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Hoops On MLK Day

I'll be at the game. Gonna try and stop by your section at half. Go Sixers.

Nice, looking forward to it.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 10:40

I will be there. I will come over and try to meet up during halftime.

jswigga on Jan 16 at 0:36

way to go boys. Glad you'll be out repping. Would be there if I could

number 1 fan in Japan

We got this one fo sho!

Bucks are a good team when Bogut is healthy and Jennings makes good decisions. Unfortunately, that is a rare occurrence. Maybe they can pull it together against us and come out with the upset.

I keep waiting for this team to play down to it's competition but it hasnt happened yet. Don't think it's gonna happen today either.

Go sixers go sixers go

i don't know anyone who is ready to run Jrue out of town, though i haven't read all the comments here. but i am definitely disappointed that it seems like he hasn't really progressed since last season. his defense is still spectacular, but he continues to make really bad decisions with the ball, ie bad passes and tries to dribble through a crowd when he should just pull it back out. seems to be an instinctive thing, which is troubling.

For all the Jrue "hate" of late i gotta say as much as his decision making and passing has been suspect this year, his defense has improve considerably. Jrue always showed flashes of brilliance on that end, but this year he is finally being consistent on that end the improvement is reflected in the results of the team even though his offensve game has suffered thus far.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Jan 16 at 10:03

Where is all this Jrue "hate" being spoken of? Or is it being manufactured? I don't recall seeing any on this blog myself. Maybe I missed it. I've seen some rightfully call out his struggles, but "hate"? When/where?

I'm not worried about his offense outside of his passing. He has had good shot selection but it's been coupled with his bad decision making at time. When he doesn't seem set on scoring and is indecisive he tends to turn the ball over by making a risky pass or showing hesitation in his shot which he then is unlikely to convert.

He shows tremendous confidence in his mid-range jumpers off of screens and after setting up a defender with his dribble. I think it's only a matter of time before we see that in his drives. His passing may take another year to develop but Collins has to continue pressing him. He has been a point guard in high school and the NBA. Obviously he has the natural instincts to succeed as a point and that's exactly we've seen him off the ball so much this year and only sharing ball handling responsibilities. Despite the maturity seen in most of his game, he's still raw there.

Dwight reply to Xsago on Jan 16 at 14:01

How can anyone hate Jrue at this point in his career? He's 21! It usually takes a while for a point guard to develop the full nuances of the game, knowing when to pass and shoot. He's already way ahead of the curve.

I'll be at the game, and I'm psyched. Just my second in person game of the season, but I'm going to every home game this week! Can't wait.

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