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Is Denver actually getting more press than us? I haven't seen a lot of "Lawson's breakout year" stories, or "Gallo becomes more than a shooter" stories, though they'd both be warranted. We've gotten a fair amount of national coverage.

The Sixers have gotten a lot of "surprising team" coverage but almost no "this is a must follow team on a nightly basis" coverage.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 18 at 17:39

If you weren't a Sixers fan, would you see this as a must-follow team? I'd say Jrue's one of a half dozen young point guards who are worth following, and he's not the must-follow that Rubio is. Thad's always entertaining, and Iguodala's playing really great basketball. But no one seriously believes this is a great offensive team, whereas Denver can really keep this up. Perhaps to connoisseurs of perimeter defense we're a must-follow. I'd say in terms of interest, we stack up behind the Heat, Thunder, Clippers, Wolves, Bulls, Lakers, Blazers, and maybe Denver. Then us.

Any team that is winning and winning big and often should be a must-follow team. Right now the Sixers have the third best record in the league. That's a must follow team in my book. Defense and offense are equally important. It doesn't matter what you are great at.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 18 at 17:48

I think a must-follow team is one that's fun to watch. There's no imperative to watch a great but boring team play the Pistons. All you'll see is a methodical blowout. There is an imperative to watch Griffin or Rubio or the Miami offense as much as you can, because at any moment they could do something spectacular.

I agree that the 6ers aren't must watch basketball and are probably around the middle of the pack there. In and of themselves, no, they're not a huge draw. But if they sustain a top five defense and top 10-15 offense, then it will be must watch basketball for fans of the opposing team. There's nothing quite as invigorating as beating a good Philly team.

Gallo has always been more than just a shooter even if that's all D'Antoni had him do.

I agree. Gallinari has been a very good player for a while now, it's just very few people seem to notice.

Tray reply to Cin on Jan 18 at 17:32

His non-shooting game has improved a great deal, though.

The Sixers are finally entering a difficult part of the schedule. This is the time to show what they are made off. The Nuggets are a pretty good team, that is going to cause major problems. I've had a bad feeling about this game earlier but as time goes on i get more and more optimistic so i will predict a win.

The one thing i hope to see in this game is Jrue outplaying Lawson badly, which should silence all of the guys that preferred him in the draft (and still do) for good.

I don't think it will silence them. There's always going to be contention over who's the best point of the '09 draft class... and second, and third, and so forth. To your satisfaction however, Jrue's size, strength, and D should give him the edge over Lawson in most conversations about them and meetings between then.

Nor should it - if you make conclusions based on one basketball game - that's your problem - not theirs

Turtle Bay reply to Xsago on Jan 18 at 17:37

I think it will be interesting to see how much each player gets paid in their next contract. Although many people think Lawson is a better player than Jrue (I don't), I also think that Jrue will command a bigger contract due to his youth.

Tray reply to Turtle Bay on Jan 18 at 17:46

Lawson's an extremely efficient, low turnover guard, a career 39.3% three-point shooter, and a good but not great passer. I think he's quite a lot better on the offensive end. Only argument for Jrue right now is that his defense is so much better that it exceeds the gap between them on offense.

Turtle Bay reply to Tray on Jan 18 at 18:17

Don't really get your point here. Yes, if it were a meritocracy, you could look at Lawson's offense vs. Jrue's defense to determine how much each gets paid. That is not the reality of the situation and perception of these players probably has more to do with their contracts than the numbers. My interest lies in the perception of each guy by GMs and how much they'd be willing to pay to sign either. Although Lawson has been great on the offensive end, Jrue may be more valuable in the eyes of GMs because he has more potential (youth) and that perception will lead to his commanding a larger contract.

@tmoorepburbs #Sixers Collins: Hawes will 'probably not' play tonight. Vucevic to start

Sigh, feel more comfortable with my nuggets +6 thing now

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Jan 18 at 18:04

as long as that means you think the sixers are winning by 5 :)

Rudy Fernandez is out as well. That gives them just Miller and Brewer behind Lawson, Afflalo, and Gallinari, although they are fairly rested. Still, solid D but little-to-no shooting from their perimeter depth.

No Hawes makes me really nervous. He's somewhat important to our half court offense and grabbed 10+ boards when healthy. We're thin even with him.

Good to see Turner making a ridiculously high percentage of shots at the rim. Collins should show him that and tell him to keep freaking getting there.

I don't think it's fair to call a 16-23 foot shot a bad shot. I don't know where you look at your data or how it is sorted but 16 feet is a GREAT shot for Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday. If you could trim the data and look at shots that were maybe 19-22 feet, I might consider those bad shots for alot of players. But there are alot of instances where a 16-18 foot stop and pull up jumper is a better shot than a wild, off balance 8-12 foot shot is.

Not attempting to discount your data because generally I agree. And of the 154 23+ shots, how many has Turner taken? It can't be more than 10.

Rich reply to DShaner6 on Jan 18 at 18:24

You are right of course, not all long twos are created equal. Like an Iguodala step-back is much worse than a controlled Jrue 16 footer on the wing. It's just the best we gave to go by with the stats, and generally shooting further takes the percentages down. Some players are different, but it's all we have:


This year, Turner has been markedly better the closer he gets. Smallish sample size, but it's not a bad thing for him to get to the rim. This year, Jrue has made 50 % of his long twos, a really good number, but is it sustainable? I think even though his long twos have been better than the in between stuff, he's pretty much always going to shoot a higher percentage at the rim, which he's doing this year.

no Mosgov(back strain) for the nuggets, koufos to start

The beneficent injury bug strikes again. Unrelated: If K-Love doesn't accept the Wolves' offer and then signs his QO to become ans RFA, all the while the Sixers strike out on D12, do you then just let Brand expire or instead force a big, if somewhat overpaid, signing (say, 4y/$50M for JaVale "Off The Backboard" McGee)?

I still am baffled by how easily the Sixers got rid of Speights being this thin up front. Makes me furious watching Mo tear it up in Memphis. he's better than battie and at this point he's better than vuc.

He can't play within the team concept and this early season success is based 99% on scheme and 1% on DC optimally using his players individual strengths within it. Let him jack it up in Memphis for all I care.

not defensively - not team wise - he's not better than either of them - he's better at shooting every time he has the ball - yes

Stan reply to MikeW on Jan 18 at 18:43

I would only cut Brand if Howard agreed to sign here. Otherwise there's no point in cutting him. You also have to extend Jrue Holiday in 2013.

Stan reply to Stan on Jan 18 at 18:44

Meant as a reply to Cin.

Haha speezy was a good spare tire but his efficiency had no part in the way this team is run by collins. He didn't fit just like Dalembert and green and smith leaving helped shape the team we have now....Tony battie is the future

Johnnylaptop on Jan 18 at 18:50

Defense, defense, defense, take care of the ball. Need a big game from Brand tonight, Meeks getting hot from the three would be huge. Voose getting his first start, long live the Voose.

I thought Collins hated Voose and was stunting his development by not playing him :)

Someone asked about Love. If he signs his QO, and you strike out on Dwight Howard, quickly move your eggs to his basket. That would be my plan. I wouldn't overpay for McGee.

Yeah, probably ownership talked to him, he doesn't really want to start Voose, he's just doing what he's told

Alright. I've been looking forward to this game all day. Just please don't screw me w/ a bad feed on LP, Time Warner.

While I think the percentage will come down a little bit, I'm glad to see that Turner has been so effective near the basket. I had hoped he would considering what he did his last year at OSU:


eFG% of 79% on "inside shots"

In comparison - John Wall, Wes Johnson, and Paul George were all in the 58% - 65% range.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:03

Can't believe DC trusts Vuc that much to man up w/ Nene, seems he would have went with Battie. Maybe he's saving him for the Birdman's springy self.

Who's starting at the five for them? Or are they starting small w/ Harrington at the four?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 19:05

don't know, just assumed Nene would be manning the 5

koufos(i forget his 1st name)

I guess EB will be on Nene?!

Yeah, makes sense. I'm fine w/ that, on both ends actually. Nene will probably get his efficient 15-20pts, that's not going to beat you. Just don't let them hit a bunch of threes or get into the lane w/ their dribble.

I'm really going to laugh if the Suns beat the Knicks at MSG.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:07

Man, I want this game sooo bad cause I feel they will take of ATL Friday, and just in case they slip up @ MIA on Saturday it's be good to have this one in the bag.


Does that seem right or switch Brand and Voose?

I think that's probably right. DEN might put Koufos on Brand on the other end. A lot of teams use their longer big on him.

The second unit matchups are what's kind of worrying me. I don't want to see Lou on either of their PGs.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 19:09

But, I would like to see Miller on Lou though.

I hope it's a late-arriving crowd tonight.

How dumb are the guys who signed to play in China, btw?

And we're off. The Voose loses the tip.

Lawson bricks a three on the first possession. EB called for loose ball foul, though.

Good D on the first pick-and-roll. Voose comes over to break up Nene's attempt.

Koufos w/ an o-boarrd putback, though. Ugh.

cough cough :)

Lawson turnover. Jodie fellates a bunny.

Another turnover for DEN. Come on.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:13

Damn Jodie! good hands and then you blew it, didn't need to use your off hand there either.

Fuckin Meeks


Is anyone guarding Jrue? Doesn't look like it.

Hate that step-in long two, though.

Atta boy, Voose!

Voose playing great so far!

Voose w/ the left. Nice.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:16

Vuc w/ the left! LEt's go

David Stern in the house tonight.

Another turnover for Lawson.

Three TOs on Denver already, I like it

Uh, EB is hot. Keep feeding him.

10-0 run, timeout Denver.

Clearly Hawes was the cause of the slow starts.

Best start of the season for the Sixers

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:18

EB hot early. Good, good start. Them boys got some jet lag.

Offense looks great so far. Is this going to be one of those games EB has 10 and 4 after the first and finishes with 13 and 6?

30 and 15 for EB tonight :)

Voose looks great. Then again he's playing against Kosta Doofus.

I really like what I'm seeing from Holiday though. Really controlling the pace of the game and playing great defense.

Nice mf'in start. Solid defense being played so far.

Keep abusing Koufos on both ends on the floor.

Looks like a lot of stuff is going to drop for Jrue tonight.

Keep shooting jumpshots Nene

They're sending an immediate double whenever Nene touches w/ Voose on him, and they're sending Jrue.

It's bad when Gallo outmuscles you for a board, Voose.

Nice play by Lawson.

I am starting to cringe whenever Meeks shoots

Everytime Jodie misses an open shot I scream "If he isnt making that get him the ^$#&^% off the court"

Ugh, Jrue w/ three nice moves there, and zero points. Lawson scores, Jrue comes right back at him and gets fouled.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:23

Damn, Jrue shook Ty w/ the spin, but bricked it.

Ty shakes Jrue w/ a shimmy fake dribble.

Jrue is a very smart player. He knows when to attack and when to dish.

Thad long deuce drops. Not sure if that's good.


And AI9 to Thad for the slam. Awesome.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:24

Thad looking frisky early.

Bad travelling call Ref

thats not a travel

Don't think Doug should've pulled Jrue and EB in this quarter. They were both hot, don't fuck with that. Miller is having his way w/ Lou early.

Dwight reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 19:41

God Andre Miller is so fucking good. Honestly one of the smartest players I've ever seen.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:26

Wish Dre wouldn't be so quick to fall in love w/ those pullups

Two on Voose. Get ready Battie.

Turner can miss 24 consecutive layups and still be shooting 50% at the rim.

Ugh, Meeks back in. Not a big fan of that move.

Aaaand, he hits an immediate three.

meeks 3

Jodie the only starter on the court... SPLASH

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:29

Good drive and kick Lou. Meeks!

Don't leave Harrington.

I totally forgot about Al Harrington

Fucking Violet Palmer. Garbage.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:31

ET got all ball there. Not a foul Violet Palmer

Lou long two drops.

Turner vs Miller

Turner should really blow by Miller.

Thad hits another J.

Is the bad shooting by the nuggets good defense or they're just missing good looks?

thad hits long 2 not sure if thats good

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:33

Thad w/ the step back J. And then a steal!

Lou 3!

Great job by ET drawing the defense and finding the shooter.

The crowd is loud tonight

Wow, that was a fucking sick move by Turner.

I think andre miller cuts his own hair

Looks to much like Richard Pryor for me. LOL

Ryan F reply to sooner on Jan 18 at 19:36

...and sleeps all the way up until tip off.

we're better than them. cool.

PHI 28, DEN 19 after 1.

19 points for the vaunted Nuggets Oh-fence in the first. I like it, give me three more like that.

Pretty good first quarter. We settled for jumpers a little bit too much but made them. Hopefully Doug gets on the guys about getting to the cup.

Iguodala sucks - no points

Didn't love the Night Shift's shots. A couple of Thad fadeaways. I hope Turner isn't still hurt, there's no reason he should be initiating so far from the hoop. I'd hope that behind the back move will wake him up.

The shots were falling and the D was great!

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:37

Good ball movement there. Nice feed down Lou to Thad.

Great play to start the quarter, Thad with a man's dunk.

Thad one handed board, then goes right up w/ the same hand!

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:38

Thad o-board putback one handed!

Turner is soooo much better when he is looking to score

Turner misses his first shot at the rim :(

Gets his own board and hits the next one :)

Bad charge call Ref

Damn, Turner missed at the rim. Got it back though.

If Lou is on Lawson, shit is about to get ugly

Turner goes right to the blocks w/ Lawson on him, rims out.

Damn Battie! Hell of a hack

This zone hasn't slowed them down much. Odd he took Meeks out when they went to the zone.

Not to me. Meeks isn't hitting his shot consistant enough. Good ball movement is just as efective versus the zone.

Phil reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 19:42

D first. Doug wants to keep Gallo a non factor and brings back Dre.

ok time for jrue to come back in


eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:41

Our energy level is as good as you can ask for. Thad's straight beasting all over the floor.

I have no idea where that one-handed thing came from, but that was awesome

Well - there was that iguodala put back dunk a few games ago - maybe thad was jealous :)


eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:44

Jrue 3!

jrue is on tonight

Maybe he reads this blog and would like to tell all lawson lovers to cram it

Give Lawson those long twos all night.

Come on, Lou.

Where is Voose?

In foul trouble

Gotta move the ball against the zone.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:46

ugh, Thad, still don't have good enough touch around the rim

Get Lou out for Turner. That Jrue three needed to drop, ugh.

sooner reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 19:49

and if andre miller is on him again he needs to be agressive going to the basket

Sloppy sloppy last few minutes of play. Pick it up

Iguodala should be looking to score in transition tonight. He could run the Nuggets out of the gym all by himself.

Johnnylaptop reply to KellyDad on Jan 18 at 19:50

Iggy is 0 for 3 tonight

Why the fuck is Jodie back in??

sooner reply to MCT on Jan 18 at 19:51

seriously i don't get it. but now that i've said that he's going to drop 4 3's in a row

MCT reply to sooner on Jan 18 at 19:52

Miller schooled him on that last play.

Let's go, don't let this become a game by the half.

Jrue to EB on the blocks, good.

Not enough attacking the basket.

Ugh, they need Turner in there for defense.

Eat it, Afflalo.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:52

More of that Dre please. Attack, attack.

3 on voose

Small lineup. Push this back to 10 for half.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:53

Don't like that early pull up Jrue.

Come on, Jrue. Go to the hoop.

hate that shot jrue

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:54

F me! 2nd Miller 3 ughugh ugh

Fucking Miller hits two god damned threes. You've got to be kidding me. Collins better lose it here.

Okay, he's making shots. Fucking cover him.

You gotta love Dre Miller

Andre Miller is too damn good

not at shooting threes he isn't - for his career he sucks at it

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Jan 18 at 19:57

pretty sure leaving andre miller to help out inside was part of the gameplan

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:55

16-4 run for Nugs I think. That just negated our big run early.

i like wayne simmonds but he was wearing a blue jays hat

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:57

Dammit. Lou.

There goes the lead. Pretty pass by Miller.

So 2 ft's to 10 - that isn't right

Until that shot, Nene and Lawson were a combined 2-11.

Thad is hitting.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 19:58

Miller has taken this game over nearly all by himself. One year contract offer my ass, he says. heh

Miller is absolutely destroying us

So he puts Lou in, to what, cover Miller? Don't understand Doug tonight.

Come on, get to the hole.

I fucking hate the see-saw.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:00

Dre too easily settling for those elbow-extended J's.

get in the lane and get to the line what the fuck

We've had a shit ton of possessions with only one guy touching it. And Miller obviously flopped. As soon as he got the whistle he popped up.

nice flop miller

Just because you have a chance to get 2 for 1 doesnt mean its okay to take a retarded floater.

time for the god damn lou show

Two FTs in a half is not going to cut it.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:02

That EB elbow connected on Miller on replay.

Just an absolutely pathetic second quarter.

Those calls are getting ridiculous.

I have no idea how Miller was not called for a foul when he repeatedly hacked Brand before Brand got called for clearing out.

Phil reply to chadlidge on Jan 18 at 20:06

And lots of no calls on the other end: Thad got hacked twice under the rim, Battie got pushed out of bounds by the Birdman, ...

He puts in Meeks, and then we lose the fucking rebound over Jodie's stretched hands. Great call Doug.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:03

Nearly everything they got in that last 3 min was right at the rim wasn't it?

That's fucking great, he goes small on the FT, they get the o-board, then you have Jodie on Lawson, and of course he drives right by him. Unreal.

26-6 finish to that quarter. Get your shit together.

team stats are pretty much even except for free throws. That is not surprising

Tray reply to sooner on Jan 18 at 20:06

Maybe I'm mistaken but haven't they attacked the basket quite a bit more? When we do get to the basket, we get weakly contested layups.

Phil reply to Tray on Jan 18 at 20:08

And Gallo ripped the ball out of our hands twice. Either he has damn good hands or there was contact.

If I ran a basketball team of any level... NOONE would EVER play if they gave up a offensive board on a free throw. Just fucking unacceptable.

Can someone explain to me why Jodie played 15 fucking minutes and did nothing for us?

Tonight is a perfect example of when +/- can be meaningless. Jodie is +11 and Thad is -7.

PHI 45, DEN 51 at the half.

Pitiful quarter. Just pitiful. As good as the first was, the second was bad. They need to make some adjustments here, and Collins needs to with JTI whenever they put Lawson and Miller on the floor together. Meeks and Lou were absolutely abused in that second quarter.

Forget the refs, the Sixers need to start being aggressive. Settling for jumpers when they have mismatches, lazy defense. That second quarter was an abomination and it starts on the defensive end. Denver only had 3 turnovers.

If you want aggresive that mean Ihuodala has to sit down. Thats not his game.

No, that means he needs to take Afflalo to the blocks again.

What are the chances of him pullimg off another drop step, post up dunk? That's totally not his game. You gotta know that yourself.

Bad Lou out there. Like Brian said, they need Turner's D out there. Very impressed by Jrue tonight and Brand looks like he has his legs back.

Jrue took one really bad shot, otherwise thought he was great in the first half. He's stoning Lawson whenever he's on him, but when they went to that 2 PG look, they just went after whoever Jrue wasn't guarding. Have to see more than 6 minutes for Turner in the second half.

Bench scoring is 24-21, them.

jrue, turner, lou, dre and thad need to go to the basket relentlessly in the 2nd half. There is no one on the nuggets that can stay in front of any of those guys and the bird man can't really get up like he used to, so there isn't that much to be scared of once you're in the paint. If they do that hopefully they'll get to the line and keep the nuggets from running and gunning

What the hell happened.. had to run for groceries.. left with huge lead and come back to this crap.

Even when we were up big, all I could I think was that this team will need to make a deadline deal to compete for a high playoff seed.

So basically you're making a rash conclusion based off of pure emotion.

Zumoff is sitting so close to Malik it looks like they're spooning.

Put Iguodala on Lawson and Thad on Gallinari, Sit Meeks to start the second half

Johnnylaptop on Jan 18 at 20:18

Team needs to forget about the second quarter. Start the game over Defense, defense, defense.

Wipe that goofy smile off your face, Spencer. The team is fucking losing.

Great first possession.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:20

Ugh, way too long to get into that set. Rushed shot by Jrue at the buzzer.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:20

They start small w/ no Koufus. We go small immediately w/ Thad.

Yup, Karl started w/ Miller/Lawson.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:21

Yeah Jodie 3. D up!

Gotta get Turner on Miller

Jodie Meeks is the worst starter in the history of the NBA. HE FUCKING SUCKS

I swear jodie's shooting percentage is worse when getting a pass from jrue

Meeks three, then he gambles for a steal and it costs them. Didn't see a foul there. That's three on Jrue. Voose picked up his fourth.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:22

Lucky to get that hoop there. Dre missed Thad cutting early on that break.

Iguodala passes up another transition bucket

OK, let's go. Let's fucking go.

why did jrue double clutch there just shot the god damn ball

If Collins doesnt get Turner in the game for Meeks he's a moron.

Tough shot by Jrue

Jrue to the hoop w/ the leaner. I'd love to see a Sixer go to the line, just once.

Come the fuck on.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:25

Thad taking a charge.

They're struggling with penetration because Collins is letting Karl dictate the matchups, and getting Lawson w/ Meeks on him.

I am going to turn off the game for five minutes. If Jodie Meeks is still in the game when I turn it back on, I'll rip my hair out.

Also, another great slide by Thad.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:26

Come on Thad, you know you can't fadeaway to your right hand. sheesh

Thad is holding the ball too much

haha brand looked like he wasn't 45 years old there

Old man moves!

Off arm on Nene, no?

Phil reply to Brian on Jan 18 at 20:31

that was clearly a push-off ... but well, as you said, let's not focus on that.

Offense is stagnant right now.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:28

Good pass down low from Thad to Meeks.

Nice pass, Thad. OK, get a stop now.

Get Jodie out of the fucking game, I don't care if he hit a couple shots.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:29

Wish Jrue would stop w/ the early one-on-ones.

Nene is killing us.

Thad vs Nene. I dont like that at all

jesus thad refuses to use his right hand to finish

Man, their offense has just completely gone in the shitter. Defense actually hasn't been bad this quarter.

Looks like Collins/Thorn trading away a backup big man for nothing and not replacing him has come back to haunt them. Shocker.

4 on nene

4 on Nene.

Meeks getting major burn. WHY?

Coach's Pet. He probably went into Collins' office again to kiss his @$$

MCT reply to KellyDad on Jan 18 at 20:34

Wish I could tell you.

Nice play, Thad.

But, they're free.


please put turner in soon

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:33

F me! another Miller J. ugh

Im starting to get frustrated with Collins decisions tonight

I haven't seen someone dominate a game like Andre Miller is dominating this one.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:34

We've committed a little too early to show/hedge/trap on these P&R's that they're just slipping them. Nene a couple times and that time Danilo

Turner in for Thad, huh?

the screener needs to dive to the basket once their defender commits to hedging. The nuggets are helping way too early on screens make them pay for that

Is it me or is Meeks looking kinda buff?

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:35

ANother tough shot by Jrue. contested, ugh

Gotta get this under control here. Hit these freebies, AI9.

CMon Lou, spark us

Lazy close out on Harrington by Iguodala

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:37

There you go Lou. Go to the rack. Get to the line.

Not the game we needed so far from iggy

The Nuggets are a very good team

well done evan

What the hell was Lou doing on that board? He just stood there and watched Denver get it.

Pretty move by Turner in transition. Hit the freebie.

Turner being aggresive!! Big bucket

Good strong take ET. He is ALWAYS under control.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:38

ET! Coast to coast. Make this and-one plz.

thats why turner needed to be in this game 10 min ago

I agree

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:39

Good hustle Jodie.

Doesn't Miller need some rest w/ his half old self?

8 on the shot clock when they come out of this timeout. Nothing easy, need this stop.

Sixers are playing well with Nene off the floor, but they have yet to prove they can stop the Nuggets when he is playing.

Nice call Violet.

Violet Palmer is probably the worst official in any major sport.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:42

Yeah Lou. To the line again. Make em count

OK, hit 'em, Lou.

Really good D by Turner on Miller. Not sure why it's taken 34 minutes to figure out he's the guy you need on Miller when they go w/ 2 PGs.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:43

Damn, Harrington 3. ugh

Had it at 2, they hit back-to-back threes. Pitiful.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:44

Dammit ET! too much one on one

ugh Brewer 3 sheesh

Awful shot Turner. Three at the other end, fuck

5 on birdman

get jodie out put jrue or thad in

Jodie played that whole quarter right? And no one else did? Unbelievable. Coach's Pet to the Max!

C'mon close out this half

They're free.

Iguodala on Lawson. Turner with the bucket

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:45

Good job Evan! If they're gonna give you an opening like that TAKE IT!

Atta boy, Turner. That was wide open.

looked like evan almost losing the ball there helped him make that bucket

Turner playing well. Good job to tie up Brewer.

Damnit, Jodie, where were you?

that was all battie's slow lazy asses fault


eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:47

Damn Battie, go after the damn jump ball

Afflalo 3 w/ shot clock ready to expire. .1 sec left FUCK

PHI 72, DEN 78 after three.

Tie quarter. Not gonna cut it.

only down 6, get some stops and run an offense

this game is just ugly.

FreeMattCord on Jan 18 at 20:48

Is it me or did they not start the shot clock in time after the jump ball? There was 8 on the shot clock, 28 on the game clock, and the jumper was made with 18 seconds left. Should have been a shot clock violation, right?

FreeMattCord reply to FreeMattCord on Jan 18 at 20:52

I dont have a DVR so I cant confirm this, but the shot clock on the television scoreboard definitely did not start in time

I didn't notice.

South Broad reply to FreeMattCord on Jan 18 at 21:53

The shot clock and game clock both started on time. Brewer released the ball with around 3 seconds on the shot clock and it went through the basket with 18.2 left on the game clock. It was good all the way.

South Broad reply to FreeMattCord on Jan 18 at 21:56

Correction, it shouldn't have counted. Shot clock did not start on time. Shot clock did not start until 24.5 seconds were showing on game clock. Almost 4 seconds elapsed of game time before shot clock was activated again. Sorry about the first post.

FreeMattCord reply to South Broad on Jan 18 at 21:59

Knew it. Fuck that. It's not like the 3 points they scored after that would have helped right! Hey Coach, thanks for keeping your eye on the clock!

South Broad reply to FreeMattCord on Jan 18 at 22:09

What kind of home cooking is that? One of the coaches or one of the refs should have seen that. Wonder if that's reviewable like between quarters or something? If that doesn't count it doesn't even matter if AI9 choked on that free throw at end of regulation.

Time for Iguodala to Lawsin the whole 4th quarter

if jodie and battie play under 3 min in this quarter each I think the sixers will win this game


sooner reply to stoned81 on Jan 18 at 20:50

and look who's starting the quarter

Offense started to look better at the end of the third but the defense and effort was fucking pitiful. Not rotating to shooters on D and not coming up with any loose balls. Don't have a good feeling at all about this one.

Is Jodie still in there? Yup.

Does Jodie have pics of Doug in compromised positions? Maybe that's what the meeting in his office was about.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:51

We got to the line 12 times that quarter. More of that. Oh, and make em.

Come on, Lou.

no more birdman

Get Nene his fifth.

Take it to Nene! 4 fouls on him

Great move by Turner, make the 10 footer.

Turner has to made these open shots

thad got fouled there

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:53

Good steal ET. Thad blows another close one. They convert on other end. damn damn damn

Lawson vs Lou is a bad matchup

got the right squad in there. now here comes the sixers run

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:54

Man, not for nothing, but wish we had a guy to throw it to in the post.

Dre w/ another fadeaway. He's patented it.

Iguodala putting on a clinic of what shots not to take.

This game is over, bad shot after bad shot. Fuck

Just nothing but long jumpers. Sixers look like the tired team tonight. Except Turner.

lets go!!!!!!!

evan seems to be the only one that is getting it right now

smh at Jodie's 30 minutes and Turner's 15 minutes at this point in the game

Turner is gonna keep shooting. I like it. Just make'em count

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:56

Make this free throw please Evan.

Still too much one on one from our guys. Early long jumpshots in the clock too.

Our offense is fucking embarrassing right now. Turner is the only one who is getting good shots. And our defense is pathetic.

Johnnylaptop on Jan 18 at 20:58

Iggy and Lou are a combined 3 for 16 on the night.

OK, D up now.

great d from jrue there

That's how you defend, Jrue. Fucking sick.

Playing the exact offense our D tries to force: long 2's.

Making a run

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 20:59

Turnover! Layup. come on D the F up!

there you go!!!!!!


fucking right. play good d and see what happens

Meeks finally gets benched, Sixers go on a tear. Sorry but that's not a coincidence.

Iguodala with back to back plays. One lucky assist, one perfect transition dunk!!

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 21:00

Heck of an effort by EB there to keep after that loose ball.

Dre dunk! The crowd is pumped! So are we .....!!!!!!!!!!

in a moment, everything can change.

Great work by Elton on that steal and finish. When was the last time he got to do that?

That's probably the loudest I've heard the crowd in a non-playoff game in years. Come on, keep the pressure on. This is the lineup that can stone them.

Bet Miller comes in here.

this is the squad that needs to be in at the end of games. They will win just by d'ing up


Welcome to the game #9

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 21:03

Andre putback! got the lead. stops please

Iguodala on Miller, Turner on Afflalo. Great move.

Come on, let's go!

@tmoorepburbs #Sixers attendance is 15,201.

jrue needs to take control on offense now

Funk yeah

Jrue and Turner played GREAT D tonite!

Lawson long two, clank!

Turner looking to score

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 21:04

L'il lift on that shot EB? little elbow extension no?

Yeah, Turner!!!!!!!

evan with the killer instinct

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 21:05

Sweet ET! 13-0 run now. D up!

Sixers_fan92 on Jan 18 at 21:05

Fucking walk man

Come on, that was a fucking walk. You knew Miller was going to eventually end the run.

Iggy on Miller, love it. Jrue has to man up.

Let's go, get the lead right back.

perfect pass by turner

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 21:06

Use the glass ET. ugh

Three great shots in a row don't fall. And EB in transition! Great find by Turner. Let's go.

Do not make a sub here, Doug. Don't even think about it.

Let's go!!!

Too many open looks missed, but I like the effort

Turner's crossover and finish was awesome. Love the crowd reaction.

Hit 'em both, Turner.

That was a great move to go baseline, Evan. No one expected that! :)

Yeah, best perimeter defender in the league, folks.

fuck me, miller for 3

AI9 finally hits one!

hate the shot love the result iggy

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 21:11

No EFFING way. Nother miller 3? SHIT

I'm speechless. COme on, close this shit out!!!!!!

ETs best game as a sixer even if slightly inefficient. Terrific effort

iggy should have known better bad foul

Bail out call there for Miller - bullshit

Gallo touched that ball out of bounds. FUCK. God damn you, Andre Miller.

eddies' heady's on Jan 18 at 21:13

Andre finally makes a J.

ET off the nice feed from Jrue.

SLow it down Jrue here.

thad and brand should not have tried to put the ball back up on those offensive boards kick it and burn more clock

Andre Miller. Every single game he amazes me.

Fuck if this didn't turn into a game.

Why? Why run that?