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Dwight Howard and the Sixers are a match made in heaven.

I hate games like this - games when larry hghes plays against the sixers and that i was excited when they drafted him even though it was an inevitable disaster

"join me if you won't give up the #HowardToPhilly ghost until you're forced to."

Must be better reasons to watch a game than dreaming of a player on the other team, who will never sign with us, signing with us. For example, getting a better gauge of whether we're really good or just thriving off an incredibly weak schedule.

Or - you know - you like watching sixers games

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 17:19

That too!

So much so that you tape them so even though you get home midway through the third you watch em from the beginning.

Oh - that sounds much more pathetic when i say it out louad


And it sounds even more pathetic when you type it instead of saying it.


From anyone else i'd be insulted

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 20:07

it sounds even more pathetic when you type it instead of saying it.

Just calling your bluff.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 17:33

By the way, do you have a prediction about this game? I have to expect some vigorous Orlando bounceback, but I also think we win narrowly.

To me - going against the magic is pretty simple

If they make their 3's you lose - if they don't - you win

If you can keep on them so all the 3's are challegned - you'll probably do well

And as the old celtics proved - they won't stay hot forever, and they don't know how to hold a lead

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 17:57

Seems sort of right but not entirely. They average 11.5 threes in their wins, 6.5 in their losses, so whether they make threes is a huge deal. But of course, there is a range where things can go either way - they're 4-3 when they make 7-9 threes, 5-4 when they make 7-10. Above or below that, you know (so far this season at least) what's going to happen.

I wasn't looking at numbers - I was just going by my perceptoin of watching magic games - which when you have the 'best center in the game' (Is he really?) - it makes you wonder why such a team is so dependent on the permieter except you watch dwight and wonder if he's afraid of hurting people or something - he really doesn't use his size to his advantage in my opinion

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 18:23

Yeah, he's the best. Better than Bynum or Marc Gasol.

Don't buy it - over rated sure - not the best - and no one to blame but himself

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 18:37

Well do tell us who's better and explain why. I would concede that Gasol makes way more out of his much slighter natural abilities, and that Bynum's a much more skilled offensive player. But all the rebounding and shot-blocking can't be easily discounted.

And neither can all the offense either, dwight is half a player, half a player isn't a max player

Like i said, i hated shaq because of his lack of improvement in his career, but comapred to dwight shaq worked as hard as dwight...

You think the best center in the game shouldn't be able to stop a broken down missing 2 of it's better players celtics from mounting a 20 point come back - yes or no?

It's not the team around dwight that fails to live up to what they can do - it's dwight

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 19:14

So who do you think is better than him? And are you honestly saying that Dwight is not a max contract player?

Yup - I am

There aren't as many max players as there are max contracts, it's a market thing

Sorry, but that's insane. Completely batshit insane.

Yes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different reaction.

Dwight Howard isn't a max contract player in the reality - but he'll get one - and he won't win a title

Max reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 19:21

People once said the same thing about Shaq.

I think Dwight is less of a player than Shaq was - and i despised shaq

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 19:29

Yeah, so you didn't answer the question. Which big man do you think is better than Dwight?

The Greek reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 19:14

This is the best way to watch games, why sit through all the commercial and half time when you have a DVR. No reason to waste 230 hours when you could watch the game in 60 to 70 minutes.

I am totally focesed on watching the Sixers and the Sixers only. I'm hoping Howard blows out both knees tonight.

If he does that, Stefanski will clear all the cap space he needs to give him one max offer, the other max he'll use on Oden.

I'm sure Dwight Howard wishes similar things for your kind heart

Dwight Howard doesn't beat you when you play the magic - Howard (I believe) doesn't understand his role and while he may thank 'god' for his talent - his free throw shooting shows that a little more WORK and less thanking might come in handy.

The "lets go after Howard" movement is almost as bad as the " Meeks or Turner" debate.

hawes is out, looks like voose is dressing, but no one knows if he'll play.

6 for battie
6 for allen
6 for elson
6 for voose

that should about do it.

Perhaps JJ will take his spot? Both players have hurt the sixers in the past.

Stan reply to Jeff on Jan 30 at 18:23

Basically any 3 point shooting white guy hurts the Sixers. Remember Pat Garrity?

Tray reply to Jeff on Jan 30 at 18:24

Redick's a way better shooter this year, so yeah, not exactly great news.

The magic are the only team in the NBA that improves when they are without their startng backourt...

A bit of hyperbole but close to true.

I don't think that's hyperbole.

With Thad's new found ability to understand defensive principles...

Would a Sixer team that signed Dwight after amnestying Brand be on track to be one of the greatest defensive teams of all time?

That depends

Does Evan Turner start or an over paid meeks?

It almost does not matter. Jrue and Iggy would get the two best backcourt players and Dwight would be in the paint. The team is already a good defense...

MCT reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 19:06

I think so yeah, considering what they're doing without a shot-blocker right now.

Yes, without a doubt. Even if he contributed nothing on the offensive end, he'd still be worth every penny of his max offer. Even if this is the fully realized Dwight and he never improves a bit from here, he's the best big man in the game.

But there are cheaper options that will be pretty damn good on the defensive end - not contirbute on the offensive end and make this team better

Not contributing on the offensive end and not living up to your standards for him on the offensive end are two different things.

MCT reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 19:12

Who will be available? Not arguing with you I'm actually curious.

He who shall not be named and was better than SpencerHawes before the sixers traded him :)

Thaddeus Young - added really slick post moves. He was already the king of turning "garbage into gold". Kid is just getting better and better. Love it.

They showed Otis Smith and Thorn talking a few minutes ago. I wish it was something other than "give my regards to Pat Williams."

I bet we lose the tip...

sooner reply to Ryan F on Jan 30 at 19:12

I'm shocked you got that wrong

And we're off...Battie WINS the tip!

OK, I"m going to stop watching now.


Thought Jrue was going to shoot that, good decision.

Jrue long deuce off the dribble. Just make it a three, next time.

jrue with a long 2

Ryan Anderson is solely a recipient of the Howard effect. Imagine the numbers Thad would pout up next to Dwight.

Ryan Anderson has range

Thad does not

Thad's man would be completely on and island.

Ugh, don't like that jumper, AI9.

Shit, put a body on him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:16

EB cherry picking. heh

bad shot jrue

I wouldn't say the offense has looked crisp to this point.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:17

Damn, Jrue had the 15 ft'er wide open but passed it out.

Battie converts.

Lazy close out by Jodie on that transition three for Redick. I'd sit him for that. Fucking jogging.

You're just picking a fight aren't you :)

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 19:20

agree, he just loafed out there, what little distance he went.

Phil reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 19:22

Dre was arguing the call instead of getting back on D.

Dang Elton! He likes that matchup I guess.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:19

Like that they're iso'ing EB on Anderson, just wish everyone wouldn't stand around on the weak side like they just did.

Meeks shouldn't have passed up the open corner three, then jacked a contested one.

Andersen has been getting a lot of recognition this season. Let's see if EB can put a dent in that hype...

I see many long twos in our future. If they're scared to go to the rim most nights, they're not going to do it tonight.

Phil reply to Ryan F on Jan 30 at 19:26

Yep. And they did not get any love on the first 2 drives as well.

i think Dwight Howard goes to the Clippers. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan for Dwight Howard and Ryan Anderson is the best deal for Orlando.

The clippers have said repeatedly they wouldn't trade Blake Griffin for Dwight Howard - take that for what it's worth

Jakey reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 19:28

i totally agree with your "take it for all it's worth", cynicism. The Clippers also said that they wouldn't trade Eric Gordon for Chris Paul.


Iguodala taking some bad shots. Jrue stopped his drive and took a bad shot because of Dwight. Bad start IMO.

Wow, good thing Brand got his hand on that pass because Anderson was open for a three.

AI9, another long two.

Did anyone else hear Malik call him "Ryan Howard coming out of that last commercial break??

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:24

Andre is very willing to fire away w/ the perimeter J's so far.

Hit that one in the lane, fadeaway though.

Got lucky on two Anderson missed threes.

Battie shouldn't be taking shots. That's not why he's in.

Spencer hawes shouldn't be taking threes
but he does

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:26

Yep, EB was reluctant to stay out at the arc after Anderson tried the pick and pop. He still ended up getting the ball and EB was flailing toward him on a closeout. On the first one. Can't leave him open like that or you're going to pay.

Just like last year, Lou is the only player willing to throw his body into Howard to try and draw a foul. Everyone else is too afraid to get blocked so settling for bad shots.

A wide open 2 is one thing, taking contested 2's on the more because you are afrid to complete your drive is another.

This isn't reserved for Howard - aside from Lou - this team avoids contact on the drive like the plague - mostly cause they are terrible finishers anyway - with contact - they'll never get the basket

lou 3

Louuuuuuu!! Orlando, he's the guy you want!

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:28

Louuuuu 3! Go to work, kid.

Gotta love Lou.

Lou catch-and-shoot three. Nice.

ET has to at least try and dunk that ball. Get that weak....

Thad fall away over big baby.

bad shot thad, even if it went in

Pretty sure Zumoff just called the Magic the Knicks. This game is rather dull.

Did Turner block that? Good recovery.

PHI 19, ORL 18 after one.

Need to attack the rim if/when Howard goes out of the game. He's just shut down the lane, setting for a lot of jumpers.

Defense has been good thanks to a couple of missed wide-open threes.

Need to attack the rim when howard is IN the game - he gets fouls easy

That is just terrible right there.

Not happy at all with where this one is headed.

Larry Hughes running the point. How Howard, please go to the rim now.

Thank you, Thad.

good pass lavoy

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:36

There's Lavoy with that whip-pass again.

Thad w/ the putback.

Is Voose still not 100%? Battie and Allen before him.

That second jump by Thad was amazing... he got up and down twice before Clark even landed

Love the D. Come on, put some points on the board.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:37

Three guys on the floor. Love it. ET, Lavoy, and Thad. More please.

Iguodala should've just dunked that.

Flight Brother!!

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:38

Ugh, Andre had the dunk after the two defenders bit on the fake. Passed it out to Lou who missed the 3.

Was watching a game this weekend, i think Michigan Ohio State were they indicated how the game had evolved in that on the break it used to be head straight to the basket but now it's more often find the guy for the open 3

He attacks the rim there, he gets contact at least.

Nice board by Lavoy!

Turner, finally. Alright, some more movement toward the hoop against this unit, please.

Fucking bunnies.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:43

Lavoy scraps for some o-boards. He's always seems to be in the mix.

I don't think Vucevic will be playing tonight. Collins hinted he just wanted to keep Vucevic ready. I guess he will play in the next game.

Lavoy Allen is really starting to grow on me in his absence though.

I'm seeing a lot of shots missed, that guys usually make.

How about a Lou/Thad side pick and roll on one side? Then a Turner/Thad on the other side. Come on, if you move the ball against this unit, you get better shots than you are right now.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 30 at 19:44

+1 on that Lou/Thad side PandR.

Beautiful, Andre.

Pretty drive and drop off by AI9 to Thad.

orlando's d is so lazy they slap at everything instead of moving their feet

Malo Lou, so far.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:46

Finally, points off a turnover. ET.

ET, thought Jrue should've pulled up at the foul line and seen if AI9 could go baseline for the oop, but I'll take the points.

I'm really likin this Turner guy.

I wanna go all Namath on Marakovits

YOu want to sexually assault her on national television?


Didn't think so, which made your use of Namath kind of weird

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 20:47

sexual assault? I think he said he wanted to kiss her.

Looks like Voose is an "emergency big" in case everyone else fouls out.

Bench Brigade not doing their job so far. Orlando's kept Dwight on the pine a fair amount and it's still a three point game. Not liking the quality of their shots. Really need more urgency and ball movement in the sets.

Nice hands, Earl.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:50

Dre to the line. I cringe.

finally a call. but, we got hacked on a couple of drives ...

Phil reply to Phil on Jan 30 at 19:51

but = boy

They have also not made enough drives.

was that a faint "we want howard" chant?

Jrue step-back.

Good long 2 :)

and another.

Good foul by Thad. Good double on Howard that time, too, came right when he put the ball on the floor.

Give em hell, Lavoy!

will the magic make it to 40 before the half?

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:54

This feels eerily similar to the low-scoring Nets game. Though I felt worse at this point vs the Nets.

Bad long 2 by Iggy- went in

Way to get to the line, Andre.

Iguodala basically sprinting to beat Howard to the hoop. Hit the freebies.

good box out eb

Great box by EB.

EB and Lavoy have done a decent job so far, haven't they...?

Did not like seeing them run a Meeks-Lavoy 2 man game.

Howard just shuts down the lane. if anybody is strong enough to dunk on him, it's Iguodala. C'mon Andre gimme that highlight!

perfect jrue perfect

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:57

Good pick and roll. Jrue and Thad.

Great drive and dish by Jrue, Thad w/ the finish.

Jrue looking good at the point tonight. 5 assists, only 1 TO

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 19:58

Heh, D 3 sec call. Two plays before that when EB missed that short J, Dwight was in the lane for 5 secs +.

The defense has been great. But 90% of the offense has been stale and fear driven.

What if Collins started the Night Shift one game...whoa I just blew my mind...

Really, I think this team is far better when they run multiple pick and rolls during a possession instead of a slow one at the top of a key. They can use their speed when it's a fast side to side one.

bull shit call

Brand is really playing some good D. Tough call on him there for his second foul. I'd get him out.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:01

That was not a foul on EB there. Good D and clean block.

Star driven call.

ok so neither team is going to make it to 40 pts before halftime

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:02

That should have been a delay of game on Howard.

Man, they got lucky Redick didn't hit that three. Really tough to double against this unit.

They have been lucky in a bunch of ways so far. They have been playing Orlando's game all night. Hope the 2nd half is more to the Sxiers style or they will lose.

Ran a play of sorts out of that timeout.

Allen is a nice passer.

Only real complaint with Allen (beyond natural limitations) is that he's a little weak with the ball in his hands. May just be an adjustment to the hand speed of NBA big men he needs to make.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:04

Offense has been in a lull, but we're just not getting out on the fast break. Just like in the Nets game, though we weren't rebounding in that one.

EXCELLENT defense on that last series...hope you noticed that Dwight!!

up 4, could be worse, could be better

37-33 snoozer for the time capsule.

PHI 37, ORL 33 at the half.

Great defense all half. Biggest missed opportunity was that stretch when Howard was on the bench. Bad Lou so far tonight, need him to put points on the board when the bench is in against their bench in the second half.

Sixers forced 9 turnovers, only 5 points in transition. Ugh.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:09

13 dimes on 17 made. Didn't feel like it. Protecting the ball well, just need to shoot better and not settle so much. Just go in there and dish once you draw Howard.

Marc Spears on my Broadband League Pass halftime show is arguing that Orlando should trade Howard for Bynum because Bynum leads the Western Conference in All-Star balloting. One of the rare cases where the All-Star voters are right, but what a stupid argument.

MCT reply to Tray on Jan 30 at 20:12

You mean he leads all WC centers? Or he leads all Western Conference players?

Tray reply to MCT on Jan 30 at 20:19

Leads the centers.

ORL was 4/10 from three in that half, and they missed some really clean looks. Have to do a better job on those guys.

Hopefully they can adjust. If the game stays close those open threes are really going to burn the sixers.

Jrue and EB run the p&r twice on one trip, jrue gets the hoop. then they run it again and battie hits the jumper. nice.

pretty sure i don't want to hear the phrase "stroking the deuce" ever again...

i'm liking this version of jrue tonight

Damnit, that Jrue three was halfway down.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:23

Don't like that shot by Andre, about his 3rd or 4th tonight that was from distance and more importantly contested.

Gotta see that one again.

Great D by Jrue. Turk, you can't back him down.

ok thats enough minutes for battie

sooner reply to sooner on Jan 30 at 20:25

haha and right when i say that battie has a nice play


eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:25

Good pass in traffic by Meeks. Good job for Battie to gather and finish.

Old man Battie is coming up big!

good foul

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:26

Dag Jrue, that was way off.

Take the three or drive, Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:27

Dre contested J again. Made that one.

Missed the next, ugh. Hated that possession.

Like the aggression on the defensive end. They want it more right now. Push this to 10 here.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:28

Dre contested three that time. Just not good at all. No ball movement. Just jacking.

Run that Jrue/Brand P&R again. Worked first two possessions beautifully, haven't gone back to it.

jesus jrue why did you run away from anderson

Phil reply to sooner on Jan 30 at 20:31

That was weird. :S


eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:29

Jodie three! Let's go. Extend it.

One of my least favorite shots is when a guard has a big on isolation and settles for a long 3. They almost always miss the 3 since they are shooting over long arms.

That is what Jrue did earlier.

A ton of bad shots out there- some going in.

Meeks three off Iguodala penetration. There you go.

Yeah, that has been so rare tonight.

The Sixers have big mismatches that they are not taking advantage of. Iggy almost never takes advantage on offense, but Jrue should be penetrating on every drive to disrupt the defense. Same with Lou and ET.

Court_visioN on Jan 30 at 20:31

Iguodala penetrating puts a ton of pressure on the defense. His last two drives netted a Jodie 3 and a Battie jumper in which he was fouled on.

Pat Ewing needs a nap.

Battie hits the pair.

Meeks wasn't set on that one. Bad shot.

Had problems w/ Lou at the point in the first half. Need to keep putting points up here.

jodie 3

Batman vs. Superman and the Fall Guy (Anderson.)

There we go, Jodie three Lou with the good extra pass.

Howard picking it up a bit.

Driving in the lane make the difference in generating that look.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:38

Dre 3! Contested again, but hey, the clock was at 1.

Impressions? In short, "My God does the East suck."

AI943 three at the end of the shot clock. Come on, you can put them away here.

"The Lou" move.

here's goes that 3rd quarter run

Man, that Meeks three would've broken their back.

Come on, get a hoop here.

I love the camera shot of the guido wearing a Magic jersey.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:39

Dre o-board putback! And-one. make it Dre what do you say? it's only one this time, not two.

Why does Iguodala not get more O-Boards? Is he always cheating back on defense?

Also, the Magic look like they are half dead sleepwalkers. But I guess a few 3's and they would wake up. But I can see why they have been loosing. They are only going through the motions.

Heh, that's not really cheating :)

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 20:44

Not being funny, but I'd say he's usually the one jacking 20 footers. Though his attempts are down some this year. I think he's either looking for the outlet pass or already leaking out.

Offensive boards. If anything, he's getting back on defense, which is a good thing.

OK, hustling back. But hustle and cheat are synonyms, right?

he cheated me at cards. He hustled me at cards.

Court_visioN reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:47

If by "looking for the outlet pass or already leaking out" you mean "getting back on defense" that might make a little bit more sense.

Just a little though.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 20:46

oops ignore that last sentence, confused

Iguodala with the 2.65-point play!

Chances we hold Orlando to under 56, the franchise low they recently set against Boston? They're on pace to score about 58 right now.

Yeah Buddy!

Battie with 9 boards, BTW.

Batman v. Superman

Batman wins every time ;)

Court_visioN on Jan 30 at 20:42

that lou williams bobblehead looks scary haha

The Bobble-Boss.

PHI 58, ORL 42 after three.

Defense was absolutely smothering that quarter. Push it to 20 really quick and the hedgehog is going to empty his bench.

Averaging 14 pts a qtr. Now do't give up 28 pts this one...

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 20:47

Master of Panic.

There is no defense for these Lou isos at the end of quarters. They are terrible shots.

Howard imagining being a Sixer, witnessing Lou's late game heroics in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat.

Actually, saying to himself, "If I was on this team, we could literally shut teams out."

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 20:53

We would win a lot of 72-46 blowouts.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 30 at 20:54

But I'm afraid the moral he really draws from this game is that he needs way better scorers around him.

Rich reply to Tray on Jan 30 at 20:47

I really think you would be legitimately upset on the very off chance he came here.

Tray reply to Rich on Jan 30 at 20:52

I'd be pretty excited actually. Flabbergasted, but excited.

flying big baby

WOW how'd you like to be the woman he just jumped over??

Lazy, Jrue.

Shit, missed the fucking dunk. Damnit.

OK, Howard to the bench, go to the hole.

Court_visioN on Jan 30 at 20:50

c'mon "night shift" let's tighten this up.

Jrue trying to dunk needs to stop. It needs to.

Nah, trying to dunk w/ his left in traffic needs to stop. He tried to throw that one down w/ two hands, that's what he needs to do.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 20:54

Does he ever make dunks in traffic? Most of these can be banked off the glass.

Getting schooled by Von and Q. Not a good sign.

Call a timeout. Don't let this run continue.

Court_visioN on Jan 30 at 20:51

I like the spunk but Lavoy has to avoid getting these loose ball fouls.

get your shit together please

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:51

Magic have sudden burst of energy here. Have to match it. Can't let up now.

Man, when Lou isn't scoring too well, I really don't like him initiating.

sooner reply to Rich on Jan 30 at 20:53

I feel that way all the time

When lou isn't scoring well - I don't want him on the floor - doug disagrees with me

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:53

Jrue or Lou have to step it up here scoring-wise.

Lou and Jrue are a combined 4/17 from the floor.

Not exactly the way to take advantage of Howard ion the bench. Reminds me of game 6.

Anyhow, nothing the Sixers have done makes me think they would plant the seed in Dwight's mind that this is where he should play. Everyone has looked pretty ordinary except maybe Iggy.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 21:00

Playing like crap, starting and first center out, shooting horribly, and yet up 17.

I'd much rather do this then have him score 37 against us and we win with highlight dunks then threes. If he can't see that this is a really good basketball team, well, then that's his loss.

Unfortunately he wants to play with stars who dominate their match-ups. And none of the Sixers have really shown that tonight.

If anything, Collins and Curry come out of tonight as stars in how they have this team playing incredibly disciplined defense.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 21:18

If that's the case, then tonight meant nothing. Really, tonight doesn't mean anything at all. It's just a game. I hope you don't think that tonight was like their one audition or anything. He can read the standings and watch them in the playoffs too. If he is going to make a decision based off one game, a game where he and his team got dominated, then he's a lot dumber than I thought.

The Sixers are not getting Howard- so it is not my priority with this game. The Sxiers are not even on Howard's radar. But I do think if there is a way to get on his radar it would be for guys like Jrue, Lou, Thad and ET to play like stars against them. I don't think the standings will change his mind- but maybe watching them in the playoffs could.

Say the Sixers beat Chicago or Miami in a series (or at least go 7) where someone like Jrue goes off- then that could put the Sixers on his radar.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 21:28

I just think that rooting for Jrue to score 35 is so counter intuitive, because they most likely won't win doing that. The way they will beat those teams is by moving the ball a lot better than they did tonight and playing the same exact defense. The way they win is with seven guys in double figures. If scoring 20 a night what is considered being a star, then this team won't have one of those guys, and they shoudln't.

I am rooting for Jrue to put up a triple double and get some highlight assists and finishes. Not all that much different than how he played Miami last year.

Rich reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 21:35

Eh, that's not going to happen against Dwight Howard all that much.

Jrue had a huge mismatch. he could have gotten in the lane at will to create, as well as take make-able short jumpers. I was disapointed he failed to cash in on his advantage. Although at least he was a solid set-uup man early on.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 21:03

Well I guess Brian's argument is that Howard can see that if he were on the Sixers, we'd be holding Orlando to 36 right now. Though I'm not sure how much better our defense would be with him. How much better can you even get? It seems to me that we have a defensive scheme designed to work without a great defensive center; if we added him we'd play a different kind of defense, it wouldn't be what we currently do plus what Howard brings to the table.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:55

Good flash up top Evan. With the J. Dre needed somebody to pass it to.

Lou w/ a couple makes. Nice, back to 16. BREAK THEM!

Good foul by Brand. If he gets that deep, just hack him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 20:58

Lou again. Good job, same play as the last shot he hit.

Brand has taken only 2 shots since the first quarter.

He started off hot - can't pay attention to that - it must be ignored

Lou again!

Throw in the towel, hedgehog.

Ball game? Too early?

nice turner

Wow. Turner just abused Redick on the blocks.


That man is your player of the game, folks.

Brand is a motherfucking beast tonight!!

hahah yea eb

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 21:03

EB swatting that shit!



The Sixers could just let the shot clock run out on every possession the rest of the way.

Turner goes up through the triple team and gets the foul.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 21:05

Love the movement cutting and screening on the last two plays. But they didn't result in anything.

because nothing says intense, hard fought defensive struggle like...some lame song from the 70s...

There it is. Atta boy, hedgehog.

Turner is worse than Iguodala at the line, and that's saying something.

How do you figure that one? Iggy was 3 for 9 and Turner was 4 for 6.

Well, when I made that comment he was 0/1 from the line, and he came into the game shooting 63% from the stripe to Iguodala's 67%.

gotcha. Turner shot 82% as a rookie, I think he's still getting used to his new form and will end this season around 77%. Turner struggled at the line early last season too if I remember correctly. Iggy has shot low 70s/high 60s for 5 years now.

Either way, I think it's something both have the ability to improve through concentration. Doesn't mean it'll happen.

et's free throw shooting is really depressing and concerning so far this season

Hey this isn't an impressive win cuz the magic aren't good right now and jameer nelson is out...right guys???!!


sooner reply to Jeff on Jan 30 at 21:09

elton was impressive I don't think this win was

You're right, defense doesn't matter at all.

sooner reply to Jeff on Jan 30 at 21:15

scoring 70 some points is though

Sometimes you win with strong defense, sometimes you win with strong offense, and sometimes it's a combination of the two.

I would rather than win with strong defense than strong offense, if i had to choose between the two. The strong defense seems to be their calling card.

sooner reply to Jeff on Jan 30 at 21:31

I agree I prefer good defense too and that's something this team can always hang their hat on. Considering every aspect of this game, I just don't think it was an impressive win that's all I'm saying.

I'm pretty sure the logic is that if the Sixers beat you, by definition you aren't a good team, hence the Sixers can't beat good teams.

Charlie H reply to Jeff on Jan 30 at 21:11

None of the Sixers wins is impressive cuz they don't have a star. And that's why Orlando is so much better - this game is just a fluke.

That EB block is my favorite play this year.

What was Orlando's worst scoring game? 58?

Need a shutout over the final 1:33.

Ryan Anderson is "The Fall Guy." Every foul he has drown has been a wild flop on both ends.

Ugh, there it is. Congrats, Magic.

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 21:11

Jrue riding pine the whole last half of that quarter I think.

Yea not good

Final 8:47.

Charlie H on Jan 30 at 21:12

Now they're gonna let Anderson go off?

did he air ball that?

eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 21:13

Annnndddd....Iguodala has to cap it by airballing a freebie.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 30 at 21:13

aannnnnndddd ..... then backrimming the next one. What gives?

Charlie H on Jan 30 at 21:13

Great strategy - foul Iguodala.

haha did anyone hear big baby?

yup heard that

eddies' heady's reply to sooner on Jan 30 at 21:15

yep, said something like, "get the fuck away from that, I got it". Van Gundy appeard to just shake his head in disbelief.

Charlie H on Jan 30 at 21:14

They're not gonna win many playoff games shooting 50% from the line, that's for sure.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 30 at 21:15

Nice win...GREAT defense...but they will get SMOKED in some of these upcoming games if their execution doesn't get better.

The line was 7. Cover Philly lol.

and they did this without V8 or Hawesome??

Charlie H on Jan 30 at 21:16

This is fucking torture. Meeks & Williams in the backcourt?

Free throw wizard.

This possession is for the cover.

Charlie H on Jan 30 at 21:18

AI9 3 for 9 from the line. That's Chris Dudley-like.

Umm. Doug is not happy at all.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me."

Charlie H reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 21:20

Maybe he'd be happier if he put a point guard in the game and took Nocioni out.

I hope he chews them out.

One more stop!!!!

Magic three here, then that's it. The Sixers just want to win a game decided by less than 5.

Howard in awe of our late-game execution and marksmanship from the foul line.

Rich reply to Tray on Jan 30 at 21:24

Yeah, he's like "They shoot like I do."

Tray reply to Rich on Jan 30 at 22:03

Oh, so he'd feel at home.

this late game reminds of early 2010/11. get your shit together. thanks :)

bebopdeluxe on Jan 30 at 21:22

Collins should have NO problem getting their attention tomorrow...

PHI 74, ORL 69 Final.

Just forget the last three minutes or so. Pretty dominant defensive effort.

No cover, but I'll take the win.

That last second 3 is why nobody should be putting money on point spreads.

William reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 21:28

Totally agree. Im just amused by the lines. The unwritten rule is that u don't ever bet on a game your team is involved in.

Can't say I would enjoy watching these two teams play each other again in the playoffs.

Iguodala with 41 minutes tonight. This was a win simply because of his play in the third. Hope Collins can find some rest for him this week.

Well there is Tuesday and Thursday...

after the buzzer was collins "saying that was bullshit" to evan for something he did personally or talking about the team end of the game in general.

Collins hates him.

Hey, keep it on the dedicated thread :)

sooner reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 21:27

Yes of course and that's why meeks starts. You can delete this comment now.

a bit obstinate, are we?

sooner reply to Jeff on Jan 30 at 21:36

I was joking

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 21:31

Ban yourself to BR!

The post-game post from Brian will have to be in slide-show format.

Ten reasons why Iguodala air balled a free throw!

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 30 at 22:00

I'll help you get started.

Slide 1: he lacks the clutch gene (pic of Tebow)

Slide 2: Collins hates him

Slide 3: He is too proud to wear his glasses in games

Slide 4: he thinks that he might finally be seen as a superstar if he shoots fts like Shaq and Dwight.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 22:06

I think I am ready to work at BR. From there I am hoping to make the jump to beat writer.

You only need one more slide, then you can just put an ad between each one and you've got your 10.

*Hint: You can skip to the next slide by using the arrow keys.

Tray reply to tk76 on Jan 30 at 22:09

I think just ten slides repeating that he lacks the clutch gene is more up BR's alley.

tk76 reply to Tray on Jan 30 at 22:13

They would probably throw in something about how his poor body language effected the shot and how Monta would have made them.

kl3075 reply to sooner on Jan 30 at 21:27

turner was kicking towels in the tunnel

3 minutes left in the third - this might be the ugliest nba game ever in the modern era

bebopdeluxe on Jan 30 at 21:28

Collins looks pissed...benching Jrue...giving Turner the evil eye after he final buzzer.


They execute like that down the stretch against a good team and they have NO shot.

Get a win AND have stuff to rip into the team with...which is probably a good thing when you think about the teams that they will be facing over the next couple of weeks - the next best thing than having time for practice is having stuff to get their attention.

Disclaimer: this is not a pro or con Evan Turner statement. But if anyone missed it, Doug screamed "That's Bullshit!" in Turner's face AFTER the game and Turner kicked a bunch of towells walking into the locker room. Very entertaining shit.

I think that is appropriate for both guys if they are serious about winning the East.

johnrosz reply to MCT on Jan 30 at 21:36

had some words with Lou it looked like as well

What exactly did Evan do that was 'bullshit' - cause the team offensively looked like they belong in the MEAC tonight - not the NBA