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No Sense of Urgency

Hasheem Thabeet via trade? He's everyone's favorite punching bag, but as a rookie he played 13 minutes a game, shot 59% (including a few like 4 for 5, 4 for 6, 4 for 7, 5 for 7, a 4 for 4 game), averaged 3.6 rebounds and 1.3 blocks.

If he can get 1 block and 3-4 boards in 13 minutes, that is enough for me.

Court_visioN reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 0:08

I think Thabeet's being paid too much for what he's worth right now, no?

5 mil with a substantial part of the season already gone, doesn't seem so bad to me. If we play him 20 min a game I bet he'd average 2 blocks 6 boards. That's better than what Kendrick Perkins averages in 27 minutes, and he has a 40mil contract.

Another idea would be former Thorn draftee Sean Williams. Dallas isn't even dressing him. Thorn threw him off the Nets for a reason that we'll never know so this seems unlikely.

Tray reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 0:20

Yeah, that's because he's busy starring for their D-League affiliate.

Ugh, again? They already know he can dominate the D-league, he did it last year, he's an NBA-level talent. I wish we'd trade our garbage 2d rounders from the Speights trade for him, but I'm sure we won't.

Tray reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 0:53

I think they might like him too much to take our garbage 2nd rounders. Dallas's sending him there isn't about what they think of him. Mahinmi and Haywood have both been pretty solid, they're 3rd in the league in defense so they're not in desperate need of a volatile shot-blocker on the roster, and they have Odom, Brandan Wright, and Yi Jianlian in the rotation too. Not too sure what they saw in Yi, but I don't think they need an extra PF/C right now. If one of their centers goes down, they can bring him back up.

Spencer for hire on Jan 27 at 7:46

Brian, I believe Gadzurich would be a good signing but I hope they keep whoever they sign for the rest of the year and use that last roster spot. It would be dumb not to have enough bodies to practice and rest guys over this condensed schedule.

Actually, the fact that they haven't signed a 14th guy so far this season has given me some hope that they might be working on a trade that might require those additional roster spots for some other teams garbage packaged with a good player.

And the roster spot itself is not the biggest issue. Signing even a minimum salary guy might impact the amount of salary they can take back in a deal according to the new cap regulations. I hope if Thorn decides to make a move he will think about every single possible scenario.

I've been saying for weeks that we need to sign another big but more than that, as Brian mentioned, where is Thorn's head? I mean, hasn't Doug mentioned a few million times the need for depth especially in this shortened season? Yet, here we are...having to put out a ridiculous line-up against the Wiz when our current "bigs" fouled out? Further, it should be questioned why, given this need, why isn't Thorn looking to bring in a younger player with more upside to the team than 2 more aged scrubs who bring even less than Battie! Xsago...as much as I would love to share your optimism that Thorn is working on a larger deal, I just can't! As his pursuit of these two tomato-cans & his failure to get more for Speights would indicate, Thorn's abilities as a GM are sadly diminished!

from twitter:

Michael Preston #Sixers announce signing of veteran center Francisco Elson. He will wear no. 16 and is at morning practice. The roster now stands at 14.

Ugh. Is this the best they can do?

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