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sixers -9, O/U 186

Anyone hear about the latest DeMarcus Cousins incident? Always entertaining.


I can understand his frustration after the historically bad loss, but it's obvious that he has no professionalism in how he goes about his job. Maybe that's why they brought in a guy like Hayes.

Mike reply to stoned81 on Jan 16 at 13:28

lol that is a total non-story. i think Cousins is as big a jackass as anyone, but all he did was ask the guy not to point his camera at him while he was changing. nothing else happened. it's a shame now because the media will jump on any opportunity to portray him as a thug from now on out. i'm sure he'll give them plenty to write about, but this is ridiculous.

They came out with the list of finalists for the 2012 Olympic team. Iguodala is on the list, which has 20 players. I can see him making the team as a defensive specialist, since he is a better wing defender than anybody else on the list.

Speights had 8 points in the first 6 minutes of the game today.

12 & 7 in 18 minutes. And we couldn't find him one minute on the floor.

evan turner isnt playing today

@preston76 #Sixers update - Evan Turner (rt. quad contusion) will not play today against the Bucks.

Josh Harris is here today. Pressing the flesh court side. Dollar dogs are awesome.

Mutombo tried to move $10 million of Congolese "blood gold" out of the Congo:


You watch, the Sixers will revert back to their old ways today. The most interesting part of the year has been watching Turner handle the ball with the second team. Today, Lou will be back to doing what he did for the past couple of years, dominate the ball and jack up a ton of shots. Turner's presence, rebounding and distribution has been a huge reason we've been dominating teams' second units. I was psyched about today, now i am worried.


Should be interesting. When Turner is out we give up a lot of offensive rebounds.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:05

Don't think they'll lose, but I sense that they will be sluggish today, if for nothing else but it being a day game.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:11

Box the mess out today!

Court_visioN on Jan 16 at 14:13

Iguodala, you have to be able to hit that shot.

meeks for 2

Leuer starting for them now, interesting. I always thought he was a good player at Wisconsin. Looking forward to seeing how he plays against us.

Brian, I can get the screenshot sent over to you.

AI9 continues his hot 3-point shooting and then records a block and a steal on the defensive end.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:17

OK, Jrue, let that be the last careless turnover of the day. sheesh

Bogut is killing Hawes

did you expect anything different?

Thought he could atleast keep Bogut in check better than this

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:19

Bogut is making it look too easy.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:20

Dag, Andre! Sweet turnaround over the opposite shoulder.

With iguodala scoring so easily how does he not want to keep keep shooting?

Leuer and Bogut both look great. Holiday has been unbelievable defensively.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:26

Who was Stephen Jackson talking shit to there? Must've been the ref. But he said, "you can talk all day ..." so thought he may have been hamming it up w/ one of our players.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:26

Really aggressive hard drive Jrue.

He is hard to guard cause he can go either way. He just needs to show some patients early in games. It seems like he is pressing sometimes.

Gotta love Captain Jack

battie over voose

That is a surprize

I guess they will go a bit taller today because of the missing Turner. so Voose will come in with the 2nd unit and maybe even play alongside Battie for some minutes. let's see.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:31

Andre with the really quick hands. And finish after going length of court.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:32

EB, why didn't you go after that board? It bounced right back to where you were standing.

Agreed. He got a good box out on his man but once the ball hits the floor, you need to close on it.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:34

Not a bad quarter overall. Crowd doesn't have much life to it even w/ the increased bodies.

Court_visioN reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:37

a little disappointed with the defense thus far. the bucks are really taking advantage of their edge inside.

That was one amazing quarter by Iggy. Defending, passing, shooting, driving. That was beautiful. Reminds me of the days when I used to think of him as a star.

Sean K reply to Dwight on Jan 16 at 14:37

He was far and away the best player on the floor. Tremendous effort.

Court_visioN on Jan 16 at 14:37


turner isnt playing

Court_visioN reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 16 at 14:39

yeah that slipped my mind. i just have involuntary spasms when i see him on the court.

A Nocioni sighting! We might really miss Turner here.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:40

And Noc bulls over his guy, fortunate to get the blocking call, and continuation! Noc, you rock! heh

of course, he bricks the free throw, like a rock

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:41

Lou attacking the cup. Good job.

Keep getting in the paint, everybody has with ease so far.

Nice sequence for the new bench brigade, Nocioni and Battie.

eddies' heady's reply to Sean K on Jan 16 at 14:41

Or is it old?

Is there the slightest chance that someone looks a Nocioni and sais he could help there team?

I'm just wishing here!!


I think Nocioni has a doable match-up in Delfino. They're very similar players and know each other well.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:44

Lou with the bounce 3!

Weren't Noc and Delf both part of the Argentinian team that beat USA in the 2004 olympics?

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:44

Can't believe how quiet it is in there with a 10 pt lead. You can hear a pin drop. Sneakers squeaking endlessly.

It's been like this for the last 5 years.

Have you seen the start of the Knicks game? That was one quiet MSG!

Thad always looks like he is fading away with his jumpshot

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:46

Thad, you've got to kick it out of that double once the doubler committed himself.

We're really looking stagnant on offense right now. Might be a good time to get Andre back in.

thad, stick to tip-ins not jumpers

Wow, Pretty busy at work just checked for first time. Can't believe Noc is playing, even with Turner out. Kind of scary.

Interestingly both Nocioni and Delfino were on the Argentinian team that beat USA in the Athens olympics in 2004. That team also had Manu Ginobili, Walter Hermann, Fabricio Oberto, and Luis Scola.

great pass lou, thad blows it

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:51

Hell of a pass Lou, Thad makes it harder than it needed to be. ugh

Bogut is in beast mode

Get Spence in the high post, that was the first good look they had in awhile. Even if Thad missed.

What a breakdown by Dre.

Thad is 1-6. Hm.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:53

Jrue 3! Stopped that lull there.

Jrue steal. Jrue 15 ft'er.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 14:54

Damn Spencer, that was u.g.l.y. wow

Court_visioN on Jan 16 at 14:56

has jrue played the entire game thus far?

almost, 20 mintues played at the box score im looking at

eddies' heady's reply to Court_visioN on Jan 16 at 14:58

no he got a brief rest

Has it ever been explained why Hawes is so terrible from the line? He's a decent jump shooter, good for a big man.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 15:00

Really crappy 2nd quarter. No life in the guys, no life in the arena. Somehow, I think they're minimally related.

Court_visioN on Jan 16 at 15:00

A pair of miracles go in for the bucks to close within 4

wow, that were five lucky points for the bucks.

Two brutal breaks after good defensive possessions. Too much of a lull offensively in the middle of the quarter there. Ball seems pretty safe in Jrue, Iguodala, and the old reliable Spence at the high post offense.

Is Voose hurt?

"Is Voose hurt?"


Why the heck isn't he playing then? That's weird, he's been very good.

He didn't show up in the second half of the second wizards game either - and there's been no comment from the sixers (and no one deems fit to ask Doug why he is suddenly out of the rotation). He's no worse than Spencer defensively, I wonder if he has an injury they just aren't reporting.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 15:17

That has to be it. There's no reason why Battie is playing instead of him, and Collins loves him. Hope he's alright if that's the case..

There's a lot of "no reason" stuff that goes on with Doug Collins. I don't think Vucevic is hurt. Turner got multiple DNP-CD's last year when healthy.

You don't think Voose is hurt because you hate Doug collins, him being hurt is equally plausible as your imaginary dog house BS

There's plenty of past examples of my doghouse theory: Mo Speights, Evan Turner being the obvious two. What are your past examples of the Sixers hiding injuries? If a player doesn't play because he's hurt, they always announce that.

Rich reply to stoned81 on Jan 16 at 15:23

Turner wasn't very good a lot of last year though. This makes less sense, because I don't know what Voose would have done to get in the doghouse. He plays an area of need too.

Whether or not he was good, I don't think he ever deserved DNP's in favor of Nocioni minutes. Vucevic hasn't been a stud, but he certainly doesn't deserve DNP's.

Rich reply to stoned81 on Jan 16 at 15:27

I agree about Voose. He's been very good for the team.

MCT reply to stoned81 on Jan 16 at 15:27

You're right, but Vucevic was Collins' pick and Turner wasn't so it makes more sense that Collins would be too hard on Turner. I doubt that is going on with Vucevic, something is going on behind the scenes I bet, minor injury or something.

Is it picking a fight if we say that we trust doug collins judgement over yours? If so - maybe the problem is you don't like to be told that you might be wrong?

Sounds like the Doug Collins Doughouse treatment. Gave it to Speights (16 & 12 today against the Noah/Boozer Bulls front line), gave it to Turner last year, now it's Vucevic's turn.

Another dead horse for you to beat?

Just answering the question. Why do you always like to pick fights on a blog?

I don't consider it a fight when i counter point the impossible assertion that 'doug hates people' when there's no actual evidence.

You hate doug collins - it's very clear - so anything you don't aagree with you ascribe to collins hatred of the players because it fits your world view that has no supportable evidence - be it mo speights, evant turner or voose

PS - will you continue to praise spencer as he continues to get schooled by even half way decent big men?

I consider it your attempt at a fight because you always use a condescending tone (except with Brian, which shows that you are capable of writing without being condescending, you just choose not to except when dealing with the person who runs the blog).

I find it just as rational as your 'doug hates my favorite player' nonsense - as there are plenty of legitimate reasons not to have played turner last year and legitimate reasons not to have played mo speights (as have been elucidated by many people - not just me) in games.

Whatever your hatred for doug collins - i'm almost sure you never met him, had a conversation with him or have any actual knowledge how he feels about your picked on favorites

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 15:21

If Spencer gets benched at some point too then his head is going to explode.

MCT reply to MCT on Jan 16 at 15:21

For the record, that was just a joke.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 15:04

Doug should be peeling paint after that quarter. Maybe the worst I've seen them play all year. Possibly worse than the 1st quarter vs the Knikcs.

What was so bad about that quarter? I thought they looked fine.

Not really. They were two lucky shots away from winning the quarter 16-13. I thought they looked a lot worse for stretches of the Knicks game, the Jazz, plenty of 1st quarters, and that bench debacle against Washington the other night.

The offense was stagnant for a little while there, but a lot of that is Thad struggling and missing easy looks. No need to yell at them like crazy, the effort is there. He should just tell them that they know what to do.

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 18:58

great thread guys, as always

Anybody know if you can stream the radio coverage of the game anywhere on the internet? Stuck at work today, but I do have headphones. I've been checking the gamecast about every 10 seconds, but that's not cutting it.

Has someone made the screenshot for brian?

Shouldn't be this close

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 15:20

They're going to eff around and lose this game if they don't show some energy.

Iguodala is so much smarter than Captain Jack as an offensive player. He's abusing him with the low crossover dribble under his knees.

Good Jrue today. We need him in this game.

That was an excellent 4 minutes of defense, the only bucket made was a Delfino quick catch and shoot of a down screen. He tried it again and bsrely grazed the backboard.

The Bucks should be trying to isolate Bogut on Spence like they did in the 1st quarter with success.

If Young and Brand had hit their open looks, this lead would be near 20.

Well, that was a horrible minute of defense.

Need Jodie to hit shots, don't get an easier look than that last one.

Moving the ball really well. Iguodala post-up ends up going to Jodie and to Jrue, who is feeling it today.

dammit, jodie you have to hit that

If Dre can continue to shoot like this, he should be an All Star.

He'd have to be picked as a reserve which means the sixers have to maintain their stellar play or he has to be otherworldly - that's how 'no names' get picked for the all star game - i.e. not the names the fans want to see

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 15:38

I think if we're in 2nd or 3rd place in the conference still at the break, they have to pick someone from our team as a reserve. Not saying I'm confident they will do that though. I would bet against it actually.

This league sucks sometimes.

hawes 3

junk punch

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 15:36

Spence 3! ha

Wow, Spence three. Offense is clicking on all cylinders this quarter. String some stops though, Milwaukee answers every time.

Ryan Anderon with 30 points against the knicks

seriously - that loss is irritating

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 15:42

Why, because of Ryan Anderson? He has been scoring well against everyone.

Because the knicks are terrible and the sixers should have won that game - the fact that dwight howard was mostly a non factor today just makes it more irritating

Captain Jack is a scrub.

Iguodala is really overpassing. He has had a clear path to the rim several times and has passed up the shot

So what you're saying is he just can't win - he either shoots too mcuh or he passes too much?

When did I say that? Where did you read that? I want Iguodala to shoot till his wrist hurts long as it's withing his game. I've been asking for that for years. I want Him to be as aggresive as possible on the offensive end. He is too talented not to be.

And I prefer he play smart basketball - be it passing or shooting 'shooting as much as possible' isn't his game - it never has been - why people keep wanting him to be the kind of player he never was in high school or college is beyond me - it shows a lack of appreciation for what he is

Its not about shooting too much but if you can score withinh the flow of the offence and his shot selection is withing his game then he should look to score. He was killing the Bucks earky in the first quarter and has totally given up being aggresive in the second half.

Guys like you give Iguodala a pass for no reason at all. He is capable of being the all around player he always has been and still score the ball at a higher rate. He has done it before ans other player do it too.

Thad with just really lazy defense there. He's been bad on both ends today.

Thad has really been off today.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 15:41

Dre w/ a two-handed block!

Easily Thad's worst game of the season.
Probably Andre's best. What a block there.

Phil reply to Sean K on Jan 16 at 15:45

Thad looks a bit resigned and thus his energy level is down. Let's hope Doug can give him some nice words and he can go off in the 4th.

hawes again

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 15:42

Hawesome 3!

Man, Hawes with a desperation 3. Those are the kind of shots that always seem to go against us. Let's step on their throats to start the 4th and put this away.

I hope Spence doesn't get to falling in love with that shot. That was a good place to take one though.

That's why i adovcate the junk punch every time he takes one - make or miss - that putz should never take a 3 :)

Another strong 3rd though it seems - 10 point advantage

Charlie H reply to Rich on Jan 16 at 19:00

I'm starting to think that he can just plain shoot - not great maybe, but pretty good. very relaxed on his release. like Dan Issel!

Malik can't take credit for "Hawesome", I've heard that on the blogs before. Still liked hearing him say it though.

My favorite from this game so far (after a Jrue drive to the hoop):

"The Russian judge gave him an 8 on that one, Marc."

Sean K reply to MCT on Jan 16 at 15:47

I liked 'he came in through the chimney' after Z did his lock all windows and doors.

Rich reply to Sean K on Jan 16 at 15:48


MCT reply to Sean K on Jan 16 at 15:49

Haha I missed that one, that's great.

I'd give Thad the hook. Tobias Harris scores twice on him? On a post-up?

Sean K reply to Rich on Jan 16 at 16:03

Why no Brand this entire 4th quarter? Thad made a couple nice hustle plays but has been largely ineffective.

Shit, Jrue's banged up now.

i think he banged knees, doesnt look like hes in any pain on the bench

Jodie has to make that shot. That's just a semi-rare wonderful passing decision by Lou gone awry. It's pretty good that they're up double digits with poor efforts from Thad and Jodie on offense.

Thad made a couple of nice hustle plays though.

Looks like Jrue is ok

hows the attendance look?

Really good. 16, 17K maybe.

not a huge fan of dribbling around but jrue makes it

Jrue has a habit of over-dribbling sometimes

Very good Jrue game. Under control and making shots.

Stop reaching, Lou. Keep him in front of you, solid defense wins this game.

Lou needs to sit down. He is just shooting to shoot right now

Iguodala beat the shit out of Stephen Jackson today. Just beat the living shit out of him.

Another factor of no Turner in the lineup. The return of Lou the chucker. 6-15 from the floor so far.

It's getting embarrasing too

Phil reply to Sean K on Jan 16 at 16:13

... going with 6 assists, 3 rebounds (2 offensive) and only 1 TOV.

He missed 11 shots and most of them were just horrible decisions.

Phil reply to KellyDad on Jan 16 at 16:18

not denying that. just saying, that it wasn't all bad lou today.

Court_visioN on Jan 16 at 16:07

Vucevic on the bench looking longingly at the game clock as Hawes comes out.

I hate Meeks. He is so fucking inconsistent.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 16:09

They've made their fair share of jumpers today. Can't rely on that though.

Fuck, I wanted to hold to less than 80

Iguodala may have the worst crossover I've ever seen. Too low and too wide. It fool noone. Still a very good game by him today.

Court_visioN on Jan 16 at 16:10

What, no big macs? This team blows!!

Good win on a day when the supporting cast wasn't up to its usual level of production.
Jrue and Andre co-players of the game.

Good solid game and win! I'm happy!

Side note, John Leuer is an interesting player. Awkward shot, but looks like he could be an efficient pick and pop guy some day.

Hey, that's another double digit win, without Turner and Voose, and with pretty bad performances from Meeks, Thad and Lou. Take that one. Going to have to ratchet up the defense on Wednesday.

Great freaking games from Iguodala and Jrue.

Dwight reply to Rich on Jan 16 at 16:16

You thought Thad played poorly? Yeah he missed shots, but he came up with some of the biggest defensive plays and biggest offensive rebounds of the game. He was clutch.

He was clutch.

So to you a few isolated plays can excuse an overall piss poor game played by a player?

Rich reply to Dwight on Jan 16 at 16:21

Yeah, he made a couple of hustle plays down the stretch, but I can't see how you didn't think he played poorly.

Tobias Harris killed him when Thad was guarding him and trying to box him out and Ilyasova got a bucket on him where he just fell asleep at the wheel. Thad also only scored two points on 8 shots. That's a pretty bad effort.

Charlie H reply to Rich on Jan 16 at 16:19

Weird how nobody's really been consistently good this year except Iguodala, Lou & Hawes, but it doesn't matter. There's always somebody who plays great, so 4 or 5 guys have strong games and the team defense is strong, so they win the games they should win.

Let's see how they do against Chicago & Miami.

I think Turner has been fairly consistant given his role and minutes. Not as much as the player you listed though.

Charlie H reply to KellyDad on Jan 16 at 20:39

Right, Thad too, but nobody's busting out. (Thad's shooting from 17+ has been below average.) Turner is gonna get steadily better as the season races on.

the magic went 17-35 from 3pt range against the knicks. that's impressive.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 16:17

They better ratchet up the offense too, with 2 below 20 pt quarters. That 4th quarter was nearly as bad as the 2nd. They're very very fortunate to convert those 3's at an unusual rate today

you know, someday A works and B doesn't, and another day B works but A doesn't. that's how this team has won games so far. we don't need 4 of those 3's if thad makes his layups and brand hits his open jumpers.

Phil reply to Phil on Jan 16 at 16:22

or you can give the 2 hawes 3's to the 2 wide open looks meeks missed. it's just how it goes...

Rich reply to Phil on Jan 16 at 16:24

I like that, the "sometimes A works" thing. Plus Meeks was 1-6 from three, with at least three of those misses he couldn't be any more wide open off good ball movement.

He even sprinkled in bout 2 airballs

That's our starting shooting guard!

Charlie H reply to KellyDad on Jan 16 at 20:42

He's a classic streak shooter.

Phil reply to Rich on Jan 16 at 16:29

if think that's the beauty of the sixers and why i love to watch them. they play as a team, a very balanced team. most of the time, if someone or something is off, there is someone or something else that fills the gap. :)

Court_visioN reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 16:23

to be fair, they spent a good chunk of the 4th quarter just slowing down the pace to preserve the lead

Any sites you can look at offensive efficiency in the box score right after the game? I know Hoop Data, but that's usually like the next day.

you mean team ofr? I always have that in the game capsule. Haven't run today's numbers yet, just got home. Will post them here in a little while.

Doug Collins post game is a must hear

Phil reply to KellyDad on Jan 16 at 16:30

nothing on ILP :(

what did he say?

He spent the first 5-6 minutes talikng about the game then went right into Martin Luther King day and playing for the first black coack in Division 1 basketball. He is a classsy guy. Gotta love him.

Charlie H reply to KellyDad on Jan 16 at 20:44

Nobody classier than Doug.

Thad's back injury really slowed him down today. Let's hope he heals up for Wednesday.

I have to assume Voose was benched for his poor play last outing, which irritates me. I believe he'd have done a better job on Bogut than Hawes.

Doug is amazing!!

I usually don't toot my own horn with "I told you so's" but since GoSixers made it a point to accuse me of "nonsense" for arguing that Collins was handing Vucevic a DNP just like he handed them out to Turner, Collins just said in the press conference when asked why Vucevic didn't play, "It was a Tony Battie game. Evan Turner got 4 DNP's last year."

Rich reply to stoned81 on Jan 16 at 16:44

Saw that, don't really agree with that rationale. I'm pretty sure Voose will be back soon. Battie can't really play more than 2 games in a week.

Yeah, how exactly does that rationale work? "I benched Turner last year even though it wasn't deserved, so I'm going to bench Vucevic as well even if it's not deserved." One of those self-fulfilling prophecies I guess.

I kinda agree with Stoned. Colling said Voose probably would have played ok but it shows that Colling doesnt have 100% confidence in Voose yet.Thoat's why he sta Voose. I still can't understand the loyalty to Meeks.

Charlie H reply to KellyDad on Jan 16 at 19:09

can't have 100% confidence in a rookie

I'm not sure where you think you have a 'i told you so in it' - I didn't discount that Collins decided it ws a DNP for Voose - I just said it wasn't HATRED

You think Doug Collins not playing him was some sort of personal vendetta

He showed no ability to defend mcgee im washington, bogut wouldn't have been much better, battie at least knows something about playing in the nba...i neither agree nor disagree with his stance but you translate that into some sort of 'hatred' for the player - which is just asinine

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 17:46

Silas gave Bismack a DNP-CD today after telling reporters he was the toughest player on the team. Maybe that was a blind and he secretly hates him.

I never said Collins "hates" Vucevic. I said he's getting the Turner rookie-doghouse treatment. I was proven right, Collins himself admitted he was treating Vucevic the same he treated Turner.

I also said your theory that Vucevic must be injured was silly, and it was.

Yes, I know you said my theory was silly, but that just either demonstrates you didn't read what I wrote or you don't know what theory means.

And sitting him for a game where he thinks it's a bad match up isn't 'dog house' to me - Speights was in the 'doghouse' (and deservedly so)...never playing, sitting down for a game and a half after a pitiful defensive effort against Javale Freaking McGee seems perfectly in line with a rookie still learning on a team TRYING TO WIN

What I find fascinating, and it's not you, but everyone, is that their opinion on collins changes depending on the player (PS - Spencer should have been benched for his defense against McGee as well but someone has to be bitch slapped by bogut)

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 18:26

The upcoming matchup against Nene should be fun..............

You've got to at least give me that my opinion on Collins is pretty consistent. I'm generally negative about his treatment of players (overplays by a ton his coach's pet Meeks, refuses to change his lineup despite endless slow starts, doesn't give enough minutes to Turner, etc.), but I do think Collins' passion is a positive for now (though it will wear on the players by next year).

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 19:08

Most of the McGee stuff was Hawes. Voose played 10 minutes in that game and McGee scored 4 points while he was in there, one of them being a 10 footer, which is good defense considering what percentage he shoots from that distance. I don't think he did anything near to earn a benching based on merit. There were one or two offensive rebounds he gave up on memory (Seraphin had one I think?), but he really wasn't in long enough to be considered pitiful.

Not sure I buy the "trying to win" argument. Voose has definitely contributed to this winning streak. It's not a case where he's hurting the team's chances of winning, considering their need for a fourth big to play 10-15 minutes a night, one could argue that he was really helping them.

People's opinions don't have to change on Collins if they disagree with his handling of a player. Collins is a fantastic coach overall IMO but I disagree with his handling of Turner and Meeks quite a bit. It's not fair to say that he hates a player because he isn't playing him, but it's alright to disagree with what he's doing. Hopefully, he puts Voose back in there on Wednesday and this is all no big deal.

Voose has showed some stuff this year, more than I expected, I think he has more athleticism than Hawes and maybe a higher b-ball iq - but physically - 'tough' wise - he's no better than Hawes - and bogut, whether you believe it or not - when healthy - is one of the better offensive centers in the game

I thought Battie did a good job imitating Hawes within the offense. On the positive side, he did well moving the ball. On the negative side, Collins shouldn't be want Battie taking those long twos. I don't think he trusts Vucevic's decision making yet and that's not at all a bad thing for the rookie, just Collins M.O.

I'm walking away from this knowing that they can run a consistent offense with Battie in Hawes place. Not an ideal, but better than most of the Knicks game.

Hawes shouldn't be taking threes (make em or not), but he does.

The offense isn't the issue - the defense - from all 3 of them (and brand) just doesn't look good against the more 'accomplished' big men

Dwight Howard is going to abuse them

Maybe Washington, before or after Saunders gets canned.

Was replying to earlier KellyDad comment on Nocioni being moved.

Would be nice. Keep our fingers crossed.

When that happens I hope NYK doesn't pick him up.

Next 3 games are big. Nuggets, Hawks and Miami. We gotta beat a team with a winning record at full strenght to make some real noise.

eddies' heady's on Jan 16 at 19:35

On a team that's 10-3, undefeated at home, Turner's out so the usual griping about his minutes ceases, now there's griping about Nikola Vucevic, a rookie, not seeing time? Don't understand why some of the fan base feels certain players all of a sudden "deserve" minutes? How can minutes ever be "deserved"? It's not like any one player's limited- or non-minutes is causing losses.

Is this just a case of player / individual bias superceding team success?

It actually couldnt be further from bias in many cases (outside of Stoned and KellyDad) because many of us thought this was an awful pick. I know I thought he would stink.

If a player plays well, which Voose has, how does he not deserve minutes? That's called earning your minutes. Actually, I believe that if Voose can give solid energy and defense for 10 minutes a game like he has, then it's in the teams best interest to develop him for the playoffs if they can and get a good look at what he has. So really your last statement that you phrased in a question couldn't be more off in my case at least.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 16 at 20:29

Just because a player has played well to us fans, does not exactly lend itself to that player playing well to his coaches and staff. There's too many variables that could be at play here. Practice time (though I know they were off Sunday), the player may not be carrying out his assignments to the staff's liking (rotations, double-teams, screen and roll play, basic fundamentals, etc), or even attitude. I've never been of the mindset that players "deserve" minutes, yes they can "earn" them, but I don't see how they're "deserved" as if they're entitled to 'X' amount of minutes because of previous game play. Each game and opponent is different, for different reasons.

And you mention it's in the teams best interest to develop him for the playoffs - what if sitting him is actually helping to get him through a rapid-fire compressed season, of which he's never played this amount of games before so he can have something left for the playoffs?

If anyone on this team hits a wall this year, it'd be safe to say it's going to be Vucevic.

If that's so, can you explain why Meeks has been getting so many minutes in the past two games? He has been awful and I don't understand why he has been playing significant minutes in the 3rd quarter.

I'd be stunned if the coaches thought he wasn't playing well: First off they are so high on him and two his vest contributions have been the little things that you are mentioning. Whatever you call it, deserving or earned, he's played well enough to keep playing by doing all of those things you mentioned.

As far as him hitting a wall, he plays 10 minutes a night! This was a game that had off days on either side of it. Don't buy that argument either.

Why is it that you don't understand the importance of developing young talent? You think every good player in the history of the game just walked in playing great? The superstars maybe, but most of the good players in this league got better as they got older.

There are some people who want us to win now and also prepare for the future. For example, many of us recognize that Andre Iguodala is our best all around player, but we fear that we might not be a championship contender while he is in his prime. That is why we get angry when Evan Turner is completely left out of the equation. We recognize talent when we see it and we would like to see it progress and not squander on the bench. Otherwise he will never be useful to us, we won't even be able to trade him for value.

You can play to win now, and also give the young guys some important playing time. They don't have to be mutually exclusive. This is not a team of kamikaze pilots, there will be life after this mission.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Jan 16 at 20:40

So this staff of five coaches and basketball-side upper management is all on board with squandering the progress of the talent that you/others recognize? That doesn't make much sense - at all.

Sounds like you, or a faction, is still holding onto however small a thread that Evan Turner is going to magically morph into this star, or our next best all around player. Expectations and dreams are sometimes made to be crushed. Don't shoot the messenger.

Maybe it's just Doug, maybe he is too focused on the "now" instead of the future. At the end of the day it's his decision. He has a history of being hard on young players, going back to his other three teams.

I don't think Evan Turner can be a star but I think he can be a really good player. You'll excuse me if I trust my opionion over yours, you don't sound like someone who knows much about basketball. I'm not trying to insult you either, it's just my opinion based on your comments. If you're going to make such definitive statements about the future of a player then you're going to have accept that people will strongly disagree with you.

MCT reply to MCT on Jan 16 at 20:52


eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Jan 16 at 21:55

I don't have a problem with anyone strongly disagreeing with me. I have a problem when you attach yourself personally to any particular player that I may have negative opinions or critiques about. Like it's an affront to you or something just because we see things differently. Ease the ego. And how many monikers does it take for you to keep poking out your chest and mucho-bravado about this silly "knowledge about basketball". As if there's a finite number of folks that can have "knowledge" about the game - namely you being the one and only messiah. It means absolutely nothing to me that you may think I don't have "knowledge of the game" and your continued bringing it up just reaffirms it's an ego thing with you. I have an opinion on a player contrary to yours so I must not "know much about basketball", yet you do apparently, but I never belittle your knowledge of it. Or personally question it like I know you.

Many people strongly disagreed with me on the Jrue Holiday vs Ty Lawson long drawn out debate, and attacked and ridiculed me over my stance (as you're doing now). They aren't saying much now, if they are, they're probably agreeing.

You are a hoot though, with the way you continually place much attention and concern over how much one knows about the game. And like you're waiting in the wings for Evan Turner to validate or invalidate it. Maybe he'll blossom so you'll feel crowned; and I'll feel happy for my fav team's sake. I'm sure his success will boost your ego, while the teams' will boost mine.

"namely you being the one and only messiah"

I am not Tim Tebow.

Good luck to you with this

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 22:15

It's a battle that can't be won. I'm going to forfeit.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Jan 16 at 22:06

heh, you ain't Naismith either

Johnnylaptop on Jan 16 at 20:35

Just got home, first game I missed this year. Looking at the box score Iggy and Jrue played over 40 min. each, there combined shooting was 21 made on 31 shots, for 45 points. Together they grabbed 10 rebounds, had 9 assists and 8 steals, Iggy had 2 blocked shots. I could not be happier with numbers like this. Spencer played about 32 min. was 4 for 8 shooting, scoring 11 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and had 2 block shots. Good to see Spencer putting up decent numbers. I have one gripe, Meeks, 29 min. 2 for 8 shooting, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 9 points, his job is to be the 3 point specialist. My thought is where winning with his sub par play against so so teams. When our schedule gets tough will he step up, I hope so. Just looking at the box score looks like it was a great game to watch if you were a Sixer fan. Brian you must have had a great day there.

javale mcgee shows his immaturity, throws ball of backboard to himself


*while his team is losing

About to write my wrap, here are the OFR/DFR numbers. Thanks everyone who sent me the screen shots of the box score at the half.

First half
OFR: 105.70
DFR: 96.71
Only bad number was eFG for MIL, 51.3%

Second half
OFR: 109.36
DFR: 90.74
Their eFG was down to 45.9% in the second half, all other numbers were very good. Solid adjustments, again.

Full Game
OFR: 107.36
DFR: 93.65
Pace: 87.56 possessions/48 min.
eFG: .506
TOV: .091
OREB: .200
FTR: .107 (too low)
Opp eFG: .487
Opp TOV: .165
DREB: .775 (very good)
Opp FTR: .120 (very good)

Just a really solid win, again. My wrap will be done within an hour, probably.

So watching the game right now, just started the third quarter

not sure how anyone watching the second half of the second quarter could dispute comments about thad's play - he was awful all by himself on the offensive end in that portion of the quarter.

9 for 20 from 3 looks good i guess - 45%, except that they started 5 for 5 - so then you're talking 4 for 15 for the rest of the game, less than 25% - maybe not falling in love with the 3 is a gtood idea

Jrue's pretty aggressive, even still, I like this Jrue (though more assists too would be nice) but wonder why we aren't seeing this consistently.

Battie bitching was silly - he was able to put some body on the bucks big men in the first half - hawes wasn't stopping bogut at all

Hey, is the site loading slower than usual for anyone else?

Not me - no - and now I'm worried about Jrue's ankle - not his knee - he tripped over dudes foot...

If the celtics lose to OKC - the sixers will be the only atlantic division team to win today - that's nice

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 22:00

TNT keeps wasting primetime spots on the Cs, who are so bad now, that they make for horrible ratings I'm sure.

Boston has fans - and rabid ones - I'm sure people are still watching...not like tnt could have flexed much - but i'm still wondering if TNT or ESPN can 'flex' games if they want to - be nice to see the sixers flexed - but national appeal usually is about star names more than good teams

Pretty sure ESPN can. TNT rarely has games to choose from, they don't schedule many on Thursdays.

Yeah, I mean that's kind of what I figured, ESPN on Friday nights should definitely have some leeway - love to see them pop a sixers game on there sometime soon - just for the 'hotness' of it all

For instance - wednesday the early game on espn is blazers hawks, or they could flex sixers nuggets :)

How does nba tv NOT have the sixer saturday game on - it's the heat for gods sake - they ALWAYS put the ehat on

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