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Big Macs? No. Confetti? Yes.

Not for nothing - zumoff mentioned a 'day of service' during the broadcast - was this one of those 'do community service get free tickets games?'

I didn't hear anything about it if it was. Really good crowd, and I actually think the owners did something smart in recruiting those "revolutionaries." Whenever there's a lull, they pick the crowd up with some kind of chant, plus they're right by the other team's bench, so they're always heckling them. They do need writers, though. They went with "Andrew Bogus" for far too long.

Those annoying guys are hired by the team? Man i wanted them to shut up.

And the dude in the 'green screen' suit - what the hell?

They get free season tickets to be loud, I believe.

Sorry - I think that's just a bad precendent - not as bad as not finding another big man - but bad

Dwight Howard has added the Clippers to his wish list, just saying that griffin howard idea... ;)

I was wondering if Jrue's play today was related to Jennings somehow - I hope not - I'd hate to think he needs that kind of thing to motivate him to have a game like he did

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 22:36

Hah, still waiting for the "Howard adds Sixers to his wish list." Will likely be waiting a long time...

Maybe after the Sixers beat them by 40.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 16 at 22:36

Too bad LAC f'ed themselves by signing Caron Butler.

Sean K reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 22:28

Yeah, I know a guy in that section. They won a twitter contest and received free season tickets in that section. Theyre 'encouraged' to wear the colonial garb and loudly support the team.

twcarl reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 22:58

That's correct. Free season tickets for the year.

Despite our differences in the game thread I am 100% in agreement with you here. I hated the annoying chants and I hated the freak in the green suit. This isn't some pathetic college team trying to imitate Duke. If I make it to a game this year I am going to have a hard time not screaming at those idiots to shut up.

Dwight reply to stoned81 on Jan 17 at 1:37

Yeah because the game is so much better when the stadium is completely silent and you can here the basketball being dribbled every possession.

Those guys bring excitement! Something that's lacked at every Sixers game. It was a great decision by the owners to bring them in.

You can have a loud arena without being obnoxious Duke college kids

1. Spot on with Voose in my opinion - and I agree with it after what happened with Mcgee

2. With Iguodala, they were commenting that he ha 'laser surgery' on his right eye this off season (i'm presuming it's just lasik right) so maybe his vision is better? (Which makes you wonder why he waited so long - or didn't get better contacts if he was wearing them?:)

I really liked thatt there were 2 sixers with 20 - and it was jrue and andre - and i know that's stupid and all '20 point scorers' but don't care - it's just nice to see THOSE TWO get the 20 in front of the larger than normal crowd (though 0 free throws for either of them is just disappointing)

Down go the Celts!

Sixers up by 4 on the Knicks, 5.5 on BOS.

Great game today. I actually didn't have a problem with Vucevic sitting this one out. I found myself assuring stoned81 that Collins doesn't hate the rookie, only to later argue with eddies about the importance of playing young players. It was relly a rekindling of the ET arguments from last year though, not really about this game.

Jrue looked great today, he plays Jennings really well. I think they were rivals in high school in L.A. so I think that brings something out of Jrue. I wish he always had that.

Melo had 33 points today, he's like totally the best!

(pay no attention to the 27 shots and 16 FTs to get the 33 points, nor the 5 turnovers)

I have amare AND dwight on my fantasy team - dear god it was ugly today (Ps philly.com sucks because of the constant 'reloading' of the freaking page - i read an article on philly.com and my histtory is ALL philly.com for like 10-20 parts)

The real question is- who's better Hawes+Jrue or Bogut+Jennings? I have a strange feeling the Hawes will be with the Sixers for the long term.

Also, I hate Iguodala's jumper. It looks ugly, it's doesn't look natural and each time he hits one I feel like we got lucky.

In case folk have missed it that 'hot start' spencer had is starting to level out and he's becoming spencer hawes again...he shouldn't be here long term

just wait until he starts getting haircuts before every game again though!

Brian: Glad I was able to meet you at halftime. Some guys look better in person than in their picture (but not in all cases OBVIOUSLY).

Keep up the good work with this site.

And yes. Bogut would have stunted whatever growth the Voose has had so far. He had his way with the stronger Hawes.

Nice to meet you too, I'm not sure if you're saying I'm much uglier than my mug at the top of the page, or much more handsome. I definitely looked happier, though!

Really enjoyed the game today, so did my kids. Fans for life, I'm hoping.

Ha! This is from Philly.com:

Page views during the first 22 days of this season are up 18.8% over that period (the first 22 days of the season) from last year.
More importantly, they are up 54% over the same 22 day period (December 26 - January 16) from last season.
For those who aren't math people (like me) that means that more than twice as many people are reading Sixers stories then there were at this time last year.

Too funny. link

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 22:44

Is that the new math?

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 22:55

How is 54% more than twice as many people?

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 23:02

Oh, my bad Brian. I thought you wrote the bold. I didn't realize that was also from the article. That's pretty funny, though.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 17 at 10:38

Isn't the relevant comparison the first few weeks of the season, not comparing now to readership at Game 20 last year? Of course it is.

He did that as well. I was just laughing at his explanation of the 54% rise in page views.

So - relevant or not to the first quarter start - the players 'persuaded' Doug not to have a practice yesterday according to the tv broadcast

Inmates running the asylum. Time to get rid of Collins!

hey Chuck

Both Terrence Howard and Don Cheadel are cooler than jack - jack's crazy

Dear Kobe

what's more important to you

Your 40 point streak or a win?

I was catching up on some record-keeping and noticed a few things:
* The Sixers have had "clutch time" (5 points or fewer, 5 minutes or fewer) in only 4 games this year, their three losses and the New Orleans game. In none of their three losses did they lead in clutch time, so they haven't blown any leads this year (though they've really only "held" one close lead, vs. New Orleans).
* Someone was wondering about Iguodala's 4th quarter free throw shooting. He's 7-for-16 this year. Take out his 5-for-6 against the Knicks, and he's 2-for-10. The good news is that he's shooting a reasonable 74% in the first three quarters :-) (plus 50% from 2 and 43% from 3).
* There are 12 teams this year on a pace to win fewer than 30 games in a full season (I know it's not a full season, but that's a good marker of a really bad team -- and one of those teams is the Celtics :-)). Nine of the Sixers' ten wins have come against those teams.
* However, it's infinitely preferable to talk about whether the Sixers should have "won by more" than whether they should have "won" (a common topic last year, with losses to the Cavs, Pistons, Wizards, etc.).
* Someone was asking about the Sixers on ESPN. According to their schedule on the ESPN website, they are scheduled six times for ESPN in March and April (none before then, though).
* Mark Stein of ESPN moved the Sixers up to #3 in his Power Rankings. Let's hope they solidify that ranking the rest of this week.

I expect the sixers to drop out of the top 5 after this week - honestly (i know brian thinks the magic stink) but 1 out of the next 3 is entirely possible.

I was hoping that ESPN would flex the sixers - like on wednesay night - instead of showing blazers hawks :)

VS Denver, VS Atlanta, @ Miami

hopefully they go 2-1

jrue looked better today but i would have liked to see him and the rest of the team go to the line more

I really like what the Cavs are doing this season. They have a pretty solid hold on the 8th seed with the Knicks and Celtics losing today.

I've watched like probably 100 hours of games not involving the Sixers, and still haven't seen them play. I'll make a point of checking out one of their games.

On Voose, we're just going to have to disagree I guess. I don't think the game would have been lost if he played 5 minutes against Bogut. Again, I'm not looking for extended minutes, just 10 or so to see what he could do. GoSixers said in the last thread that he's more athletic than Hawes and only as tough. It's early, but I think it's actually the opposite. That is, he handles physical guys better and more athletic guys in a similar fashion.

I'm just not sure what the line of thinking is if he can't get a little time against Bogut. It's early, but if they are going to only have him play against bad offensive players, then I'd have no confidence going to him in the playoffs. If he does show that he can handle it (Again, he's supposed to be a guy who can contribute now, and he's done a nice job so far), the team is much more dangerous in the playoffs than with Battie getting those minutes. I just want to see what he can do, because he's piqued my interest. Hopefully, he'll get his chances down the road and this won't matter.

I'm sure he'll get his chances. I don't think it's so much that he can't handle Bogut, I think it was more that Bogut was completely abusing Hawes and he wanted to someone in there to limit what Bogut was doing in terms of winning or losing this game. You don't know what you're going to get from Voose, you do kind of know what you're going to get from Battie (a hard foul, at the very least). You want to stop the bleeding in a situation like that, and if you go w/ Voose, you may just open up another vein, you just don't know.

I think on Collins' list of priorities, developing Voose falls pretty far below winning every game he can, and I think that's the way his priorities should be set. Come playoff time, it's an 8-man rotation w/ spot minutes for a fourth big (assuming no trades are made). Voose will have plenty of time to vie for that spot when a win/loss isn't on the line, or even when a win/loss is on the line, but he isn't being asked to come in and guard the guy that's killing the team.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 17 at 1:24

Fair thoughts. Really our fundamental difference is that I feel that playing Voose in the 2nd quarter today wouldn't have been developing a guy at all costs over winning because I think he's better than Battie, who to his credit did do his job today.

btw, I took the train from the WFC to city hall today after the game, took me like 11 minutes.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 17 at 1:30

Yeah, I knew it was something like that. Shump Mania rolled on today too, 3-12, 9 Points.

Rich reply to Rich on Jan 17 at 1:31

3-9, 12 actually. Not that bad of a night for the Messiah.

Dwight reply to Rich on Jan 17 at 1:42

This is the great misconception of defense.

Everyone thinks defense is about being athletic. It's not.

It's about being in the right position. Knowing your opponents moves and being able to counter them effectively.

Battie's been in the league for a long time and understands how to defend pick and rolls and defend the post.

Vucevic is athletic, but he lacks the necessary experience to know how to defend smart offensive players like Bogut.

Rich reply to Dwight on Jan 17 at 1:51

Where did I say defense was all about being athletic? Voose is one of the worst measured athletes in NBA history too. He seems to play a little more athletic than that too, but he's a below average athlete for sure. His strengths so far have been what you said he can't do, rotations and playing smart defense.

As far as athleticism, ask Dwight Howard if his defense has nothing to do with how strong he is and how high he can jump.

Dwight reply to Rich on Jan 17 at 2:07

Nevermind, I must have mis-read your comment.

Although Voose is actually very long for an NBA player. He has a great wing span and standing reach. He is not the most athletic of players, but he's definitely more athletic than Hawes and Battie.

Ask Dwight Howard whether he became a great defender because of his great instincts and smart defensive decisions or athleticism. He will tell you the former.

Rich reply to Dwight on Jan 17 at 2:19

Hah, I walked into that. He'd be lying though.

Its an interesting topic. You can be a good post defender with instincts, though I would say strength is required, with Kurt Thomas being an example. Being an elite post defender requires athleticism though. There's only a certain level you can get too with just strength IMO.

Spot on when it came to the Iguodala and Jrue plays. The kick to Jrue looks to be the more consistent of the 2 options, but I remember he ran that 1-3 pick and roll to get the switch to Melo on Jrue. That had to be like a triple crossover that Iguodala shook Jackson with on the first one, and it was freaking amazing too. Bing-bang-boom in about 1.5 seconds. 2nd nicest move that I've seen on the young year, behind CP3 doing 2 in and out dribbles in a row to break Derek Fisher's ankles the other night.

I mostly agree with Rich about the Voose thing. Collins did hint earlier when he got the other DNP-CD that he dpesn't like throwing him at the wolves to keep his confidence high but isn't giving a shot to play when they desperately need a big giving him a boost of confidence? Battie did a solid job and so Collins deserves some credit there. The one thing that really strikes me as odd is that Vucivic didn't pay because he got abused by McGee. Yes, he did get abused, but Hawes and Brand got equally abused if not more. So far in the minutes he has played Vucevic was probably the best defensive big on the team (yes i think Brand has regressed in that area that much). So that to me means that this is exactly the type of game collins should play him.

It's a trust thing, or maybe just an expectations thing. W/ Hawes and Battie, he's got a baseline. He knows what he can reasonably expect from them, their performance isn't going to waiver too far from that expectation in either direction, so he can count on it. With Voose, maybe you get a good defender, maybe you get a terrible defender. It's hard to bank on him being one or the other, so when he's trying to get a win, putting in a terrible defender could completely kill the team. He's not going to take that risk right now.

This also differs from the Jodie situation, at last this how I'm reading Collins' rotations to this point, in that Jodie may be playing badly, but he really needs Jodie. Jodie's a big part of this team and he doesn't really have another guy who can step in and take all of Jodie's minutes (you saw how hard it was to get 144 minutes at the 1,2,3 today w/ Turner out), so he has to keep playing him, either in the hopes he'll return to last season's level, or just because he needs someone to take those minutes. There's really no expectation on the Voose, nor any dependence on him to get a certain amount of minutes. Obviously it would be great if he could eventually earn the trust to play 15 minutes/game, and if that happens, then you can change things around and factor him in, but right now, anything useful you get from him is a bonus and he's not going to press for that bonus in a game that's hanging in the balance.

He probably could've used him at the end instead of going with that ridiculous small lineup for the last 2:31, but I don't think he's much of a token appearance guy, he's talked about that in the past.

Charlie H on Jan 17 at 15:17

When you shoot with a high arc, the ball tends to go straight through without touching the rim (swish) or hit the rim and bounce up. You don't get those rim-to-rim bounces. It's geometry - you're shooting at a wider target when you shoot high because the ball is moving at a 90-degree angle to the plane of the rim. When you shoot low, the hoop is narrower, so the ball can skip from one side of the rim to the other.

It's less likely, but not impossible. It just never happens w/ him, at all. It's odd.

Dwight reply to Charlie H on Jan 17 at 21:56

I think it has to do with the spin. Iguodala doesn't shoot it completely one-handed, since his off-hand helps push the ball it creates less spin. That's why whenever the ball hits the rim it never has a chance of rolling in. He doesn't have the "shooter's roll" as they call it.

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