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Stop The Streak At One

Looking at the projected starting lineups, how can Collins possibly keep Meeks as the starting shooting guard? Can't he just use the "it's just not a Meeks game" like he used for not playing Vucevic versus milwaukee? Meeks is going to be a big liability on defence and a big question mark on offence.

I agree. But then Meeks would go to Collins' office after the game, whine about his minutes, and beg for plays to be run for him like a junior varsity coach's pet.

Doug Collins can use the Thad/Brand lineup often but i don't think it's wise to start Thad at this moment. I'd start Vucevic and go to Thad later on. Thad's best attribute this season is the tremendous amount of energy he brings when he comes in and i think that energy will be crucial against the Atlanta bench which is sneaky good.

Josh Smith would be reasonably efficient if he weren't shooting 48% from the foul line.

Wow, Lou Williams gathers the players for a players only meeting after only one loss and an OT one at that and drops this terrific quote

"We lost one, we consider that a losing streak in our building"

Gotta say he does surprise me with his leadership quite often.

Another loss. Here's to hoping the upcoming 3-game losing streak (and accompanying 1-6 record against above .500 teams) forces Collins/Thorn to make the necessary changes, including but not limited to:

1) start Turner, bench Meeks
2) make Turner the closer
3) sign a big body to replace Speights

Hope I'm wrong about the losing streak and right about the changes.

Spencer for hire on Jan 20 at 8:27

I agree with Xsago, bring Thad off the bench and let him eat up their bench guys. A blow out win tonight because for whatever reason we always play the hawks well , even with Horford.

Vucevic gets his first double double against a very unathletic center combo.

I really like Turner coming off the bench. I think he really adds a spark of energy when he comes in & helps to motivate the other guys on the floor. If he starts, who else will help provide that? Lou, only if he comes in shooting hot?

will reply to will on Jan 20 at 8:36

whoops, I meant Thad.

Sharone Wright on Jan 20 at 8:45

Turner should start. I was at the Nuggets game, and he looked like bad-ass Evan Turner from the Ohio State University--not the deferring rookie from last year. He's ready for the next step. Collins is overrating the floor spacing he gets from Meeks. Start Turner!

More importantly, Turner should finish!

Sharone Wright reply to sfw on Jan 20 at 10:32

I like it, sfw!

The movie eddie is terrible and yet I love it, and when I read this article I remember that scene where eddie goes to get the players mama

Don't mess with Javale Mcgee's mama


sixers -5, O/U 184

OK, this is interesting. On Kevin Love's extension offer from Minny from Tom Ziller:

The Wolves are said to have offered nearly a four-year max -- $60 million -- which would allow Minnesota to keep its five-year max open for Ricky Rubio or Derrick Williams. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, teams can only offer a five-year early extension to one player per CBA term. The current CBA should end in 2017. Rubio and Williams will be eligible to negotiate and sign early extensions in 2014.

If they don't up that to a five-year max, Love might be tempted to just sign the QO and become an unrestricted FA in the summer of 2013. It would be a risk, and he'd be turning down a lot of money next season, but Minny really isn't offering much more than another team can offer in free agency the following summer.

It's tough to get a guy when he's an RFA if his current team wants him, so the only legit way to get Love this summer would be in a sign-and-trade, which I think it doubtful, but if he thinks they're jerking him around w/ the extension offer, there may be a chance he hits the free market the following summer.

I agree with the theory that they don't 'have' to win, and it's not the end of the world if they don't win, but they're most likely going to lose tomorrow night...and a win tonight prevents that from being a 3 game losing streak. It is a statement about how this team reacts to a loss, and it shows a fortitude.

(PS - as I thought might happen - the heat surpassed the sixers on the Hollinger rankings last night with their convincing win over the Lakers. Sixers are now #2, lose the next two and they could drop to #5 by monday)

I'm going to be in Manhattan during tonight's game. Does anyone know of a bar that is Sixer friendly or at least has the NBA League Pass and doesn't mind showing non-Knicks/Nets games? Preferably in the midtown area.

This list is dated, but you can probably call the places and see if they'll be showing the game (it's from NBA.com, they're supposed to have league pass and show all the games)

ESPN Zone ... 1472 Broadway / New York, NY 10036 | Ph: 212-921-3766
Park Avenue Country Club ... 381 Park Avenue South / New York, NY 10016 | Ph: 212-685-3636
Sporting Club ... 99 Hudson Street / New York, NY 10013 | Ph: 212-219-0900
No Idea ... 30 East 20th Street / New York, NY 10003 | Ph: 212-777-0100
Antarctica ... 287 Hudson Street / New York, NY 10013 | Ph: 212-352-1666
Riviera Cafe & Sports Bar ... 225 West 4th Street / New York, NY 10014 | Ph: 212-929-3250
Ship of Fools ... 1590 Second Avenue / New York, NY 10028 | Ph: 212-570-2651
Blondies ... 212 West 79th Street / New York, NY 10024 | Ph: 212-362-4360

I don't know of any Sixers bars, there are a couple of Eagles bars, so maybe call them and see. I went to this place to see an Eagles game last year: http://www.merrionnyc.com/Merrion/Merrion.html

There's also an Eagles bar called Wogies.

39 Greenwich Ave
(between Charles St & Perry St)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 229-2171

I'd call those two, see if they have the sixers on league pass.

Thanks Brian! I'll give a couple of those a try.

no hawes tonight

Yep. If this lingers they really will need to look into bringing in a warm body.

I think they have to anyway, and not just a warm body. Backs are notoriously tricky and I can see this scenario with Hawes in and out through the rest of the season.

As far as the game, I will be in attendance and i anticipate a big LouWill bounce back game against his hometown team. he generally does well against them. Big game imo

CM reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 11:49

I feel the need for SHEED!

Ugh. I don't want to see an old, out of shape guy heaving up threes and playing no defense.

I've been reading about this for a few days now and i feel i got to comment on this. What's with all the talk about needing a warm big body and the new owners being cheap?

There is absolutely zero reason to bring in a limited veteran big guy with no upside. They have 5 big men in the rotation and they need 4 on a nightly basis, 1 is an injury backup (Battie). They have no shot at a championship. They need to give their young guys as big of a role in a winning team as possible. They should win as much as they could with the current setup. I feel like almost every other premature move will hurt the team long term. Wait to see what happens with Howard (try to make something happen). Then move onto Love. And so on and so on.

And how can you judge the owners this early. There is no way anyone can make any legitimate conclusions about the owners until they own the team for at least 3-4 years.

I don't know i am not a Philly guy (nor an American for that matter) but sometimes it really feels to me like all some guys want to do is find a reason to devalue what the team is doing. The team is finally winning more often than not after a whole decade of losing (or close to losing). Enjoy it!!!

They have 5 big men in the rotation and they need 4 on a nightly basis, 1 is an injury backup (Battie).

The only way you have '5' big men is if you cound Thaddeus Young as a big man - and I don't - and neither should you- he can't defend big men.

And in case you missed it - Hawes is injured

So now you're down to Brand who is limited defensively and has to play major minutes, Voose who is a rookie and old battie

If you're comfortable with that, that's great, but don't delude yourself into thinking Thaddeus Young isa big man who can defend.

I am not deluding myself into anything i am just realistic. Whether Thad can defend big men or not is irrelevant. He has played PF almost exclusively for the past 2 years and he will continue to do so under Collins. He is a big man for this team right now.

Actually what any of our rotation guys can do is somewhat irrelevant. Most likely, no "warm body" will be better than them anyway. If he was he would have had a multi year deal by now. Those guys are free agents for a reason. And even if it is somehow magically possible to get a slightly better big guy, he would improve the record by what, 1-2 wins total? How will that make the team a championship contender? Or will it change anything about the future of the team? I think not.

It's only irrelevant if you simplify the conversation people have been having iinto saying 'another big man' and ignore what people have been saying about why.

So if you consider the inability of any of the so called 'big men' on this team to defend - then go ahead believing that thaddeus young is a bigman

Too slow for a SF and too short for a PF - so justify it the way you want - but he's not a PF and he can't defend a big man - period - the sixers HUGE achilles heel is exposed when a twat like javale mcgee has his way

But if you think getting easy good looks at will in the low post isn't a problem - sure - continue to delude yourself into thinking thaddeus young is a power forward

Than start writing posts where you want to trade Thad for a legit big and not about the bench being shallow and needing a warm body.

That's a completely different thing.

Expecting them to bring in a guy who's going to play minutes and fix their defensive problems up front at this point of the season is kind of naive. Calling them cheap for not doing the impossible is just silly. Fesenko is the only "defensive" big out there right now, and I'm not sure why he hasn't signed anywhere, but two teams have been reported as signing him, and it fell through.

They could fill the roster spot, but it's not going to be more than a warm body.

Unless something happened overnight and Thad is suddenly a three, then yes, you count him in the big man rotation. he plays 30 minutes/night at the 4.

I think it's extremely premature to call the new owners cheap. Moving Speights wasn't about money, for me at least.

I don't think anyone's arguing the Sixers should bring in a guy on a multi-year deal (well, most people aren't at least), but you could bring someone in on a veteran's minimum contract to provide some depth at the four/five. Right now, that looks like the best way to use the roster spot because Hawes is hurt.

There really aren't a lot of guys out there (I still can't figure out if Fesenko has signed with anyone) who will be an improvement over what we have, but you could just pick one up so you have someone to eat a couple minutes/game while Hawes is out.

The failure to sign a bench warmer to a 10-day, or vet's minimum contract is really only something to be construed as the new owners being cheap if you're actively looking for a reason to call them cheap, though. If they were really cheap, I don't think Thad would've gotten the deal he did.

I don't count him because the point I made that is ignored is that it's not just about a 'body' it's about a guy who can provide SOME reistance to a guy like Javale Mcgee

Can Thad Young defend Javale Mcgee? I don't care if he plays the four - he isn't a four - not defensively - hell the reason he works is cause it's a mismatch when he's on offense against most fours - but he can't defend a 'real' four - no one on this team can - not even hawes - the sixers are the low post bitches to anyone really - and that's why the magic can beat the sixers, cause no one on this team can put up the kind of fight against dwight howard that even demarcus cousins did

Not a single availble "warm body" can stop a guy like McGee. That's a pipe dream.

And you want this guy to materialize out of thin air? New ownership is cheap because they haven't shelled out to sign this fictional defensive big that's just sitting there waiting for someone to give him the full MLE? Jesus.

Any suggestions, players who could fill that role?

Not Rasheed Wallace

I've suggested Kenyon Martin. He was released from his China contract but I have no idea what his status is right now. He might have hung them up for all I know. If healthy and in shape (big ifs I know), he'd be a nice 15-20 minute 4/5 option.

Guys released from their China contracts can't play until said teams season is over - including the playoffs - most target end of february / early march - most of them were playing on good playoff bound teams.

I have always liked Alexis Ajinca. Young, tall, athletic, cheap but limited. Any interest?

I think he signed somewhere in France.

Funny stat btw.

Hawks - starting center Horford = 4:0
Sixers - starting center Hawes = 0:2

Lets change that tonight!

And not for nothing, but the Sixers lineup w/ Brand at the five and Thad at the four has been pretty damned stout defensively.

Check this out.

Tray, if you're reading, this backs up what you were saying yesterday. The Sixers are getting way too many points on the least valuable attempts. Probably not sustainable if the trend continues.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 16:47

Thanks. I listened to the show last night, thought it was very good. For whatever reason you tend to be a little more realistic on radio than on the blog.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 20 at 16:57

And notably, this piece suggests the Knicks should start to improve. Though you don't need to read this to know that - obviously Melo and Amare won't both shoot 41% from the field all year.

I think the discussions we have in the comments are very polarizing sometimes, which is good, keeps the blood flowing, but it's probably easy to draw black-and-white conclusions because you're always arguing for or against something, and rarely just talking about what you think.

...anybody here actually going down to the game tonight?

Unfortunately, no. You going?

Can't tonight but next Fri vs Charlotte might be interesting...my ticket guy pointed out last week that somehow this team managed to get Friday night home games for SEVEN STRAIGHT WEEKS through 2/17 vs Dallas, and then have five more in the last two months...if that doesn't help home attendance (plus having the Heat twice, Clippers, Mavs and Celtics for those games), maybe nothing will...

FYI for anyone interested - apparently that green man fan guy is blogging: http://matthasher.blogspot.com/

and has posted video of BIG DADDY doing his dance the other night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X13aK7WufmY&feature=player_embedded

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