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Bad News For The Nets

Believe it or not, Thad has so far shot better than Brand, Lou, Turner and Iguodala from 16-23 feet range. 42% is far from efficient, but he is actually top 50 (or so) in the league among players who take a decent amount of those shots. It's fair to say he has significantly improved in that area.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Jan 25 at 9:46

Hard to believe. How many has Thad taken and who is the next closest to him in attempts? My guess would be all those guys have taken quite a few more attempts from that range than he has. Maybe not Brand and Turner with a lot more, but Lou and Andre should have way more attempts.

If i remember correctly he was third on the team in attempts taken from that distance behind Jrue and Iguodala and just ahead of Lou. He was at around 3 attempts per game. Jrue leads the team with over 4 per game.

Btw, Iguodala should never ever take that shot, especially not off the dribble. And the jury is out on Turner. I'll give him another year (or two if he shows improvement) but if he can't fix that shot, he shouldn't take it.

All this being said they should all avoid taking that shot, since it's by far the worst shot they can possibly take, but i understand that sometimes it's the only shot available.

Jrue (4.3 per game at 49%) and Iguodala (3.2 per game at 33%) are ahead of Thad. Turner (3.1 per game at 31%) Hawes (2.9 per game at 57%), Lou (2.6 per game at 39%), and Brand (2.4 per game at 40%) all around that mark.

It's an inefficient shot, but if Thad's making them at a decent clip (and 42% is), I have no problem with him taking ~2 per game. If defenders have to guard him at 18 feet it just makes him that much more explosive getting to the rim.

The key with him is always balance. If he catches the ball and goes straight up, I rarely have a problem with that mid-range shot. If it's an off balance fade-away, it's probably a bad decision.

I'm seeing Thad at 38.9% from 16-23 feet.

He started the season very poorly (2/11 in the first three games) since then, he's shooting 44% on those.

I really, really hate those shots, but if teams start really respecting him on those shots, it's going to really open up his drives.

And no, I can't possibly use the word really any more in that comment. Really.

Yeah. He was at 42% heading into the last game. Probably just wasn't updated when Xsago looked it up.

Yup probably so. He was 0-4 against Washington so that brought it down a bit.

Houston apparently declining rookie contract options on Flynn, Thabeet and Terrence Williams. Possibly Jordan Hill as well. Pretty rare for those options to be declined. Morey stockpiled disappointing first rounders.

But morey is a genius - he's smarter than everyone the billy beane of basketball, he's just so far ahead of us we have no idea how smart it is it just looks dumb.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 11:28

trade for Jordan Hill :)

He becomes an interesting free agent target if you can get him inexpensively

I think Dwight Howard or not this is the last season that Elton Brand plays for the sixers and thus they will be a player in this summers free agency. Love to see the T'wolves Love thing fall apart myself

I'm not so sure of that. They should know (a) if Howard is on the open market and (b) if he has any kind of interest in the Sixers before they have to decide whether to amnesty Brand or not. I don't think they amnesty him unless there's a clear upgrade available in free agency. I doubt they'd pay Brand and wind up w/ a big hole left unfilled by his absence.

I think if they bring back brand next year there will be a big hole where the real elton brand used to be - it'll just have broken down elton brand in his place

It's certainly possible, but he's a sunk cost. I don't really see the sense in amnestying him if there's nothing to spend the cap space on. He's not going to be worth $18M, but it's an expiring deal. I'd much prefer paying him for one season to fill the PF/C spot as best he can than have to sign a replacement on a longer deal who isn't the long-term answer.

And I don't disagree, but I do disagree that there's dwight howard and nothing else as an option in the off season which is how I read your writing these days. Amnesty Brand if you can get Howard, but it's not worth it for anyone else.

I feel it's not as binary as howard or nothing - having cap room allows you to become a player in many ways - and if brand is done - then maybe you have to pay him to get that kind of flexibility without the certainty that you want in terms of dwight howard.

Sometimes you have to take a risk to take a step forward

If you can't make an impact move with the money, and Howard is the biggest and possibly only impact move I can see at this point, I don't see the sense in amnestying him. They're are two likely outcomes to using the amnesty on him without using the money for Howard (or some other star-level player):

(1) Signing someone to take his minutes to a long-term deal, maybe someone like Carl Landry. So next season you'd be paying $27M to go from Brand to Landry (assuming Landry gets what he got on his last contract), then you wouldn't have enough cap space to sign an impact player, if one becomes available, prior to having to extend Jrue and Turner.

(2) You wind up not being able to replace Brand in any meaningful way, in which case you've downgraded your roster coming off what we hope is a successful season in '11-12, and you paid $18M to downgrade the roster.

Neither of those options seems terribly likely or productive to me. I'd rather have Brand as an expiring to use as a trade chip (the new cap numbers kick in the following season, an expiring contract should have more value) if an impact player becomes available and/or roll the cap space over to the following summer without devaluing the franchise for a year by not winning as much.

I don't really care how much money they have to spend to improve the team - it's not my concern - but there are optoins that neither you nor I know about - that might not exist yet but may exist at some point - but if you don't put yourself in a position to take advantage then you're just fracked. I believe the amnesty deadline is before the draft isn't it?

To me you have a very narrow view on how the sixers can improve their roster - you think they are one piece - and only one piece - away from contending - that piece is dwight howard - and it's the only way they can contend - i disagree - and while i'd love to get dwight howard - there are other ways the team might be able to contend

Standing patt just cause you can't get dwight does nothing. Sure maybe you win the atlantic again, and then you lose to the bulls and heat again and you've lost a year from every player on your roster because you'd rather stand pat then see what's out there.

I understand your path - it's the cautious continuity path - it's not a path that will get dwight howard (because i think that's more than a pipe dream no matter how much folk here try to talk themselves into it I don't think it reflects the reality of Dwights motivations) so it's a path that leaves the roster unchanged except for maybe a minimum roster guy, and a late first round draft pick

And then you're still weak in the front court (very weak) and elton brand is a shell with no replacement on the roster just yet.

Being proactive usually tends to be better than reactive.

The jazz were proactive with Deron Williams and seem to have done pretty well...the heat and raptors (and now the magic) sat with their heads in the sand and got fucked

The Nuggets seem to have gotten lucky - but they were more reactive than proactive in my opinon

I get what you're saying. Personally, I wouldn't see getting into the second round this year, possibly further next year as a waste of Jrue and Turner's 22-year-old and 24-year-old seasons. As constructed, they either need a big piece to add, or they need one or two more pieces of a similar talent level/upside to Jrue, and then they make a run at it w/ the Detroit model, which may or may not work.

Comparing the Brand situation to Howard in ORL, Melo in DEN or Williams in UTA doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The worry in those situations was the guys would walk and they'd be left with nothing. In Brand's case, he's going to walk for nothing no matter what, we're just talking about whether you pay $18M to make that happen a year sooner, and subtract a valuable player you're going to have to replace if you move him. And you aren't really talking about opening a ton of doors with that cap space a year early. If a superstar becomes available, Brand is an expiring contract, you can move him in the deal. The situations you're "opening up" by using the amnesty on him are really only the ones where people will only trade for immediate financial relief. And the cap space you create by using the amnesty on him is going to be eaten up by signing his replacement, to a degree, meaning the total you can take back in a trade, if one materializes, is less than you could if you were including Brand in said trade.

The metaphor was really only about being proactive versus reactive or doing nothing (ala andre miller - which i despised them doing nothing)

And you really think if their roster doesn't change at all but for a #20 pick that the sixers will somehow be able to beat the heat or bulls in the second round next season?

Let's keep in mind - that the roster HAS to change or they have to sign hawes to a long term deal...

I'm not 100% sure they can't beat the Heat or the Bulls this season in the second round. They need to get there first.

Defense is the great equalizer in this game, and one thing both the Heat and the Bulls have in common is they do not have dynamic offenses. They both rely a lot on isolation play. Both of their offenses can be stopped, they both were stopped last year in the playoffs. They're both great defensive teams, they both have unbelievable talents, but they're both extremely reliant on things you can take away from them if you have (a) great individual defenders and (b) a smart defensive scheme. The Sixers have both of those things.

Now the Heat have the personnel to be unstoppable, but they haven't been assemble it, yet. Maybe they do this year. Maybe they do next year. Maybe they never do. Maybe they don't have all that talent at their disposal for the playoffs.

There are a lot of unknowns for this season, let alone next season and the playoffs following next season. I do think they're beyond the point of tearing it all down to rebuild, and I also don't think it would be wise to throw money away to accomplish something they could probably accomplish anyway if the opportunity presented itself.

I'm not suggesting they tear it all down and rebuild i'm suggesting that their front court is a huge weakness even when healthy (especially in the playoffs where you are telling me defense matters more, and oh yeah, the bulls are pretty good defensively)

Both the teams you mentioned have better iso players than the sixers, in my opinion, and even mediocre big men are a challenge for the sixers bigmen - it's not rebuilding - it's a great gaping flaw that brand getting older will further expose - and what do they do with hawes?

Hawes is gone, either way. If anything, that makes it more important to keep Brand.

It makes it more imoprtant to find a replacement fro brand as well (assuming voose continues to show that he's 'as good as hawes' which i think he's shown so far)

Long term, yes. I just don't see how dumping him for nothing this summer opens up enough options to replace him long term to make it worthwhile.

And the amnesty decision is after the draft. it's after the opening of free agency as well.

Well you'd dump him for Dwight Howard, I just feel that other opportunities could be out there and it's worth the risk, that's all

Getting Howard fixes the long-term holes at the four and the five, because Thad can play 35 minutes at the four next to Howard.

And my only point is that I think there might be OTHER options out there that we don't know about - that don't exist yet - that HOward isn't the only option :)

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Jan 25 at 15:24

There's a flip side to that. If there's a disgruntled star somewhere on a team that you need to trade for, Elton Brand becomes a valuable trading piece because of his expiring contract. Can't use that if you amnesty him.

Um if you amnesty him you get the cap room that you can use to absorb the disgruntled stars contract...i'm not really sure what you're getting at.

And if you amnesty him you create cap room that allows you to take on multiple contracts in multiple deals if that's what occurrs

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Jan 25 at 18:04

Ah. Duh. Been so long that the Sixers had no cap space that I forgot what having cap space allows you to do.

I mean, other than signing an over-the-hill PF =P

Well you'd dump him for Dwight Howard, I just feel that other opportunities could be out there and it's worth the risk, that's all

I agree with you totally. This is how i look at the situation. Howard + Iguodala ( the teams second best player to some) doesnt make this team a serious contender. There will still be a need for a second star to compliment Howard.

I don't buy this you need multiple superstars thing. Who was Dirk's second superstar last year?

Do you remeber the last time Dirk was in the Finals what happened to him? Wade complimented Shaq and ran them out the gym the last for games. What about last time Howard was in the finals? He was outgunned from the start.

Sure there are exceptions but why not have all bases covered if you gonna go all in with hopes of getting Howard.

Because having a superstar is probably a prerequisite for becoming a contender. Having a team around that superstar is how you win titles. That's what the Sixers would have, an actual team around him, with depth and talent at every position. Packaging a bunch of those other pieces for some mystery second superstar is going to leave you top heavy, and not nearly as competitive, unless the other superstar is a top-five guy in the league, you're better off w/ the complete team.

Sign Howard, keep the group together, you're talking about a championship in Philly.

Isn't that what Orlando has tried to do?

Orlando has tried to surround Howard with a bunch of three-point shooters and a shoot-first PG who can't set him up. That's not a team. Not by a long shot. That's a gimmick.

And the only time they got the finals, it was because Jameer Nelson was out and they replaced him with a PG who had some clue as to how to set Howard up.

Any way you slice it they tried by different methods to surround him with a "team" instead of another star.

They've tried and failed because they're surrounded him with a bunch of one-dimensional players and no playmakers. It's been a flawed blueprint from the jump, and it almost worked once anyway, that's how dominant he is.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 17:34

I don't know about this. The 2009 Magic were 4th in the league in offense, 3rd in defense, 1st in the league in point differential. A big part of that great offense, of course, was their leading the league in three-point percentage/three-pointers made. The team prior, the one that went to the Finals, was only 11th in the league in offense, but led the league in defense. A little surprising, given that team's better reputation, but the 2009 team shot a lot better. The '07 team was 7th in offense, 6th in defense, led the league in three-pointers made. The '06 team was 22nd in offense - this before the addition of Rashard. I don't think the lesson is that they had a crappy blueprint and did well solely thanks to Howard's dominance, I think the lesson is that he did well in large part because he was surrounded by a lot of very efficient offensive players - namely, high-percentage shooters, which is something we have none of. Not only do we lack shooters, which would make life a lot harder for Howard, we lack efficient scorers of any variety, except for Thad, maybe.

Rich reply to Tray on Jan 25 at 17:43

If you look at all those shooter's production, there's a reason they really drop when they leave Orlando: They aren't as open as much when they leave. I really think there is faulty logic with people thinking that's the only way people can play with Howard. He makes shooters better, not the other way around.

Jodie might be like a 47 percent shooter with the same amount of attempts with Howard. Jrue would creep up to about 40-41 with a boatload of attempts. Turner could develop into a 38 percent shooter from threes in the corner if he builds on his shooting. Iguodala and Lou would get easier shots.

Not to mention, WHO WOULD SCORE ON THEM?

Stan reply to KellyDad on Jan 25 at 17:23

I think in Otis' mind he considers Vince Carter, Rashad Lewis, and Gilbert Arenas as "stars"

Rich reply to KellyDad on Jan 25 at 17:07

A much older, quickly deteriorating, less talented version, yes.

That Finals series against the Lakers was much closer than anyone remembers too. Magic could have easily been up 3-1.

Rich reply to KellyDad on Jan 25 at 17:01

You need a history check if you think Wade did anything complimentary in those Finals. He carried that team.

Well, the refs complemented Wade, and if they didn't, there's a huge case to be made if Dallas wins that series. Game 3 was a travesty if I remember. Yeah, they only ran away with one game too. The other three they won were by a combined total of 6 points.

Please - don't agree with me if you're going to say silly things.

If the sixers subtracted elton brand (and spencer hawes) and added dwight howard - i very much think they become a serious title contender - in fact I don't think I said anywhere I didn't.

What I said is I believe Dwight Howard is a crack addicts pipe dream that will never happen and thus I want the sixers to be in position to take advantage of other opportunities if they present themselves and they'd be better positioned to do that by using their amnesty on Brand, Howard or not.

But if you don't think the sixers are a title conteder if brians fever dream scenario works out - yeah - you're nuts

I agreed with you about other options then stated how i felt about the situation. Stop trying to be a smart ass and read.

Not trying to be a smart ass, but if you could learn to use paragraphs to separate thoughts, and at the same time demonstrate rational analysis of the sixers current roster it'd be easier not to be scared of you agreeing with me.

But when you continually rant and rave about Iguodala like you're howard eskin - you can understand why people wouldn't want you on their side, right?

Once again your proving to be a fucking idiot!!


And now I almost owe you some sort of apology cause I remember I brought him up but not in a negetive light.

You owe me an apology for a lot of things - I just don't expect them from you

If anything Brand will improve next year with a full training camp. If we amnesty him that would be a big loss. It would only be worth doing if we could land a star.

I disagree with you (which is hardly surprising) as your logic doesn't hold water to me because training camp means less to me than the wear and tear on his body from being in the league - and the damage this compacted season might due to an older (NBA Older) body compared to a normal season, plus assuming the sixers win the division and get into the second round, he'll have less rest than he normally would

Yeah, Brand isn't going to magically improve. He's already settling in as a jumpshooter when last year he primarily operated with his back to the basket.

However, with his leadership and winnigness veteranability and locker room anti cancer treatment abilities - might need to keep him anyway

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Jan 25 at 12:17

I thought it was interesting that Brand said he was trying to "coast" when Hawes was still in the lineup in order to save his legs for later in the season. He has been putting up bigger numbers since Hawes went down, and I don't think it's just that someone had to get numbers in the front court because of the void Hawes left. It seemed, from what Brand said, that he started finally giving 100% after the Hawes injury. I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, the fact that Brand has shown great improvement when he hasn't been "coasting" means that he still has a lot of skill, but on the other hand, the fact that he needs to coast in order to save his decrepit legs is worrying.

Look at what happened to KG and Pierce this season without training camp. When you're older, you need to be able to stay in shape year round. It's much tougher to get back into NBA shape without training camp, especially when you're older.

Brand started out slow this season without camp but now that's he's starting to get back into a groove, he's starting to become the Brand that we saw last year.

No one can predict what he's going to be like next year. He can't realistically say he's suddenly going to fall off a cliff, production-wise, and you can't say he'll suddenly regain something w/ a normal summer and training camp. There's just no way to tell.

I thought the Rockets were fans of Hill's post D ever since he "stepped up" when Yao went down.

Patterson looks to be a better version of Hill. Still find it odd they wouldn't pick up his option.

ESPN has the Sixers at -11.5 tonight.

voose and hawes out tonight

Ugh. I miss having a big man who played every night.

I miss having a big man who could play defense well

Bad news for the sixers..

If they were playing a good team, maybe, but after Monday it's less bad news than I originally thought

Interview w/ Adam Aron from Slam Online.

Max reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 12:53

Brian, it seems like the new group gets having to reconnect with the fans. Something Ed Snider and company failed to do. But do you think this ownership group actually understands how to improve an NBA team through good cap management? All I've heard so far is "In Rod we Trust".

There's really no way to tell. The Thad contract wasn't that bad, and they didn't hesitate to sign him, which hints at being willing to spend money, but doesn't prove it.

This summer could tell us a lot, or tell us nothing, depending.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 16:38

Funniest part of this is Aron talking about how he understands the psyche of Philly sports fans talking about the "Phillies Collapse of 1966," playing to the public.

It was 1964 when they collapsed, BTW.

It looks like Gallinari is close to signing a 4 year, $40M extension w/ the Nuggets.

Here's a question. You get to choose between Thad for 5 years/$43M or Gallo for 4 years/$40M. Who do you take?

As much as i love Thad i'd take Gallinari at 10m per year. I actually think that's a great deal for Denver.

It makes up for what they paid Nene. I'd take Gallo as well because he's a definite starter without any stipulations whereas Thad could start but only in certain situations, like next to a Dalembert type. Oh, wait.

This season is slop. With lockout and observed quality of play (loose application of terms), an air of fraudulence hovers. Sixers at the moment are like the guys who win 'suicide' sprints because they jump the whistle and others aren't yet on the line.

Playing 2 confidence-bolstering tune-ups with the Washington Monuments and then finding them 3 more times in 1st 17 has been propitious. The few pockets of resistance met - Blazers, Jazz, Knicks, Nuggets, Heat - have resulted in drops in elevation. Best wins - Pacers, Hawks - were achieved without Granger & Horford as factors. Tonight's menu: the New Jersey Sublets. Then, the Charlotte Bobkittens and the Detroit Seized Engines. After that, unfriendly skies; barometer reading time.

To summarize, a majority of NBA teams are half-assed; maybe a dozen are respectable. I've thought recently of the Camden Bullets, Wilmington Blue Bombers and Lancaster Red Roses; it's not a mere coincidence.

Turtle Bay reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 25 at 12:41

Haha Bobkittens

Oh I get it, the sixers actually suck. Probably has something to do with that Igoudala guy who thinks he's Kobe.

So Love can hit the open market summer of 2015. Thad has a player option for that season. Jrue and Turner will have already been extended.

Nets are ranked #1 in defending Free Throws (.685); ranked 30th in defending Field Goal Attempts (.491) and 3-Pt Field Goal Attempts (.426). "Calling Dr. Brackins."

4 years/$42M for Gallo or 5 years/$43M for Thad.

Pretty sure I go with Thad's deal.

Cholo reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 13:01



Gallinari would be a great fit for this team. He's shown a lot more growth than I expected when he was drafted.

I would've gone w/ gallo before this season, and I love his scoring, but Thad's turnaround on the defense end pushes me back to him. I have a feeling Thad won't be playing on the fifth year of the contract, so it's really 4/42 for Gallo or 4/34 for Thad. Plus, I think what Iguodala did to him in their game is still fresh in my mind.

It's interesting that A LOT of rookie contract options are not being picked up this year - previously those were almost a given.

I'd give thought to offering a 2nd to ORL to take a look at Daniel Orton - there must be a huge red flag if they're choosing to not hold onto him at that price considering they're on the brink of losing Howard.

Has he really only played 42 minutes in the D-League over last year and this year combined?

Heh. Check out Hollinger's playoff odds. Projects the Sixers at 46-20 (.697), #2 seed. Also gives them 26% chance to get to the finals.

Hollinger's playoff odds are based on his rankings so that really shouldn't be a surprise.

In reality my expectations about this team haven't really changed at all. Win the atlantic, become a top 10 team in the league, win a playoff round. Those were the realistic expectations going into the season and i still think that's exactly where they will end. And if that happens i'd classify the season as very successful.

A cringingly reductive, slimtastic retort, swaddled in presumption and misapprehension. Revise, Jeffrey.

What the hell are you talking about?

Posting was addressed to Jeffrey, not you, crabby Stan. Never you mind.

I was just annoyed. I read that comment at least 5 times and I had no clue as to what you were talking about.

I got your confusion. I'd forgotten to hit 'reply'; comment was hangin' there without apparent context, kinda like Francisco Elson.

Man oh man do I hate to even think this...but if Love re-signs, DH12 puts off making a decision until the end of this season...think it's worth trying to kick the tires on Kevin Garnett and see if Boston would part with him? According to the trade machine, Nocioni + EB for Garnett straight up would work...Boston would then be able to flip EB next season as an expiring, and we'd get one playoff run out of him before huge amounts of cap space this offseason...right?

Boston wouldn't do it. If they move Garnett, Pierce or Allen, they're going to want something young and useful and cap space. No way they take back salary and stay old.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 13:51

Plus, ever since the 07' off season they have been making insulting offers for decent players. If you want KG, they'll ask for Jrue, Turner, and Thad.

And you laugh at them and hang up the phone when you point out how old KG is and how bad the pistons are

Celtics obviously, not pistons, my bad

Well Kevin Love signed the 4year/$60 mil extension. Looking at the next few upcoming free agent classes is depressing. Man I wish there was a way for the sixers to get Howard.

Is there anyway this could happen?

Jrue, evan, thad, noc and lou for howard and jason richardson then amnesty brand in off season and make a run at deron williams while hopefully extending howard?

Stan reply to sooner on Jan 25 at 14:45

I would make the move, but I can't imagine ORL not getting better offers than this. I would also think that ORL would want to include Hedo in any trade involving Dwight.

I would make this trade for 3 reasons-

1. It's easier to convince Deron to join Howard than it is for Howard to join Deron

2. If Dwight doesn't resign we can blow up the team and rebuild.

3. If Dwight comes to Philly, NJ might be forced to trade Deron. Or Deron might decide to go to Dallas. If Deron goes to Dallas, Dwight would have no other option than to resign with Philly

sooner reply to Stan on Jan 25 at 14:55

Yea I think you might be right about hedo. I was hoping that taking richardson's 4 year contract would be good enough. It's not like orlando is going to be a player in free agency anytime soon and the only contracts they have that are for more than 2 years are hedo, richardson and big baby.

sooner reply to sooner on Jan 25 at 15:01

My mistake they have q. richardson and duhon for 3 years as well

Howard isn't going to want his destination team to give away all it's talent when he could just join them as they are in the offseason. If that trade were agreed upon in principle pending his extension I guarantee he calls and says "Hell no. Tyvm."

The beauty of Philly as a destination is Jrue, Turner, and Vucevic on rookie contracts, Thad as the bench ace, and Andre in the role of Robin. Also the coaching and front office waiting to build entirely around its next superstar.

Stan reply to Cin on Jan 25 at 15:12

But then he would cost himself $40 million in salary. You also have to remember that Philly would still have Iguodala and the ability to bring in Deron Williams. Best case scenario in this situation for Dwight would be for Deron to sign in Philadelphia and get an extension that would pay him more than what he could get in free agency.

As Rod Thorn said, the Magic will want all your good players and without them Howard won't resign unless he absolutely wanted to be here, which he doesn't. As far as the 76ers are concerned there is no trade option.

Stan reply to Cin on Jan 25 at 17:08

Where else would Howard go? NJ? If that's the case, you could convince Deron Williams to sign with Philadelphia to play with Howard.

sooner reply to Cin on Jan 25 at 15:12

I would love it if Howard saw jrue, iggy, evan, thad, etc. as a good enough supporting cast to get him to come here, but I don't think he does. I think the promise of signing d williams and having iggy could be enough for him to stay. I mean howard, d williams and iggy... I like that big 3 a lot. Now as for the sixers bench after all these shenanigans, I wouldn't like that quite as much.

If Dwight is cool with being the lone superstar on a very deep team then awesome I'll wait till the offseason to sign him. Otherwise, imo, lets roll the dice if we can.

It depends on what you qualify as Superstar. If it's based on impact then Andre is already one. Howard I assume would agree because he is quoted as saying that he wants to play with him (and Monta Ellis or Josh Smith). Of course that's not big news because he didn't say John Wall or Derrick Rose, but it's from his own mouth nonetheless. Also, he has more friends than just Deron. He spent some time with Jrue this summer via them both sponsoring Adidas.

sooner reply to Cin on Jan 25 at 16:03

I don't have a cut and dry definition of a superstar but iggy is not a superstar to me. He's a really good nba player. The question is which would dwight value more, playing with jrue, iggy, turner, thad, etc or iggy and d williams. But the question which should he value more is different. I think he should value playing on the more complete team than the more top heavy team.

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