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Voose, Spence, Take the Night Off

Kevin Love, the ultimate inefficient gunner, scored 39 on 13/19 FG, 5/5 3P, 8/10 FT tonight. Unfortunately, the T-Wolves turned the ball over about 100 times in the late third/early fourth and lost going away. Rubio really seems to have come down to earth. The guy is a gifted passer, but made some really bad decisions tonight and his shooting is turning out to be worse than advertised. Derrick Williams looks kind of lost for them, as well. Seems like they're trying to make him create his shot, instead of setting him up.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 0:31

No one's ever called him the ultimate inefficient gunner; going into tonight he was probably more efficient than a league-average player. He's just not that efficient for a lead option. I don't want a power forward who's bad around the rim and relies on his three-point shot to be my lead option unless he's Dirk Nowitzki; that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

On other box scores notes, Atlanta going to 13-5 over a Bucks team that was 4-1 at home going into tonight (and just beat Miami) is a solid won. Bulls beating the Nets at home w/o MarShon Brooks is as big a gimme as there is, but regardless, they're 16-3 now. That's a 69-win pace in an 82-game season. Orlando scoring just 56 against a suddenly revitalized Celtics team is kind of shocking. They shot 24%. Spurs edged out the Hornets on a ridiculous running hook from Duncan, who scored 28 on 19 shots. Gortat had 19 and 17 in a loss. Lowry, after flirting with triple-doubles all season long, finally got one, and his team won their 7th straight. Cousins, who, after an awful start to the season, is shooting 49% in January, for a TS% of .541 (just like Kevin Love!), had 18 and 13 tonight on 14 shots. Yes, there were also 5 fouls and 2 turnovers. And for the moment, Steph Curry and the Warriors are holding off the Grizzlies, winners of 6 straight.

You failed to mention Cousins' 10 FTA. When Cousins season TS% is over .500 for a two-week period, talk to me.

After tonight, Love's is at 55.9%.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 24 at 0:49

Hmm, 16 point lead going into the 4th and the Warriors blow it, largely thanks to a combined 12 turnovers from their starting backcourt.

What's your definition of efficiency for a lead option? Love is 27th in the NBA in points per field goal attempt at 1.31 (which also includes the likes of Sam Dalembert at #6 and JJ Reddick at #13). If you isolate guys scoring above 20/game (reasonable), he's the sixth most efficient scorer in the league behind Dwight (1.57), LeBron (1.54), Durant (1.39), Bargnani (1.35), and Bosh (also 1.35).

Keep in mind Rubio had been coming off of an 11 assist/2 turnover game the night before. He turns it over too much, but his court vision is absurd.

His shooting is definitely coming back down to earth, and I think most people who watched him overseas saw this as a legit concern.

Yeah, I've definitely been impressed w/ his court vision. The whole team sort of melted down and started turning the ball over late in that game. His shot looks worse than Rondo's, though. That's going to be an issue at some point if it doesn't improve because I don't think he'll be the finisher Rondo is on the inside (though I'm sure he's better at the line).

Brian I get a kick out of how you mentioned Jrue lost assists due to missed lay-ups and fouls. I don't say this in a negative way; it reminds me of myself with Turner. I feel like Turner is always losing assists on great passes where the recipient misses the shot or gets fouled. I didn't notice it with Jrue, but that's because I wasn't looking for it. It's interesting how we all look at our favorite player and notice all the little things.

Even I will acknowledge Jodie looked like more than a 3-point specialist tonight. First time I've felt that way all season.

Surprised we didn't see Brackins more than 1 minute. I don't think many (anyone?) expected a thing out of Lavoy Allen when we drafted him, but he showed some skills when he got relevant minutes (as opposed to garbage time). Who is to say that Brackins wouldn't show something similar if given relevant minutes? I mean, isn't it worth a try to see? He was a first-round pick, I'd like to at least have a chance to evaluate, especially in a lockout-condensed season where rest is extra helpful.

Eh, usually they even out. Blown bunnies and low-impact assists (just swinging the ball around the perimeter for a jumper). Tonight, he legitimately hit a couple guys point blank and they didn't finish. Thought he was very strong as a facilitator tonight.

As for Brackins, eh, don't care. Counting my blessings that Allen showed up and helped in the absence of the other two guys. Brackins is a smaller version of Speights w/ a better attitude as far as I'm concerned.

Evan Turner's jumpshot is worse his year than last but he is still playing better. How is that happening?

relying on it less. getting to the hoop more.

MCT reply to KellyDad on Jan 24 at 0:32

I don't think it's worse, I think his form is definitely better. They won't start falling right away, it's a work in progress. I think when there is a larger sample size and he starts taking better shots (still too many contested jumpers off the dribble) his percentages will go up.

I also hope he only takes corner threes from now on, they just look so much better than his other attempts.

MCT reply to MCT on Jan 24 at 0:33

I would add to that, wide-open threes from the corner.

Guys have made a living off hitting wide open threes from the corner.

Turner looked lost on offense last year. He barely moved without the ball and he took too long to make a decision. This year he is much more decisive and confident. That's been the main difference.

I look at year 3 to be the ultimate breakout season for Turner. It took him 3 years to break out and become player of the year at Ohio State. And it was the same thing in high school. As he continues to get more comfortable his level of play rises.

In the post game, Collins said Flip switched the starting lineup at the last minute maybe to get the Sixers to take Iguodala off Nick Young (and switch him off on Rashard), but he wasn't going to do it. Wanted AI9 on Young so he couldn't get off to a hot start. Basically, Jodie, you can guard Rashard, don't worry about it.

South Broad reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 8:49

And Iguodala proceeded to swipe and steal the ball from Nick Young on the very first non-play.

I was just thinking this morning: how far has Rashard Lewis fallen since 08-09, when his ability to score at will against Thad in the post basically turned around that Magic-Sixers playoff series? Now he can be guarded by Jodie Meeks?

Three words:

no more steroids

Sharone Wright on Jan 24 at 8:49

Why did Brand play so many minutes in the fourth quarter? We're up by 30, he is old, compressed schedule, and oh yeah, he was sick earlier today. We need to keep him fresh. It's tough to nit pick the coach when we win in a blowout, but I disgree with playing EB so many minutes.

It really was an excellent game

But one other thing that should be pointed out, simply as Brian does They're Free

Unacceptable FT Shooting, it must improve

Hopefully tomorrow we can beat the Nets so bad to the point that Deron decides to leave NJ/Brooklyn.

I thought it was interesting that Deron's said his first priority is to stay with the Nets and bring in Howard. If that's so, I hope LA trades for Dwight.


Some AI9 (non-star MVP) and Lou (sixth man) love, and just Sixers love all-around -- Defense, bench, Doug Collins.

Is there a way to sort one of the basketball sites by years of experience. I'm semi-curious to see if Turner and Voose would make the sophs v rooks game.

Those games are usually name recognition over anything else.

John Wall will make the sophmore game - does he deserve to?

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 10:41

I guess this means that Cousins > Favors. :)

Yep, by WS.

I think both have a legit shot at making the rookie - sophomore game.

Vucevic's presence will largely depend on his injury. If it is a prolonged absence i think he has no shot, but if he can come back soon and continue playing like he did before the injury for about 15-20 minutes per game i think he has a realistic shot. Especially considering there is only one other C prospect that is contributing anything and he has an even lesser role on his team - Enes Kanter.

As for Turner, i think he is a lock to make the team at this point.

Sigh - so you know nothing about what steroids do and don't do as well?

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