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Spence Was Missed

Man, you're right, but so friggin depressing

They really needed him last night, but i am not worried. We will see the knicks again. iguodala vs. melo round 2

I'm worried because back issues can be chronic / recurring, and he's already missed a full game and portions of two others due to a back thing...this could be an all season issue...

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 13:56

Hmmn. You've been here long enough to know better than to link to bleacher report. Shame on you!

Given this fact, do you think the Sixers' brass will start looking for a better back-up big? Voose seems to be progressing well, but he doesn't quite seem ready to start or play 30 mins+. Battie just seems like a poor option, and I would think there would be someone available who would be an upgrade over him. They should have some wiggle room with Speights' contract gone.

I agree with this, Hawes probably helps a lot with their ball and player movement, as well as draws Chandler away from the hoop. That's why I don't think we need to trade anyone or change a role or whatever. This game was set up for the Knicks to win: At home, day off against a team on the road playing their third day in a row. The Sixers were missing their starting center as well. Add in the fact that the Sixers couldn't hit good shots or free throws at a decent rate last night (legs) and the fact NY got 13 from Harrelson, they still had multiple chances down the stretch! There are going to be a lot of tired teams this year that you'll see just go in the tank against the Sixers when they are in that same spot. Really, just have the team rest up today and go get Washington over the weekend.

Melo/Iguodala battle was physical as all get out, just wish we scored some points to complement Dre's D down the stretch.

Shumpert is hilarious too. He actually looks like a hell of a defender, so give him that. His shot selection and game management was just a delight though.I loved one play down the stretch where he was looking to launch a three with 20 seconds on the shot clock, and D'antoni and the gross crowd were groaning. He swings it to Melo who jacks up a three with 19 left on the shot clock as the crowd goes crazy, and he misses it by a to .

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 12 at 21:10

"That's why I don't think we need to trade anyone or change a role or whatever."

Do you mind elaborating on this further? What do you exactly mean here? That our goal should be to just beat the Knicks? And Hawes solves all of that? Trying to understand where you were coming from with this statement.

is bucher really that dumb to not put durant in his top 7?


Off Topic: Would you like Kevin Love in a Sixers uniform next season and what would you pay him?


The 13M type max or the 18M type max that Durant/Howard/Rose will be eligible for?

Paying love like he is a top 10 player would be a big mistake IMO. He is a lot closer to being an Iguodala type impact player than a Dwight Howard type.

For his position:
Rebounding: +++
Passing: +
Shooting:+ (eFG% on jumpers 44%
Defense: +/-
Defensive deterrent to drivers: -
Finisher in the paint: + (eFG% inside 60%)
Post scoring: +/-

He really separates himself in only 1 area. A great asset for a good team, but not a guy who suddenly makes you an instant contender.

I see Love as a guy who rebounds like Reggie Evans but without the negatives (in fact above average BB IQ.) He can single handedly turn around a bad rebounding squad. But that is not the same as Dwight, who can single handedly turn around a bad defense, or a bunch of top stars who can single handedly turn around a bad offense (Rose, CP3, Durant, Kobe, Nash, DWade, Lebron. Lou ;)

He won't be elig for the Rose max.

So does that mean a starting salary of under 13M? That's a good deal for a legit All Star in his prime. IMO you almost can't go wrong with that 1st max contract as long as the guy plays at an All Star level. It is the second max contract where you can get in trouble (JJ.)

You need to make a couple all star games, or win an mvp, or make an all nba team a couple of times. I don't know the exact criteria, but it's some combination thereof for guys to get the full max on their second contracts.

Didn't he make second team all nba last year (that counts I believe) if he makes it this year he's up for it?

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 16:04

I agree with this. He puts up huge scoring numbers in Minny only because they don't have better options.

Yeah, this is kind of a ridiculous statement. The guy's true shooting % was 59.3% last season, and his usage was only 22%. This year, his TS% is down a little bit, and his usage is up, but we're not talking about a gunner, by any stretch, and he'd be the most efficient weapon on about 20 teams.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 16:54

Are any of these 20 teams teams that will contend for anything? He's not as efficient as Durant, Pau Gasol (LA's most efficient option), Chris Paul, Nowitzki, or LeBron; currently his TS% is lower than that of Derrick Rose, though I'd concede that that's not likely to be the case all season long. If you want to count Portland as a dark horse contender, he's less efficient than their most efficient option, Gerald Wallace. Love was much more efficient last year, but like you say, with a lower usage rate and a coach who believed Beasley should be the team's go-to guy. Now that he's the first option, his efficiency has taken a hit.

Wallace is a joke of a comparison here, and you know it. He was more efficient than Gasol last season, with a higher usage rate and much less talent around him.

Dirk, CP3, Durant, no, he's not more efficient than them, pretty much no one is. He was almost exactly as efficient as LeBron last season, this year, LeBron's been better (though not in the fourth quarter/overtime, apparently).

So that's really four teams where he wouldn't be the most efficient option. Add whatever team Howard is on. When Amare had Nash, he was more efficient. That's pretty much it.

Saying he only scores a bunch of points because they don't have better options is baseless. Only the very best in the game would be better options.

jkay reply to Phil on Jan 12 at 14:54

$12M per.

Well, I'd offer him the max, but Minny isn't going to let him go.

He's no Elton Brand though - i mean come on - he's no winner - no locker room dude

The deadline for extensions is soon, and if Minny doesn't get it done I wouldn't be surprised to see Love sign the QO...then again, the future for minny (early) looks good, stupid Kahn

Well, he definitely hustles, and he's a team player, and he's a great locker room guy, and he's gritty. I mean, you can tell that much from just looking at him.

I would like it, but not *Love* it. I would probably prefer to spend half the money ($6-8mil) on someone like JeVale McGee or Serge Ibaka who could control the paint defensively and is capable offensively. Love might not be a liability defensively, but he's not dominant.

With contracts handed out this "offseason", so you honestly believe McGee and Ibaka are worth 6-8m? I mean i would love to have them for that price, but the will more likely end up in the 10-14 range and i would absolutely try to stay as far as possible from that kind of contarcts. Besides, McGee especially isn't eve that good.

You are probably right that 6-8 is too low, and I would want to stay away from those contracts too. But, that said I would still like to get a defensive presence at the 5.

MAX!!! Love would be perfect for this current Sixers team. I've felt this for a long time and i really hope they somehow wind up signing him in the summer. Hell i would even try to sign make a sign and trade as long as the price is too high.

Dwight Howard is an every coach in the world kind of guy but Love strikes me as the exact type of big for Collins. Draws out defenders, excellent shooter, solid team defender, and he looks a lot more athletic so far. He won't replace the shot blocker that's needed, but it's easier to find a role player for that niche rather than a full time starter. Plus, you're not resigning Hawes.

So you are saying Collins would call him "ball friendly?"

Rich reply to tk76 on Jan 12 at 16:22

Collins threw in some ball friendlies when talking about Voose.

More or less this. Watching the Wolves the other night, I saw a couple of Love Laterals (Hawe's Handoff equivalent) and I see him overtaking Hawes role and of course expanding on it quite a bit. It's an effective system if it's making Hawes look to be a MIP candidate, so I can only imagine it would make Love look that much better. Perception is everything, isn't it?

Personally, I'd like the pick-and-pop a whole lot more if the popper was shooting 40% from three. That's an awesome weapon.

Not to mention the vast improvement in rebounding that would ensue (probably)

Ideally, they'd then pair Love w/ a good pick-and-roll guy. Then I'd run this set about 25 times/game.

Jrue w/ the ball in his hands, the two bigs (Love and Dwight Howard in the image :)) both flash up above the foul line to set screen, Jrue chooses between them, or even uses both. Off the action, DH rolls to the hoop, Love pops out to the elbow extended for a three-point look. Jrue reads the roll, pop and drive options. Meanwhile the wings plant themselves in the corners and read the defense, there would be a ton of backdoor opportunities w/ the two bigs sucked up out of the lane. If the center lags back, Jrue hits the jumper off the Howard screen. Ugh, stuff like this gets me excited.

If they had Dwight I would not even bother running the pick and roll. Just tell Jrue/Lou/ET/Iggy to get past their man and into the lane. When the defense helps throw it about 14 feet in the air and near the rim. Pretty much 100% effective offense right there.

Wow. Just saw on the Twitter that Horford is "pretty much done for the year" with a shoulder injury. That's not good for ATL.

Takes one team out of the running for the 4 seed.

Hollinger today:

"If they keep winning like this they improve their odds significantly via free agency, because players will start to look at them as a destination. That's their best hope for being a true contender -- play like gangbusters this year, amnesty Elton Brand in the summer, and use the cap space to sign a star."

I couldn't agree more.

Phil reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 15:40

Yep. This made me take a look at the 2012 free agents and ask about Kevin Love. Another good fit may be Eric Gordon. Good scorer (not too efficient though), solid D, undersized, high BB IQ. Would not pay him big money.

I think he's a bit of a sis.

I wouldn't say he's inefficient. 57.5% career true shooting is pretty good.

Don't throw the bank at anything in the frontcourt. They've invested in Thad so make sure whoevers brought in is compatible with him amongst the trees. There's only a few options this year and half are RFA's, but don't spend just to spend. They might as well retain Brand if they can't replace him.

I believe they'll have some time to make that decision, but not a ton of time. They need to act quickly in order to know what they're going to use the money on if they amnesty Brand. Otherwise it's just a shot in the dark, and maybe a perceived notion that they should use the cap space they cleared.

I think the cap space will be more meaningful this summer, because the following summer the cap shrinks under the new CBA, and I'm not sure if they'll have room for a max contract. It's going to be an interesting summer. I'm just crossing my fingers that Howard doesn't get traded to one of his chosen teams this season.

Oh yeah, one thing I failed to mention in my wrap last night, but Rich and I discussed as we were leaving the garden. 29 teams in the league fold up the tent, lick their wounds and call it a game when they go down 18 in that situation. The Sixers never gave up and we should be extremely proud to be fans of this squad. It started w/ Collins, who never threw in the towel w/ his rotations, and trickled down to the entire team who fought for every possession.

Thad poking the ball away from Chandler and cruising in for then slam is what comes to mind. There's no quit in these guys. Dre, Holiday, Young, Turner, and Brand play like winners. This isn't a slight to Vuce or Lou but the others just stand out to me as winning types that ask themselves "worse teams have come back from larger deficits, with less time. some have even done it against us. so who the hell are we if we roll over?"

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 16:21

You made another good point too. I agree that I don't think I've ever seen a team comeback like that without making any shots. They were so ice cold and yet it was a 4 point game with 30 seconds left. Some of that was the Knicks, bud then again the Knicks are the Sixers competition.

Last week he was somehwere in the 30's - this week voose is a big gainer making the rookie top 10 (not insider)


I like how you slipped in the "especially Iguodala" omment in the write up. And you called me passive aggresive!!

How is stating a fact passive aggressive. Andre Iguodala played awesome defense last night. Very clear. Right to the point.

We all watched the game. We saw how Iguodala played. Was there a real need to point out the obvious for no apparent reason?

Court_visioN reply to KellyDad on Jan 12 at 21:40

Going by that logic there is no need to discuss or bring up anything at all.

The irony in the statement (his not yours) is palpable and funny :

Wasn't that tales about in the last post?

The reason why i like Love on this team and would pay any kind of max for him is simple: Besides Howard he is probably the second best fit of all big men for this team. Actually he probably is even a better fit than Howard but Howard is superior enough talent-wise that you always try to get him first. With so many potential slashers on the team having a guy like Love who can shoot (preferably three pointers) AND is the best rebounder in the game would probably solve at least 2/3 of all Sixers weaknesses. And that's before we even get to the fact that he would fit perfectly with the current offense the Sixers are running.

The Greek on Jan 12 at 18:32

Being that Love is a RFA, I won't spend any time dreaming about that.

That's what it is with Love - dreaming.

A realistic option is someone like Omer Asik who will be affordable but tough for the Bulls to retain. Ian Mahinmi is unrestricted and likely won't get an offer too quickly from the Maverick considering their FA aspirations. These guys are at least backup caliber but hopefully that's all they need going in to next season.

Speaking of PF contracts, how was Atlanta able to get such a good deal on Horford yet get raped by Joe Johnson?

one was a restricted free agent and one wasn't? (I don't remember when horford was a rookie)

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 18:57

He was drafted in 07', but he's only making 12 mill/season and I don't think his salary increases on a yearl basis. Was that his max at the time?

stan@gmail.com on Jan 12 at 18:53

Now that Horford is injured it looks like our main competition for the #3 seed is Orlando.

Based on a 7 game series, would you bet your money on the Sixers beating the Knicks, Celtics, or the Magic in the playoffs?

I'd rather play the Knicks.

Hmmm, I'd probably bet on them against NY or BOS. ORL, I'm not sure just because of Dwight, but if I had to bet, I'd take the Sixers.

Home court in the first round is the goal.

I'd go with the Knicks over the Sixers. I think the Sixers take the Celtics and Magic.

You're still on the Knicks' bandwagon, huh?

Yeah I think if Baron Davis gets somewhat healthy they'll be a very tough playoff team.

bebopdeluxe reply to stoned81 on Jan 12 at 23:05

I just don't see the Sixers losing to the Knicks in the playoffs...particularly after this compressed schedule. Amare will be DEAD. Melo will be exhausted from carrying the team. B-Diddy has SQUAT left. Their bench sucks ass.

But...they have Iman Shumpert!

haha I hope you're right.

Johnnylaptop on Jan 12 at 20:26

Knicks and Menphis on TNT Knicks are dead, sleep walking.

wellllll i was thinking about going to tomorrow night's game, but not after seeing this hilarious compilation of #shitmaliksays just from one game: http://www.crossingbroad.com/2012/01/your-shitmaliksays-highlights.html

Did anybody watch the MSG broadcast last night? the play-by-play guy (not Clyde) described Young, at least twice, as a defensive presence off the bench. i wonder, is that part of his scouting report this season? i don't think anyone has ever thought of him as anything other than pure offense. i was pleasantly surprised.

thad's defense has been greatly improved this year, hopefully it lasts for a while

Stan reply to joeykey on Jan 12 at 21:33

He called him the best defensive player on the team.

Well - that's not an accurate statement

South Broad reply to joeykey on Jan 12 at 22:03

Spero Didas was gushing over Thad and his defensive tendencies. You would have thought it was Zum.

Basketball in hi def (on TNT) is a stark reminder of how irritating it is that all my league pass games are in 'standard' def


19 minutes
15 FGA
3 makes

That's a strong first half

Maybe the sixers defensive effort wasn't so great last night - maybe the knicks offense is just BAD

47 points with 2:40 left to go in the 3rd

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 21:58

Maybe they are mentally spent from the 'grueling' victory they earned last night:)

Johnnylaptop on Jan 12 at 21:59

Knicks got lucky playing us on our third straight night.

This sort of thing goes both ways and in the end it's either a W or L. That goes for the Pacers without Granger, the Warriors without Ellis, and the Pistons without Gordon or Stuckey.

Attention all basketball fans who want to be able to record the games and watch them over and over - but your DVR won't hold them and you aren't smart enough to figure out how to get the stuff off your dvr yourself.

Seems something at CES was introduced that makes your DVR Hard drive as big as you want it to be if I'm reading the PR properly


Johnnylaptop reply to GoSixers on Jan 12 at 23:00


So is this basically a slingbox w/ its own DVR?

Johnnylaptop reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 23:06

Think so.

On the surface yes it is, combine that with the lowering price of hard drive space, and you could really get some good footage for long term analysis...now if i could only figure out how to get 'dvr data' in to easy to edit and manipulate form on a mac.

Melo out in 3Q with injury. Amare with 7 shot attempts. Shumpert needs to find a brain.

Nah, I like him just the way he is.

5-20 with 6 TO's and 1 FTA.

Douglas is 3-13 with 3 TO's and 1 FTA.

I don't like to read into boxscores too much but that is just putrid.

I think Speights must've seen people were making fun of him for zero rebounds. Unfortunately, he can't score and rebound. 0/6 from the floor tonight, but 9 boards.

5/20, 12 point for Shumpert tonight, with 6 turnovers. Two-game total: 10/35, 22 points, 10 turnovers. PG OF THE FUTURE!!!!!!

If we took out Meeks and put in 98 iverson in the starting SG position, would you put us right with the modern day bulls? Ahead or behind

The 98 version? Hmmn. Tough call. I think they'd probably be better w/ that version of him than the version a couple of years later when his usage went through the roof and his efficiency dropped.

Y! Sources: Rasheed Wallace considering comeback to the NBA.


Um, he's from Philly, we just shed $2.7M in salary, we need a big man, we have an open roster spot, git 'er done?

Some interesting lines tonight:

Greg Monroe had 32 and 16 on 16 shots. Brandon Knight had an efficient 20 on 9, but just 3 assists to 5 turnovers. Jon Leuer, inserted into the Bucks' starting lineup for the first time, had 15, 6, 5, 2 blocks and 0 turnovers, all on just 9 shots. A pretty great find in the second round.

In the CHA-ATL game, Charlotte played Atlanta without Horford or Marvin Williams, still couldn't help being blown out by 30. Byron Mullens got his first start, appears to be well on his way to becoming this season's version of Primoz Brezec. 21 and 4. The great Bismack played 12 minutes and racked up 5 boards, 4 fouls, 1 block, 1 TO, and 2 points on 1-5 shooting. Now shooting 40% from the field, 36% from the foul line and sporting a 1/7 assist/turnover ratio - but he is averaging 9 boards and 3.4 blocks per 36 minutes. (Of course, so did Hasheem Thabeet his rookie year.) Josh Smith had 30 and 13.

In Phoenix, Michael Redd made a solid return to NBA basketball, taking 7 threes in 19 minutes and making three. Kyrie Irving set a new high with 26 points on 11-17 shooting.

eddies' heady's on Jan 12 at 23:29

This has to be the most unexpected least-likely headline EVER in the history of this blog. I still keep looking at it and going "NOOOO WAAYYYYY!", not Brian?

I do feel kind of dirty.

Yea my curiosity is how does our defense now stack up with what led up to the 2001 sixers D. And now taking that with what we have now + a go to scorer like iverson then, where would we be compared to modern elites? Haha who knows maybe 6 years from now we'll watch the turner crossover on Dwayne wade like the iverson one on jordan....haha wishful thinking

It pains me to watch Dwight Howard play with this Magic team.

Sixers_fan92 reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 23:40

He should be touching the ball every time down the floor against the warriors big men

Anyone watching this GSW/ORL game? Howard has 45/22 and he's been to the line 39 times (made 21). That's an NBA record, btw.

Another entry into the 'Dwight Howard please come to Philadelphia' File

Howard's line tonight: 12-21 for 45 pts, 23 rebs, 2 blks, 4 stl, 3 ast, 3 TO.
45pts on 21 shots?? Hmm math did not add up, D12 doesnt shoot 3s?
= 21-39 FTs. 50% conversion (small ugh)
He missed on 9 attempts = at most, 18FT.
39-18 = 20

20 = Hack a Dwight Fouls. Non shooting, just level the big fella on the hands.
As evidenced by this other stat;
Warriors Frontcourt
Biedrins 6 PF Fouled out
Lee 6 PF Fouled Out
Udoh 5 PF
Thompson 5PF
Total = 22PF

About right, I'd say D12 was responsible for 90+% of those.

Imagine what could be......

If you're fouled and you miss, it doesn't count as an attempt. I watched most of the game, they were hacking him as early as the first quarter, as a strategy. It didn't really work, mostly they were in it because Orlando's defense was really bad. His free throws were basically 21 points on 19 possessions, which is an OFR of 110, which is really bad defense. Not sure if Mark Jackson is going to see it that way.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 13 at 2:47

Jackson also pulled hack-a-DeAndre, which makes a little more sense, except in that game, as I recall, the Clippers weren't scoring when DeAndre wasn't at the line. In this game, however, Orlando scored 96 on the 75 possessions that weren't Howard at the line, for an OFR of 128. So perhaps they were better off hacking Howard.

Yep, pitiful defense no matter how they went about it. Orlando's wasn't much better.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 13 at 3:26

Oh well, at least Depressed Fan favorite Monta Ellis had a strong game. He's now up to 8 assists a night. You might say that's just Curry's absence, but he's averaged 8.2 in the games he's played with Curry this year. Maybe he's the point guard and Mr. "once in a generation passing skills according to Bobby Knight" is the off guard.

Wow, Sixers -13 tonight.

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