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Defensive rebounding is key against the Wizards. McGee is so dumb that he is kind of useless, but he does get a ton of offensive boards and can be a dangerous weapon in such a case.
The Wizards realized some of their problems and now Singleton and Booker are starting and Vesely is comming off the bench (was injured before). These guys are not really dangerous by any stretch of imagination but at least they have a sense how they should play and greatly improve their defense.
As for the offensive ineptitude, i think it all starts with Wall. He is doing a terrible job as a PG right now and the team is suffering because of it. The second huge problem is Blatche who pretty much has the worst shot selection of any player i have ever seen multiple times.

Oh yeah and if you thought the Knicjs played too much iso, just wait for the Wizards, they invented the isolations.

I would actually rest Hawes for both games. Let him heal. Unless they suddenly regress tremendously, they shouldn't have a problem against the Wizards in either fame.

If he's OK, I'd like to see Hawes play in one game. Don't want to see Brand have to log 65+ minutes in two days.

He doesn't have to. Against the Wizards i am perfectly fine giving Vucevic 30+ minutes a night. Battie can pick up the rest at the beginning of first and third quarters.

My reasoning is, with these back injuries it's really all about rest. It's not like he can't play, he can. But long term it would be better if he sat out a few days. I guess i am just super scared of getting last season Spence because of a back injury.

I think we'll be okay with or without Hawes.

Spencer for hire on Jan 13 at 7:43

If Hawes is out Jrue better step up and play like a true p.g. . He was very disappointing, in that aspect, against the knicks.

It is an opportunity for him to shine and run the show and have the ball in his hands, wouldn't you guys agree?

South Broad on Jan 13 at 9:33

Wasn't their a group of Sixers fans on some blog that actually called/named John Wall - WTF? As if he was this head-and-shoulders-above superstar?


Sean K reply to South Broad on Jan 13 at 10:11

That moniker was a push for Wall, Turner, or Favors in the draft.

He has the potential to be as good as Derrick Rose

He has the basketball IQ to be as good as Stephn Marbury

Heading to the game tonight. Curious to see if the 'improved' arena game presentation is any different than the last 20+ seasons. My guess based on what people have said is it won't be but I'll go in with an open mind.
Hopefully Spencer is playing because I cringe to think of having to watch Battie at all and I want to see this Hawes improvement in person. It always became patently obvious last year how soft he was when you were in the building.
Most of all, looking forward to seeing our guys defend hard, get out and run, and crush this inferior Wizards team.

ryano reply to Sean K on Jan 13 at 12:37

The presentation is definitely improved- but not nearly to the point I would like it to be. Hopefully it's a work in progress and not a finished product. I'd like the Sixers brass to get it into their heads that less-is-more is the way to go.

Tickets for tonight's game on secondary markets seem to be a lot more expensive than last Saturday night. Not sure if this is b/c demand is rising or b/c we are in first place so sellers feel they should try to raise prices. Either way, I plan to go tonight, I'm just gonna wait all day until prices drop.

Going into this week I had some concerns regarding the upcoming back to back against the Wizards, but I didn't think they'd have a win by now. For some reason those desperate 'need a win' teams always seem to get that first win against the teams I root for...I also thought Saunders would be fired and they'd have the 'new coach' smell which can get you a win.

Neither of those things came to pass, and while the wizard spin patrol is in full force, the wizards are terrible (and the spin patrol isn't just the wizards, the john wall is still going to be a super star when he's surrounded by better talent brigade goes strong, absolving him of much responsibility for the wizards sucking)

Regardless of the degree in which you think it has happened, Evan Turner is already a better player than he was at the end of the season, John Wall isn't, and the wizards are a bad bad team, because they are coached badly and still all playing AAU i'm the man basketball.

The sixers, with or without hawes, SHOULD win both these games handily, but because they're a team I root for I'm going to say they get a split :)

Has anyone been able to get Mezzanine tickets and then go down and get an empty lower level seat during the game?

timx reply to Stan on Jan 13 at 12:16

Hey Stan, went to the Sac game w Mezz seats and tried to move down. Its nearly impossible. We pulled it off, but it takes a little cash and a handshake to the usher. Good Luck!

sfw reply to Stan on Jan 13 at 13:32

I was at the exhibition game against the wizards. Downstairs, section 118. At the end of the 3rd qtr, went to get a beer out the 118 exit and came back through the next entrance directly behind the basket. The guard asked to see my ticket. Behind the basket was maybe 10% full. I asked if he was kidding. With a stone face he said he was just doing his job. What an Ass.

Has anyone else noticed a consistent problem with the comcast broadcasts this year where the announcers can barely be heard over the crowd? I am hoping this isn't a 'ploy' to make the crowd sound louder than it is...

Court_visioN on Jan 13 at 12:45

Rasheed Wallace wants to return to the NBA per ESPN. Worth getting as a backup big man or no?

No. It's unlikely he will be better than Battie.

Court_visioN reply to Xsago on Jan 13 at 13:15

Sheer can't possibly have regressed to the point where he airballs putback attempts right?

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Jan 13 at 13:22

Sheed* autocorrect can be annoying

No, but he probably has regressed to the point where he airballs threes and he takes them on each trip down the court.

At first I thought yes, but if you think back, all he did in his last couple seasons was shoot threes and 20-footers. Though he may have continued to be a decent post defender.

I'd definitely give Sheed a look

bebopdeluxe reply to Court_visioN on Jan 13 at 13:15

What has Tony Battie shown that makes him more valuable than Wallace - assuming that Wallace is in good shape and is willing to buy into what DC is selling?

I would definitely give him a look...although my guess is Wallace would rather land with a team with more visible title potential.

Sheed was like 300 pounds when he last played, and he was a complete liability on both ends of the floor. I don't think he's the answer.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Jan 13 at 13:24

I never really watched rasheed while he was in Boston (his comical tip into his own basket notwithstanding) so I dont really know to what extent he has regressed to.

But he's a proven winner!! :P

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jan 13 at 13:31

I said IF he was in shape, Brian.

Personally, I don't think it has a rats-azz chance in happening...but if he was in reasonable shape and he was willing to be the 5th big on our team I would certainly consider it.

Not to continually sing praises of Turner, but among 1's and 2's he's the leading rebounder and in only 27:11 MPG. He really provides a huge boost on the glass when he's in there. By my eye and memory it also seems that if he pulls one down he's also allowed to initiate the offense which is definitely incentive for Turner who is trying to win the fanbase over.

Court_visioN reply to Cin on Jan 13 at 13:20

to be fair, turner is 6'7"...

Height doesn't equal instincts. Even amongst small forwards I believe he's in the top ten in per game rebounding.

Court_visioN reply to Cin on Jan 13 at 13:25

Oh im not denying that turner is a good rebounder. I'm just saying comparing him to other guards gives him an advantage that you may or may not have considered.

He'd be sixth among SFs.

Check that. At half of Turner's height, Lowry is the leader with 6.7 boards per. Pretty incredible.

Tray reply to Cin on Jan 13 at 16:23

Lowry's having a great year.

Dei just said Spence will play (according to Spence). Tweet is up on the Reading List to the right.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 13 at 13:43

I just hope that a little more rest wouldn't be able to help him. They really shouldn't need him tonight.

Well Collins repeatedly said that he won't risk worsening an injury this season against anyone. I will trust his judgement.

Lowrey is 3'3.5"? :)

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 13 at 16:24

Maybe he's just counting the inches over 6 feet?

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 13 at 16:57

He would make an awesome runningback, or a batter

Turner probably has the most rebounds per minute.

Phil reply to Dwight on Jan 13 at 17:04

Per 36 Minutes, G and G/F.

1. Lowry
2. Turner
3. Dre


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