot 5-8 for 10 pts, added 2 steals. Not bad for 20 min. Maybe his physical presence (including block-outs) helped Gasol grab 14 'bounds. Box scores don't tell the whole story.

Heh. Your love for Speights cracks me up.

Don't love him as much as you love Iguodala, but think he's got talent that was dismissed by Collins for reasons other than basketball. I do appreciate balance in reporting though. Thus assertion of some positives that Spencer for hire failed to mention.

The shooting and steals I buy, but giving him credit for Gasol's rebounding? That's thin.

Yeah, that's a reach but still a possibility on a few of Gasol's pull-downs. Box scores don't lie, but they sometimes shade the truth on individual value in given game, in both directions. Do I expect my starting power forward to find more than 1 rb in 20 min of PT? Absotively posilutely - every contest on the schedule.

Numbers lie all the time depending on how one manipulates them.

Speights didn't get a 'raw deal' in Philadelphia. He played little to no defense, he shot every time he touched the ball and showed no improvement year one to year two or year two to the beginning of year three...no dedication to basketball...wanna talk about how great he played last night - how did the game end up for the griz -

(PS - the great tony allen - was he guarding kobe?)

The Griz played OKC.

You're right, my memory really is caked, that was previously - saw gasol and forgot the other one :)

I know. To your point, the population of Philadelphia minus 10,255 thinks 7-2 is a lie. Numbers are tricky.

You're right, Speights didn't get a raw deal, he got a smooth deal ... Collins SPEAKING "crocodile tears" while damning him with faint praise before he could get to the airport.

It was what it was, is what it is - he's gone. Life in the NBA. I'm actually happy for him. His ticket was punched on Collins' arrival imo. Responded better to Cheeks, DiLeo & Jordan. '09-'10, scored in double figures in 9 of 1st 13, including 19, 2 20s, a 26 & a 28. Same span, 3 G w/9 rbs, 2 w/10. Then got hurt, lost his way. The talent is there. Memphis sees it, may be able to tap into it. May not. Second chance, it's up to him. I see Lionel and new environment helping him. Just a hunch.

I actually think rebounding numbers are extremely flawed, and something advanced stats don't fix (rebounding% is merely a better representation of a flawed stat). Rebounding isn't an individual activity at all. The proposition (that a guy consistently good at boxing out can have a far greater impact on his teams ability to get defensive rebounds than his accumulated totals represent) is definitely real. That being said, nothing I've seen from Speights in the three years he's been here has led me to believe this is the case.

To be fair to Speights, it's much harder for him to accumulate defensive boards since opposing teams make so many shots when he's on the floor. There just aren't many to go around.

One thing I forgot to mention, Thad can really have a huge game tonight and I wouldn't be surprised to see Brand at the five with Thad at the four against Chandler/Stoudemire for stretches.

This would mean Stoudemire can't take an easy matchup on the defensive end (I expect Chandler to be on Brand w/ Stoudemire on Hawes/Voose when the starting lineups are on the floor).

Spencer for hire reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 11:17

Thad could be good in a ball denial role against Amare if our guards pressure theirs, as you stated in your writeup.

Knicks backcourt has improved ten fold since D'Antoni benched Douglas. Shumpert can do it all so Sixers will have its hands full dealing with him. Look for Melo and Stat to have 25pts apiece. Good test for NYK I predict. Knicks 95 - Sixers 89

So you'd be a knicks fan?

"Shumpert can do it all" much like Spencer Hawes will continue to lead the league in FG%

I watched a lot of Shumpert tape, he's really bad against any kind of pressure. His strength seemed to be dumping it off to bigs when he drives the lane, but against good perimeter defense, he's going to cough it up before he gets in the lane. Looks like he makes bad decisions to me as well.

Heh, read your post on the 30 best PGs in the league. Think you might want to rethink that list.

Jameer Nelson and Brandon Jennings in top 10, Jrue Holiday not in top 30...

Well, I mean who was he going to drop to move Jrue into the top 30? Steve Blake? No way.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 12:16

You're forgetting that he only has 28 players listed.

Toney Douglas and Mike Bibby were a given.

Stan reply to Cin on Jan 11 at 12:14

and the Celtics dodged a bullet when New Orleans turned down their Chris Paul/Rajon Rondo trade swap.

Triangle Offense on Jan 11 at 11:39

I think we will win tonight, our depth is incredible.

As long as Iggy locks up Melo and we crash the boards HARD all night we will be fine. The Knicks PG will do everything else for us :-)

This is the 2nd early test for the 6ers.. the 1st test was the pacers game we passed...now lets see what we can do with another playoff team.

I work nights on the weekdays so i cant catch many 6ers home games but ill be there for the Monday 2pm game vs the Bucks.

Great site by the way Brian, i'm happy i stumbled upon this blog.

Glad you found us.

Tonight is a big game to keep this momentum going. They're playing what is probably a playoff team, on the road, w/ no rest. If they can get this one, then they've got three really winnable games lined up before the schedule gets a little harder.

Not only do the sixers have no rest - the knicks have played one game in the past 3 days while the sixers are in the middle of a 7 in 9 stretch that just sucks :)

I love Knicks fans

First they think that Dano Gallinari is going to be a future all star

Then they think that Lebron will be sign with them

Now they think that they have a legitimate shot at winning a championship and that Shumpert is the answer at PG.

Stat of the day: not only are the Sixers leading the league in PPG allowed, but they are #3 in PPG scored (and 0.1 away from #2, though far behind Miami for #1). I wonder if there has ever been a team at any stage of a season that was #1 for both?

Also, does anyone know how the Sixers were allowed to play 13 players last night? Is that a rule change? I thought the rule was 12 active at any one time.

Yeah, teams area allowed to dress 13 for a certain period this season. Not sure when it runs out.

Yeah, that stroke me as odd as well. Also a lot of people on different blogs are calling for the Sixers to get another guard so that Turner won't need to play with the scrubs. I guess noone realizes that with a 9man rotation there are 3 scrubs you can have at most anyway (or 4 according to Brian for a stretch this season).

eddies' heady's on Jan 11 at 12:39

Rich and I will be there? What about the rest of us? You guys blow .... haha

I'll be there out of necessity an desire. Can't watch at home on MSG, but should be able to see the replay later on Synergy.

Has anyone ever seen this online? Harvey Pollack's stat guide.

Never saw it before, not a recent one, where is the 10/11 one

Page 188 - goaltending leaders...sam second :)

I found it here talking about Thibs' rating system.

Here are the Sixers ratings according to Thibodeau's statistical system (LeBron was the best in the league in 2009-2010 w/ a rating of 77.75):


Lou: 46.1
Jrue: 36.1
Iguodala: 52.6
Thad: 46.4
Spence: 63.1
Turner: 38.7
Brand: 49.6
Meeks: 15.9
Voose: 64.0

and 2010-2011

Brand: 48.3
Jrue: 38.4
Thad: 46
Lou: 39.3
Iguodala: 45.4
Meeks: 27
Spence: 36.3
Turner: 30.2
Speights: 40

It's a pretty simplistic formula, but there you have it:

A system created by Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls Head Coach, calculates the efficiency of NBA players, and it’s done via player positions. The formula is field goals made doubled minus field goals missed plus free throws made minus free throws missed times .5 plus 3-pt. field goals times three minus 3-pt. field goals missed times 1.5 plus rebounds and assists minus personal fouls plus steals minus turnovers plus blocks. The final total is divided by the minutes played.
jkay reply to Grover on Jan 11 at 15:42

ha. have always been a Grover fan. Not sure what kids these days see in Elmo.

Stan reply to Grover on Jan 11 at 15:43

That was awful. I felt like they were making fun of the muppet because he wasn't as good as Amare and Melo'

Hexy'sBaldSpot on Jan 11 at 14:30

Sixers played 13 players last night. i always thought the limit was 12. Has this changed or was i crazy? Googled it every way I could think of phrasing it, but got no answer.

As part of the new CBA, teams are allowed to dress and play 13, just in the beginning of this shortened season.

Hexy'sBaldSpot reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 14:53

Many thanks.

It will be interesting to see how the Sixers high percentage offense performs against a Knicks team with two legit bigs. The Sixers sometimes settle for jumpers and I want to see them consistently get in the lane tonight instead of settling. I think that will in a large part determine the outcome.

They especially need to attack the rim whenever chandler isn't on the floor.

The rebounding is what's going to be concerning to me tonight, the inability of anyone on this team to box out an average big man could be a problem

Man, Landry Fields game certainly has gone to shit. He might be the most affected by their lack of a PG.

Chad Ford on the sixers

For real. Not sure they'll finish the season a top John Hollinger's Power Rankings or even be a Top 5 team. But after the Heat and the Bulls, you can make a strong argument they're the next best team in the league long-term.

Not sure if he means long-term for this season or beyond this season though

I think he ranked them 20th in terms of the Sixers' outlook in their future standings, or whatever they called them.

Well sure

But preseason how many of those smart guys at ESPN predicted the sixers to come in third in the atlantic?:)

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 15:29

I read it as going forward. I am assuming he just left out the Thunder.

Seems like just yesterday all the experts were saying the team's outlook was dim in the ESPN future power ranking pieces. Amazing how a few wins and an amnesty card in the back pocket will change perception.

Well I tend to think it's an over reaction in the other direction...I still don't see them being a second round (winner) playoff threat...and they've still got holes...and backs are an issue that linger - if this spencer thing comes and goes all season - it's a big deal - and vuc seems just as limited in the same ways that spencer does though he shows more effort defensively in my mind

The bigger problem (and the elephant in the room that the experts seem to be ignoring) is the four spot - brand seems to be in decline and there's no one behind him (I don't consider Thad a legitimate 4 option until he develops either a consistent 'jumper' like brand or a post game and learns to defend bigger guys better)...that's my biggest concern going forward...the espn mock have a lot of power forwards in the 'teens' but not sure any of em are good

I'm not going to worry about the four until after next summer. If they can get Howard, I'm 100% fine w/ starting Thad at the four next to him. If they don't get Howard, well, I don't know what the backup plan is for the long term. I guess you just keep on chugging and hope for some kind of miracle to land or groom a top 10 player.

Here's hoping the draft folks are at least a bit more worried about it than you are - i mean - i was worried about tony for a bit though Voose seems better than expected (and rated by many)...

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 15:39

Their are a lot of good big men in this year's draft. The guy I really like who will be around when we pick is Festus Ezeli. Great shot blocker and defender, good offensive game. He has injury problems and he's a little slow/unathletic but that's about the only concern.

Larry Coon on the Sixers going after Dwight in free agency:

Larry Coon They’d clear $18.1M in cap room by giving Brand the axe. Right now they’ve got $57.5M committed to 2012-13, so getting that down to around $39 million (minus cap holds for things like draft picks) could allow them to make a run at Howard.
They'd be able to talk to Dwight, get a commitment from him, and THEN amnesty Brand to create the room, so if they can't land Dwight, they'd still have Brand. I think the Sixers are probably in the running if Dwight becomes a FA.
Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 15:32

Where was that? Twitter?

Theoretically, if he wants to come here...I still think he and deron end up in dallas, somehow, not sure how

After all that we've been through this season you guys still want Dwight Howard? What happened to the team-first concept? What happened to chemistry and sticking together?

Howard is a great player and will make us better but at the expense of chemistry and leadership if we lose Brand.

I'm also not a huge Howard fan. I will always remember him for bricking two free throws in the Finals when all he needed to do was make one to win the game.

The fans here will grow to despise his goofy attitude. He's very similar to Iguodala. Both guys are funny and great teammates off the court, but their on court demeanor is frustrating to watch.

Yes. I still want the best big man in the game. Call me crazy.

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 15:41

Aren't you tired of seeing Philly teams try to buy their way to a championship? The Eagles tried this year and failed miserably. The Phillies have tried the last few years and have failed.

I like the Sixers in part because they are home grown and young. It's the same reason why the Phillies were so fun to root for in the mid 2000's when Utley Hamels and Howard came up and we started to gradually improve.

And the sixers have no shot at a championship either...or do you somehow think they can take the bulls or heat in a 7 game series cause of passion intensity and pride?

So your pro-Brand, anti-Howard argument is that getting Howard wouldn't be winning with home grown talent?

Getting Howard makes this team a finals contender, immediately. He fits a need, perfectly, and he's the ideal big man for our home grown talents (Jrue, Turner and Iguodala) to play with.

Dwight reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 15:54

I'm telling you guys right now if the Sixers amnesty Brand and sign Howard, then they won't be winning the championship. In the first few years anyway.

You will greatly miss the veteran leadership Brand provides for this team. Having a true winner like Elton Brand on your roster is vastly underrated.

Since they're not going to win a championship in a while either way, I'd rather ride it out with this young group and see if we can continue to add pieces in the draft.

Is there a particular reason you don't think Howard would provide veteran leadership, along with insane interior defense, rebounding and a ton of efficient scoring?

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 16:05

See Brian you're all about the stats. You're invested too deeply into the numbers.

You need to consider the role Brand provides on this team. He is the only player on our team that has been in the league for a decent amount of time! The only one! He knows the NBA inside and out. Howard is still relatively new. He doesn't have that gritty win at all costs mentality. You need to have a winner if you want to win an NBA championship!

You need the Billups', Dirks, Wades, Garnetts, Duncans, Shaqs, and Kobes. Guys who are super competitive and have that same winning mentality.

If Brand leaves, there is no one to fill that role on our team. First we had Allen Iverson, but then he left. Then we had Andre Miller, but now he's gone.

Jrue Holiday could very well become that next guy. But he has more years to go.

Ah, the last desperate ploy of the 'i watch the games folk' - attacking the people who like the numbers because numbers have no bias

You tell em Jonny Marz

jkay reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:13

i Think you are too invested in perceived intangibles.

Stats if done well, are the ONLY objective way of looking at players. These days even the talking heads are biased by their love for a certain type of player.

But then again, what am I saying, anyone who was watched Howard play should;d not be questioning that issue.

fyi: Billups', Dirks, Wades, Garnetts, Duncans, Shaqs, and Kobes*

* all guys who are old or on their way there. this aint baseball. by design, it aint for old men.

Stan reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 17:34

Are you trolling?

Also, the Sixers wouldnt' be giving anything up to get Howard. All they'd need to do is amnesty Brand and then use the money to sign Howard. All the young pieces would remain in place, but you'd be trading the final year of Brand's career for a minimum of four years of Dwight.

bebopdeluxe reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:01

Generally speaking, I value everyone's opinions on forums like these...but your line of reasoning pushes that mantra to the breaking point.

Adding Howard to a lineup of Jrue, Turner, Iguodala and Thad would make the Sixers, IMO, one of the greatest defensive teams in the NBA in recent years.

This is an absolute-freaking no-brainer.

Almost everyones :)

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 15:47

I'd settle JaVale. Amnesty Brand and give JaVale 11-13 miillion/season

Yeah, you'd wind up regretting that contract in a big way. I like Javale, and I think Collins could probably turn him into something useful, but $11-13M? No way.

The fans will love dwight howard because the sixers will win more than this team is winning - slide dwight out for spencer - hey look - look at all those defensive rebounds the sixers are grabbing - oh wait - you mean thhey are now one of the BEST defensive rebounding (percentage only matters, not count) teams in the league...oh look at all those big men getting in foul trouble early

Great you remember one moment where he missed free throws, yes he's bad at it - but the rest of your thought process is just ridiculous WIP nonsense.

WINNING is what matters - and dwight howard would be a perfect fit on a team whose starting PF is not enthralled with being in the low post...the sixers have a real good defense right now, add the league leading shot blocker AND rebounder and it's deadly...they'd be one of the better defenses of all time I bet you.

If Dwight howard wants to come to the sixers and all they have to do is waive Elton Brand, you do that in a heart beat, as for your implications that Howard doesn't have a team first attitude, I don't buy it.

(PS - who fits better in the locker room of the sixers, a right wing redneck from the pacific northwest or a good christian boy from atlanata?)

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 15:50

a right wing redneck from the pacific northwest

What is it with you and this socio-political angle on Hawes? Do you actually have any evidence that the guy is like that?

He's pretty vocal about his right-wingdom, and he's from the pacific northwest. The redneck thing is probably just an assumption from the two known facts.

If it walks like a moose and quacks like a moose, shoot it

Weren't you criticizing a radio personality for similar "racist" remarks earlier today?

I suppose mocking a 2nd amendment gun toting ignoramus
who claims to understand the constitution but clearly hasn't read it is the same as deciding to make an 'all time skin color' team for each sports league.

I'm racist, against ignorance and stupidity - I openly admit it - constantly.

Then again, I've been a victim of anti semitism - right in front of my face even - almost got killed when i was in college for wearing a star of david, so, you know, I believe that berating the stupid ignorants who think Sara Palin is a good idea (by definition you are a stupid ignorant if you think she's a good idea)

FreeMattCord reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 18:02

I think it's stupid to call a person an idea.

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 15:58

I like both Hawes and Howard. They're both pretty funny guys and good teammates.

But I like Brand better than both. He is a winner, a leader, and a great worker. You need to have that kind of player on your team.

How many playoff series have elton brand teams won?

You don't keep a guy around with his injury history and salary demands on the wrong side of his career if you can get the best center in the game - it's just common sense

Johnnylaptop reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:00

Brand is the past, Howard is the future.

Just out of curiosity, you've now called Brand a winner twice. Why? And is Howard not a winner? Does Howard not work hard?

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 16:08

Howard is a proven choke artist. He is similar to LeBron and McNabb where they try to be funny and crack jokes in crucial situations. That is the tell-all sign of someone who chokes. Howard makes a lot of dumb technical fouls like elbowing Dalembert which almost cost the Magic the series, if it weren't for Dalembert letting up his guard against Gortat.

You need the gritty veterans of the world like Brand. He has proven to be clutch with us many times by making key defensive plays or making big buckets towards the end of the game.

Court_visioN reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:11

sure, you need a gritty veteran. just not one that you owe $18 million a season to. spend that money on a legitimate top-5 big man in the league like Dwight Howard.

This is definitely the most idiotic stance I've ever seen someone take on this blog. The Spencer love stoned81 had last season looks downright sensible next to this.

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 16:19

Well the last time you called me a moron was when I told you that we are a better team with Spencer Hawes instead of Samuel Dalembert.

And after less than 10 games and multiple games partially missed due to a back issue - I'm not sure you're right.

One could aruge the sixers are better with #8 on the floor than Hawes over all...stick to WIP kid

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 16:25

I agree. I actually like Vucevic better than Hawes. He has better length and better rebounding ability although he is not as polished.

But can't you see how everyone is talking about the great team chemistry we have? That was my whole argument about getting rid of Dalembert.

And didn't you call me an idiot before for predicting that the Blazers would beat us and that the Jazz would end up being a good team?

But can't you see how everyone is talking about the great team chemistry we have? That was my whole argument about getting rid of Dalembert.

It wasn't your argument - you stole it from the Philadelphia newspapers

And yet you have no proof the chemistry wouldn't be just as good with a quality defensive rebounding center either...other than of course your opinion

Spencer for hire reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 16:23

I agree totally that the sixers will make no moves untill the Howard situation works itself out. And the whole league will probably be waiting also.

I wonder what kind of p.f. this team acquires either in the draft or trades. A player to split the position with Thad? I have been impressed this season by Amir Johnson, especially that he is starting with a defense first coach in Toronto now.

He is 24 now and could be an active defender, like Thad, and could be a nice compliment to him.

This is one of the reasons I was ok with the Sixers drafting Vucevic. He may not have been the best player available overall but he was the best player at the position we NEEDED the most. He will be overmatched tonight but hopefully he can give us 25 solid mins tonight if Hawes can't go.

I'm warning you guys right now. It's easy to look at a piece of paper and say, oh this team will win a championship for sure.

But you need to have the personalities. You need to have the chemistry.

Acquiring Howard will work if one of two things happen:

1) Turner or Holiday become a clutch/go-to scorer

2) They acquire a veteran go-to scorer

I'm telling you right now that Howard can't be the main, key piece on a championship team.

Court_visioN reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:14

nobody said championship. we're saying top defensive team. as in a team you'd struggle to hit 80 against every night.

and last i checked, a team built around dwight howard made it to the finals. when's the last time an elton brand-led team did that?

2011-2012 :)

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 16:16


this is making my head hurt.

Dwight reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:18

You would be fine with acquiring Howard if it means no championship in the future?

Howard is obviously a better player than Brand, I'm not arguing that. I'm just saying that Brand has a veteran role on this team that will be void when he leaves and Howard arrives.

I think you're confused to the point where you're talking to yourself. You're saying keeping Brand to pay him $18M in the last season of his contract is a better move than signing Dwight Howard, in his prime, or 4+ years. There's no way in the world you can spin that into making any kind of sense. Just quit while you're miles behind.

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 16:27

It would be a better move. I've already said that. It would improve our team in wins.

However, both teams would be similar in that they wouldn't win a championship.

At least by not signing Howard you are giving the team more options in the future. Like re-signing Turner and Holiday.

I'd like to keep the team as it is and let Brand play the veteran on this team.

tk76 reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:48

Dwight - how do you propose the team move forward In 16 months when Brand's contract expires.

Court_visioN reply to tk76 on Jan 11 at 16:49

re-sign him. obviously. can't lose that veteran presence.

Seriously, I want to know how he sees this team getting to the next level.

Reggie Evans, he's a veteran locker room presence, he's a team guy, and he works hard and hustles...EUREKA

ed oreilly reply to Brian on Jan 11 at 16:47

Can we put this Brand/Howard arguement to rest? Some people will not change regardless of how many facts you give them.

Court_visioN reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:25

i meant that nobody said this team would "win a championship for sure" with Dwight Howard. The point is the Sixers would be much closer to contention with Howard than with Brand. I don't know how much of the Kool-Aid you've been drinking with this team lately, but at the end of the day, talent still wins ballgames.

A veteran presence can be much more easily found than a superstar. Your argument is like the Sixers shouldn't get rid of Lou Williams and sign D-Wade because Lou provides "personality and character" to this team.

Dwight reply to Court_visioN on Jan 11 at 16:29

I would do that move in a heart beat. Wade is a true winner. Great veteran presence.

Howard, unfortunately, is not in Wade's league.

Actually Howard and Wade are both in the NBA - so yeah he is

You're right though, Howard stays healthy, is the best player at his position in the game, and can carry a group of mediocre players to the NBA finals...Wade needs Lebron James and Chris Bosh to help him make the finals.

It's true, Howard is not in Wade's league...he's in a better one...turn off the radio for gods sake

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 16:40

I never listen to the radio. WIP is trash. So is 97.5

I have certain opinions about certain players. It's based from what I read on sports websites and what I see when I watch the games.

There you go jonny marz - ignore the statistics - they are just made up numbers

and kudos on ignoring all the points made about howard 'not being in wades' league...

Court_visioN reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:39

so Dwyane Wade (0.549 career record) is a great winner but Dwight Howard (0.582 career record) is not? How do you figure that?

Team USA 2010 FIBA World Champion
One of 18 candidates for Olympic team..

No that is not Elton Brand, that's Andre Iguodala. He's the captain even if Lou Williams is the pulsing heart. Isn't this team a reflection of his game? Hell in transition, relentless defense, and unsung offensive tenacity. If you want a leader it's Andre. Brand has been a worthy co-pilot, but if you'd rather have his ghost than Howard in his prime then you clearly want this ship to arrive at a different destination. Or bus... Collins is probably on a bus in all this.

tk76 reply to Dwight on Jan 11 at 16:41

I think Thad, Lou, Jrue and ST are all scorers. They all can blow by most defenders and then dish off to Dwight when the help comes. Add Iguodala as someone who will get the ball to Dwight for easy finishes. So they won't need Dwight to be a polished post presence- he can simply dominate by playing to his strengths. And don't underestimate the value if Collins in terms of getting the most out of that talent.

Court_visioN reply to tk76 on Jan 11 at 16:46

the Sixers offense is predicated on a ton of pick and rolls anyway. Put Dwight Howard in positions where he can get the ball coming off of pick and rolls consistently with players that will give him the ball? Count me in. Lots of dunks, lots of posters, and probably (comes with the territory) lots of offensive fouls.

ed oreilly on Jan 11 at 16:38

This Arguement about keeping Brand for 18mil a year for his veteran leadership has been the most entertaining aspect of my week. I get it that that the numbers dont tell everything about a player or what he brings to a team. But choosing to keep Bran and the inflated contract and not amnesty him and try to pursue Howard is absurd. I dont know why this is even up for debate. Also Can we go back to the earlier posts by some possible Knicks fan talking about Shumpert. I have friends from new york who or diehard knicks fans and they keep hyping up Shumpert. I just dont see it, He was good in college because he was head and shoulders above everyone else athletically, but his decison making is atrocious. I would double him all night.

If Howard is traded before the deadline (I'm assuming the team that gets him will do everything to keep him), then it means no D12 signing possibilities for the summer. So if that happens, how about trading Lou, for a late 1st? This PF thing has got me a little skeptical of the future, if he's going to opt out (which I believe after his breakout season*), and we sure dont wanna re-sign him for Thad money, then hurt the team now for future benefits. I think we will really miss him but it won't hurt us that much if Jrue and Turner can step it up.

* I keep having these recurring nightmares that the Sixers will be a 3 or 4 seed and Lou (our leading scorer) will be an All-Star.

tk76 reply to jkay on Jan 11 at 16:50

When is Lou's player option?

jkay reply to tk76 on Jan 11 at 17:00

it's for 2012-2013, so basically as soon as the season ends, I presume.

Spencer for hire reply to tk76 on Jan 11 at 17:03

How much would you throw at Asik, who has the qualifying offer. Chicago can only go so high right. Let Hawes go and pair Asik and the Vuce.

Asik is good for your back-up especially concerning hustle and rebounding. I'm wondering how we can get a starting caliber player. Not sure how to execute that.
But for Asik, 4M per is the most I would go.

Getting a restricted free agent is always a difficult thing...i think this next off season will be the 'defining' off season for Rod Thorn. You've got the Spencer Hawes decisions to be made (depending on how the season unfolds, if he continues this play, do you buy into it long term, or do you see it as a contract drive and let someone else over pay him and let vuce back him up?), the elton brand replacement decisions, the will dwight howard come here, what does he want aside from 'money' to make it work.

I think lou might have a player option this off season right

For all the talk of new ownership rumored to be pushing thorn out - I think 2012 is a more pivotal off season than this past one

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 17:31

I think potentially a lot of bad (Billie King style) decisions could be made if we are not shrewd.


- Lou will probably opt out. Who wouldn't want to cash in on his recent popularity? Collins seems to love Lou to death. Will personally advocate for him.

- Hawes might have a good season. His injury-prone back seems to make it unlikely that he can sustain that high level of play. Voose needs to break out this year so we don't make that mistake.

-decision to be made on Brackins. he doesn't earn much, but if he doesn't show much, we can spend those dollars on a big.

-back-up PG or guard needed.

And Jodie, I mean sure he's jodie, but he's a free agent as well...if you believe in Thorn yo ukeep him - if you don't you gotta get rid of him sooner rather than later - regardless of what's going on...they should decide now whether they want thorn building this team

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 17:36

If Jodie wants even a double on his salary; I'd keep him. As long as it's not 3 or 4 yr contract.
Sorry but like a housewife, I LOVE a good bargain.
Meeks (making less than 1M) is very ok with me.
I think he provides good value for his pay.

If Jodie has a good season doesn't he get a better than million dollar contract?

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 17:43

Reggie Williams got 2.5 million for 2 seasons. I think Jodie is worth around 1.5-2 million a year based on that.

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 11 at 17:43

yeah i know, that's why I said double. Let's see how highly he or his agent thinks of himself.

bebopdeluxe reply to jkay on Jan 11 at 17:06

I am still holding out hope that somebody (like, say, GSW) takes a flyer on "renting" Howard in an effort to convince him to stay...'cause, at the end of the day, he won't.

I don't think that even needs to be worried about. I figure Otis Smith realizes the only way to save his job is to get Dwight to stay and that's not going to happen. I'd lay better than even odds he finishes the season in Orlando and then just walks...honestly, I'd rather he stay in Orlando, and the sixers beat them in the first round of the playoffs, cause if folks think 'team makeup and winning possibility' can be more persuasive than his chosen destinations, losing to the sixers in the playoffs would be hella persuasive

Do we have any update on Hawes more recently than the game time decision that was posted this morning?

What does everyone think of Jrue and Thad's over/unders for points tonight of 14.5 and 12.5 respectively? If Spencer doesn't play, Thad should get some nicer minutes.

Personally, I'd take the over on Thad, even if Spencer does play, that seems low to me the way he's playing right now...that energy against the knicks is going to lead to some real easy transition baskets and I bet at least two follow up baskets...as for Jrue, he's been erratic to me so far this year, I'd stay away from it - but if I had to guess I'd take the over as well but that might just be me hoping he starts off aggressive and posts up the smaller guys guarding him :)

I like the over on both.

Ok so i got a few things to say after reading a whole bunch of weird stuff...

- I am a stats guy, but i do agree that stats are limited in basketball and can't tell the whole picture. That being said, saying that we should keep Brand instead of going for Howard due to leadership is insane. Howard is the best center in basketball by far, anyway you look at it. A Holiday/Turner/Iguodala/Young/Howard lineup will not only be the best defensive team for a season, they have a chance to be one of the best defensive teams ever. You can't just ignore that.
- I honestly hope Howard stays in Orlando and becomes a free agent but seriously doubt that will happen. Unfortunately i see him being traded to the Lakers for Bynum and picks. Orlando will eventually regret that trade, but they will do it.
- STOP OVERREACTING!!! I am probably one of the more optimistic guys on this blog and probably the only one who believes that it takes a TEAM to win it all, but this team is still far from real contender status. What happened to hoping for them to become a top10 team this year? They are playing well, but they still need to improve in a number of areas before they are a contender. I'm not saying it's impossible, but they are far from there right now.

The first thing they need to do is show some resilience and beat NY on the road on the third game of a back-to-back-to-back. That's a log way to winning the Atlantic. Start there.

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