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Tom Moore on Feb 2 at 19:13

Story (with Allen, Collins video): Lavoy Allen is a driving force for Sixers:


Have a good one tonight, guys.

"Allen, the Sixers' second-round pick in June's draft, had been getting around by hitching rides with teammates and public transportation. He's gone to several Sixers' games via subway."

That right there is great.

That cracks me up. He's older than Jrue, didn't have his driver's license.

Also did not realize he was 23.

I think with second rounders it is a good idea to either take a flyer on a kid that is years away (like Lou) or go with an older college player like Lavoy or Landry Fields last year.

Basically if a 2nd rounder still needs developing they are unlikely to stick with the team unless they knew the player was several years away when drafted.

now that's blue collar/lunch pail.

Also, what makes Lavoy such a nice fit is that he is physical and smart. There are a lot of players who probably are more explosive but would not quickly assimilate the offense (Bismak.) For them to get a solid role player who fits their scheme and needs so well at #50 is both lucky and a testament to Dileo/Stephanski and the drafting group.

All of the TNT guys had at least one Sixer on their All Star reserves list. Kenny Smith is the only one who didn't have Iguodala (He had Lou Williams). Webber had Iguodala and Jrue.

Dwight reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 19:55

I kinda like not having any all-stars. It gives us more rest and continues to allow our guys to thrive in the underdog mentality.

Melo so doesnt deserve to be a starter but so goes the NBA All Star popularity contest.

I don't really see Jrue as worthy yet, but I could see how he would be a trendy pick. He is the most media "likable" and charismatic of the bunch and you can probable use his 2nd leading scorer and defense credentials as a way to argue away is unremarkable production.

It would be sort of ironic that Iguodala is 28 and never an All-Star, while Jrue might make it in at age 21. A bunch of guys made it at 21 but only 5 made it at 20.

BTW, how did Kobe make the All Star team at age 19? He averaged 15/3/2.5 on a 61 win Lakers team that also sent Shaq, Eddie Jones and Van Exel to the game. The game was at MSG. The Jazz and Sonics each finsihed ahead of the Lakers that year, but only had 3 All Stars between them.

Anyhow, if Jrue did make it (even as a late injury addition) it would really raise his profile as the guy people ID with the "new" Sixers. IOnce you get that type of hype you tend to carry it for the rest of your career.

Do people think he really has a shot at the ASG? I really don't think he has played all that consistently this year, but maybe a strong week ahead could separate him from guys on teams that are not winning (Boston, Mil, etc.)

As long as they don't pick Wall then I'll be fine...

Head coaches vote for the reserves (although I think some delegate the duty to an assistant.)

No way head coaches pick Jrue over Rondo and Deron. They each have to list 7 players and maybe the each include a Sixer (or maybe not.)

I do think Stern will feel obliged to select a Sixer if there is an injury reserve (and there usually is) and you have to figure he gives Iguodala or maybe Brand the nod since those guys have paid their dues (including the national team.)

I don't think he deserves it this year, but I'll be happy if he gets it.

I'm completely good with Jrue becoming the face of the Sixers. He will never be a superstar, but he could become high profile like a Billups if the Sixers continue to win.

I don't see Iguodala as being their front man. We sort of know that he is not a natural in that role. Jrue or Thad are. Lou is more the actual leader, but he is probably not the face the media wants to put on this team.

I was watching NBA Gametime last night, they did the sixer game 3rd but at least gave it some attention...and kenny the jet is quite positive about the upside of Jrue Holiday. So was C-Webb, they both seemed to think he had all star upside

Did the fans vote Kobe that year? Was it like when Lebron was voted on at age 20 and the other All Stars sort of froze him out?

Was that the game where Kobe acted like a jackass? Didn't he wave Malone out of the post so he could iso on someone?

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Feb 2 at 21:40

No, Jrue does not have any shot at the all-star game.

Ugh, if the Knicks beat the Bulls all we're going to hear about is how there's something wrong w/ the Bulls and that's why the Sixers won.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 20:10

The win made us feel a bit more confident about the team. I don't really care about the pundits since they will likely overreact anyway. Let the pundits get on board after they hopefully win a playoff series.

yeah ... but the Knicks won't beat the Bulls.

Dwight reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 20:43

Wow CJ Watson is a stud. Teams that need PG's should try to trade for this guy.

On the other hand, if the Knicks beat the Bulls, the Sixers would be percentage points ahead of them and Friday's game would be for first place in the East -- pretty cool.

I'm not ready to hunt for the top seed. I'd rather focus on taking care of the division right now.

Does anyone actually enjoy watching Melo play? Great scorer but it is all iso jumpers. Not really much fan friendly about his game. He either hits the jumper or misses it, nothing ever new out of him for a fan (or non-fan.)

Stan reply to tk76 on Feb 2 at 22:31

I think Monte Ellis is entertaining. Melo can be fun to watch to a certain extent. If you minus the dunks and the chase down blocks you could say that Melo has the same entertainment value as Lebron.

one utilizes insane athleticism, the other is skilled with great size.
different strokes.
personally Lebron is a joy to watch even when he's killing my team.

Stan reply to jkay on Feb 2 at 22:41

His drives to the basket and the foul calls he gets are very frustrating.

as every superstar. particularly guys like Bron, Shaq who have ridiculous strength are hard to officiate.
It just marvels me how much one guy is able to affect a game by himself.
There are times in key moments and crunch time in games when he starts defensive rebounding like crazy, not to start the break but to deny the enemy possessions. he and Wade are high bb IQ players. Really like how they can tell when to stop horsing around.

Listening to the discussion about Jrue's future and whether he will develop into a more PG...

With ET developing I could see Jrue continue to play more as a hybrid guard for the next 4+ years. not really happy about that prospect, but think about how the team is effective with Iguodala as as point and how ET will have to get a similar role if he is to be successful.

Derrick Rose was ill last night

He suffered from what now shall be called the "philadelphia phlu". When the defense shuts your ass down and you make up excuses for not playing the fourth quarter but are perfectly healthy the next night to take advantage of a piss poor defense like in new york

Look what's trending now on Yahoo.com - specifically #5 (I did not make this list up):


01 Gisele Bundchen
02 Ellen DeGeneres
03 Prince William
04 Lindsay Lohan
05 76ers
06 Britney Spears
07 Trump endorsement
08 Honda hybrid
09 $3B WWII wreck
10 Mortgage rates

That is a sad list. people need to get a life :)

MCT reply to tk76 on Feb 2 at 22:12

Hey at least the Sixers are above Britney Spears and the Trump endorsement!

Maybe one of those people can tell me why the hell pitbull exists

People who still use yahoo are way behind the times anyway, I can't remember the last time i used yahoo to search for something, it's like myspace to googles facebook (though both myspace and facebook suck :) )

MCT reply to GoSixers on Feb 2 at 22:22

Yeah I never use it to search, it's my homepage to access my email account.

As soon as I saw that list though, I went to Google and typed "Si" and "Sixers" is the first word that came up. So I guess the team is trending on Google too.

Or Terra Nova - or that stupid band, stephen something and the sixers

Knicks lose. Rose left the door open for the tie, but Melo couldn't hit the prayer. Amare came to life against Boozer, shockingly.

The Hawks got their asses handed to them at home by the Griz tonight.

Did the knicks really design a play with about 30 seconds left that called for an Amare 3?

I was sort of half watching, saw the shot, not what led up to it.

Yeah me too - but if that was a called play d'antoni should be fired :)

yep d'antoni called timeout and they drew up an amare 3(not the first time ive seen him do that)

Derrick Rose: "We lost to a great team yesterday, we just wanted to redeem ourselves tonight."

The Knicks first round draft pick (top 5 protected) goes to Houston this year :)

Yep. That trade was for McGrady's rotting corpse, right?

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 22:52

yes sir

My only regret is that NY didn't draft Curry in 09'. It would have made that trade even more enjoyable.

I can't wait to play Boston. I was reading a celtics blog the other day and fans there think that they can still contend for the #1 seed. They completely overlook the Sixers.

Someone predicted Iguodala would make his first All Star appearance this year before the season began. Anyone remember who it was?

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 23:08

Anthony Gargano

No, I mean a commenter here.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 23:11

I did...obviously great minds think alike.

Yep, just found the comment. Man, I hope it comes true.

you've been on your shit this season brian keep up the good work


I assume someone already linked this.

Seems like the pendulum is already swinging a bit too far in the overhyped direction as the Sixers become a story.

Although if we keep seeing more of these Dwight to philly suggestions it might actually get some legs.

I love the cold water they had to throw in there at the end :)

Good stuff, though I don't think trading for Howard is really an option, unless he comes out and says "I'll only sign an extension with Philadelphia" which he's never going to say. Even if he did say that, they wouldn't be winning a championship this year because they'd have to give up too much to get him in a trade. The only way he winds up in Philly to play w/ this core, if that's what he wants, is if they sign him as a FA (and he gives up a ton of money to come here) or they do a sign-and-trade in the summer and give a little something up (but he'll still lose a bunch of money in that scenario). The Nets can trade for him now and then extend him for a ridiculous amount, so can a lot of other teams, and the Sixers could as well, but they'd have to give up Iguodala, at a minimum, and without Iguodala, I think the lure of Philly isn't quite as good for Howard, so why would he force a trade here? The best they could hope for would be something like Brand and Turner for Dwight, which you'd have to do, obviously, but I don't see Orlando making that deal.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 23:39

You are way ahead of me in that I have not started thinking particulars. Step one is Howard even considering philly. And we are not there, but maybe enough national chatter suggesting he should would open his eyes to it.

But if it got that far I actually see the Sixers ad well positioned to compete in a trade or FA signing. But there are no signs yet that the Sixers are on his radar. And I can't think of who else this team should target.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 2 at 23:52

If Howard REALLY wants to come to Philly, he has to know that the best way to make that happen is to sign here this summer. I guess Howard could simply say - I either go to Philly for whatever deal they are willing to do or I just walk in FA, then I guess it would allow the Sixers to minimize the damage in what they would have to give up to get him.

It will be interesting to see what happens if they go something like 5-2 over this 7 game stretch...get people to start saying, "hey, maybe this point-differential thing is true, and the Sixers are legit..." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to imagine what this defense would be like with Dwight Howard - perhaps even Dwight Howard himself could figure it out.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 2 at 23:44

As a fan who has suffered through the bad... Would you want them to blow up this nucleus if it meant the could get Dwight, deron and some dead weight from NJ and ORL for next season. Sort of like what Boston did?

I am not sure I would be behind selling their soul if it meant losing Jrue, ET, Iggy, Thad and Lou. Seeing those guys fight to become respectable has been great.

Man, tough question. It's much worse than what happened in Boston, they were terrible when they made the moves, and basically what they did would be the equivalent of getting Dwight and Deron without giving up Jrue and Iguodala (they kept Rondo and Pierce).

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 0:01

Probably a good survey. Maybe attatch it to the article going up tonight?

@mindofAI9: Flop city

Good foul by Mozgov. Surprised they didn't call a "protect Blake" flagrant.

I added it to the post. Tough question.

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