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Sixers Cough Up Their First

Perhaps the numbers bare that out, but I can't say Jrue did a very good job on Williams. He got into the lane with regularity in the first half with Jrue on him and missed some make-able shots. I'm going to go back throughout the night and watch his field goal attempts again, but that was the impression I had watching it live (which mind you was without the aid of DVR and also not at the greatest vantage point).

He missed one gimme, the other two layups were challenged. He also made a couple of circus shots on him. Watch Williams' attempts, assists and turnovers. Jrue did a great job on him tonight. Everyone else, not so much.

I agree with you. I don't think he did a 4/16 worthy job on him, especially in the 1st half. He missed a few gimmes (three layups that he makes 85-90 percent of the time) and on the other guys (minus Jodie) he made those tough shots. Not to say Jrue did a bad job, but that number is a little misleading IMO.

Actually, I think numbers don't even tell the whole impact he had on Williams. He made it extremely difficult for Williams to make plays w/ his dribble, especially in the second half. Several times he stoned multiple drives by Deron, pushed him back to the perimeter and he had to scramble to find someone late in the shot clock. There were four lapses, by my count. The back door cut that he dunked, and the three times Williams got to the rim, but he recovered on two of those to challenge the shots.

I'll break them down by FGA in a minute, watching them all again.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 1:51

In the second half, I would tend to agree that he did a really nice job even though I don't really remember (Probably a good thing, because he was missing shots). In the first, it seemed like Williams was missing shots he often made. Saying he challenged them is one thing, but they seemed on first glance that they were bunnies that Williams will make way more often than not, but I can't say that for sure. Deron also had a couple long twos that went in and out for him against Jrue that were cash against everyone else, sort of the story I took from those numbers being a tad misleading. Still though, that's a really good job by Jrue regardless if he got lucky a few times in the first half.

I thought Turner did a really good job denying him the ball late in the game a few times and not even letting him touch it, which was about the only good thing he did tonight. He guarded him for a pretty long time to have only given up 2 shot attempts, one that Williams made off a curl like he was Ray Allen.

They can't have Meeks playing defense at the end of the game though, so we have to hope Thad is alright. They got the matchup they wanted on their two biggest possessions and it was Deron off of Iguodala, then Turner, and onto Meeks.

Uh, this was a horrible game for them to lose. Even with how bad they were offensively in the 2nd Half, the amount of quality shots they missed was very frustrating. I know they got virtually nothing from Battie and Allen, but they have to win this game. It's such a bad loss. That's three poor halves of basketball in a row, too.

Yeah, part of me thinks that Washington game was too easy. Like they didn't realize they were really going to have to work to make up for the missing bodies.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 1:57

I'd agree with that. I gotta be honest, with the way this team is constructed right now, you could make an argument that Hawes' mere presence of the floor with the ball at the top of the key, as maddening as it seems, is almost as important as Iguodala is to the defense. They really just don't move the ball as well without him.

I think that's on Collins, to be honest. With four guys who can really handle the ball, they need to have more sets that don't rely on Hawes. A lot of the time, it's just one guy dribbling out at the top, they run a couple of half-assed screens to free someone, nothing comes of it, so they go iso. Saw that happen with Jrue a couple of times tonight, same with Iguodala. I think at the time I was saying too much dribbling, but really none of the other guys were moving to get open, so the ballhandler was just like "Fuck it, guess I gotta do it myself.'

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 2:05

I'd love to see two more things that sort of go hand in hand. Number one, Brand has to be a screener at least one time a possession to open the game. He never really sets a screen but he is WIDE OPEN 85 percent of the time they run that. I know he is a little down from 10-15 feet this year, but he's still 47 percent. That's good, simple offense. The other is a lot more side screen and rolls for guys on the wing involving Thad as the screener, and Voose when he comes back. It's such a simple play, but they are good enough that when they can cause the slightest bit of imbalance on a pass to the wing, things open up offensively.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 2:09

And on Collins, yeah it's his fault, but Allen and Battie aren't threats from out there where Hawes is. It seems like they enjoy cutting hard for Hawes and getting open because they know he can handle his business with the basketball out there.

It's harder for those guys to cut off a guy outside of the arc who is little. They have no real guy who can catch it at the foul line and be a threat to score or pass (Brand and Thad can score, not pass).

OK, here you go. there's a shot missing.

First half

1: Missed layup, spin move, one hander from about 6 feet. Not an easy look. We'll call this a minus play.
2: Missed tip. Pretty much nothing here, off the same play
3: Challenged 3. Strong close. Missed
4: Back door dunk. Minus play (2 points)
5: Contest layup, missed. Help came, not an easy look.
6: Contested J. Fought through a screen to challenge 18-footer.
7: 20 footer, late contest. Not a high-percentage shot.
8: Challenged runner. Not a high-percentage shot. Would've been a block w/ a decent center.
9: Challenged layup at the end of the quarter. Tough make.

So three clean looks in the first half, the dunk, the missed runner on the first play, and a 20-footer which he missed anyway.

Second half:

1: Made 22-footer off the dribble. Worst shot in basketball.
2: Made circus shot from behind the backboard as shot clock expired. Contested.
3: Missed 18-footer. Fought through pick on P&R and contested the shot.
4: Made 3 off the dribble.
5: Made 20-footer off the dribble.
6: Missed pull-up three
7: Missed pull-up
8: Missed pull-up

Really only one good look for Williams in the second half, that was the play he got fouled on. Beat Jrue off the dribble, missed the shot, got the freebies.

It's actually 6/17. Synergy is missing one of his shots. 6/17 for 15 points. 2/9 in the first half, 4 points. 4/8 in the second half, 11 points (circus shot, pull up three, foot-on-the-line long two off the dribble, 20-footer off the dribble).

Eh, the first 3 attempts (missed runner in lane, offensive rebound, missed three) I think were all good looks, and certainly not stops I would attribute to good defense by Jrue. I haven't watched the rest.

7 boards and 4 blocks for Biyombo tonight in 24 minutes. 0/2 from the floor and 1/2 from the line, though. Really looking forward to seeing him play on Friday.

nuggets had 92 points in the paint, the kings scored 93 in the game

Heh, yeah just saw that. Cousins is an intimidating interior defender.

He did have 17/15 though!

(on 16 shots with 3 turnovers)

One of the best rebounders in the league, that DeMarcus.

Kevin Love proving once again he's no #1 option.

31 points on 9/16 from the floor, 4/6 from three, 9/10 from the line. His TS% is now up to 57%. Only 10 boards though, which is disappointing.

Rubio had an up-and-down night. 4/16 from the floor, 1/5 from three, 7 turnovers, but 8/9 from the line, 7 boards, 12 assists and 4 steals.

GoSixers sent me a tweet that I missed, basically saying Hawes is probably out until next week. Never thought I'd be saying this, but man I hope Voose gets back soon.

Yeah, Hawes is out until at least last week. I talked to Vucevic after the game and he said he's hoping to play in Sat and/or Sunday, but sounded unsure and like next week is more likely.

jswigga on Jan 26 at 2:30

why didn't Turner get much run? We coulda used him for sure out there! Is he back in Collins' dog house?

Rich reply to jswigga on Jan 26 at 2:37

He wasn't very good tonight. His statline the other night made it seem like he was much worse than he was, but tonight he really did play bad. His defense was still very good and he rebounded, but the offensive end wasn't pretty.

No, he's not in the doghouse either. He played the whole overtime if I remember.

Well the comfortable win against Washington made them too confident. This was possibly the worst game of the season. They played like a team fighting for the best chance in the lottery. Honestly, i wasn't particularly happy with anyone last night. They really really need Vucevic or Hawes to come back. Allen and Battie are useless in the rebounding department and Brand and Young aren't gonna get it done either.

P.S. There is a mistake in the rotation chart. The Lou/Meeks/Turner/Young/Allen lineup early in the second quarter was +6, while the highlighted one was +5.

L. A. Steve on Jan 26 at 5:04

Too much one-on-one tonight. It seemed like when the game was on the line, they just forgot about running a play. There was no ball movement, no cutters, just iso plays with the other guys just standing around. Speaking of isolation plays, those iso's by Iguodala and Williams, (at the end of the game), was just pitiful. However, in all fairness, Lou's shot was more on Doug than Lou. When the game is on the line, Coach seems to struggle with getting his players open looks, his inability to draw up successful plays in clutch situations is becoming apparent.

And finally, after Elton fouled out Coach went small, and I mean super small; and we paid a price, Kim's ex just killed us on the boards. Which Sixer had the worst game tonight? My vote goes to Doug Collins; in my opinion he made some bad decisions tonight, especially when the game was on the line.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this roster needs some adjustments: more size, and better perimeter shooting, (Batum didn't sign an extension).

Spencer for hire on Jan 26 at 7:53

I liked Humphries energy level and work on the "O" boards. Could he be one of Gosixers B options, in place of Brand and next to Hawes, if the Howard dream doesn't pan out?

Humphries has no offensive game whatsoever. He is a backup big good for 10-15min of the bench on a championship team. I don't think the team is at the level to think about the 7th, 8th man on a championship contender at the moment. You can probably survive with only one skilled offensive player up front, but the other guy has to be much more than a rebounding machine. And Humphries is not a good post defender at all. Nor is he a good weak side defender inside.

Marcus reply to Xsago on Jan 26 at 9:50

I wouldnt mind kim ex on the sixers if we didnt have elton brand

Not if I have anything to say about it (which I don't) - no he's not the kind of B option i am considering :)

Anybody going to that game on Friday?

I made a post on a different website about how Deron Williams has been overrated his entire career, so I figured this was coming.

Dwight Howard is quoted in the Boston Herald with this - I don't buy it - because he wouldn't have the Nets on his list - and he would go to Chicago - but his PR Spin quote.

On the subject of what he’s looking for, Howard hit on some reasonable themes while seemingly throwing a chill at the Magic by comparison. “The first thing is basketball,” he said. “I want to win a championship, and it takes a certain type of team to win a championship. You know, there’s a lot of teams who are great during the regular season. They play well, but it’s different once you play in those playoffs, you know? It’s gut-check time. “Like I told the Magic, I just want to win. I don’t want a team that doesn’t know how you have to win in the playoffs. I want a team that’s going to go out every night and forget about stats, forget about who scores the most points or who is the fan favorite. Just go out and play, play for each other and play to win. That’s the only thing.”

Dwight needs to understand that people will follow your actions - not just your words - you want to win - but you won't go to chicago - you want to win - but you think jersey is a good option (even with deron williams)

People will use this quote their own way - to make it seem like sure he'll come to philly - but to me it's nothing but what his agent told him to say - it doesn't reflect reported 'desires' by dwight

Might have a shot with Howard because of Christian faith brotherhood draw... Jrue, Thad, Collins, and who knows who else?

I don't dismiss Howard's words but they are generalized and, therefore, pliant as per future plans or destination. To borrow and adapt from itinerant businessman Willy Loman, the NBA world is Dwight's oyster but he won't crack it open talking to the press.

Yeah, I thought about that religious connection w/ Jrue especially.

Just a dream for now. Would be great to have him. What a welcome he'd get in Phillytown!

Well Lou's from Georgia too, so maybe the georgia connection would do it too huh folks?


People 'hear' what they want to hear with these quotes - like when williams said '90% I'll stay in Jersey' - I expect at the time he thought that 90% was also the chance the Nets got Dwight :)

But Lopez being upset he didn't get a contract extension is even funnier - it's like he has been living in a media blackout bubble :)

Faith flies higher than state flags but your skepticism is understood, has its merit.

I understand that 'faith' is a motivator in many things - but it didn't stop dwight from knocking up a cheerleader did it?

I've had arguments regarding faith and athletes a lot especially in regards to a certain baseball player for the mets who chose not to play on our jewish high holidays and was called out by ignorant morons about it.

If people are religious, that's good for them, but I doubt it has much influence in their choice of basketball teams that they play for.

Then again, Dwight says winning matters - and yet his best option to win a title isn't on his so called 'list'

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 11:03

Plus his desire to play in LA contradicts everything in that quote.

I wonder if any superstar athlete out there would ever refuse a shoe deal because of the work conditions that shoe company's laborers are put through.

"I can do more work with them than being against them" - that's how you justify it - while you're taking their money you 'work' with them to improve conditions.

Hell - rumors are one of the reasons dwight won't go to chicago has to do with his shoe deal :)

I don't think going to LA contradicts everything in that quote - if Dwight ended up on the clippers - with chris paul - and the rest of that roster (minus say Griffin and jordan) don't you think they'd be pretty good?

The best fantasy trade I've seen for Howard I believe involves the heat - i think it's lebron and howard straight up :)

If they all took that stance, they'd be playing barefoot.

How many times gave you heard an athlete say that they felt like God was telling them to sign with a certain team? I'm not talking Tebow Christian media hype either. This sort of thing can weigh heavy with a true believer.

That could also swing him to the Nets. Pretty sure Avery Johnson is extremely religious, like to the point where he might've made his team go to church or something. Think I read something about that.

Stan reply to Cin on Jan 26 at 11:23

I consider myself a religious person, so I hate it when pro-athletes and especially politicians do that.

How many times have you heard someone 'thank god' for an award they won - and how many times have you actually BOUGHT IT

I don't want to get into a religious debate, but I really don't think Dwight is influenced by the number of christians on a team any more than people thinking about playing for the jazz get a feared cause of all the mormons

I'm hardly trying instigate a religious debate. I'm only saying that there are athletes who truely and legitimately weigh these things. Your example of people who throw it to the forefront is noted, but I think that for the most part the relevant process happens on an introspective level. Whether this is true for Dwight or not is not for me to argue.

If your assertion is true, he joined a very long line in history. It doesn't negate personhood or faith.

Mets. Talkin' Shawn Green? If so, he's in good company with Sandy. Principled, unconventional stances are ripe targets for comments - smart, inane and profane ones. Comes with the territory.

"Best option" - according to your view! His particular insider perspective, his agent's sway, his family considerations, his geographical preferences, considered teams and personalities within (lure or repel), etc., are X factors of which you have few clues.

Jrue and Dwight did a European Adidas tour together this summer, right? Did Jrue ever say anything about talking to Howard about playing together?

Not aware of anything. But I think they're buds to some degree. Can't hurt the cause.

I'm don't think it's as simple as saying, "Collins should have switched Jrue onto Deron." From what I saw, the problem wasn't Iguodala's defense on Deron at the initial point of attack, it was that the Sixers switched all picks too easily. For example, two of the Deron baskets probably charged by Synergy to Iguodala were almost certainly switches where someone else was the final defender: the 3-pointer with 4:41 left in regulation where Turner was guarding him (but was picked) and the drive at the end of regulation where Thad was guarding him. This is in addition to the two baskets in OT on Meeks that were also switches. I'm not sure if the idea to switch all P/R plays was by design, because it looked like some of those switches were unnecessary.

So the point about Jrue is that unless he was going to be able to fight through picks (not his strength at all on defense) *and* was instructed by the coaches to try to do that, he wouldn't have been the final defender on those plays either. I thought Jrue did a more than credible job in isolation defense on Deron early in the game, but I'm not sure he would have had any isolation opportunities on Deron in the endgame. To the Nets' credit, Deron went to the isolation on Meeks, and they picked for him when he was covered by Iguodala or Turner. I'm not sure what they would have done if Jrue were on him.

Jodie had problems being the off man in a small/small pick play at the top all game. Early on, he doubled when Jrue had Williams through the screen and left Morrow wide open. Williams didn't get him the ball. I'm wondering if the switching was a result of that play.

The Thad play was the only switch I didn't break out, probably should have. The Meeks switches were a huge problem. Jrue did a nice job of fighting through screens last night, though. A couple plays in particular he got over the screen and contested jumpers.

Basically, I thought Jrue did a really good job of cutting off Williams first attempt at penetration, and often times his second as well. He was moving his feet and making Williams work really hard to get anything going toward the hoop, which put the Nets deep into the shot clock and in need of a bail out hoop on several occasions. If you look in the comments above, you can see the results of that. He stopped driving at all when Jrue was on him in the second half and started taking long jumpers off the dribble. I don't think he got that kind of resistance when Iguodala was on him.

I think you mentioned something about this last week, it's clear to me that Jrue is the better defender at cutting off penetration. Iguodala uses his size and long arms to play off guys, cutting off angles to get a drive started, and then he uses his length and quickness to challenge the jumpers they wind up taking when all hope is lost for the drive, but he's not nearly as good as Jrue when you're talking about guarding a guy who's dribbling facing the hoop. Jrue's much quicker.

Who did you charge the 3-pointer with 4:41 left to? I distinctly recall that Turner was the final defender on that play, but your stats show that Turner gave up only 2 points to Deron.

I agree that Jrue is better than Iguodala at moving his feet and cutting off penetration. My point is that Jrue probably wasn't going to get a chance to do that down the stretch, because the Nets were setting picks for Deron at that point. If the instruction from the coach was "switch all picks," Jrue wouldn't have been the final defender on any of those plays either.

I don't really recall more than one or two plays in crunchtime where Iguodala was the final defender on Deron. There was one play early in the 4th where Iguodala lost him through a series of screens where Deron hit an open jumper. And it's possible that Jrue might have done a better job on Deron on the play that led to the Morrow 3 with 1:08 left (don't really remember what happened there). But to me, this wasn't like the Denver game where Miller beat Iguodala repeatedly.

I don't have synergy or my notes here, but I think that was the play where jodie switched onto him, right?

Deron hit a 3 in OT on Meeks, I assume that was the 3 you charged to Meeks. I'm almost certain there was a long 3 with Turner being the final defender, looks like you charged that to Iguodala. I don't have the game on DVR any more, but I'd be curious as to how many possessions down the stretch Iguodala remained the primary defender on Deron and either needed help or got scored on.

Iguodala was forced to play center for a long stretch as well.

Commented on the wrong thread above.

Yeah, I think you're right, it was a switch.

This game was depressing. I am used to seeing the Sixers shutout the opposing team's best guard. In the last two weeks couldn't stop Deron, Lebron or Andre Miller. I could accept us not being able to defend Roy Hibbert, Bosh, or Paul Milsap. But I thought Dre, Jrue, and ET were supposed to be good defenders.

They are good defenders - but there are also good players on other teams...it happens...they had an off night

Um - Lebron isn't a guard

At the same time, Iguodala, touted often as a mobile freak athlete defensive titan, needs to pay his club dues when team is confronted by dominant turns of Miller, James & Williams. He's come up small lately. Man on fire? Step up, fireman!

Over that same span, he turned two teams' leading scoring into sniveling piles of goo. James had a good game against him, and was his man (for most of the game, at least). Miller and Williams he was switched onto after they'd already done most of their damage.

If an opponent is killing Sixers as aforementioned 3 were, Mr. Dynamo D needs to volunteer for service - and serve well, stop the bleeding. Or else the praise is merely hype.

"Sniveling piles of goo"? Curious, to whom are you referring? 'Two dribbles and shoot' Joe Johnson? The great Nick Young? Good night's work but hardly dragon slaying.

Didn't really count Nick Young. Counted Joe Johnson, who was scoring 25/game since Horford's injury coming into the game, and scored 25 and 28 the next two games. And Gallinari, who scored 21, 37 and 23 in the three games since scoring 3 against Iguodala.

I'm fascinated how the hatred allows people to selectively only notice when he has a down defensive game and yet never notices the good ones...it's impressive

False charge.

Tip: If you place your hands over your eyes, you can't read the bad news.

Admittedly both good jobs. Seems to have Johnson's number. You know how that goes - - style matchup, comfort. He did turn Gallinari into goo, but holds a quickness advantage there - - prevent the catch, muzzle the shot, make him drive.

But he was needed against Nuggets, Heat, Nets. Was ordinary.

Actually, he wasn't needed against the Nets. Jrue was doing a fine job. And he did his job against the Nuggets, he just didn't do someone else's job as well.

34 points, 11 assists; OT loss to a 5-13 team... looks like a job for a defensive ace/stopper went unfilled.

You're right. He sucks at defense because he can't stop everybody, everytime. More so, since he can't stop everybody all the time he is not a defensive stopper. He also can't score 20ppg, and he think he's Kobe.

Philly.com is just begging for you to come back to it. Don't fight the urge, Mr. Oppressed.

You're right, it's a compacted season and while other players on other teamas have off nights due to being tired, or having a nick, it's unacceptable for him to ever have an off night

Hmmn. Should my boycott of Bleacher Report extend to people who work there and try to connect w/ me via LinkedIn?

Sharone Wright on Jan 26 at 12:16

What was also depressing was seeing Deron Williams take over at the end of the game the way I have been hoping Jrue (or someone else on our team) can do. Jrue has a long way to go.

Tim (Philly)

Discuss the Dwight Howard to Philadelphia scenario? If Brand gets amnesty, could be an enticing fit.
John Hollinger
(12:34 PM)

No chance of happening unless Dwight develops a fondness for cheesesteaks. Ditto for OKC, Chicago, Minnesota and all the other people trying to explain to me why Dwight should want to go there. Perhaps he should, but he doesn't. End of story.

That sounds about right. The more important issue is the role, not the player, and really that is only true because the 76ers aren't in the superstar business. Howard just so happens to be the most spectacular player in that role.

My fear moving forward is that Brand is probably in his last year as a starter and there no legitimate or even potential starter behind him (assuming Vuce starts in then middle). Howard erases the need to have that prototypcal four which made Young an option even if he were behind a token starter due to "bench energy" reasons.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 16:30

But the problem is that if Otis decides not to trade him and Deron leaves for Dallas, Howard choices are limited and he would have to expand his "wish list". I hope some idiot team like Golden State will trade for Howard causing NJ to panic and trade Deron.

Championship wise, I wouldn't mid seeing Howard getting traded to OKC or Chicago. I would have to stop watching the NBA if he decides to go to NJ, NYK, or LA

what are their options for a free agent center right now? Pryzbilla? i don't know if he even played last year. they are wasting roster spots on Battie and Brackins if neither can get onto the court in the 4th when Thad is forced to play center.

There will be a SixersBeat tonight at 9:30 pm. Running to a meeting now, will put up a post later with the info. If you have any questions, leave them here for now.

Koufos gets a 3YR/$9M extension from DEN - I'm terrified at what that projects for Hawes.

I'm not worried about it - either the sixers are dumb or he's on another team next year - replaced by voose

Stan reply to CM on Jan 26 at 16:13

When we sign Dwight, I wouldn't mind having Hawes as our backup C, I'm guessing $4-5 million/year for 3 years?


Voose will do the same thing - on a rookie salary

Good point. I wouldn't mind seeing what Hawes would go for on the open market if this team happens to regress by mid-season.

I wouldn't mind seeing him back on the floor in a Sixers uniform some time in the next week.

Prior to this season I would've called myself crazy for agreeing with you. However, he's been a better version of himself while healthy. I just don't see him as the long-term answer at the center position. I'm sure most people on here would agree with this.
I like the point you mentioned earlier about how Collins shouldn't have designed so much of the offense to run through him. It didn't seem like this was the case last season. Especially considering his (lack of) minutes.

It wasn't, but they also struggled at times on offense last season. There are going to be ups and downs, they're #6 in the league right now, if they finish in the top 10 I'll be thrilled.

I wasn't sure how much that was attributed to the team getting used to the new system at the beginning of the season last year, the relatively limited use of Hawes on offense, and/or Jrue's still developing as a PG, among other factors.

I would be pleased with top 10 on offense. If they stay healthy they should easily be top 10 on defense, and thus a more intimidating playoff team.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 17:49

Ohhhh. I see what you did there

There's going to be money somehwere for Hawes, I'm just hoping that the sixers aren't duped by the classic contract year performance boost.

good article on the deadline deals:


this sentense surprised me-

Roughly half the league’s teams can work their way this summer to enough cap room to fit a max-level contract, though several of those teams would have to use the amnesty clause and/or renounce the rights to their own free agents to make it happen.

didnt realize so many teams could have that much cap room like we would if we amnesty brand.

Gerald Henderson (tailbone) has been ruled out for Friday's Bobcats game against the 76ers.

B.J. Mullens (hand) has not been ruled out, but head coach Paul Silas has said he will start DeSagana Diop at C against the 76ers on Friday

i hope silas plays Bismack more then diop(who gained 500 pounds)

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