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Sixers Win A Close One!

What's interesting is Turner getting that many minutes with Iggy. That's a very good sign. The more he can mesh with Iggy the quicker he can get himself into the starting rotation.

I don't think tonight is a sign of anything. Collins simply went defensive playing Iguodala with Turner trying not to give up any three's to Orlando. That may or may not be the reason for Collins outburst toward Turner.

Secondly I don't think Tuner will be a starter this season. If Collins couldn't find a reason to make a switch when Meeks was playing bad then he definetly won't do it now that Meeks has found his shot.

Here's Howard's full quote after the game:

"This is a great team. They're playing great basketball right now. For myself, it's a blessing to be wanted by a lot of teams and cities. I feel honored. Right now, the only thing I can control is what I do with my team," Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard said diplomatically. "The Sixers do look great. They've got some great fans behind them. But my job is to my team. And I'm going to continue to lead my team no matter what."

So what's your take on his response?

Pretty diplomatic. Basically the same answer he gave when asked about Boston and Chicago. I'm not saying no to the press about any team, and I'm not saying yes to the press about any team. I feel pretty much the same as I did yesterday. It's a total long shot, but not out of the realm of possibility. He has to make it to free agency and the Sixers have to do everything they can between now and then to sell him on the franchise.

Hypothetical question (even though right now it seems more likely than not), what if the Sixers don't land Howard. As the team stands currently do you think there is any chance they can improve on the success they are having this season in 2012-13?

Sure. Jrue and Turner could improve more than Brand declines. They can upgrade the five position with a guy who blocks an occasional shot. It's a young team, they have plenty of guys w/ room to grow. I think it's an extreme long shot they become a legit contender w/out adding a significant piece, though.

I'm totally in the sit pat mode and hope for the young guys to improve. That kind of put me in the trade Iguodala, dump Brand group too.

Well, you can only stand pat for so long, then Jrue/Turner's rookie contracts are up and you have to tie up a decent chunk of your cap space in them (assuming they've progressed). The best way to do it is get a high priced guy to go along w/ a couple of your core pieces on their rookie contracts, then you have to be willing to pay the luxury tax to keep the team together.

Agreed. Again hypothetical, if we see an improvement in ALL of our young peices , Voose, Hawes and Allen I don't think this team is as far off. Sure I would like a star player but not at the cost of handcuffing the team like the Brand signing did. That just makes it harder to resign one or more of the key players. Remember how noone was sure if Thad was gonna resign or get a better offer?

"I suppose the doubters will still doubt, and the Sixers offense obviously left much to be desired tonight, but a team really devoid of interior defenders most nights found a way to contain the league's premier big man and stifle a potent three-point offense. Everything Orlando typically does well, they couldn't do at all tonight. The league's #1 defense stretched their lead on the pack and added another win no one can take away."

Well, in the last six games they typically haven't done much well. Held by the Hornets to fewer points than we held them to. But I'll admit our defense really is great; what doubters, like me, will still doubt is that we have enough offense to be much more than a .600 team that possibly makes the second round, or that we can beat really good teams - something which Orlando most definitely isn't. The best team we've beaten so far is probably the Horford-less Hawks, or maybe the Granger-less Pacers.

The Hawks are now 8-2 without Horford (they were 7-4 with him) but whatever. I guess that win doesn't count either.

Stan reply to Brian on Jan 31 at 9:26

I think the Hawks are a worse team without him and they don't match up well with the Sixers or have any area to exploit without Horford in the lineup.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 31 at 22:42

I don't know why you always go to these defensive "guess that win doesn't count" crouches that misrepresent what people are saying. You acknowledge this team isn't a contender; therefore, you must think that our record and league-leading point differential is (a) an unsustainable fluke of some sort, (b) the product of playing weak competition, or (c) both. We're a good team and our wins count, but none of them have come against great teams and we all know this offense will collapse and that it's already collapsing.

jswigga on Jan 31 at 7:23

100% agree. Our D was stellar for most of the game but our offense looked a bit stagnant. I say that isn't the end of the world. Our squad prides itself on tough D and if we bring that every night we CAN compete - that alone will keep us in games.

As I mentioned, our offense wasn't great tonight, but I think it was enough. Shots that guys normally make weren't falling. No worries, tho'. I don't see us having an off night shooting vs. the Bulls or Heat.

Go sixers

Spencer for hire on Jan 31 at 7:57

Watching that defense reminded me of the L.Brown 2001 team with Brand and Battie playing the T.Hill and Theo roles to the max.

Two questions; 1] can this team play that well defensively with Hawes and Vuce back, or does a better offense/ less defense make us better overall: 2] does our lack of offense and stellar defense give any creedence to Curry's effect on this team compared to Collins ?

Good win, Brand and Battie were excellent in their roles.

Has there been any confirmation regarding the specifics of the Collins/Turner dust-up after the game?

Sharone Wright reply to CM on Jan 31 at 9:00

No, but I looked closely at the play that Collins was mad about. It looked like Turner was under the basket guarding no one, and Lou had to guard two guys at the three point line. Riddick got an open three that he made with 0.1 secs left. Collins said to Turner, "That's bullshit!" (Reading lips, but I'm prettys ure that's what he said.)

Watching this kind of game poses what i would call the ultimate question regarding the future of this franchise. Considering that the Sixers are currently 1st in defensive efficiency and 6th in offensive efficiency, is a big that can provide post defense and weakside shot blocking really the thing this team most needs? Will a guy like Howard provide that much of an impact? How much better can the defense actually be? Or will improving the offense instead of the defense provide bigger improvement in the win column and their championship aspirations?

Basically the question is: Assuming the Sixers can only fix one of the two main holes, defensive oriented big man and consistent efficient scorer who can create his own shot, which fix will help the team more?

All this stems from the fact that i think there is a limit to how good a defense can be. Teams will still score at some "decent" rate even if they are only allowed to shoot contested mid range jumpers. I am thrilled that the Sixers play great defense without a major inside presence, but it makes you wonder if they actually got one how much better can they actually become on that end of the floor. I am starting to get the feeling that there is much more room for growth on the offensive end where the team often looks almost clueless and stagnant.

Brian - I think you really misread Howard's statement. Yes, that was his exact quote, but he laughed before he said it, and really he was just doing everything he could to not insult Philadelphia. The guys at postgame live after that quote all said "ok so that's a definite no." This was not even close to what he said about Chicago.

I watched the video. The laugh was more like "you guys finally got to the question, huh?" at least that's how I read it.

Did Doug call the Bulls - the Bullies in last nights post game conference? Wow!

Sharone Wright reply to Xsago on Jan 31 at 9:04

Yeah, but I think he was just kind of using a pet name. I didn't read anything into it.

How excited are you guys about Lavoy Allen? I think i would be using him ahead of Voose as the big that plays next to Thad. His offensive rebounding is impressive and just the fact that he is a big body on the block is a huge plus. He doesn't look lost out there at all. I would rather have him than Biyombo, Vesely or a number of top picks. Sure, his ceiling is pretty low, but have we found our Jason Maxiell, Brandon Bass, Big Baby, etc?

I think so. He fits a nice role for this team.

What is his upside?

Vessely looks useless. Biyombo, though, is going to be a stud.

Allen has showed a ton of effort and a pretty good motor, the two things he was pretty much lacking coming in, according to every scouting report I read. If he keeps that up, I'd say his ceiling is probably a rotational big. He's already accomplished more than I thought he ever would in the NBA.

Everybody knew Vesely would be worthless to this point. I'd trade Lavoy for either of them in a nanosecond.

What have you seen thus far that makes you think Biyombo is gonna be a stud? Are you as sure about that as you were about Vucevic?

No, I'm not excited about Lavoy Allen.

Stan reply to CM on Jan 31 at 9:22

He looks like he belongs in the NBA. That's more than I thought he would be when we drafted him.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the job Battie and Allen have done as the guys in front of them heal...while brian has nothing but praise for last nights game, the ft shooting is still a major issue, and the rebounding last night was pitiful, wins are good, but even aside from poor FG shooting the sixers had some issues that need attention and they aren't issues that are going away.

Wins are better than losses, but this may have been the ugliest NBA game I've watched in my life time, and if Dwight wasn't such a piss poor free throw shooter and/or the magic hit open looks it turns out differently quite possibly.

All that matters is the next game, and, well, I hope they lose by less than 10

I just read hoopshype rumors seems like iverson bank account is getting frozen to pay back on 375,000 worth of jewelry and 400,000 in lawyer fees plus interest its a shame if the rumors are true that this Guy is turning into another walker hat just pissed away his money and his wife filed for divorce so that's more money that's the NBA life if u don't have any smarts or life in general

Stan reply to marcus on Jan 31 at 10:26

nice punctuation.

Sharone Wright reply to Stan on Jan 31 at 10:29

Give him a break, he put commas in the dollar figures!

marcus reply to Stan on Jan 31 at 12:54

im on a cell phone so relax I didn't realize I was in school and u sorry you being a teacher are looking for errors in my sentences.

Markeise on Jan 31 at 10:11

I'm very disappointed in Jrue. He didn't go to the line once and I believe holds the world records for long two pointers taken at the wrong time. He has the physical gifts but mentally not so much. I don't want to see him become Rodney Stuckey (just some guy) but more like Billups in his prime. Control the game, feed your teammates and pick your spots. He is allergic to attacking the basket. Its frustrating!

marcus reply to Markeise on Jan 31 at 10:15

Its funny u say that because for some reason last night I pictured jrue and stuckey in the same sentence

Sharone Wright reply to Markeise on Jan 31 at 10:19

He's been the dim spot in an otherwise bright season. So inconsistent. I was hoping he'd make a leap as a takeover-the-game type player (high expectations, to be sure) but it is becoming more clear that will not be the case.
He has an elite ability to stay in front of even the quickest guards. Other than that, he is good to average. Ugh. Maybe he can turn it around? Still young?

I sort of figured this would be the "honeymoon is oer" season for Jrue. It happens to everyone.

Still not sure what he is turning into, but his improved defense and shooting alone makes me have little concern moving forward. he will either be a solid starter who gives you quality defense and some scoring... or he will turn into something much better.

Jrue's 21 and putting up a very similar stat line to a 24/25 yr old Billups, who was just figuring out how to be Chauncey Billups w/ MIN at the time.

More importantly, he's part of a stifling perimeter defense on a team that's winning games.

He hasn't taken a huge step forward this year, but he's fine.

The thing is, that most players who put up "Minny Billups" numbers do not go on to develop into All Stars.

It is sort of like saying Thad and TMac both put up 15/6 at age 21 and then expecting Thad to average 32 ppg this year just becasue TMac made the leap.

CM reply to tk76 on Jan 31 at 12:52

You're overstating it.

McGrady was one of the most prolific scorers in the League's history for a couple of seasons, there was never a period of Billups career that approximated that level of play.

I agree that I am using an extreme example. But the point is that you can't look at a star and compare them to a Sixer by saying they both once put up mediocre numbers and have similar styles of play.

The thing with Billups is that he was a dime a dozen player until he turned his career around. Sure Jrue could make the same leap, but he could also follow the career trajectory of a lot of merely solid starters.

Philadelphia Prep 74, Orlando Prep 69

In an inartistic scrum at Aron Gymnasium, the frenetic hometowners swarmed about their opponent's intent and took advantage of the visitors who, playing their 6th game in 8 nights, without soul man Jameer Nelson and hole man Jason Richardson, in the unflattering process of being subsumed by their gargantuan center's fickleness and undecided future played James Naismith's game like Crazy Guggenheim on a bender.

For Philadelphia, Seniors Elton Brand and Tony Battie hammered away at Orlando's chiseled Junior centerpiece like legendary John Henry at the challenge of a mountain. Philadelphia's hope is, they don't die of exhaustion by season's end while doing the work of four men, one of them being the late Spencer Hawes.

Junior Andre Iguodala, whose Shar Pei visage calls to mind Benjamin Button in midstream, entertained again with characteristic brio and derring-do but, sadly, continued to aim his free throws like doo-doo. He did however stand close to Istanbul's Hedo Turkoglu for much of the night, turning the tall, talented gunner into petrified Turkish Taffy.

Controversial Sophomore Evan Turner, following a decidedly mixed recital and showing a recalcitrant attitude, was upbraided at game's end by Headmaster Paul Douglas Collins in public view for innumerable offenses that undoubtedly got under the educator's skin. Young Evan was last seen flailing his arms and mouth about in righteous indignation and frustration with Mr. Collins' emphatic individualized instruction following a team victory.

Philadelphia leads the Seaboard Conference by 5 games. Next game: HOME vs. Chicago Academy

Very entertaining recap, thanks. I for one am glad to read this in the Internet age, else I would have no shot at understanding what "Crazy Guggenheim" means ...

You're welcome, Statman - glad you enjoyed.

"Crazy Guggenheim" is of course available to be seen on youtube. The popular "Jackie Gleason Show" on which he was a regular was filmed at the legendary, still-operating Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Two indelibles, Jackie & Frankie Fontaine.

Dwight reply to Dollar Bill on Jan 31 at 12:15

What the fuck?

My quote from January 1: "I'll believe it when I see it, but the Sixers' schedule gives them a good shot at something like 15-6 by the end of January."

They didn't quite get there like I expected, but in many ways they've been better than I expected. These next two weeks will tell a lot about the team ...

Yup i just looked up what my prediction were and hopefully tomorrow the guys will prove that i was spot on.

Losses vs DEN, @MIA and they drop one of the easy ones, say vs DET. Thy might be worse or better, there are a lot of possibilities with this schedule but i think they do just fine. And yes that means they beat Orlando and Chicago."

I feel pretty good right now going into the Chicago game.

Oh my - my 7-4 prediction might turn out to be true, cause I don't know how you can feel good going into the chicago game after that offensive embarrassment last night.

The Bulls are more talented than the sixers at multiple positions have a 'star' who gets foul calls and play pretty damn good defense.

I am really interested in seeing how Jrue and Iggy handle Rose. I think that if they get Rose to be inefficiency (which he often is) then they have a good chance of handling the Bulls.

We'll see if Jrue can handle Rose, his quickness will be a problem, and the Bulls have a couple more players who can beat the sixers

Piss poor rebounding like last night won't help at all

I don't get people hating on Jrue. He's been nothing but a winner this year. He's already hit a ton of big baskets in crunch time for us. Most of his long two's come at the end of the shot clock when he has to force up a shot. And his defense has been absolutely superb and one of the main reasons why we lead the league in defensive efficiency.

Well, there's critical and then there's hater, but people tend to evaluate performance and how a player plays, not nonsense like 'winner' (what the hell does that even mean - you keep using it to justify so much nonsense it's ridiculous)

And you make an assertion there regarding his long twos and their relation to the shot clock - back it up - pretty simple to

Sharone Wright reply to Dwight on Jan 31 at 12:46

I hesitate to get in the middle of your inevitable confrontation with GoSixers, but all of our wins except Utah in week one have been blowouts. So which clutch shots are you talking about? I don’t remember any. I love Jrue, but I am disappointed in him this year.

No confrontation just tired of his ranting about the nonsense over and over, using it to say why Elton Brand is a better option than Dwight Howard, ludicrous statements with no foundation or support, I don't listen to WIP for a reason

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 13:05

The most recent one I can remember is against Denver. He hit the potential game winner. Then he basically won the game for us against New Orleans.

I never said Brand was better than Howard. I just said that I'd rather keep Brand then get Howard.

Sharone Wright reply to Dwight on Jan 31 at 13:18

I was at the Denver game--it was a big shot. Hopefully he can do more of that. He also had the big turnonver in OT in that same game.

Jrue hit a big three in the fourth quarter of the Nets game, and scored 6 of the team's 8 points in overtime.

marcus reply to Dwight on Jan 31 at 13:03

I wouldn't say people are hating on jrue but has been playing inconsistent so far this year. IMO he hasn't played like a point guard but more like a combo guard.

But he's played like a combo guard 'consistently' in that his approach to the game seems to have changed. If he's doing it once in a while and gets pulled, then that's on him, but if the coaches have asked him to change the way he approaches the game, that's on them, and I think it's a mistake.

last year they did the point forward thing and if now they want to convert his style of play to something else, maybe they've just decided he can't be a 'traditional' point guard type (which I don't agree with) and then even if his game has changed, whether you agree or not ,it's most likely a coaching/organizational decision (bad or good is up to you)

bebopdeluxe reply to marcus on Jan 31 at 13:28

And the problem if Jrue is, in fact, a "combo" guard who defends his ass off and has the cojones of a bank robber in the guts of a game is...what?

Standard question in criminal law exams

What kind of people rob banks?

Correct Answer

Stupid People

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 13:40


Your point is?

Well - if you can't see the point - I'll just keep you guessing

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 22:57

They definitely don't ask this on criminal law exams.

marcus reply to Dwight on Jan 31 at 21:56

I wouldn't say people are hating on jrue but has been playing inconsistent so far this year. IMO he hasn't played like a point guard but more like a combo guard.

What people need to realize is that it takes a point guard the longest to develop. Steve Nash didn't start getting consistent minutes until he was 26.

I always thought it took big men longer to develop, but it's definitely harder for PGs than wings.

Video of Turner and Collins from today's practice ( youtube.com/watch?v=SqZ-H9… ) from @tmoorepburbs

Collins says he's not sure about Hawes for tomorrow night, but Voose is ready to go. Apparently, it's up to Hawes now, when he says he can play, he'll play.

Tom Moore on Jan 31 at 14:09

Asked Evan Turner in a 1-on-1 interview Tuesday if he's cool with Doug Collins.

Turner: "Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?"

Me: "Did things just happen in the heat of the moment at the end of Monday's game?

Turner: "I guess so. I’m not really thinking about it anymore. I went to sleep. It’s a new day."

Collins declined comment on the matter.

Just saw that, thanks for asking the questions, Tom.

Did Hawes look like he was moving OK?

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Jan 31 at 14:14

Sure, Brian.

Hawes looked OK, but not as good as Vucevic.

Would guess Hawes doesn't play tomorrow. He says he's OK in halfcourt, but still not there yet for full-court ball.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Jan 31 at 17:17


I wanted to get your take on Hawes not being part of the past eight games. Obviously I don't think it has hurt defensively him being out but can the team but can the team be significantly better with him offensively and would that out weigh any of his defensive deficiencies as a whole to make the team even better ?

The ESPN trade machine is back for all who missed it

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 14:31

That happened ages ago, son. Get with the times.

Didn't notice, don't use it that much, there's a big announcement on their front page...i still want all trade machine to have some sort of logic built into them that a really unbalanced trade is rejecteed

Then you would not be allowed to make a trade like this:


Iggy, Brand, Noce, Lou, Brackins
Dwight Howard, Lebron and Deron Williams

"This Trade is Successful"... you darn bet it is!


ESPN trade machine make it so.

Of course no way the Sixers make that trade. It puts them over the tax...

Yes you failed the 'monkey test' as i would call it...i.e. even a dumb monkey knows theres'' no way that trade would happen.

The scars of realgm linger :)

There's no such thing as a dumb monkey, only close minded researchers. But can you teach a smart monkey how to properly use an apostrophe? :)

Great now you have me thinking about the big bangtheory and that smoking monkey

Tom Moore on Jan 31 at 14:47

Does anybody know where there's video of Collins talking to Turner at the end of the game? Didn't see it livs.

CSNPhilly has Turner throwing towel on way to locker room, but that's all I found.

Would like to check out.


Rob_STC reply to Tom Moore on Jan 31 at 17:12


I saw that live, Turner throwing his towel as I was watching from behind the bench. Was curious as to what Collins might have said to Evan.

Read through the game thread, his lips were pretty easy to read - I don't remember the exact words - but something to the extent of 'that was pretty f'd up'

And this is what's wrong with the coverage of the NBA to me today - and why the game is headed in the wrong direction.

The clippers thunder game is now just about one play - and one play only - and boy is it being over reacted to

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 18:22

It was an offensive foul too. He pinned Perkins with his left and used it as leverage to get up. People see what they want to see...and what the media wants them to see.

Ryan F reply to tk76 on Jan 31 at 20:56

Really? To me he clearly uses his left hand to prevent Perkins from making a play on the ball, not that he was necessarily in a position to definitely block it or even significantly contest it. I always thought that was a foul. Not for the NBA's baby girl, but for most other non-superstars.

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Jan 31 at 21:07

Any insight from anyone else? Am I taking crazy pills? I am the only one I've seen so far today claim that it was an offensive foul, and both times I was told I was wrong.

I, as much as anyone don't buy the Griffin hype, or at least don't want to, so i'm probably more than biased, but to me that is clearly an offensive foul.

I'd love to hear another opinion.

to me it was both; it was an offensive foul and was one of the greatest dunks I have ever seen in my life. He clearly got up that high on his own and then the left hand was most likely for balance. Like most highlight reels, you get away with some.
Ppl are just Blake Griffin hating.
It does take away from it, that it should not have counted buyt awesome anyway. IMO

Watching the slow mo it looks like Perk reached in and initiated the contact- on a vulnerable player in the air. You are allowed to push off after you are fouled.

Look at the 18 second mark of the clip I linked to above. It is a bang bang play but it looks like Perkins initiates the contact by trying to push Griffin away from the basket. Perkins arms were not at all vertical. It might have helped push him higher, but it was not a classic example of a guy catapulting off another. You do that by pushing off their shoulder, not by pushing away on someones arms.

Any play like that the call goes to the player is vulnerable in the air unless the defender is abortively set (prior to the guy initiating his jump) and they get plowed over. Don't see at all how this play could be taken as Perk being set or Griffin pushing off prior to being fouled.

Go frame by frame from 18 sec. At 19 sec mark Perk pushes his forearm into Griffins chest and underarm. At that same moment Griffin's arms are free, making no contact with Perk. It is clear as day if you go frame by frame.

Then Griffin tries to push Perks arms away, as Perkins is hitting Griffin in the face.

Are you saying that if while in the air a guy hits you in the chest and face (initiating the contact) that you are not allowed to try and push their arms away?

after watching ur link, seems you are right, contact was initiated, probably to foul him. could have been an and-1 too. was it called?

I think so, there was a whistle.

I think Griffin would have made the dunk had Perkins not fouled him, but it would have looked more ordinary. Basically Perkins pushed Griffin further away from the basket and then Griffin gained additional lift pushing off Perkins shoulder. The combination led to the crazy windmill.

I 100% agree that had Perkins not fouled him first, then Griffin could have been whistled for pushing off Perk's shoulder.

I am to lazy to upload extracted screenshots. But this is a pic right when Griffin started pushing back, and shows that Perkins initiated contact on a defenseless player. There is actually a frame prior where perk is pushing into Griffin and Griffin is not initiating contact. So it is a foul by Perkins to start with and everything after that is sort of moot:


Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 18:23

Was that not one of the greatest dunks you've ever seen? What were they supposed to do, just pretend like it didn't happen?

It wasn't a dunk - he threw it in
it was an offensive foul
You're yet a nother prisoner of the moment with no sense of history (and no sense of sixers pride, since ervings was better against a much better player)
It was ONE PLAY in a game - but that's all the focus - and that's what the NBA is about these days - and it's no surprise you buy into it - you buy into the moment constantly - it's not about team - it's about individual

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 18:59

I'm sorry so we're not allowed to enjoy great dunks anymore? Dunks are a part of the game. Just like everything else. Obviously the game takes more importance. But dunks are a part of what makes the NBA so entertaining.

Comprehension is very important to reading - you constantly demonstrate an inability to comprehend - because that's not even close to what I said.

You're just a different kind of troll...but at least you make it easier now

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 19:06

"It was ONE PLAY in a game - but that's all the focus"

From that it sounds like you didn't enjoy the dunk.

Like I said - it's not reading that is fundamental - it's comprehension

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 19:13

Ok, so you did enjoy the dunk? That's good because the media also enjoyed the dunk, which is why they made it a big focus in the game recap and in the SportsCenter top plays.

Good night and good luck troll

Evan Turner for Eric Gordon. Would you do it? I don't think he's worth the 13.5 million he'll command in the off season, but I think we would be a much better team with him.

Dwight reply to Stan on Jan 31 at 18:31

Eric Gordon would be the best player on our team.

Well no he wouldn't - because Andre Iguodala is better than him (assuming Gordon ever gets healthy)

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 19:04

If Gordon could ever stay healthy for a full year he would be better than Iguodala. But yeah considering Iggy is very rarely injured then I agree that he is the better option.

I disagree with the premise that if he's healthy he's better than Iguodala - he's just shiny - and new - and everyone wants a reason to say iguodala isn't very good

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 19:16

Gordon is much better offensively. He's a natural scorer and plays much smarter on that end. Iguodala still makes poor decisions on offense and struggles to shoot both jumpers and free throws. Gordon is also statistically an above average defender. However they both play different positions so it's hard to compare.

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Jan 31 at 19:17

If Gordon were on our team he would be the one taking all of the big shots at the end. He would be our "star".

Doesn't mean he'd be the best player.

Man - watching the pistons/knicks pregame (detroit broadcast) i don't think these guys have ever seen the knicks play a game with amare/carmelo on the floor at the same time :)

I'm not even sure where it was brought up, but yes, I'd probably trade Turner for Gordon. No, it doesn't matter at all if he became the team's best player. I love Gordon's game, I'm just afraid he's going to be one of those guys who's always hurt.

It's a pretty big risk to take, because I wouldn't feel comfortable signing him for much more than what we gave Thad unless he came back and proved he was at least capable of playing injury-free for the rest of this season. Then, even if he does, can you really trust a four or five year deal for him? I don't know. If you get him, maybe you can make a better case for a guy like Howard this summer to join the team. I'd prefer going this route to get him over using the amnesty on Brand then offering him a big contract as a restricted free agent. New Orleans would have to be extremely gun shy about his injuries if they agreed to the deal right now. The odds of Turner ever being as good as Gordon are pretty slim, though they'd be replacing him with a guy who can step right in and help the team on a rookie contract.

Tough call, but I'd pull the trigger.

Not sure how all the new rules work - but could the sixers pay gordon and brand - or would the cap hold thing get in the way?

Gordons injury history is a huge red flag to me - i'd consult numerous doctors regarding recurrence/perpetualness versus fluke injury - i don't think injury history is examined enough as nba owners grossly over pay fragile players.

I think if the sixers want to improve at the two guard (as they should) there are more affordable versions who don't defend any worse than meeks but can do a bit more offensively (courtney lee and oj mayo)

Courtney Lee and OJ Mayo can do more offensively? That's way off base.

Than Jodie Meeks?

Thought you meant more than Gordon. Yeah, they can do more than Meeks. But they don't shoot as well as Meeks and doing more of the other stuff than him isn't such a high bar. I'd rather play Turner than either of those guys in Meeks' role.

Yeah I thought you might have thought I meant gordon - but gordon isn't gettable for the sixers whereas the other two names are.

I'm not sure where I stand on Turner at the moment...

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 31 at 22:20

I see where you said you're not sure where this was brought up, but is this something that has some legs to it, or just fan-based innuendo? Are the teams rumored to be discussing it or something?

Someone just asked the question in the thread here. Didn't mean to get you prematurely excited :)

Does anyone else remember a couple years ago the rumor that the Sixers turned down a trade of Gordon/Kaman for Iggy?

Nope. Don't think I ever heard that. It's a good thing the Sixers didn't do it, though.

Dwight reply to Dwight on Jan 31 at 19:58

You don't think a combo of Gordon/Turner wouldn't be better than Meeks/Iggy?

Well, it would've been Turner/Meeks for all but 2 games so far this year, so no thanks.

Anyone else watching the celtics squander their lead to the cavs?

Watching the Nets hopefully come back to beat Indy.

I like watching Irving play. He uses the ball a ton (although given his teammates that might not be a bad thing) and he turns the ball over a bunch, but he's quite efficient, and only 19.

Tom Moore on Jan 31 at 22:21

Sixers story (with Turner, Collins video interviews): Turner: 'Why wouldn't I be' fine with Collins?


Tom thanks for asking the questions we all want to hear.

Hurrah, that’s what I was exploring for, what a stuff! existing here at this blog, thanks admin of this web site.

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