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This One Will Count

Great preview as always Brian...but why the pic of Andy Samberg with this one??

Heh, I didn't even notice the resemblance. Obviously you're not a fan of my sophomoric Photoshop "skills."

Alvin reply to das411 on Jan 18 at 2:56

Hopefully the one day's rest can make it a W.

Denver is a deep team in terms of talent, maybe not as hungry and focused as the Sixers are. But arguably with more talent. And on their day they can beat anyone. But at home and with a day's rest, and with the way the team's going so far, it should be a win for the Sixers.

hopefully Jrue can continue in that great vein of form he showed in the Milwaukee game.

We're all clearly thrilled by the way the Sixers have played thus far. But the .371 opponent's win percentage is currently the worst in the league. That said, the 11 easiest schedules thus far are Eastern Conference teams.
Even 1 out of the next 3 will give us a bit of credibility (and will give the team some confidence that they can beat some tough teams). If we get 2 out of 3, maybe our highlights will come before the :54 minute mark of every Sportscenter...

Great preview. I actually feel like this is the most difficult game out of the 3 we play the rest of the week (including Atlanta and Miami).

I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of Tony Battie with Hawes injured.

jswigga on Jan 18 at 3:33

I think the Timofey Mozgov matchup might be one that gives the Sixers problems. The best guy to take Mozgov is probably Thad. But if Thad switches up to take Nene, who's got Moz? Danillo has also played well of late. Hopefully our frontcourt can make up the diff.

peace yall

Alvin reply to jswigga on Jan 18 at 4:36

It'll be good to see how Vucevic can perform in this scenario.

Sixers are favored by 6 tonight. Vegas is accounting for the Nuggets being on the latter half of back to back road games, as well as the fact that the Sixers have been consistently covering the spread.

As mentioned, the frontcourt of the Nuggets will provide the biggest challenge for us. In addition to the interior scoring of Nene, he, Mozgov, and Birdman all average 1+ offensive rebounds per game. Gallinari and Lawson have been leading the Nuggets on the offensive end but the Sixers can match with their best 2 defenders at those positions.

I'm heading to the game so hopefully Vegas is right as usual and I get to see another W for the home squad.

Spencer for hire on Jan 18 at 7:32

I would expect Mosgov to have problems guarding Hawes up top but Nene may smother Elton's offensive output. I agree with your T.Young comment Brian, early and often with him tonight.

It should be an interesting night for Jrue defensively guarding two guys with totally different approaches.

If I remember correctly, Mozgov killed the Sixers on the offensive glass when he was with the Knicks. Keep an eye on that as well.

The Greek on Jan 18 at 9:34

Let's hope that Hawes plays

Sixers -5.5 (bumped up to 6 in some locations). O/U 199.5. Sixers O/U 102.5. This is one of those games where I'm worried a slow start might be too difficult to come back from. Partridge if you're reading this, don't even think about rooting for the Nugs in this one.

Sixers and the under.

Taking the nuggets and the under, they have the front court advantage, they have bench depth that while might be older, possibly prevents the 'third quarter' explosion, they're the best team the sixers have played at home so far this year, and they had a pretty easy game last night so I don't expect them to be too tired.

And though not mentioned much in the write up, don't like that danilo match up at all

You don't like Iguodala guarding Danilo?

Not with the height differential and the type of game danilo plays...no, not particularly.

It's not lamar/pau/bynum, but there's a definite size mismatch going on against this roster, plus they just have a stronger front court that the sixers front court will have a problem defending, the rebounding frightens me

Yeah, I pretty much never go into a game worrying about what Iguodala's man is going to do.

I'm worried about when the Nuggets go w/ their two-point alignment and Collins counters w/ Lou/Jrue, putting Lou on Lawson. I want to see Collins go big in that situation and put Jrue on Lawson, Turner on Miller. Then punish them on the offensive end w/ their size advantage in the back court.

Assuming that turner and hawes even play, hopefully that yoga helped.

Honestly, I just hope the game is close, I expect them to lose

From what I saw this morning, looks like Turner is a go and Hawes is iffy.

Well thank god they want out and strengthened the bench depth after trading speights...oh wait, they didn't do that

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 13:36

Not even when he's matched up against Dirk?

Court_visioN reply to Stan on Jan 18 at 13:46

Why would iguodala be matched up against dirk?

He's been matched up with Dirk before. I think vs. NYK, they had him guard Amare.

He's taken each of those guys for a couple of minutes in the past, but that's not his matchup going into the game.

I don't even really worry about LeBron or Durant killing the Sixers when we're playing them.

Turtle Bay reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 14:28

Agree. I just don't see how the Nuggets are going to put points on the board with Lawson and Gallinari covered by Jrue and Iguodala. I guess they could keep going to Nene, but although he is an efficient scorer, he is not a prolific one.

Question: do you guys get more frustrated when the sports talk radio guys don't talk about the Sixers or when they talk about them ignorantly?

Personally, I was happier (or at least less frustrated) when there wasn't much talk of the Sixers on sports talk. I did resent that the Eagles and even the Flyers got more attention. But now, it seems 90% of the discussion of the team is sophomoric and/or uninformed.

However, I do realize that it is a good thing that this city is talking about the team. The more talk the more people turn out or tune into the games, and that is good for the franchise.


I very, very rarely listen to philly sports talk radio. I'd say in general, though, that the more they talk about the Sixers, the better, no matter how clueless they are. Unless they're just talking about how much the team sucks.

Well, there has been some of that for sure. I mainly listen on my ride back and forth to work, so I don't have a good grasp of all the discussions, but what I have heard has been somewhat skeptical. They tend to discount the defense and harp about how the team needs a shot maker for the end of games and in the playoffs. Iggy takes a lot of heat, which seems ridiculous with the numbers he's been putting up this year. I get the feeling they'd trade the Knicks for the Sixers without a blink of the eye. Just because they want a superstar.

Stan reply to JayJ on Jan 18 at 15:05

I stopped listening to sports radio a while ago. I could care less nowadays.

I attempt to listen to philly sports radio, but I can't, LA sports radio I listen to at work online sometimes depending on the mood - they're nicer :)

The Iguodala thing (someone just junk punch misanelli already) is ridiculous - again - i still would like to see him traded to a town that appreciates him

I'd prefer to see this team get to the ECF this year, then get Howard this summer so Iguodala can stay and be appreciated here.

Well, I'd prefer that to but I don't think it's a realistic outcome without some help - the sixers can't beat a healthy heat OR healthy Bulls in a 7 game series as far as I'm concerned, and they'd have to beat ONE of them in the second round unless by some miracle it went

Magic/Hawks whatever

So they bulls and heat had to face each other in the second round...I believe the sixers can win the atlantic, I don't believe they can get the one seed

There's a lot of hoops left to be played, but I do believe both the Bulls and the Heat have enough holes offensively that the Sixers can beat them. And I also don't think it's exactly a good bet that either of those teams (or any team, really) is going to be healthy when the playoffs get here. Look at how many minutes Deng is playing, and Rose is already beaten up, along with Wade.

The sixers have holes offensively - and they have an old fart ho might not hold up come playoff time either

All the teams have holes - it seems that rightly or wrongly come playoff team stars get more calls - and the sixers ain't got one - could cost them - they don't get the questoinable calls - they don't get the phantom calls - and that's sadly part of the game

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 15:40

You're being very optimistic. They can win maybe 2 games at most if they're playing a healthy Bulls or Heat team. Heck, I'm not even sure that the Sixers can beat the Nuggets tonight or Orlando in a few days.

I'm on board w/ great defense, and to my eyes, two of their big minute players have made a dramatic improvement on that end of the floor.

The Sixers are a great story so far this year. At least they are getting some attention on the national scale. But I think it is merely lip service until they beat a division leading team in a close game.

I don't think that is fair, since they are beating teams by 20 points like a division leader should, and they beat Indiana and were never really challenged. The problem was that their first big matchup (media-wise) was in New York and they lost a close game. Doesn't matter that it was the third game in three nights.

If they beat Denver by 2 points tonight, and they do it in dramtatic fashion...then the national spotlight will be on!

I'd prefer a 20-point win tonight, but to be honest with you, even if they go 3-0 this week, there will be people who still discount it.

W vs. Denver - Well, Denver was on the second night of a back-to-back

W vs ATL - Well, the Hawks didn't have Horford

W @ MIA - Well, the Heat didn't have Wade (or Wade wasn't 100%)

Honestly, the Sixers could win their next 7 games by a combined 100 points and people who don't want to believe, still wouldn't believe.

If I didn't know better I'd say you were drinking some kool-aid (and spencers slow descent back to earth isn't dissuading you huh?)

Honestly - if they DONT go 0-3 in the next 3 games I'll be thrilled - we'll see what happens

I didn't say they'd go 3-0, just said that even if they did, people would say it doesn't count.

Sorry, wasn't implying that you did, just saying I'm probably one of those 'hasn't bought in yet' folks - that's all - I really think 1-2 is the most likely outcome of the next 3 - the heats outburst last night made me think that even if wade is unavailable it won't matter

Teams have to be really disciplined to beat the Sixers, or just get insanely hot on long twos, because they do a superb job of taking away the high percentage shots. A disciplined team will reverse the ball a couple of times, and eventually get a decent look. But impetuous teams are going to take that "good look" from 22 feet all night and wonder why they wound up shooting 42% from the floor.

Um - ok - sure - or you could have a talented (half talented) big man and feed him relentlessly cause the sixers can't even stop javale mcgee from getting good looks

Boozer and Bosh? yeah, I'm not really worried about either of them beating us on the blocks.

YOu'll pardon me if i'm not so blase about it after watching the immature javale mcgee get whatever he wanted (didn't make em all for sure) just a couple days ago

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 17:08

Well, Denver's just not that great, and it's a home game. Atlanta's a pretty mediocre team without Horford. I think Miami, even w/o Wade, would be a big win though.

Kevin Love 4 years 60 million supposed is going to be minnesotas offer - that doesn't sound 'maxy' to me - is it?

Hmmn. I'm not sure what a max extension is. Rudy Gay waited until the summer after his fourth season and signed what, 6/$85M?

Love might get the escalators if he waits, as well, which I believe was $94M for Rose.

In completely unrelated news - how I love the rumors regarding the thunder not being able to keep their core together even though they have the 'restricted' rights to all of them :)

ESPN Daily 5 on 5 looks at four teams as 'contenders' or 'pretenders' - one in the east - none of them the sixers


Why would the Hawks be in there instead of the Sixers? Ugh.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 17:02

Because we're just so obviously a contender that it's not worth debating : )

Hmmn, hadn't considered that. You're probably right.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 17:05

Actually I think it's that they're positive we're a pretender and don't think it's worth debating.

I reject your negativity. The Clips sure put up a good fight last night sans CP3. If they hadn't made that trade, they would've finished this season below .500.

They did talk about the sixers in the previous 5 on 5 as a surprise team AND least likely to maintain it (though not everyone felt iwas the sixers)

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 22:08

Hard to tell. In any case, now they have the best point guard in the league and they're a marginal contender.

Of course, the real reason the Hawks and Blazers, Mavs and Clippers were in that 5-on-5 is that they're all on ESPN tonight.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 18 at 22:26

Oh and keep in mind that before the trade they would have had Eric Gordon.

Would they? That guy misses so many games.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 23:45

True. Anyway, we solved the mystery of the 5-on-5.

Someone please look at this.

Change the sort from per game to totals, and look at Turner's conversion rate at the rim.

mopey reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 16:32



I almost think that has to be a mistake. Unreal. 26 attempts isn't bad for the number of minutes he's played, either. Iguodala has 34 attempts, Jrue has 39.

Check out synergy but it seems right to me - he's really good when he gets near the rim :)

Yeah actually i've seen this stat before but didn't want to overreact because i think it's still a small sample size even though 26 attempts is not that little...

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