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Gerald Henderson will play tonight

Bobcats starters tonight: Walker, Henderson, Thomas, Diaw, Diop

if dre guards henderson then meeks would have to guard thomas

Maybe you put Iguodala there and put Jrue on Hendo, so Jodie can play Kemba, even though that sounds awful too. Weird team with the mismatches.

Then again you'd have Thomas on Iguodala on the other end. If he's making jumpers that's a mismatch. So is Jrue going to work against Kemba.

sooner reply to Rich on Jan 27 at 18:30

If kemba is on jrue most of the night I expect a big night out of jrue on the offensive end.

on the other side of the coin, if Meeks is guarding Kemba, Kemba will have a monster game, and if Meeks is guarding Henderson, then Henderson will have a monster game? Am I a hater? Yeah. Am I a broken record? Yeah. But who isn't on a sixer blog, right?

sooner reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 18:45

well hopefully if that happens doug will recognize it quickly and get evan a lot of minutes

I don't have much faith in that. Since Meeks whined about getting only 16 minutes against the Knicks, he's averaged over 30 minutes a game. Guess it worked.

Tray reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 18:49

Both of these mediocre players suit up against poor defenders all the time and don't go off.

Coulda said the same thing about Andre Miller before he played us. If Kemba gets Meeks he's gonna have his breakout game tonight.

Rich reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 18:57

Jodie had some real success against these guys last year offensively. We'll see how it shakes out.

Did anybody hear how Thad is doing? I haven't heard that he is out, so is he 100%?

I'm hoping biyombo gets a decent amount of minutes, haven't seen him play yet

I am suffering from Hawes withdrawal. I'm missin my main man. Would've liked to have seen him body up Biyombo.

If hawes bodied up Biyombo it'd be the first time he bodied someone up this season (if ever)

Welp i guess it makes sense that CSN did have video in the pregame of the one realize he and Malik were teammates on that last Spur championship team though, means we may be in for some interesting #shitmaliksays...

wow this ate like half of my comment..."of the one basket Elson scored here last time...he and Malik ..." but whatever, gametime now

will smith is at the game

Weird - just the other day I was going to ask if he shows up at games often since I'm pretty sure he lives in LA most of the time?

As for the Meeks/Kemba matchup. Kemba has been absolutely terrible this season. If he winds up taking 20+ shots, I like the Sixers' chances.

And we're off...Battie loses the tip.

Jrue on Kemba, AI9 on Thomas, Meeks on Henderson to start.

Looks like a pretty small crowd. I'm surprised, I thought those stupid bobblehead giveaways usually help ticket sales.

Up 5-0, but 2 offensive boards on two possessions for los cats de bob.

2 offensive rebounds for the bobcats already

Battie w/ the follow dunk! Didn't realize he could dunk.

Jrue. Not a great shot, but it fell. I can't hear a word the announcers are saying, again.

At this point it's almost EVERY Comcast broadcast which to me means it's on purpose to try and make the crowd sound louder - should complain to owner boy on his twitter feed

over/under 5.5 more camera shots at will smith

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:16

Battie telling 'Cisco to wait his turn. heh

good d

Jrue dribbles around a lot again, this time gets in the lane and finishes, though. Better.

thats the shot jrue needs to add to his game



haha damn jrue's chuckin

since when could diop do that

EB should be able to work against Diaw. Only one touch so far, no shot.

NICE board by AI9....and Jrue then passes out of bounds for some reason...

That was a good feed, AI9 wasn't looking.

Ugh, should've been a dunk, Iguodala wasn't looking for the pass.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:21

Jodie with the drive and kick? i'll take it

Clock hasn't stopped in like 5 minutes.

Walker and Henderson combine for an 0 for 5 start, so far I have been way off ...

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:23

Yeah, Jrue gave a good pass on that one Dre whiffed.

Meeks has three boards already, coming off a career-high 8 against NJ.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 19:26

4 now

don't do that jodie

So that's the play called in the timeout? Contested Meeks 20-footer.

Lavoy from 20. P&P w/ Lou.

My feed froze, did Lou miss that teardrop?

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 19:26

Yup. He was almost too open.

Ugh. Should've dunked it, or at least tried. Probably get the +1.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 19:27


eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:26

Lavoy doing work. Rare assist.

Meeks is the only remaining starter.

And Lou tried to dunk it that time :)

Meeks w/ the +1 on a 20-foot runner.

I thought BJ was out.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:30

3 the hard way, Jodie.

That Bobcats beat writer apparently doesn't have a solid source.

Lou hits on an afterthought.

Surprised Lou didn't jack that three for a two-for-one. Kinda wish he had, now.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:32

Come on Lou.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:33

Heck of a quarter. Wish their energy level would have been like this Wed night.

Big Will on Jan 27 at 19:34

10 pts. For the Bobs. Good D & putrid O.

PHI 23, CHA 10 after one.

Could've actually been better, but I'll take up 13. Three more like that one.

Oh, come on. Jrue has Matt Carroll on him...and he walks. Ugh. Go back to that mercilessly, please.

savy move by thad

If Thad didn't get that bunny I think Collins would've called the TO.

Shit, Jrue. Can't lose him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:38

Ugh, ET finally looks ahead for a outlet pass, but turnover.

jrue don't help off of carrol in the corner

4 straight for them, all jumpers.

Lou +1. Again he wasn't decided when he left his feet, threw it up when he got the contact.

Come on, D.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:40

Good take Lou.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:41

The bench looks to have less energy than the starters for once.

That's two uncharacteristically bad defensive plays by Turner here: A bad gamble that leads to a Carroll three and somehow letting Brown get into the lane for a floater (He won't go right, no reason to let him get to his left).

Just saw an NBA commercial with Dudley described as "NBA legend."

Wow, great board and feed from Lavoy for the Thad dunk.


Bobcats already out scoring their first quarter after 3 minutes

Man, Lou just smoked Kemba.

Lou again, +1!

Lavoy is all over the offensive glass.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:44

Lou, they just might not have anybody that can stay with you. Good attack.

Big Will on Jan 27 at 19:44

LaVoy is a beast tonight!

Ok that 10-9-8-76ers song just might be the lamest thing I've ever heard...Lavoy is in there as center instead of the new guy? and the Bobcats are really that bad at rebounding?

Da Jruth reply to das411 on Jan 27 at 19:46

Don't disrespect. Classic.

Lavoy so active right now.

Biyombo in.

Henderson drive on turner.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:45

I will be damn. Lavoy o-board and Lou again!

Keep attacking Lou.

Can't now.

Jrue to the line. Was that so hard?

for some reason biyombo wearing #0 makes me like him more

what a pass by iggy

WOW. Tick-tac-toe for the slam!

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:47

Dre! man they're possessed tonight

great offense. jrue made the best pass on that play

Rich reply to sooner on Jan 27 at 19:52

Really a great point guard play. Knew Biyombo could recover but also knew he had the ability to shake him for a second. Drew pretty the whole defense into the paint and whipped a lefty pass back out.

AI9 to Meeks.

Good decision by Jrue not to take that corner three, because Biyombo would've swatted it into the 10th row.

Lookin' good.

That is some beautiful basketball. Partly made possible by the B-League opponent. Enjoyable mom the less.

I'll be happy if Elson gets about 10 minutes tonight.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:51

Will these guys get to 75? Defense is above par, though it is a bad team.

Comparing ET defending vs Iggy and it is night and day different. Iguodala looks like plasticman out there.

Jodie having another monster game against an awful team. Someone let me know when he plays well against a good team,

Did Elson just say he called the Sixers?

Silas wanted to get to home in time for room service, apparently.

not good jrue

Jrue, gotta get a dunk out of that play.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:53

Elson wants to get a job, not help a team win. Get a job? Shit, I don't blame you man.

What trash from Diaw.

He just yanked Jrue because he was screaming for him to get the ball to EB on that last possession and Jrue didn't do it until too late, I think.

sooner reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 19:57

at this point i think doug needs to stop doing that with jrue. I know he's still very young but this is his second season as doug's starting pg don't treat him like high school freshmen

It was also a 9-minute run, so maybe I'm reading too much into it. May have been his time to come out anyway.

sooner reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:00

although he brought him back pretty quick

OK, push this lead the rest of the half.

Great extra pass by Iguodala, he had that corner three, but Meeks was clean.

South Broad reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 19:57


same thing Malik copied that time

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 19:56


That one was kind of lazy, Lou. You've got some lazy capital saved up though w/ your play earlier in the half.

Atta boy, Jrue. Nice look up, ET.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:02

Jrue's just picking his spots tonight. Wish he'd just do that every night. And not be so forceful at times.

PHI 59, CHA 37 at the half.

Second quarter wasn't quite as good, but I'll take it. Up 22 at the half works for me. Defense wasn't good in second, but they scored 36.

1,2,3,4,5 sixers.......

Phil reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:44

Turner no FGA so far. Brand just 5. Would like to see both a bit more involved.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:03

1,2,3,4,5 Sixers ... got to let it play ... heh

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 20:10

Whew, that's hard and I'm embarassed by it ... '81, '82, '83? That tune was a pump me upper back then, make you want to go out-back to the dirt court and fire away!..... Or concrete.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 20:18

Had to be '83 though now that I reminisce about it. Moses Malone. Fo' Fo' Fo'!

Held under 60.

Jrue is the leader for POTG, w/ Lou on his heels. I'm thinking Lou probably has the edge heading into the second half, he'll get garbage time burn.

it be nice to see jrue limit his long 2's and get in the paint and start to distribute more this half

I'm sorry if I'm the only one who think this, but these blowouts are going to be bad for us in the long run. They are not preparing us to play against better teams, or in close games.

I'm not saying they can do anything about it, you have to play hard every minute. You can't let up on a team just because they suck. I just don't like that it' happening.

I'd very much prefer they blow out the Bobcats tonight, especially considering they have a back-to-back and they're already thin up front.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:12

I'm not just talking about tonight's game. This has just been a weird season. I can't get excited about blowouts anymore.

Da Jruth reply to MCT on Jan 27 at 20:14

That's sad.

I feel this as well. Blowouts against bad teams mean nothing. They help get us to the playoffs, but we already made the playoffs last year. Anything short of a second-round appearance this year is a disappointment. And until we prove we can win a close game (which, under Collins, we haven't), I don't see us winning a playoff series.

So you'd prefer it if they played down to their competition? That's really sound logic.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:21

I don't think we can do anything but play hard like we have been doing.

I just don't like how our schedule has been set up. We get these awful teams all lined up in a row and pile up the wins, and then we look like a different team after.

Where did I say I prefer it? I just said the blowouts don't mean anything to me. Big whoop, we blew out another bad team. Doesn't mean anything for the playoffs, we need to prove we can win close games.

You agreed w/ the guy who said he wishes these games were closer.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:28

What I wish is that they didn't set up our schedule so that we play 4 awful teams in one week, and then 3 tough teams the week after. i don't think that's so unreasonable.

I'm not saying I want to go to OT against the Bobcats.

Yeah I did not read that from MCT's comment. He was lamenting that we're playing all these garbage teams and blowing them out, giving the team a false sense of dominance when in fact it means nothing.

If blowouts against bad teams and wins against teams missing players due to injury don't mean anything, then losses to teams when we aren't at full strength shouldn't mean anything either. Can't have it both ways.

We are 12-1 in blowouts and 0-5 in close games, both at full strength and with injuries. That means something.

That's all of the games, and we haven't been at full strength in all of the games.

Yes I realize that. My point is that we have performed the same in close games with or without injuries. We've won blowouts even with injured men down. We've lost close games with everyone healthy.

Portland and Utah are the only close games we've played at full strength.

Yup. The only thing that was uniform in all 5 games was questionable decision-making. And that occurs in close games whether we're healthy or not. Last year's team was healthy throughout and we still stunk in close games.

South Broad reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 20:32

Small sample size, not mentioning it's early. Let it play out more.

Fair, but we had the same problems in close games last year. It's mainly due to Doug Collins' poor end-of-game coaching in my opinion. Isolations for Iggy, refusing to double-team the hot hand, refusing to feed our own hot hand, not calling timeout in a final possession to advance the ball and set up a play, etc.

South Broad reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 20:37

Coaches learn, as well as players.

So far he hasn't. The dude is in his sixties right? He's had like four different coaching stints. Would've learned by now I think. Hope I'm wrong.

Go back and look up his record in close games in his three other coaching stops if you want to make this argument. For now, just drop it. There's a game going on.

Da Jruth reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:43


Charlie H reply to spiller27 on Jan 27 at 23:08

Are you fucking kidding me? DC knows the game as well as anybody in the world. This guy has studied it, lived it, taught it since he was 12 years old. He's never done anything else. He was all brains, skill & heart as a player - you think he's forgotten how the game is played? I know he's made mistakes, had some failures, but it's a tough league & you are gonna lose on a pretty regular basis for at least part of your career unless you're Phil Jackson. You're gonna choose bad match-ups sometimes. But sometimes, you realize that not every player is gonna play well that day and you keep a guy in to see if he can play through it. You think Collins doesn't see that Meeks is sucking and Lou is chomping at the bit to get in? Maybe he thinks they're gonna win anyway and they don't need Lou there. He's gotta build the make-ups of these guys, that's the whole thing. Make them uneasy, make them watch somebody else play their minutes. Nobody's a star on this team. To him it's a work crew. He's using his pieces to make the best team for the long run, the run being the season. ("It's a marathon not a sprint.") There is no more focused coach in the league. There is no coach less dependent on placating stars, and he likes that, any coach would. There is no coach with more enthusiasm, and I don't care what anybody says, that does count for something - see Mike D'Antoni or Flip. (Not that I blame either one.) And there is no coach with more guts - you'll see.

Da Jruth reply to Charlie H on Jan 27 at 23:10


THIS is an excellent post...although it's a little like saying Charlie Manuel is the best manager in the NL this season now that every other good manager ever has finally retired...

Yeah, look at where this team was 2 year ago before getting too critical. They used to lose routinely to bad teams. Now they beat bad teams. Next step will be translating some of that consistent play to match up against better teams. Then get the star they need to put them over the top.

If they truly are going the Pistons route, then they are right now in the pre-Rasheed era...

tk76 reply to MCT on Jan 27 at 20:11

They are killing the by driving and finishing in the lane instead of settling on too many long 2's. Also aggressive hands on D. Both are things that help against good and bad teams.

I think against good teams they get a little tight and start settling for more long jumpers. While this game Lou and Jrue are taking it o the rim.

If CHA only had a guy who was born to block shots :)

Biyombo played 3 minutes.

MCT reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 20:13

Until I see them win a close game, or a game against a good team who has all of their players active, I am going to disagree with you on that.

What? He agreed with you, then you disagreed with him agreeing with you.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:18

I misread his comment, I thought he was saying that by playing the right way in these blowout games it should help us prepare for games against good teams. I was saying that it hasn't done that.

and isn't every minute that they play the night shift...or second or third shift or Lavoy shift...a minute less the starters play, a minute more they'll be fresh at the end of the season, and a minute less likely they'll get hurt somehow?

MCT reply to das411 on Jan 27 at 20:25

The "night shift" is just as good as the starters so they should get even minutes regardless. No one should be playing 40+ minutes even in the close games.

Celts are coming on strong. Up by 9 on Indy right now. They win, they're at .500.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:13

Yeah, those damn Celts are a coming together. Still long way to go though, and them there legs aren't as stable. It'll show, you watch. There will be an inordinate amount of injuries this year.

good ball movement bad shot by jodie

jrue does not get fucking calls

It should be a tech if you yell "and one" and your shot doesn't even touch the rim.

Early sub here, Lou for Jrue?

there ya go jrue

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:23

Jrue abusing.

Really don't like that sub.

sooner reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:25

i think doug has blinders on when lou is having a good game. He feels a need to ride his "hot" hand

sooner reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:25

or he could just be monitoring minutes i don't know

That seemed punitive to me. Didn't like the turnover Jrue made.

Meeks has been awful this quarter, btw.

He doesn't want anyone scoring all-star level points

Jrue back in for Meeks. Maybe he's just going to yank guys whenever they turn the ball over.

Jrue rushed that three, knew it wasn't going to fall. He needs to be set or go right off the dribble w/ his body inline.

Good D by Jrue on that play. Get a fucking rebound, huh?

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:33

Lavoy, Dre feed.

and the jumper to fix the net on the next play, from Lou.

Probably the only shot inside 21 ft this qtr. That and the blocked EB look.

Jrue had the layup right before he got yanked, too.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:33

Lavoy has that 15 ft'er downpat like Hawes and Vuc? heh

That was an important little spurt there. CHA cut it to 16. Sixers push back to 23 w/ the 7-0 run.

didn't get the o board but good hustle from lavoy there

Don't save the ball under your own hoop, AI9. Fundamental.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:38

Lou is getting to the line at will. Wish he'd always look to do that. Pick and choose more.

Jrue, you're not going to get that shot off w/ Biyombo out on you.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:39

Um, Dre, you just went right into him there. ugh

He was still moving - one of his feet wasn't even on the damn ground - the replay showed it - yes dre may have ben a bit out of control - but the defender was not set

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 20:46


more of that jrue

great find by Jrue. Thad w/ the flush. Finish the quarter.

sooner reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:41

i feel like teams show way to early when jrue is handling the pick and roll, that was very good recognition there. he needs to do that more to keep the opposing d honest


eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:40

Jrue set em up man. Good pass

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:42

Yeah it's over and done with, but I have no idea why these guys didn't do this to New Jersey the other night.

PHI 77, CHA 51 after three.

Solid end to an unremarkable quarter. Push it to 30 quick, then rest the starters for tomorrow night.

Do the cats get 70?

Evan Turner sighting

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:44

Really would like to see him go deep right here w/ a run for Noc and Brack.

Jrue back out again after a sloppy play where he didn't turn it over?

Atta boy, Thad.

Noc at the four and Thad at the five. Hmmn.

he got a haircut?

Mullet be gone. It worked for Hawes.

If you get outrebounded by the Sixers, you now you're a small team.

Phil reply to Phil on Jan 27 at 20:49


Well if you're still counting gross rebounds as a way to determine who is the better rebounding team that is

Phil reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 21:06

hard to watch right now with all the calls and the shitty offense.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:48

Noc! Light em up....

So when does this game officially become 4th string-proof?

It is right now. Someone go dust off Elson.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:51

he's got a job. put him on the clock

Shooter's roll for Turner. Think that's the first time I've ever written that.

Noc completely out of control, to the line.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 20:55

ET has such problems with athletic defenders like Henderson.

MCT reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 20:57

He got a shot off that he could have made.

tk76 reply to MCT on Jan 27 at 21:02

Talking about a number of possessions this game (and others.) He had the issue in college and still has some work to do to overcome it. I remember he had a hard time scoring against the athletes on Tenn during the NCAA's.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 21:04

To his credit ET does defend and rebound well against bigger and more athletic players.

That's what you can hang your hat on for ET when his shot is not falling, which is frequent. To his credit tho.

CHA still doesn't have a FG this quarter. I'd like to see the fourth string keep the defensive intensity up. Goal is to keep them under 70.

Should've pulled the trigger, Noc.

why is lou still in?

sooner reply to sooner on Jan 27 at 20:57

and there ya go

Wow, maybe the Bobcats really are this bad...but how did this Sixer team lose to the Nets???

Lavoy Allen - reggie evans but with a little touch? That would be nice

Someone woke up Brackins. Yikes!

Zeus reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 21:33

Release the Brackins !!!

I missed the old Noce-travel.

What's with all these fouls not being called unless the shot is missed

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:58

Ask for the scrubs in the writeup, get the scrubs. Check.

Turner got hammered on that drive. He's pissed. Collins is pissed as well.

Nice move by Lavoy.

...and how long until the crowd realizes they are not nearly on pace to get any big macs?

They're playing like fucking scrubs here. I'd be tempted to call a timeout if I was Collins to tell them to get their shit together.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 20:59

Lavoy plays well against shitty teams, I'll give him that. May be on to more, who knows?

Allen for POTG!

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 21:00

Lou and Tony proud for Andres. heh

Juan Pierre is not a big signing - shut up

pistons up 10 against the hawks

Old Friend Speezy says:

Marreese Speights @Mospeights16

The sixers killing the bobcats lmao

8:46 PM - 27 Jan 12

Elson in. Nocioni at the two.

i think this is the biggest line up i've seen the sixers put out this season

Not even going to win this by 20. Maybe they'll cut to five so everyone can be happy the Sixers finally won a close one.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 21:07

No one ever said that and you know it.

It'll be one of those 'not as close as it looks things' -

Dear Zoom - what it means is that the AP player of the year predicts bubkis :)

Enough with the fucking fouls.

Sixers were -16. This looks a little fishy to me.

maybe some of the refs have the bobcats +16

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 21:06

Elson. wow what a stud, maybe he'll pan out, or dwindle to the background if either of our so-called 'bigs' get their bodies together.

Elson, ..... just had to say it one more time.

I agree - less blow outs - mainly cause this fourth quarter is really boring to watch and there's not much that can be learned about the team from this line up :)

Sixers were favored by 16. This will be the 13th and 14th free throw for the Bobcats in the fourth quarter.

So does Evan get overtime cause he's the foreman of the graveyard shift AND works the night shift as well?

Matt Carroll (and the refs) for the backdoor cover.

noc hits 1/2 for the cover

I can't imagine there was any money on the Sixers in this one. Vegas is pissed at the mullet.

Noc to the line w/ a chance to push it back up to 18 if he hits both...

misses the first

hits the second.

Let's see if they get whistled for a foul here.


PHI 89, CHA 72 Final.

Ugly fourth quarter. Win #13 in the books, folks.

No interview with Will Smith during the game?? I wonder if he refused to be seen with Mirakovitz...

...and there's the confetti, nice game guys!

The starts don't get interviewed on the local broadcasts in lakerland that much either

Maybe it's because it's about the game - not the stars in the audience (or the show in the stands, whatever the new owners think)

Or maybe scientology prevents you from doing an interview without getting paid for it - who knows

You've just made the list.

For the record, this comment was user-generated content. It does not have my approval.

Oh - I made the list YEARS ago - don't worry - they know me already

When it came out that will and jada were runing that secret school i kind of ost a lot of respect for him

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 21:14

I really don't care about that fourth quarter, cause the guys out there in the combos they were in aren't gonna be relevant.

Exactly what I expected to see the other night. Oh well, just repeat it tomorrow night and be a job well done. No slip up tomorrow night, none.

@ESPNSteinLine Updating Kaman story: Hornets GM Dell Demps confirms to ESPN that he's actively trying to move center and working w/Kaman's camp on matter

Ugh. I'm sure you could build something around Nocioni and Brackins. Think they'd need to include more. Let me check.

I really don't want to have to watch that guy play, though.

Hey, we could trade Iguodala for him.

Actually, no. They can't do it. Did Kaman have a trade kicker? He's $14M this year. They'd have to include someone that matters in the trade, they won't do that.

Hawes, Vuoose and Kaman. Wow, that would be a treat.

I posted this above. Not sure I believe it, but worthy of discussion (maybe throw a Kevin Love into the mix...):

repost: Yeah, look at where this team was 2 year ago before getting too critical. They used to lose routinely to bad teams. Now they beat bad teams. Next step will be translating some of that consistent play to match up against better teams. Then get the star they need to put them over the top.

If they truly are going the Pistons route, then they are right now in the pre-Rasheed era...

South Broad reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 21:24

Saw that above, and thought it was a point very well made. Concise.

I refuse to look at anything this team did two years ago as that was the year of he who shall not be named...look before that year or after that year - but everything that happened that year is an outlier - in the history of the franchise - and tells us nothing

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 21:30

Well, they lost routinely to teams 3 years before that and probably 4 too. That was pretty much the norm til this year.

I think that is a bit of a knee jerk repsonse. The EJ year had a very similar roster to this season. While the .500 squad the year previously was very much stabilized by Andre Miller- who I think peope really underrate in terms of the impact he had on their record while here.

A big part of the progression has been improved play be Jrue, Thad and Lou. Partly having a coach who knows how to use their skills, but mostly just guys growing up as basketball players where they have removed a lot of the bad plays they used to make.

Again, Miller covered for how mistake prne these guys were 2 years ago. Remove him form the Dileo team and I contend they are as bad as the EJ team.

Yes - i'm well aware that the roster is similar but the coaching is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT - they are no longer coached by a basketball moron

It's a debate we had - but I learne nothing about the roster the jordan year - i just learned that it was one of the worst god damn coaching hires in nba history

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 21:40

I think the point was there was something to be learned from that year - Miller wasn't on that team and it very well could have been the same debacle the year before w/ Cheeks/DiLeo if he wasn't on that team. He was the catalyst and more vital than given credit for. Jordan's ineptness notwithstanding.

Yeah, I'm not discounting EJ. Just saying it was a combination of a bad coach AND the loss of an incredibly important player. A vet PG can make a huge difference in stabilizing a young team. I wonder if he is part of the Nuggets success.

He was against the sixers :)

I think George Karl is a very good coach

I think 'veteranability' (as I call it) is one of the most over rated 'skills' a player has

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 21:51

You underestimate the very fabric of the game then. Just my imo that's all.

I'm sure you think I do - and that' not a big deal nor a surprise

It's over rated in all sports - not just this one

Similar to the nonsense people want to spout about Samuel Dalembert for reasons that the sixers are better with soft hawes rather than a good defensive center

It's the kind of thing people sink to when they can't support their theory with reality

You know - like someone who keeps saying the knicks will be scary with baron davis cause he's a real point guard (not you - someone here) - that was kind of disproven by hollinger today - the knicks aren't so 'terrible' at their assists or ball sharing - they are just shooting horribly - across the board

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 21:58

Knowledge of the game, wisdom of it, and the experience gained from it, is as invaluable as it gets.

It's the core, when attaining that age while still being able to play.

It's no different than a 35 yr old playing in pick-up at the Y, outdueling (moreso outsmarting) those 19-20 yr olds.

South Broad reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 22:03

Did you actually say "nonsense people spout", and then deflect the discussion that was centered around being skillful as a result of being a veteran, to what's occuring with the fucked up Knicks?

Not to mention, evoking a theory with reality?

I don't think the impact of having a skilled vet PG who can either score or control the pace of a game is over-rated when the rest the team is a bunch of inexperienced athletes. I know you are speaking generalities, but in this specific instance I disagree.

For example, in Millers last year the Sixers were +153 while he was on the floor 975% of the team's total minutes.)

While Miller was on the bench they were a bad team: -107 in only 1/3rd the minutes.

Normalized over 48 minutes they were +1.3 with Miller (a slightly better than .500 team) and -5.3 off... much like they played the year after he left.

I'm not sure i said on the court ability doesn't matter - did i?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 22:08

You said veteranability was an overrated skill. Skills are displayed on the court, no?

Either way... Miller was a very good player and/or key stabilizing influence. But he was a big loss that had impact. I remember games where the Sixers were letting things slip away until Miller stepped up and steadied the ship. While in EJ's year they had zero players who did that. Iguodala has many talents, but stepping up and scoring some timely hoops when the team is reeling is not really his forte.

How much impact Millers departure had vs EJ's ineptitude is not easily known.

South Broad reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 22:43

Eh, it may be easily known. It wasn't really EJ's ineptitude anymore than it was actually Stefanski's. He insulted Miller with the way undersold offer, then hitched his troop to Lou at PG, not Jrue. Jrue was only a raw unknown at that point when the decision was made. Babyback Rib Ed anointed Lou that preseason. Miller was every bit crucial as you make him out to be, EJ was no more than a passer-thru during a transition that would have been difficult for the best of 'em.

Ej was also very hard headed by preferring to loose badly with his ill-fitting offensive scheme as opposed to trying to win a few games by fitting the offense to the personnel.

South Broad reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 22:52

27 wins, or 32, without the hardhead. Not as much of a difference as Miller would have made, emphasis on arguably.

I think Collins or LB could have squeezed 35 wins out of that team- probably buy making Iggy the PG and taking the air out of the ball and cutting down on 3's.

South Broad reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 23:04

Sure, which goes back to my original point that impact can easily be determined between EJ and Miller. 35 isn't much more than 32 in that particular Eastern Conference. Your admittance that even Collins, or the once great LB, would have only scrounged up 35 wins out of that bunch only furthers that point. Yet, give them Miller and see what the thought and projection plays out to. You even admitted that when saying taking the air out of the ball and cutting down on the 3's, which Miller would have done just as well as the suggested Iguodala as PG.

Yeah, so going with strictly average coaches (Cheeks/Dileo etc) I think this team would have dipped from 41 win back to maybe 33-5 with Miller. Then would have won maybe 37 last year (they would have started better but not been nearly as strong the last 2/3rds of the year.) And then maybe a 42-4 win team this year... so Collins has been good for a few wins and EJ cost them maybe 5-7 wins.

South Broad reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 23:14

There's the disagreement then. I think Miller carries them to the same 41 with EJ.

You think Miller could have been successful in EJ's P.O.?

The team lacked shooters or bigs with passing skills. It was a square peg and round hole situation that an non-shooter in Miller would have struggled with.

South Broad reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 23:26

I don't agree or disagree, though Miller was a worthy passer. and cutter, so PO may not have been so foreign, or unsuccessful. The conference and league wasn't that good though. Just saying.

Yeah, I don't see that happening at all. It wasn't just Jordan's marriage to the PO that made that team so bad, it was his fundamental disregard for defense and how that disregard impacted his rotations on a nightly basis. Andre Miller may have helped their offense a bit, even in the PO, but he wouldn't have moved the needle. They had the #24 defense in the league, no way would they have been a .500 team with that defense.

South Broad reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 23:38

totally agree, had totally forgot all about that - end. Only a difference of a few games though in a watered down conference. Good point.

South Broad on Jan 27 at 21:23

Do the Pacers have one more run in them?

eddies' heady's reply to South Broad on Jan 27 at 21:26

I can't believe those cats are winning so convincingly w/o Ray and Rondo. ugh

South Broad reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 21:29

Wouldn't want to see them in a 1st round match-up with them being the lower seed. They play too much of a grimy game that is nerve-racking in the playoffs.

eddies' heady's reply to South Broad on Jan 27 at 21:32

Plus, they'll more than likely get the calls. The bad ones.

the hornets are up 20 vs the magic

Anyone else turning on heat/knicks? (At the half, only game i can get in HD right now

watching boston play way above their heads.

How bad are the magic right now? I mean otis HAS to trade him right? That game last night has to be the final nail?

stonedeightytoo on Jan 27 at 21:38

Where're the Evan Turner crowers tonight? It was the los cats de bob right?

The same place the Iguodala haters are

The sixers played a great game and no one was really 'noticeable'

pistons game went to OT

Hawks beat the Pistons in overtime. Which is a much better result for the Hawks than the wasted opportunity when the Sixers beat the Pistons by 23.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 22:24

I think I said multiple times that my issue is with the Sixers schedule and how they lined up these bad teams in a row.

Your joke wasn't funny the first few times and it still isnt't.

MCT reply to MCT on Jan 27 at 22:25


before someone wants to make a joke about my poor spelling

Matter of opinion - I think it's hysterical and i'm pretty damn funny

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 22:26

Oh I bet you're the hit at every party

You'd be surprised, but the parites i'm invited to don't tend to include those who take the internet, or sports, that seriously

stonedeightytoo reply to MCT on Jan 27 at 22:27

no offense...i laughed

I think it's actually pretty opportune they've got all these bad teams in a row while they're severely depleted due to injuries. If they were playing good teams right now, all we'd be learning is they can't beat good teams w/out 2 of their top 9, and any legit player over 6'9".

Hey, Lavoy has something to say about that (we hope.)

Charlie H reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 23:21

yeah, but he's not over 6'9".

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 22:40

We weren't depleted with injuries when we started 7-2, with 5 blowout wins.

If we play well next week, which I hope we will of course, than I won't feel that way anymore.

I've never said that I want to start struggling to beat bad teams so I wish you would stop saying that. It's pretty easy to make someone's point look stupid if you completely change around what they said in the first place.

You should read the comment you're responding to again. It was a direct response to you saying you wished we weren't playing all these bad teams in a row right now. If you care about things like wins, they're lucky the schedule broke like this.

And if that's the point you were originally making, which it pretty clearly was not, I'm not sure it matters if they're blowing these teams out, or if "tells" us anything about the team. The wins matter. They've lost four games shorthanded, would losing more games with chunks of their rotation unavailable tell you what you need to know?

And according to someone smart - beating bad teams BY a lot - is what good teams do

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 22:53

I know exactly what I was responding to. My first sentence was the reply.

"I'm sorry if I'm the only one who think this, but these blowouts are going to be bad for us in the long run. They are not preparing us to play against better teams, or in close games.

I'm not saying they can do anything about it, you have to play hard every minute. You can't let up on a team just because they suck. I just don't like that it' happening."

That was my original comment on the subject, I don't how it's any different than what I'm saying now.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 22:56

And of course I care about wins, I just wish it was a more even schedule.

So you'd prefer playing better teams right now, when we don't have Hawes or Vucevic. And save the cupcakes for when we're full strength. Got it.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 23:08

Funny, I said the other day, that I really disliked that these lower teams were coming at us the same time we were depleted. And would have been better to have fell when we were playing vs the elite. Cause we may have lost anyway with them vs them, but surely would have won with them vs the lesser's you'd think.

Kind of a defeatist attitude. Guess it depends on how they do tomorrow night. 3-1 against 4 crap teams could've happened either way. 2-2 and yeah, they probably dropped two they would've won. Personally, I don't bank games against good teams as losses going in, and if the goal is to beat those good teams in the playoffs, I'd prefer to play them at full strength in the regular season to figure out potential mismatches, plays that work/don't work before getting there.

MCT reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 23:11

This week, we had 4 awful teams. Next week, we have 2 good teams and 2 great teams. What I would like to see is more balance. What if someone more valuable than Hawes gets hurt down the road when the schedule gets tougher? What if Dre gets hurt next week and then we have to go up against the Lakers, Spurs, and Clippers the week after?

What began as a pointless argument has somehow devolved beyond that. Feel free to lament every blowout win. I don't see them as a bad thing, especially playing short handed.

Charlie H reply to MCT on Jan 27 at 23:14

I thought it was.

Another blah game for the offense.

Not really. The offense was great in the first half, and they had 77 points on probably a little more than 60 possessions in the first three quarters. The bench scored 12 points on 20+ possessions in the fourth. Still finished with a 106 OFR for the game, which is their season average.

The Nets just passed the Knicks for a distant third in the Atlantic.

I'm actually surprised the Knicks have been this bad. But then again PG is an important position unless you have another player with point type skills (Kobe, Lebron., grant Hill in prime etc.)

Don't suppose you read hollingers column today that pretty much dismisses the whole 'point guard' issue?

No. But Hollinger is interesting in that he lives in a stats to reality back to stats type of world. He often starts with some interesting number and then tries to rationalize it as opposed to the more normal approach of coming to a conclusion based on observation and then checking the stats to make sure you can believe your eyes.

My take on PG's is that they are more crucial for teams that lack experienced, heady players. That partly explains why Finals teams are rarely led by star PG's- because Finals teams tend to have lots of quality vets- the types of players who are less in need of the stabilizing influence of a quality PG.

Go read what hollinger rad

the kincks problems is that across the board players are shooting HORRIBLY two an 3 pointers

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 22:57

Very well said.

I think you just appreciate that I used the word "heady."

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 23:34

Truthfully, I wasn't even responding to that comment, so no. Good thought....

yeah, just joking.

actually, they didn't pass the knicks. they're still a half-game behind.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 0:08

I don't care who it was against, Lou dominated that damn game. He's undervalued for this team, not from the fans, but the personnel and combos that have/need to be used. If he goes somewhere else, we will then appreciate how big his role is and how swell he can sometimes perform it. He's our one and nearly only threat off-the-dribble consistently, or when he decides he wants to be, not settling.

Threats are few nowadays it seems, that's huge in the playoffs. At a minimum, it gives you options. I like his game and what it does/can do; not ignoring the other end of the floor.

Completely agree. There's a reason why Lou was named team captain. He's a leader. He's a hard worker. And he's a winner.

I don't know if I would say he is all of those things... But you have to give a guy credit for turning himself into a really effective player. Some guys never really build on their game, while Lou seems to get significantly better every year. he is only 25, and the growth in his game even from 22-25 has been impressive. He even plays some semblance of defense nowadays.

He is not a real PG, and will always be a bench player- but I think his embracing this role has allowed him to really turn the corner as a pro. Teams need a guy who can carry the offensive load off the bench. And his weaknesses are not nearly as bad as they once were.

I think Lou has a option this summer that he will exercise. I'm not sure how that will impact the team. they may want to trade him now if they think they will end up having to over-pay or let him walk. Although I get the sense that Lou would want to stay (but I could be wrong.) He sort of is the man in the locker room and that would not be the case if he went to another team.

Gosh darn it, do people like him?

Do the Sixers have any trade exceptions that they could package with picks to get Kaman?

If Hawes' injury is serious then we should think about it.

No and no.

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