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Sixers Win Together, Again

I apologize for the hyperbole. This game has me pumped.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 1 at 23:48

I don't sense any hyperbole at all. Your writeup this morning just played exactly right into how the season to this point and this game played out tonight, for both teams. This post just summed all of it up. Well, along with the ass-kicking we all just witnessed. The Sixers "can" beat the Bulls and there's no denying or questioning that now. It is just one game, but a hell of a confidence booster for the guys and the type of game where they can go home and kick back and really look in the mirror and truly believe in themselves that much more.

Just a flat out start to finish thrashing. No let up whatsoever.

That pretty much sums it up. Good job Brian and great job team.

Can't wait until they learn to start games like they start the second half...

eddies' heady's on Feb 1 at 23:51

You're wrong man, you did say you wanted a copy of that poster. Guess you fetched it. Ha

eddies' heady's on Feb 1 at 23:54

Guess Korver pushed Andre up higher in the air ala Blake's faux dunk with Perkins doing the same thing.

Statman on Feb 2 at 0:06

Great writeup, Brian, befitting a great game.

My observations on the game:
- I think you got it exactly right about Iguodala: the best part of his game was that he was unafraid. And it was great how Jrue took the lead from Iguodala and had his own spurt late in the 3rd. There haven't been too many games this year when they've both been at the top of their game, but this game shows how good the Sixers can be when that happens.
- This game, and in particular Jrue's defense on Rose, convinces me that the Sixers would give the Bulls all they can handle in a playoff series. With Jrue on Rose and Iguodala on Deng, who else is truly scary on the Bulls? (Honestly, I'm happy when Boozer plays, because his defense is awful.) The Heat, on the other hand, are another story.
- The naysayers and skeptics will still say that the Bulls were missing Deng and Hamilton -- but other teams haven't blown out the injury-depleted Bulls like the Sixers did. Same for the Horford-less Hawks last week. Time for the Sixers to get some credit.
- Lavoy Allen made a huge contribution in this game, and I thought his defensive positioning and rebounding was generally quite good. I was most impressed with his effortless reverse layup. He seems to have good hands around the basket (not quite the level of Thad, but it's always good to have finishers in the paint).
- Without making any shots, Turner had a positive impact on the game in the first half, with his passing and his defense on Korver. This proves that one can never have too many Iguodalas on a team ...
- I'm waiting for Xsago to take a bow for his prediction that the Sixers would go 8-3 in the 2nd eleven with wins over the Magic and the Bulls. I predicted 8-3 too, but not that way ...
- Back to Iguodala, his highlight reel of a 3rd quarter took me back to his play in the Team USA scrimmages in the summer of 2010, when he wowed everyone and made the team (he earned player of the game in one of those scrimmages). People (esp. the ever-critical Sixer fans) will be surprised this summer when he doesn't look out of place among all the other "superstars."
- On to the Heat! All I know is that it better be a sellout on Friday ...

Tray reply to Statman on Feb 2 at 0:27

"The naysayers and skeptics will still say that the Bulls were missing Deng and Hamilton -- but other teams haven't blown out the injury-depleted Bulls like the Sixers did."

Yeah, well they've played two games without Hamilton and Deng; one was against the Wizards, and they won by 10, and the other was against the Bucks, and they only won by 7. So no, teams haven't blown out the injury-depleted Bulls, but only two teams, one middling, one epically awful, have played the injury-depleted Bulls. So it's a huge win, but it is a little early to say how good the Bulls are when Rose is their only perimeter option.

It is now 11:05 AM and I give the Sixers credit. They played very well. The Deng and Hamilton void mattered though. Rose's sickness MAY HAVE factored too.

Lavoy Allen is incubating nicely. Never saw that coming.

great win

I missed it b/c I had to work, but it's nice to check on the score and see this kind of result!

Well I don't know, if we're going to keep leading the league in defense all season, and we finish the year with a slightly above average offense, even a slightly below average offense, maybe that's a contender? We've been too good for too long this season to completely discount it.

My favorite two players in the league, Bismack and Love, didn't have very good games tonight. Love, 6-16, 21 points on 21 possessions, Bismack, 11 minutes so far, 1 point on 2 FTA, 2 boards, 3 fouls, 3 turnovers, a block and a steal, left to rot on the bench in garbage time. Now he's coming back into the game with the Bobcats down 61-105, let's see if he helps mount a heroic comeback. Nope, he immediately picks up his fourth foul and lets Chris Johnson get a layup. Then he can't catch a pass, causes a turnover, gives up another and one on the other end. Fifth foul. Now he bricks a hook of sorts, or it would have been bricked but Chris Johnson gives him a break and goaltends it. A basket for Bismack. A rebound slips through his fingers, fortunately it goes off a Blazer player. And that's it, 3 points, 3 boards, 5 fouls, 3 turnovers, and a block for Biyombo.

Dwight on Feb 2 at 1:06

It's a great time to be a Sixers fan. You have to love the hustle and personality of this team.

ESPN Chicago on Feb 2 at 1:28

"Derrick Rose looked up towards no one in particular during the third quarter of Wednesday night's 98-82 blowout loss to the Philadelphia 76ers and simply shook his head in frustration. He couldn't believe that his teammates were playing so poorly. He couldn't understand why he couldn't motivate them to play better. He struggled to grasp his team could look so flat against a Philadelphia group that was so hungry. "We played a messed-up game," Rose said in a somber Bulls' locker room. The Bulls' play on this night wasn't on the mark, but Rose's comments were. As usual when it comes to figuring out the Bulls, the answer as to why they struggle on doesn't revolve around him. It centers around the people surrounding him on the floor."


Rose wasn't exactly spectacular tonight. He can't take all the credit when they win and none of the blame when they get their asses handed to them.

Matt reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 1:51

in his defense he completely manned up when he blew the heat game despite being the only reason they were in it in the first place.

If I'm reading correctly, he didn't take himself off the hook. Whoever wrote the story did.

First game all season that I didn't get to watch one second of. I couldn't even follow the game tracker on my cell and it seems like I missed a goodie.

Getting to look at the final boxscore, that is what you call balance. I am getting more and more impressed with Lavoy Allen every game. I thought his stat line was a misprint. Iguodala had a great game as well as Thad. All three of those guys will need the same production Friday night.

I figured the Sixers would fare well against the Bulls tonight even if they were at full strength. Besides the 41 point loss last year, they have handled the Bulls pretty well. The Sixers match up with them man for man, even more so with an improved Hawes and Voose this year. I was actually hoping to draw them in the playoffs last season.

Really, really great win last night. My brief observations:

- Iguodala had the kind of night people hope he could produce on a nightly basis earlier on in his career. He was spectacular and hopefully will reproduce this performance on a consistent basis..
- Holiday did a great job on Rose. Rose has sneaky strength to go along with his quickness, but Holiday easily measured up to him and never backed up. Rose really looked ordinary for the most part last night, which i think led to benching in the 4th quarter because really Watson was doing more damage than Rose.
- Turner and Young provided great energy in first quarter and really started the huge run between min 6 in the first and the end of the third.
- I was a bit disappointed that Vucevic didn't play again, but boy did Lavoy Allen did a good job last night. He has definitely surpassed even my wildest expectations coming into the season. I think Allen deserves to enter the regular rotation and receive Battie's minutes. Battie shouldn't be used unless it's an emergency when he has proved he can deliver (like the past few games with all those injuries). Allen can also provide some relief for Brand who at this point i think shouldn't be counted for more than 24min per game. They really don't need him for more but need him fresh in key stretches.
- The most amazing thing to me last night was that the team never put too much thought into the horrible officiating and kept pushing the gas and pressuring the Bulls on the defense.

side notes:

- For all the bashing of the front office for not getting another "warm big body", honestly while the Sixers certainly don't have a star PF or C, they look like they have one of the deepest front lines in the league. Hawes, Vucevic, Brand, Allen, Battie and Young can all play and that is far more than what most teams have.
- Thanks to Statman for the mention in the earlier post. I thought they match up fairly well with Orlando and the Bulls when i made those predictions and i was proven right this time. Can't wait for the "next eleven" post since i'm on a roll :)

"For all the bashing of the front office for not getting another "warm big body", honestly while the Sixers certainly don't have a star PF or C, they look like they have one of the deepest front lines in the league. Hawes, Vucevic, Brand, Allen, Battie and Young can all play and that is far more than what most teams have."

Good points. More reason for Stefanski to be recognized as a really good GM despite the general hatred he gets. Come back Ed! I'm still afraid at what Rod "I blew half a salary cap on Outlaw/Petro/Farmar" Thorn will do to us.

Stan reply to spiller27 on Feb 2 at 10:46

Thorn worries me. He doesn't seem aggressive and it seems like he's just counting down the days to his retirement. Stefanski made two huge mistakes in his tenure- trading Dalembert and hiring Eddie Jordan. BK overpaid for rebounders and tried to fill the starting lineup with high usage 30 ppg players.

Who is responsible for drafting? Is it the GM or Tony DiLeo?

Max reply to Stan on Feb 2 at 10:50

I am not certain, but from what I have read I believe Dileo is the one coordinating the draft each year.

Yup DiLeo is in charge of the draft but that doesn't mean that he makes decisions alone. Thorn, DiLeo and Collins together make the decision.

And yes i think DiLeo has done a great job over the last few years. He is not perfect but really noone is when it comes to the draft.

Except that all reports indicate that COllins had no interest in evan turner whatsoever.

The last time a 'coaches' choice was used over the draft folk (that has been reported) involved larry brown wanting larry hughes, while dileo and king wanted nowitzki or pierce

As long as DiLeo is making the picks - I'm happy - if collins starts making them - I'm more concerned as his 'time frame' doesn't match that of the GM usually

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Feb 2 at 12:37

Vucevic was a Collins pick.

Don't look now but the Sixers have won 3 in a row against the Bulls after their early season rejuvenation last year. I wouldn't say it's impossible to beat them come playoff time. Miami is a tough matchup for this team, but i think they can play with everyone else in the conference.

How good can Lavoy Allen be?

Anonymous on Feb 2 at 7:59
Spencer for hire on Feb 2 at 8:19

Back when playing 500 was the goal under Cheeks and Deleo we often referred to the question; "do we have smart enough players?" Their basketball I.Q. was often thought of as low. Well they are doing things defensively that smart teams do and seem to have added the right pieces in the last 3 drafts to become not only a TEAM, but a smarter team.

L.Allen, as a 50 pick in the draft has surpassed our former #16 pick already, in my eyes. Vucevic has shown an ability to understand his role and Turner seems to do what is needed. Jrue, in spite of some well deserved critisism about his p.g. play, is the starting p.g. on the team with the fewist turnovers this year.

I expect them to keep up the good work in this years draft and who knows, maybe we will finish the year with 8 double digit scorers.

Question: Would you guys rather have Lavoy Allen or Speights as that last big off the bench?

I'd go with Lavoy all the way.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Feb 2 at 8:54

Weird, I just thought about this same thing this morning and was going to log in to post something about it. I'd take Lavoy in a heartbeat over Speights, from even what little we've seen of Allen thus far.

raro reply to Xsago on Feb 2 at 8:57

The thing I like about Lavoy is the fact that he always seems to be in the right place. Whether it's a dump off under the rim or 16 footer from the elbow, the guy just knows where to be. I was surprised how smoothly he ran that pick and roll play with Lou too.

Yeah, i am surprised too, but i guess he was taught well in college. Another thing that is really impressive to me is his consistency. The biggest problem for rookies is usually consistency, but it feels to me like Allen plays absolutely the same way every game and you pretty much know what you can expect of him. And as his role expands he will look better and better.

jswigga on Feb 2 at 9:02

It's hard to say this early in the season, but Lavoy is a breath of fresh air out there. As the posts above have noted, he's got good hands, is capable of finishing around the basket AND the kid's got a lil J too. Plus he's Evan Turner humble! Speights was some of the things some of the time, but never all or even close to all of the time.

Gimmie Lavoy.

Great win!

I was at the game last night and it was great to see the fans come out and really support this team again. My family has had season tickets since early 90's and have sat through some pretty depressing games in an empty stadium. I knew even before the game started that this crowd would be pumped. It was playoff energy last night. I had a bunch of Bull's fans next to me, kept making excuses, then they told me they were a 3rd Q team, I laughed to myself knowing we were too. We blasted them in the 3rd, I turned over and asked where that 3rd Q team was at. I will say, unlike Eagles and Phillies games, even though I was talking smack with these guys, it never got nasty and was in good fun. We shook hands on the way out.

I thought that AI played with purpose last night, he is showing the world he deserves to be on the Olympic team this summer, hopefully this elevates his game all season. We heard a little USA chant while being interviewed at the end of the game.

Brian, I go to a decent amount of games and the players are introduced right next to my seats, you want me to send court shots next game?

Bulls.com's Sam Smith reported legendary 76ers statistician Harvey Pollack handed Derrick Rose a copy of his annual book pregame. When Pollack told Rose he had been in the NBA since its inception, Rose asked Pollack to autograph it.

And the moral of that story is...?

Drugs are bad mmmmmkay

Simplistic of you, Mr. Derision. You're better than that, as you like to say.

Funny, that you should forward a "short pants & set shot"-guy story after earlier writing critically of the era and scoffing at those who respect it. Then again it is a different day.

Well at least you left out the obscure reference but still got all your facts completely wrong - par for the course

Facts wrong? State 'em. Support your mudslinging. Objectivity awaits.

Great to see the Sixers playing well. I thought Lavoy Allen was just a throwaway pick but hes turned out out be a great find. Stefanski did do a great job finding him assuming he is responsible, but lets not forget he also "found" Speights. Not all guys with a "low motor" respond. Not even to Collins.
When is Hawes coming back ? I didnt expect to see Voose in uniform before him.

I heard an interview with Michael Curry and he told a story about how he was coaching the mens National team and Lavoy was on the college team picked to scrimmage against the team and he was very impressed with Lavoy at that time. called him the strongest player on the team and someone who really anchored in the post and would be a strong defender down the line. I wouldn't be surprised if Michael didn't have a little input into that selection.

Really? Nice, I hadn't heard that before.

Lavoy seems to play a lot bigger than he is. He had a really strong dunk on a baseline feed last night, it was a dunk of the other bigs on the team would've even attempted.

Great win tonight. Lesson to the league don't get @dgranger33 mad. Y'all been warned!!

Roy Hibbert tweeting after lasts nights win against the wolves. Granger is a bitch. I can't wait to see AI9 totally emasculate him again.

Massive game for the Sixers last night. These guys finally beat an elite player in D Rose. Not sure how the game would have fared with Deng playing, but Hawes was out so lets call it even. Its time for the team to start winning more games on the road and continue to dominate home court. Also, even though Brand didn't have a huge game last night, he's been solid this year.

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