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What do you think it means (if anything) about new ownerships ideas that Speights is gone, Hawes is gimpy, and they have made no move to strengthen their big men supply?

I'm fine with a vet min or 10 day contract guy - and he doesn't have to be 'better' than tony batte - but the big man defense IS tony battie - the roster lacks depth is all :)

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We all know that beating the teams you should is what good teams find ways of doing, but recently John Hollinger at ESPN said this of the Sixers: they're not just beating teams they should, they're blowing them out of the water... a very good indicator of quality ball and greater potential to close out close games against quality squads.

The loss to Denver was a major letdown... one we have to move on from. But how do we take the next step?

Win the next game, that is the next step...beat the hawks, don't give up against the heat, and put the denver loss behind you, cause that's what good teams do, they play one game at a time and they don't look ahead or behind...all that matters is the next game

I've been following this blog for awhile now and really appreciate the hard work Brian and everyone else does to make this, in my opinion, the best Sixers site out there. Keep up the great work guys.

A few questions for you....

Do you think there is anyway Doug would consider bringing in someone to help with the offense? I don't think it's ridiculous at all to think that in the NBA a head coach could have an offensive and defensive coordinator like they do in the NFL. Michael Curry already runs the defense. I love Doug but he just isn't creative enough and doesn't always seem to recognize the mismatches out there. With someone else worrying about the Xs and Os on offense, Doug can fully concentrate on doing what he does best. Hows that commercial go?..."I love to be in the gym, I love to teach..." He's a great players coach and someone that can really help his young players understand and execute a new and better offense. Plus, I always hear how Doug is gonna "burn out" so wouldn't this help with that as well? I realize this probably won't happen but just wanted to hear what you guys thought about it.

My next question is about Iggy. What do you think will/should happen in the future with him? I can't see him coming back after the 13/14 season and I doubt we could get back anything decent in a trade. Is it just assumed he's going to play out his contract and then walk?

Last thing I want to know is if there are any logical reasons at all as to why Thorn hasn't brought in a lively big body to give this team some minutes. It's a glaring weakness that anyone can recognize...why can't he?

Well your question number three dovetails with mine nicely - maybe thorn has been told he cant' spend ANY more money?

Remember, Thorn answers to someone.

Dwight reply to DonH on Jan 19 at 19:20

Maybe Doug can bring back Phil Jackson as an assistant and have him run the triangle offense. Just for old times sake.

I feel like LibertyBallers/SBN Philly/DraftExpress/NBAPlaybook were slighted by not being included....

(and...that's why I get no sleep).

Eh...that was more about thanking this site than slighting the other ones. You do great work as well Derek.

Was only joking.

Lebrons flu not debilitating, he's playing tonigh

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it is :)

jkay reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 21:02

it's funny how the media plays out these things.
It reminds me of Curt Shilling's bloody sock (btw that's in the Sports Memorabilia Museum or whatzitsname) and Paul Pierce being carted off in the 2008 Finals.
Brings a wide grin to my face.

That was supposed to be in reply to Derek's comment regarding no sleep - sometimes when i 'sign in' it puts the comment somewhere other than where i intended (and sometimes the sign in javascript works and other times i have to go to the signin window)

Oh, nah. I just meant that I've over-reached the amount of basketball stuff I can fit into my schedule, considering my "day job" isn't exactly a low time commitment as is.

I guess I should get these "hobbies" in while I have no kids.

I was just giving you a hard time - i know exactly how it is - hell i couldn't even get that 'prediction' thing launched in time cause sometimes even with jquery javascript messes with you :)

I figured you meant something like that, finding balance in life sucks :)

PS Derek you ever try to parse out play by play information - or happen upon a script that did it?

I've pretty much abandoned my basketball coding projects right now.

I'd ask the hoopdata guys, although they may be reluctant to help given that's the entire concept of their site.

Oh yeah, they're reluctant to help (and the nbpa web site doesn't answer email requests for a copy of the CBA either :)

I'm trying to focus on basketball coding, in the database php realm - so if you have an idea you might want to pass on - let me know :)

Spencer for hire on Jan 19 at 19:37

Brian and Derek, is it Dwight or nothing this offseason, in your opinion. It seems like Doug and Thorn are happy with the Elton/Thad p.f. combo and as Gosixers has stated, the new owners haven't proven yet a willingness to pay a guy 12 to 15 million, if Elton gets amnestied and resigned, to play for another team.

May have misread the question, but if you amnesty Brand, you likely won't get the opportunity to resign him.

Spencer for hire reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 19 at 19:44

Resigned by another team. It seems Elton has earned a lot of respect in our front office and coaching staff.

Gotcha. I misread.

WEll, it's not even 12 to 15 million they haven't shown a willingness to pay. I mean, there's no 10 day contract, there's no vetereans minimum, there's nothing done to replace Speights, even BEFORE hawes started getting gimpy, with Hawes being incomplete, the need for big men depth is vital and they've done nothing - not spent an extra dollar.

But they really improved the 'fan experience' haven't they?

I bet they're responsible for the god damn volume on the broadcasts to make the crowd sound louder

Spencer for hire reply to Spencer for hire on Jan 19 at 19:42

And is Asik worth a Gortat level contract in your opinion this summer to pry him from the Bulls.

Isn't he a restricted free agent?

Spencer for hire reply to GoSixers on Jan 19 at 19:47

Yes he is but I think the Rose extention may prevent the bulls from keeping him. He seems like a better and possibly less expensive option than Hawes.

The Rose extension only prevents the bulls from keeping him if they go cheap - a championship team in chicago makes a LOT of money

And they didn't amnesty anyone - they could just amnesty boozer who seems out of place in the thibodeau system

Discuss the meaning of this hot start, given that it's been built, in my view, on a hot offense when we historically aren't a good offensive team, and particularly has been built on unsustainably hot shooting from Iguodala and Lou, along with unsustainably strong play from Hawes, rather than much if any improvement on the part of Jrue or Turner.

You really don't think either of them have improved?

Statistically, Jrue is pretty much where he was last season, with a little more scoring a little less distributing on the offensive end. On defense, Jrue has improved dramatically. Turner has improved on the offensive end over last year, pretty much across the board.

It's a legit point, Lou, Iguodala and Hawes are all going to come down somewhat. The question is whether Jrue and Turner can improve some more and whether Brand will at least approach his production from last season. Things could wind up evening out if it breaks the right way.

OK, so I went back over that Iguodala play w/ 1:07 left, and it was definitely called for him, but I don't think it was supposed to be the isolation it turned into.

- They ran the Brand screen to get the ball in to Iguodala near half court.
- Iguodala caught the ball and held it to let a little time run off the clock. Brand was at the near elbow, everyone else was on the weak side of the floor (turner in the corner, thad on the opposite low block, Jrue elbow extended, beyond the three-point line).
- Then Brand went over to set a screen on Lawson. The screen was half-assed, did nothing. Jrue cut across the floor and tried to set a screen on Afflalo. The screen was half-assed, didn't accomplish anything.
- Iguodala drove to the middle of the floor, Afflalo was pretty much with him. Brand was covered on the weak-side elbow. Jrue was covered at the three-point line. Iguodala pulled up for the jumper.

There were three options/objectives here. The first was Brand's first screen would open Jrue for a jumper at the foul line, something like that. A good screen may have made Denver switch, creating two mismatches. Then when Jrue went to pick Afflalo, the hope was the screen would cause either (a) a switch, giving Iguodala a huge advantage over Lawson or (b) a double team on Iguodala, leaving Jrue wide-open for the three.

Obviously, none of this materialized and Iguodala took the jumper. Better execution, and maybe you get the Jrue three, or the Brand elbow jumper, or Iguodala driving against Lawson, but the picks were really half-assed, and Iguodala didn't exact lead his man into Jrue's pick. The play looked pretty doomed right from the jump, so much so that I didn't even realize there was a play until I went back and re-watched it.

Anyone else a Goran Dragic fan? UFA this offseason.

So we now know that kellydads first name is cory?

Heh. I was thinking the same thing, but he wasn't boisterous enough.

Well no - cause it's closer to real life - not the internet (and yes - i'm as opinionated and forceful about it in real life as I am online for those who think i'm not)

TNT lucked out w/ this one, huh?

Brian - you'll love this

at half time - kevin martin had 27 points - 10-14FG Shooting

So in the second half he had 5 points, shot 2 for 13

And only had 3 FT attempts

Sharone Wright on Jan 20 at 8:54

test my pic. sry.


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