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There Are No Easy Ones

I'd like to see them attack Diaw, especially with Thad. He should be able to repeatedly blow by him.

According to Jorge Sierra on Twitter, the sixers have signed Elson...

Maybe this would help Jrue

Coach Byron Scott said if the Cavs commit a turnover in practice, he makes them run suicide drills. They have committed more turnovers than any team in the league.

Matt Carroll. Luckiest sonofagun on the face of the earth. In his 9th season. A shooting guard with 2,921 career points. Remuneration: over 22 million dollars. $7,531.67 per point scored! His agent is, without any doubt, a talking thunderbolt.

Why did Iguodala think a right-side shot off an iso launched by his ulna bone w/1:16-left Q4 was a good idea? His consecutive in-close OT misses rankle too. Scoring game has slipped after a hot 3-pt shooting start.

Collins has energized club but has refitted team to 'democratic guessing' when a bucket is needed - confusion, not a good "crunch time" way to import Ws. Settle on your closer, settle more scores.

If Sixers lose tonight's game, given slew of Bobcat players who are unavailable, Sixers' inherent motivation to restore pride and Friday night home crowd support, Collins should be fired before he reaches the parking lot.

Ryan F reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 27 at 12:31

Your comments remind me of Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce. Confused and unsure of why I read it in the first place.

Saying Collins should be fired if he loses a game minus two of his three worthy front court players is ridiculous.

Maybe, like Joyce, being drunk helps make it clear?

Ryan F, you Irish potato, which of the 4 paragraphs weren't you able to comprehend? I'll see what I can do for your jumbledness, even though I suspect it's Ulysses to talk to you.

Scott reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 27 at 13:09

I don't mind your ranting, but it seems you still haven't figured out the whole "reply" button thing. Its cool and all, but just so you know you can hit "reply" and it'll help organize the thread.

I just bought tickets to the game tonight. If we lose to the Bobcats, I might riot.

Tray reply to Scott on Jan 27 at 13:48

Actually I find this whole reply system very disorganized, and would prefer a single list of comments.

Gentlemanly advice. Thanks. I'll put that under my hat. Still working through the thicket of technological change. Stalled at multi-coloration of Bic pens, been catchin' up since.

Enjoy tonight's live performance by bandleader Doug Collins & his Swizzle Stick Orchestra. Rave on!

Ryan F reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 27 at 13:58

A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals to discovery.

I like that. The ultimate CYA. Was that Slim Pickins or Slim Whitman?

Ryan F reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 27 at 14:24

Ha. An Ottis Whitman reference. Only you.

Its from Ulysses, believe it was SD, but not certain.

Ryan F reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 27 at 13:33


Ranking Sixers' only #16s:

1. end-of-the-road HOF-er Bailey Howell
2. Mercury/Gemini/Apollo astronaut Jumpin' Johnny Green
3. castoff-to-Graceland Marreese Speights
4. 'too quiet' journeyman George "Jiff" Wilson
5. recycled Pollyanna Francisco Elson

Who needs Dwight Howard when you have Francisco Elson?

I was just about to write another disparaging comment about Elson (overall people really seem happy with his acquisition, eh?), but maybe he really does understand the rotations and he'll be just what they need to help them skate by until the Big 2 come back...?

Really? I've been out all day, haven't read any reactions. Who's happy? Seems like they just went with a guy they were somewhat familiar who will give you nothing over a guy they don't know as well, who may have given you a little something. Maybe Gadzuric was out of shape or something, but I doubt it. Elson involved the least work.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 17:53

Wait, why do we know Elson better than Gadzuric?

Elson played here.

Isn't this a Sixers blog?

bobcats play by play man, @BobcatsMartin: Hendo will give it a go tonight he and Boris will start

Good for them. Put Iguodala on Henderson right from the opening tip.

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