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The Wizards Must Pay

Turtle Bay on Jan 23 at 3:09

Does anyone else think that Vucevic is already at least as good a defender as Hawes? I'd say he's even better, and he isn't even a quarter into his rookie season. It's really too bad he went down with the knee injury. One joy of watching the Sixers this season has been seeing how Nik performs from game to game.

Actually, i was ready to suggest that maybe he should start instead of Hawes and run the offense through Jrue more. Hopefully it's nothing that might hinder his development.

Brian I watched the Wizards-Celtics game and they are just terrible at defending drives in the paint, except occasional blocks by McGee.

I think our back court should try to be aggressive from the start, try to get to the rim and charge McGee with 2 quick fouls, then it's gonna be a totally different, easier game. Maybe put Lou in earlier than usual, just for this purpose, he did that well in the last game.

Agree that Iguodala on Young could be a good move, while I'm afraid Battie will have to start, and box out McGee, given Brand's def rebounding numbers in the last games I'm not sure he can handle the 7 footer that well.

Sixers by double digit :-)

I wonder if with both Hawes/Voose out if Brackins gets some time at the 4, or does Collins see him strictly as a perimeter player now?

Turtle Bay reply to ojr107 on Jan 23 at 10:24

He sees him strictly as a bench player

I agree that the Iguodala at the 4 lineup should see some run tonight; in fact, I think that's a lineup the Sixers should use more often when the opposition doesn't have the prototypical post threat at the power forward position. It would allow us to get more minutes for one of our better players, Turner, in a crowded wing rotation. Unfortunately, I just expect to see more minutes for the ancient one, Tony Battie. Collins hasn't seemed very willing to experiment much behind his defined rotational roles so far this season.

@preston76 Coach Collins tells media both Hawes & Vucevic are out tonite. Brand missed morning prax (gastroenteritis), is listed as game time decision

who backups young if brand doesnt play?

This is going to be interesting if Voose, Hawes and Brand are out. Battie can't play 30 minutes. We'd have to see Allen for extended time, probably Brackins as well. Maybe Noc at the 4?


the starters need to get off to a fast start, and then hope lou and turner can do enough when they rest

ojr107 reply to sixerfan1220 on Jan 23 at 11:34

I would start Iggy at the 4 today. Looks like Brackins/Allen are going to have to play.

Here's my latest from SB Nation Philly, on the week that was and the importance of the upcoming week.

So say those three guys are out, what's Doug's starting lineup?

Battie, Young, Iguodala, Meeks, Holiday. I assume that's what he'd go with.

Is that better than Young, Iguodala, Turner, Meeks, Holiday?

no but i doubt he would start young at center

Yeah, he won't, and I'm not sure he should, honestly. It's going to be a challenge for whoever is at the five to keep McGee off the o-boards, Thad's probably the worst-equipped to handle it.

I like the idea of getting JTI on the floor as much as possible because they do a lot of work on the defensive glass, and they're going to need it tonight.

eddies' heady's on Jan 23 at 11:50

What a bummer these injuries are cropping up as they go into this stretch of beatable teams. Wouldn't have minded it as much if it was next week when we play the elites.

Funny Thorn said something about signing a big man being dependent on "how does it compare to what you have". Well Rod, you've nearly got nothing left, figuratively. So if there's nothing to compare it to, only one thing left right?

First someone's going to need to wake him up. Last season, he made the Willie Green trade, then hibernated until someone nudged him and told him Lou Williams was hurt, so he broke out his 1999 Basketball Prospectus and said, "Hey, that Antonio Daniels guy is pretty good, let's sign him!" Then he went back to sleep.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 11:56

I'm trying to figure out what's worse - a prescription of Ambien, or, Baby Back Ribs from Chili's ....

Looks like Jrue has a new personal chef.

Speights would come in handy for a few games. He was a good weapon against bad teams.

Apparently, Fesenko is still available. No idea what's going on w/ that guy. There have been two reports that he signed with teams (GSW and DAL), but neither wound up signing him. Wonder if he's grossly out of shape or hurt or something. Can't be worse than Lavoy at the five, though.

I'm worried about this game. What happened in the last 3 games for Washington? They beat OKC and only lost by single digits vs. Boston and Denver.

Any chance that we see Young or Iguodala at the 5? I still don't regret the Speights trade but Thorn's lack of moves is making frustrated. Just go out and get Alexis Ajinca, Kryrlo Fesenko or some scrub from the d-league

They've played much better since the Sixers embarrassed them.

They're still really bad. They played the Celtics close but they C's lost Ray Allen for most of that one and the combination of E'Twaun Moore/Avery Bradley were running the point and very poorly at that. Although, if I ventured to guess, Bradley looks even quicker than Wall. Paul Pierce single-handedly won that utterly terrible game.

The Wiz solely play one-on-one from the outside between Wall, Young, and Crawford. Wall is almost always out of control and because of a lack of drive and dish options tends to turn the ball over quite a bit. Young probably had the best showing offensively, he's pretty smart with the ball and takes mostly gold shots, but with Allen out he could preserve all his energy for the offensive end. Crawford isn't very good at anything that I saw and hopefully Doug coaxes him to take a ton of shots which he will gladly do.

I'd say from watching the wizards here and there this season that each player on that team has a 95% of shooting once they receive the ball not a lot of passing going on

I'm sorry, this statement is obviously false because you didn't include the mandatory "It's not John Wall's fault in any way," disclaimer.

They commented during yesterdays game that Wall was trying to be more of a creator, and I think his basketball IQ is just the pits, I"m not sure about his court vision either cause he keeps passing to people who aren't there,

I'm not excusing John Walls perfromance, it's bad, but Flip Saunders is a bad coach

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Jan 23 at 16:05

I'm surprised he hasn't been fired yet, what with the Wizards not winning despite having the all-powerful John Wall at his disposal

This is a franchise that kept Rashard Lewis because he beings 'veteran leadership' to the team.

Just cause a guys been in the league a long time doesn't make him a good role model

It's too bad Anthony Randolph make just a little bit more than the Speights trade exception. He's not getting any run in Minny and would be a good use of it.

He and Speights are kind of cut from the same cloth.

I'm worried about tonight.

I'm thinking that with both centers out the Sixers just won't be able to rebound enough to win this game.

Turner is going to need to play 35 minutes and get 15 boards to win tonight.


If the wizards were better coached i'd be worried about javale mcgee establishing a career high

Per twitter:

Jorge Sierra: Free agent center Francisco Elson will fly to Philadelphia tomorrow for a workout with the Sixers, one source told HoopsHype.

I can't say I'm too excited about Elson but one big body is better than no big bodies.

I'm wondering when the first original thought will take place in our FO.

When they realize Thorn is really a zombie

Yea, I know it's just another retread. I guess he played so well for us 2 years ago when he put up a whopping 2 points and 1 rebound in 4 minutes of action.

Even though I would love the front office to find someone in the D-league or a free agent that has some potential, right now with these injury problems we need someone who can step right in and give us at least 15 minutes while not looking lost out there(ahem..Lavoy Allen). He's 7 feet and he's been in the league for a while. I'll take an extra 7 footer on the team right now, even if it is Francisco Elson.

I always get Elson mixed up with Johan Petro, another Rod Thorn fave.

Elson is a decent option for a "warm body". I'd start with a ten day contract though. No reason to limit your options this early.

Why don't we sign rasheed wallace? He's from philly and his size, post defense and toughness could really help. I read that he was trying to come back.

Because aside from being philly the rest of your post was an evaluation of some other player - not Rasheed Wallace

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