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sixers -8, O/U 186

Sixers, over.

Was at the game lastnight and i thought it was great to see Doug take out Holiday after those two early turnovers. I was about 7 rows frows from behind the bench and you could just see him pointing out his mistakes. Hes a great coach!

Attendance is going to be down, the game conflicts with the great and powerful tebow

the games in washington so it will be down anyway

Washington gets fairly good crowds, considering their awful team. It's a strong NBA fan base with a downtown arena, both of which Philly lacks.

I think he meant it'll be down in Philly.

I just meant in general - wherver the game is - TEBOW is universal baby

He wins games. He can win games for the sixers, too.

I hate the patriots but i'm hoping they bitch slap the broncos and that the defense somehow doesn't play as stupid as the steelers did

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 18:49

I like Tim Tebow only because there are people out there who hate him with a passion. He also gives me hope- if that idiot can be a succesful quarterback in the NFL than I should be able to date a supermodel one day.

The Patriots are going to destroy the Broncos tonight. Brady is just too good.

Long term he won't be successful in the NFL - and I believe the 'passionate' hate comes from all the Tebow supporters who take any criticism of him similar to criticizing the savior Tebow praises too often (according to Kurt Warner, not me) publicly.

Tebow has a sub 50% completion rate, bad reads, and even his completed throws are wobbly and nutty...long term he won't last, the steelers ran a stupid offense against him last week...

I don't 'hate' tebow - i hate tebow worshippers who irrationally believe you can win a super bowl with a qb like him when you can't do it with michael vick or vince young or randall cunningham - who were hella more athletic than tebow in their primes

ah that makes sense, my bad

I'll give you 10 dollars if you go one week without saying 'downtown arena' and using it as an excuse for piss poor attendance?


Seth reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 17:46

I'll give you 10 dollars if you go one week without making an asshole comment.


Stan reply to Seth on Jan 14 at 18:43


I put in $10 as well.

eddies' heady's reply to Seth on Jan 14 at 19:05

+ 1 I got a 20 spot on it.

Through five home games Sixers average about 13,400 per game and are ranked 29th in the league for attendance.


team the sixers have faced at home
when they starting facing better teams the numbers will rise(hopefully)

There are lots of bad teams in the NBA and good teams still draw fans when the bad teams show up...


I know you are trying really hard to find reasons why the attendance is bad at sixers games, but face it, the casual fan doesn't show up for a 'good team' - unless that 'good team' has made a name for in in the playoffs, they will show up for a 'less good' team if that team has a superstar...it's the society we live in, in this economy, it's bandwagon plain and simple, maybe some blame can be laid at the feet of the radio douches who seem to hate this team since when Iverson was here...

It's not the location, it's not the opponents, Philadelphia is not a good NBA city, it's a good COLLEGE basketball city for the same reason the big 10 is huge in cities where people don't normally go, or SEC football, or texas high school footbal, it's part of your culture, it's inbed to you, for me - i root for big 10 sports cause i went to a big 10 school, i root for temple cause my sister get her BA, PHD there, I root against villanova, cause my sister went to temple

As for my pro sports fanness - that's just cause of where i was born - no one 'made me' a fan of those teams

I grew up in the suburbs of philly, couple miles from city line avenue, and the sixers were the fourth most popular team back then as well (i'm 39 to give you reference)...I think the suburbs maybe feed the attendance more than the city? Who knows - I'm not a city sociologist :)

Tom Moore via Twitter:

#Sixers Rod Thorn on Rasheed Wallace: "If he had any interest in us, he would've already contacted us. We haven't heard from him."

I don't want Wallace, but I mean, if you're interested in him, you can't give him a call?

Yeah that doesn't make any sense to me, isn't Rod's job to call around? Rod scares me. When I see him all I can think about is Travis Outlaw, 5 years $35M. I'm honestly thankful we don't have cap space.

Next summer, "If Dwight Howard was interested in us, I think he would've called me."

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 20:00


Because Wallace has contacted other teams to say he's interested in playing for them. It's Thorns nice way of saying no we have no interest in Rasheed Wallace cause he's old and useless without having to say it

The sixers lack of even adding a journeyman bigman to take some minutes in blow outs since the speights trade is more on ownership (in my mind) - the speights trade was about saving money - not improving the roster...but hey - how about that no 'fan experience' at the games folks

They've got more than enough bigs for garbage time, they don't have anyone who's not in the regular rotation to run the point, so Turner has to be in there.

They need a big man who can actually play meaningful minutes.

They need a big man who can muscle someone :)

He sounds like a very passive GM. I remember him saying that the Sixers don't have the assets to trade for a superstar nor have the ability to sign one. I just wish he would show a little bit more enthusiasm.

I remember him saying that the Sixers don't have the assets to trade for a superstar nor have the ability to sign one.

Which part of this statement - this past off season - was false?

Ugh, I think my league pass feed is all screwed up. Even that annoying song they play before the game starts is skipping all over the place. May have to watch on my computer.

Man I hate when that happens - there was a game this year I had to watch on my ipad because of that nonsense

So Indy vs. BOS, who do we root for?


Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:08

That's tough. I'm going Indy. Don't think Boston is done yet, just off to a slow start, and its really hard to error for the green.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:10

C'mon .... that's easy and a given - IND.

Hehe, gotta love how the Wizards open up saying Lewis showed his leadership and scoring touch against the Sixers last night.

Rashard lewis showed scoring touch and veteran leadership last night?

I mean I've heard of trying to spin things positively - but man

Different circumstances, but this place was a house of horrors last year.

Johnnylaptop on Jan 14 at 19:10

In pre game interview Lou said, before last night's game Doug said he's not going to watch no basketball game with alot of turnovers.

Please tell me doug collins didn't say 'not going to watch no'

I'll be glad when we don't have to play this shit team anymore.

I don't buy all of this "The Wizards are talented" gusto either.

They are talented, the just aren't smart (basketball wise) or coached well...

the announcers however have to try and be positive

Come on guys - strong start

Fuck, my league pass is all screwed up. have to watch on ipad. this is going to be a pain.

dre starts on young

Hawes didn't win the tip?!? Weird.

And we're off...Hawes loses the tip, again. 1/10 on the season.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:13

Got to be more aware there, Jrue.

Iguodala on Young to start tonight.

That's on Hawes more than Jrue. He was wide open.

WEll that's an unimpressive start - giving up the put back and then spencer and jrue pass on shots they should take and we get the 24

Iguodala on Young early

meeks for 3

Oh Jodie - be on early - that would be awesome

Ugh - come on

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:15

Nice ball movement, everyone.

Oh spencer, that's just embarassing

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:16

heh, McGee thought it more important to go behind the stanchion and mug for the crowd instead of getting his ass back ...

Jrue - what the hell is going on?

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:17

Ah Jrue, you had Jodie spotting up and didn't see him there.

Hawes has given up 3 offensive rebounds to McGee thus far.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:18

Some of Dre's 3's look near-textbook. Others look so off it's not even close. weird

Oh Spencer - don't let Javale McGee show you up SO bad

Iguodala is making me a believer in his jumpshot. Not so much when he goes to the basket.

It's been a weakness his whole career (and in college) that has never improved sadly

This is just a complete mess. I hate time warner.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 19:21

Time Warner's fine over here. though i've experience what you are before.

I have no explanation for this crap - hell resetting my box doesn't even help when it happens - and when I call cox they are clueless

It's almost like Doug told Jrue to try and get involved offensively early but he's seeming hesitant about it - to me

Phil reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 19:24

I actually thought Jrue was looking a bit too much for his shot yesterday. He's the point-guard, he should look to make plays. We haven't seen many "drive and kick-out"'s.

Another rough start for Jrue offensively. That jumper was a good bit off. Would like to see him get in the lane.

He's passed on a couple shots and seemed hesitant to me (when he did) but now got the easy two on the fast break

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:22

Sweet wrap-around behind the back pass Dre! If the Wiz are gonna turn it over like this - Brackins time later on ha

How much does McGee make again?

Spencer Hawes looks like the 2010 version. He can't jump with a bad back.

eddies' heady's reply to Dwight on Jan 14 at 19:26


He can't jump with a good back either

Rashard Lewis STINKS!!

Damn, that might have went in if EB didn't touch it on second look.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:27

Please stay on Nick Young! Don't let him go off.

It's the wizards for gods sake

I am becoming very concerned with Jrue's inability to get others good shots in the half court. The team gets good shots, but it's generally off ball movement.

This team hasn't been good in the half court for years now

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 19:32

They sure have been this year. It's just that their point guard doesn't have a ton to do with it.

Phil reply to Rich on Jan 14 at 19:32

Brand was wide open on the one shot by Jrue that Brand then interfered. Jrue should have seen him.

How is it a charge if the defender is still moving?

Nick Young with 10 first quarter points, that should never happen.

Terrible, terrible call...

That the first time I've seen Iguodala be selfish in a long time. Horrible turnover, love the thought either way!!

Horrible CALL

When your counter intelligence mission needs...?

Man, love some of these dc commercials

Terrible call on the charge. This LP nonsense is killing me, will have to just check in here during commercial breaks so I can watch on another screen and keep track of the rotations.

The return of the crappy rebounding - this is ridiculous

Get a big man who can defend someone PLEASE

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:33

Louuuuuuu 3

Turner sits the whole fucking quarter?

He would help with the rebounding maybe

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 19:35

He definitely wouldn't let Nick Young double his season rebounding average in one quarter.

Voose with the block

Sweet play by Dre, now they get a last look.

Which was everyone standing around watching lou - so fond of that play

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:35

Neutralize Nick Young and tighten up your belt buckles and box somebody the eff out. Bench brigade time.

WHo on the bench brigade can box out?

PHI 23, WAS 26 after one.

Bad first quarter. Need to show some energy here early in the second. McGee is killing them.

Collins could sit the other four guys at the end of the quarter. It's always going to be a horrible Lou isolation.

Am I the only one with Lou dominating the ball so much? He is really becoming a black hole when he gets the ball. Once he gets the ball it just stops all movement.

That's really been the story of his career.

This also - isn't new - but this year he at least passes a bit more - not consistently - but what you're complaining about is lou's strength as a bench player

This quarter had one flaw: rebounding. Otherwise it was a good first quarter. The Wizards shot the ball well.

So shooting 39% is ok with you?

Phil reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 19:42

I'm not worried about this value. It will go up.

That really wasn't the point - it was crappy in the first quarter - so was the FG% Allowed over 50% in combination with the bad rebounding

The wizards turn the ball over a lot - but the sixers were pretty bad in that quarter - and again - a good team would have been up like 10 or so

Phil reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 19:46

The Sixers haven't taken many bad shots. They've been sloppy on defensive rebounding. A lot of the TOV were forced by good D.


Im ready for turner to take over this game

Atta boy, Thad.

Jrue again

There's a nice move by Jrue.

Jesus - this rebounding thing is terrible

Grab a fucking board.

JRUE +1. There we go.

btw, I was looking at synergy today, Jrue is the #2 player in the NBA in isolations on offense. 1.2 ppp.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:40

Come on Evan, advance the ball ahead on that break.

Evan - commit to the shot or the pass - don't lose your focus like that

Good idea by Lou, poor execution. It was there.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:42

Damn Lou, Thad isn't on stilts.

Bench brigage - 9-2 so far keep it up

And that is why lou doens't pass so much - he threw that to baltimore.

Please rebound better

Ugh, Lou about 5 feet too high.

Why is Lou guarding Wall?

the only reason we are in this game is because its the wizards. we look very sloppy tonight

Speak for yourself, I'm impeccably dressed

the 49ers fourced 5 turnovers - and they are going to lose this game?

I love Jrue, but Rubio would be insane on our team.
Jrue seems to think more shooting will lead him to the all-star game. He should think about setting up his teammates like he did last year.

He'd be insane on most teams

I'm not sure why you think Jrue's primary concern is making the all star team.

Jrue is shooting more but he rarely takes a bad shot

Saints tie up the game. xtra point pending!!

On a small note - FT shootings better so far tonight

Thad jumper. Ugh. Good.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:47

8 pt lead by the guys just that fast. 15-4 this quarter.

Blowout city coming! Fasten your belts..

Don't curse it, damnit!

eddies' heady's reply to Phil on Jan 14 at 19:50

you're right sorry ..... shhhhhhhhhh

Voose - nice fighting on the offensive glass...

Dear COmcast Washington - please hire cameramen who know how to film a live NBA game and fire the director who thinks the over head cam is a good shot

What a freaking throw by alex smith - holy moley - perfectly placed

Didnt know he could make a throw like that

Don't think the saints did either - eerily similar to last week when tebow took avantage of the one on one

Doug REALLY unhappy with that turnover - I think he and Jrue are having an issue about something?

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:52

Evan's gimpy with something.

Voose has good straight like speed but horrible lateral footwork

2nd Unit recorded an assist yet?

Phil reply to Rich on Jan 14 at 19:55

Turner has 2, Voose has 1

9 assists on 14 field goals. that's fine.

Rich reply to Phil on Jan 14 at 19:56

A lot of iso and quick stuff from Lou and Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:53

They pulled Evan quickly too.

Games gone kind of flat all of a sudden - let's get something going...

What a call by Harbough!!

Alex Smith with a 30 yeard touchdown run - wow - gutsy call

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:55

Wonder what Evan hurt?

Well where is the pin in your ET voodoo doll?

cotgt so far.

That's just a bad shot, Jrue!

Where was the foul? That's BS.

Offensive foul going the other way.

thad hit the floor very hard

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 19:57

Dag, Thad got fouled there ...

Thad hit the deck HARD there.

SO what is the new 'jump into the defender rule really'? Has anyone seen a change in that yet?

Turner with quad contusion - expected to return

Nitpicking and this is the last time (I promise), but Jrue's floor game is leaving a lot to be desired.

Passing off the penetration like that has been an issue for me this year - I don't think it's nit picking - it's just been bad -0 he's also bad when double teamed :)

He's rushed, and confused it looks like to me. When he's on, everything looks slow.

Back to the starters now, finish the half better than you started it.

Bad turnover, Jrue. Come on, man.

AI9 on the break.

What exactly is the rationale of going back to the starters, who once again stunk? Baffling to me.

If spencer could rebound even a little it'd be much better

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 20:01

Way to play the passing lanes Dre. Nice.

Iguodala is running away w/ POTG.

7 turnovers for Wall already.

You would give it to him anyway!

Dre might get 10 steals tonight


Wow, Jimmy Graham.

Is Spencer supposed to be on Mcgee? cause that would defeat the great block :)

Is iguodala point forward needed to return I wonder

Minny up by 11 on ATL at the half.

Breeze with a dagger!!

Man, Iguodala is just unreal tonight.


What's funny about that? The guy has 17 points on 9 shots to go along w/ 4 boards, 2 assists and 5 steals.

Come on - we know you just love Iguodala

Dont get me wrong, thats a great/half game for Iguodala. GREAT. Now do it for a season!!

The Wizards would have 28 or so points if it wasn't for Hawes.

Put a body on him, Spence. Heat check for AI9.

Man - booker really is terrible offensively - if he had game he'd be abusing spencer

Why doesn't Jrue kick back to Dre after his first step?! Why is he always looking at the basket?

Phil reply to Phil on Jan 14 at 20:09

I mean he drew 2 defenders after that first step and Dre was open anyways.

Is it Collins' game plan to make Jrue a scorer today? He's just looking for his own shit, me thinks.

Phil reply to Phil on Jan 14 at 20:12


eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 20:07

Much better 2nd quarter. Look out in the third!

See that move by Jrue, slow and in control and a pretty move/hoop. He just needs to slow down and be decisive.

I agree with the decisive thing - it's like you can see the double thinking on the court some times - it's fascinating

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 20:09

It's what I was saying earlier today, he's going to think now instead of just react.

PHI 52, WAS 40 at the half.

Much, much better second quarter. Defense keyed it. Put them away right at the beginning of the third, please.

What's the half time rebounding percentage at?

Smith to vernon davis AGAIN

Wow, defensive rebounding was 52% in that half. I'm not sure if WAS would have 20 points if the Sixers could grab a defensive rebound.


That's another CATCH moment by the 9ers

alex smith to vernon davis TD

Dear NBA

Please don't schedule any games that conflict with NFL Divisional weekend any jmore - k thx bye

I don't think I've seen a team not take care of the ball worse than the Wizards in that first half.

111 OFR in the first half, 85 DFR.

The fucking pats just handed the ball to a tight end who ran for like 40 yards.

knicks are starting bibby at PG and Shumpert at SG


oh and bill walker is starting for melo who is hurt and not playing

Ugh, 4/13 for Jrue in the first, and he gets blocked to start the third. 4/14.


Hmmm....inauspicious start to the third

Ugh, 4/15. Had people coming if he slowed down.

You can really see how they run the offense through Hawes at the high post, which the Wizards are also doing on the O-Glass.

Great find, Jrue. EB jam. More of that.

And that's four on spencer

Here's hoping this is an aberration and not the return of the 'real' spencer

4 on Spence. Gonna be a long rest for him.

Doug left him in - not sure why

they gave it to jodie instead

Wiz announcers didn't say anything - thx

Once again Meeks has disappeared!!

Hawes is still in, did they call that on someone else?

Two nice finds from Jrue to EB. See, that's what I want to see more of. Get in the paint, and get somebody else a shot.

Spence doing a better job of keeping a body on McGee.

Hey Spence = the tap out only works if you KNOW who you're tapping it to

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 20:32

Come on Jrue, stop forcing and gunning

Bad shot, AI9.

Did I see what I think I just saw? A Hawes dunk!!

Phil reply to KellyDad on Jan 14 at 20:34

Not just a dunk, a two-handed dunk!

With hands like his - a one handed dunk is very unlikely

They got a bucket on that for Spence, but a back dribble might be the next step in Jrue's development. Instead of trying to take on McGee, if once he gets in the paint there's a back dribble, he's got Meeks for a three. It's just reading the rotations.

Johnnylaptop on Jan 14 at 20:35

We need to break this game wide open.

Seriously - show me the game - not the MLS MVP - geez who cares

Spencer leading the team with 3 assists ...

Battie in the game? What's wrongw ith Voose?

Some bad shots being taken.

Damn Iggy - Why can't you finish like that all the time

He isn't good enough

And yet he's much better than you give him credit for

Great D by Jrue on that Wall drive.

Great drive by AI9. So happy he didn't take the J.

Then there's that other one that wasn't such a great drive

Has Meeks done anything this quarter?

Great D by Jrue on that play as well.

Give McGee credit. He's played really well.

It helps playing the sixers front court :)

Phil reply to Rich on Jan 14 at 20:40

With energy!

Let's go TEBOW!!

The front court 'defense' really is a problem

Damn it jrue - what is wrong with you?

Sweet move, Thad. Set him up perfectly.

Anyone watching a comcast philadephia broadcast heard anything about evan yet - seriously - if he can go it's time to sit jrue down for the game - it's not his night

And on cue - turner returns
but for Iguodala

Rashard Lewis STINKS!!

Jrue played that P&R perfectly, had him measured. Battie didn't need to leave McGee. Ugh.

Jordan Crawford is one ugly man. Looks like he should be guarding a clock tower somewhere.

Johnnylaptop reply to Ryan F on Jan 14 at 20:44


eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 20:46

Thad cleaning up.

Jrue should add a "jump stop, turnaround, kick out" move to his repertoire.

Thad, you rock.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 20:46

Good hands Lou. Good job breaking that up.

If Thad could use his right hand that would have been an +1

If thad could use his right hand he'd be an all star and making a LOT more money

Sixers continuing the strong night from the line

God awful looking quarter but they extended the lead - but I'm not sure that was on the starters or the subs

it was on Battie.

Battie, Young, Iguodala, Williams, Holiday was +6. Starters were +1.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 20:52

That was the Wizards

PHI 77, WAS 60 after three.

Kind of a slow burn that quarter, pushing the lead by 5. A couple of guys look gassed out there, be nice to push this to 25 right away so they can get some rest.

Johnnylaptop reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 20:51

Time for the fourth quarter blowout. I'm ready.

New franchise record in steals tonight - 10 (for now)

what? There's no way that's the franchise record, not even close.

It is the wizards broadcast - they might be misinformed

OK, since we've got a delay, this is my goal for the fourth quarter. Hold them under 80 points on the game. Under 20 this quarter.

Johnnylaptop reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 20:54

No problem.

Nothing that grandiose to me - what I want is the bench guys to keep the starters on the bench - no runs like last night

This is one of those games where you realize that whether or not the offense is there - quality defense is going to keep you in a game and possibly help you win it as well - defense has been there in every game this year - have they had a DFR above 100 this year?

Utah game, I think. I can check in a second. And they've had 11 steals twice this season.

Hey I was just parroting what the announcers said :)

Actually, they had 11, 12, 13, 10, 10 and then 10 so far tonight. Iverson had 11 by himself in a playoff game.

POR, UTA, NOH. Over 100 in those three games, under in the other 8.

Hah, that was a terrible no-call on Battie. That gets called 96 percent of the time.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 14 at 20:55

Lou can't stop a stiff breeze on D...but he sure can hit a 3.

STRONG take by Turner on McGee.

Nick Young is such garbage.

willis mcgahee pushed those 3 pats defenders into the end zone because of tim tebows faith

I think the holy spirit was pushing him from behind.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 14 at 20:57

Thad young agressively jumping out on the perimeter on the doubleteam.


Please do not give them any glimmer of hope

I know he got hurt, but Turner was really only on pace to play about 20 minutes tonight before that. He looks a little gimpy, but that's gotta change if he's healthy.

Meeks really shouldn't be handling the ball.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:01

Especially if he's going to put the ball out in front like that.

What the HELL How does nick young make that

OK, there's 20. Get me three stops and three hoops now and put this one to bed.

Was that a muzake version of on to the next one?

1 stop...and Turner misses the wide open corner three, then no one gets back and crawford dunks. Lou needs to rotate back when that shot goes up.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 14 at 21:00

Meeks simply cannot defend well enough.


Neither can lou - but i'm glad he's not hurt

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 21:05

He actually is giving the ball up more this season - which has ALWAYS been my biggest problem with Lou.

I am good with Lou right now - just don't make a stink if he's not out there in the guts of the game all of the time

Oh - i agree with you totally there - i've noticed his improve passing - i mean he's not a point guard - but at this point he might be playing bettera t the point than jrue some nights - sadly.

but defensively he still isn't good

Nick Young has 19 shot attempts and no assists. That's just so impressive for someone who handles the ball that much.

IVAN make basket

Jordan Crawford is one ugly man. Looks like he should be guarding a clock tower somewhere.

Johnnylaptop on Jan 14 at 21:04

Where is our defense ?

Come on, it's down to 15. Wake the fuck up.

Damn it - starters back in

How about mixing in a stop?

Get Lou off of Wall, please.

In fact, put Turner in for Lou. Need fucking stops.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 21:13

Doug doesn't want to seem to play Turner with the injury. Interesting how careful he is with a guy that he didn't put in for a whole quarter.

or maybe his second half appearance aggravted the injury when he sat down

Doug Collins is not out to get evan turner

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 21:18

Yeah, like I said, the injury.

Just because he isn't out to get him doesn't mean that Turner shouldn't have to wait 11 1/2 minutes to get some burn.

Rich reply to Rich on Jan 14 at 21:20


I think that we are all focused a bit too much on the minutes evan or lou get or don't get - doug seems to know what he's doing?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 21:23

I'm not even gonna argue. I'm just going to hold you to the statement that "Doug knows what he's doing." I agree with that.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 21:41

Focused a bit too much on Evan? you don't say...

Yeah - that was appropriate - do i get 20 bucks when you do the 'asshole' comment thing?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 21:49

nothing 'holey' about it, its pretty much all day everyday fact at this point. all day. I thought it was eloquent how you pointed out the overtly obvious.

Well, once we lose another game, I guess you can chime in with your thoughts on him.

Now that I think about it, Collins was right to hold him tonight. He did look hurt.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 14 at 23:25

I think he deserved more minutes. How dare Doug sit him for 11 min at the start of a game.

I kidddd,.... I kidd

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 21:50

but on second thought, though the comment wasn't meant that way initially, yeah there is some hidden irony in there. heh

14 pts 6 assists 5 rebounds

Only andre and lebron had averages like that last year - but iguodala isn't very good

They're free.

man - so good most of the game - now lebron like in clutch time

Phil reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 21:23


Thanks for your input - we'll pass your comments on to the appropriate folks and get right back to you

I don't wanna know what Iguodala's 4th quarter free throw percentage is so far this year.

Who is Jrue guarding? I mean, whoever it is, they won't abuse Lou like Wall is right now. Switch that shit up, Doug.

Way to make that extra pass lou

Good ball movement to beat the press.

And then Lou jacks up a quick three. Come on.

next possesion they slowed it down (next two even) both times thad missed the open jumper

NBA needs to institute a new rule - you say 'and one' you get a technial

And Wall's 8th turnover should seal it. Thad draws the charge.

Johnnylaptop on Jan 14 at 21:18

Iggy with the dagger.

No second half burn?


Iguodala ends it. Lawler's law.

Johnnylaptop on Jan 14 at 21:21

Looks like Doug really wanted to make sure it was a win tonight, by the way he subbed.

Happened last night too - the bench couldn't get stops so doug sat their asses down - they let em back in both nights

Knicks down 23 at the half - boston down 10 in the 4th

Boston just smoked

PHI 103, WAS 90 Final.

Wasn't happy with the defense in the fourth at all, but I'll take the 13-point win. Rest up tomorrow and be ready to battle on Monday, fellas.

just from watching it would seem that the rebounding at least improved?

76% in the second half. Much better.

Very much so

Though these first half 'let downs' have to stop -seriously - teams like the heat, the bulls, even the magic are going to put the pedal down unlike the wizards and make those 3rd quarter starts a lot less impactful when the team is down 10-15 points at half - at this point it's a pattern to me though others still think it's noise - and it's on doug to figure out what it is and repair it

bebopdeluxe on Jan 14 at 21:23

That is a SICK line by 'Dre - 23/7/5/5

Hope the Olympic Commitee is paying attention.

This was a good win. It will bring them - and us fans - back to earth a bit. There were a lot of blowouts lately and this young team should not become heady.

McGee is a beast.
11-13 23 points, 18 rebounds, 5 blocks

(and young i guess)

The sixers front court -defensively - SUCKS

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 22:00

If our front court sucked defensively we wouldnt be the best defensive team so far in the season. Brand is a very solid defender. And hawes has held his own thus far.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 22:14

I'd still take him over half the centers in the league

I hope not. I know this sounds selfish, but I hope he doesn't make the Olympics. Was injured all last year because of the world championships.

Yeah, I kind of feel the same way. It's great for him, and good for Team USA, but for the Sixers, it blows.

Stan reply to William on Jan 14 at 21:50

I hope he does. It would be a slap in the face to all the jackasses who call in sports radio.

bebopdeluxe reply to Stan on Jan 14 at 21:56


I don't believe the 'jackasses' would be slapped in the face any more than they'd start respecting him for his defense - these are people who still use batting average and FG% to discuss sports...

I prefer he not be on the olympic team as well for purely selfish reasons...

Can nba teams prevent non US players from playing for their international teams? I never really have been clear on that

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 14 at 22:04

It would be one more argument to make against these dumbass fans. The fact that he beat out superstars like Monte Ellis, Danny Granger, Rudy Gay, and Eric Gordon to make the team.

I don't think teams can prevent players from playing in the Olympics. I think the Rockets were upset with Yao for playing in 08'

NYK cut the lead to 27. I'm getting nervous.

the thunder were 6 for 11 in the third - the knicks had twice as much shots but yet only made 6 as well - i mean i know carmelo is out - but dear god they're just bad

If the knicks lose tonight, the sixers will be the only team in the atlantic above 500 - when was the last time that happened 10 games into the season?

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 22:00

Doug sure must want Jrue to snap out of his funk, playing him 40 minutes and all, and looking like he told him to go find his shot too, what with 17 shot attempts. He's got to realize he doesn't need to do that when he's that off, and look to get his teammates going. He looked to be pressing for most of the night. Just relax and it'll come kid.

Kings looking like they won't break the record for fewest points in a half after all. But they still have a chance.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 22:04

Lou was quietly good tonight, and efficient. On O.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 22:06

And you better mark it down because how in the hell did Thaddeus Young get to the line six times? Bet it's been a while since he got there that many. He was quietly efficient too.

eddies' heady's on Jan 14 at 22:12

This game was similar to that game last week where they turned it over like 20 times and still won. Tonight they get slaughtered on the boards but still win. Rare to see that, and to me, another sign that this team is on to something. Or, guess you can be thankful the Wiz coughed it up so much maybe.

The Sixers of the NFL won tonight. That would be like us beating Boston in the playoffs.

Dwight reply to Stan on Jan 14 at 22:29

Thats really funny because i was thinking the exact same thing. The niners remind me of the sixers a lot.

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