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Turtle Bay on Jan 26 at 17:50

With Voose and Hawes out, what do you see as the optimal minutes breakdown for the bigs/the bench. Particularly, how many minutes would you like to see Thad, Brand, Battie, and Allen play, and at what positions (if you think going small with Iguodala at the 4 should be used for stretches)? Also, should Evan Turner get extended minutes because of his rebounding ability?

If Hawes and the Voose are out for this important stretch of games next week, what can the sixers do to adjust appropriately so as to have a better chance against these much tougher teams?

I hope the answer doesn't rhyme with Nelson or Gladzuric.

Go down to south philly - hire a 'guy named vinny' with a baseball bat - send him to the parking lots of the practice facilities of teams with upcoming games against the sixers?

Iguodala's stat line in the last 7 minutes of the NJ game says 0/3 + 1 reb. Nothing else. Can you guys comment that.

Also, we are 2-10 in OT including last year, if I'm not mistaken. Thoughts?

Brian I would like to give you guys a quick call, is it possible from here? is it a "normal" US phone number or a toll free or something? I forgot how it works, I apologize. I'd use Skype if possible.

It's just a normal US phone number.

thx, waiting for the details then. Later

Is there a buy out of Noc's team option that will count toward the cap?

Curious what you guys think the Atlantic Division race will shape up. Not even who wins or loses, but do you think it will be a dogfight with one of the supposed three best teams left out? Will the Knicks or Celtics catch the Sixers and battle them?

For anyone else who is interested in the Knicks, found this to be a pretty good in-depth analysis to why they suck offensively:


Amare's shooting from 10-23 feet has been astonishingly bad, and live those shots don't look close.

Why does Doug Collins hate @thekidet? In the same breath, why is he head-over-heels for Jodie Meeks? Is there any answer other than that stretch-the-floor BS we get fed?

good Q, I also didn't understand why Meex was kept in for the first f'n EIGHT min in the 3rd last night, while he was doing nearly nothing and we were needing a shake, some energy (= Thad).
Turner, that btw would have helped our poor rebounding more, was put in for Jrue (...) just 2 min before that substitution.
Also, isn't Lou Williams' 3.20 a/TO ratio (fifth in the NBA !) one of the most surprising stats so far?

Please prove that Doug Collins hates evan turner before asking the question

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 22:09

He doesn't have to prove anything, he can ask whatever he wants. If Brian and Derek disagree with it, or just don't want to address it at all, they can handle it. This isn't your website.

I see - so he's allowed to ask a qustion - but I'm not allowe to ask him a question?


Anthony reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 22:36

Simply look at Jodie's PT. Not only his PT, actually, but also WHEN he plays. No reason for him to be on the floor for the last two possessions of a game on the defensive end of the floor. Doug never wanted Evan on this team and everyone knows it. Don't get me wrong: I'm an enormous DC supporter but this Meeks thing has to end.

Or we're looking at one or two incidents that people who have already decide about are using to prove their already concluded point

post hoc ergo propter hoc

I really don't think doug collins hates anyone - he has no use for players who don't practice, try hard, give effort on the defensive end (i said effort, i didn't say play defense well :) and that's why speights is gone...but i don't believe he hates evan turner

I believe evan turner is still an under developed nba player and that doug collins is coaching short term versus long term - and while i don't approve of it - nor do i want him to be the coach - it's ludicrous to ascribe hate to him - it would be asinine of Collins to not play players who could help him win because he didn't like them - now who YOU think helps the team win and who HE thinks helps the team win might not mesh - but it's not hatred...coaches who 'hate' players won't keep jobs

Look - i have a problem with the word 'hate' - it's a pretty damn strong word - and i think people use it too much and incorrectly - if you don't feel collins uses Turner correctly - that's fine - but it's not personal - there's no actual evidence that is' ACTUALLY personal (and no not wanting to draft him isn't evidence to me - coaches don't draft - they coach the team they are given to try and win as many games as possible - pure and simple)

The word hate is diminished every time it's used so foolishly and inappropriately. I don't agree with a lot of things that Doug Collins (and the sixers) do but I don't really think they ever do it out of hate

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 23:08

Do you think he really meant "hate" in the true sense of the word or do you think it was just hyperbole? Just for future reference, if I post something along the line of "Fuck Lou Williams, he fucking sucks. Worst player ever, get him off the court!" I probably won't mean it, it will just be an emotional reaction after a contested step-back jumper at the end of a quarter or something. So no need to start an argument over my choice of words. For the record, Lou doesn't fucking suck.

It's been stated repeatedly by numerous peole here that doug hates evan turner - so yes I think he means it - if he didn't he could choose a different word - and as for the rest fo what you said - sounds like a personal problem to me, you might wanna look into those anger issues

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 23:19

Yeah I'll do that. Me and every person in this country with the rare habit of cursing during sporting events will attend a very large group therapy session together to address our anger.

Da Jruth reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 23:15

"Look - i have a problem with the word 'hate' - it's a pretty damn strong word - and i think people use it too much and incorrectly..."

You've got to be kidding... Look in the mirror much?

"The word hate is diminished every time it's used so foolishly and inappropriately."

Checked your tongue, thoughts, keyboard lately? Attenuate often?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 23:52

The colloquial use of the word hate has evolved to something less intense then when us old folk were growing up. It is more often used in the context of "stop hating on... " as opposed to a "hate crime. "

The language evolves and we have to get used to that or else be at risk of sounding like a crochety old stick in the mud.

Orlando is blowing the Celts doors off in the first. Hope they keep it up.

can u hear me? I'm calling through Skype

BTW - for giggles and grins - the 'conspiracy' theorists can talk now - lebron back to cleveland in 2013 :)


what's the conspiracy?

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