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Sixers Wilt Late Against MIA

bebopdeluxe on Feb 4 at 1:11

They win tonight, they finish the week 3-1...which I think everybody on the board would have signed up for. That one loss, however, will linger...which is why they NEED to find some way to gut out a win at the ATL.

tk76 reply to bebopdeluxe on Feb 4 at 6:03

Yeah, they did some things right last night and they can't let this loss snowball. The schedule is to tough right now for them to have a hiccup in their play.

As Brian suggested, they actually had same 4th quarter issues the last 3 games. The difference being the lacked the big cushion.

You'd love to have beaten the Heat, but you can't have your A-game every night.

The effort and the defensive game plan were solid, just need to find a way to be more consistent on offense and avoid long stretches w/ no buckets.

Good to see Thad have a nice game vs the Heat.

This schedule is too unforgiving to get too broken up about one loss - keep winning so that you don't have to worry about seeing those guys until the 2nd (or 3rd) round of the playoffs.

We lost because we didn't have our "A game"? We've lost twice to the Heat this year, and by a total of 41 points! I'm pretty sure the loss goes a little deeper than our squad missing a little spring in its step last night.

It's a classed league, and we're not in the Heat's class.

Spencer for hire reply to Hobbes on Feb 4 at 9:38

I think it is as much about the type of athletes as anything and the heat stars are as good athletically as anybody the sixers can throw at them.

There is the heat and then everybody else, for sure to me, but we can blitz most team because we can outquick them and apply pressure. But the heat is just as quick and just as athletic with more skill to beat.

I expect our team to run the lakers and spurs out of the gym this week but with this heat team it may be time to go with a post Elton's contract timeline and let them have their run.

I certainly don't expect them to "run out of the gym" the better nine or ten teams in the league, and that's despite the fact that most teams in this league right now look kinda' sloppy. I won't be totally shocked if we win two or even three of the next four games--our team does play hard just about every night and we're deep with better-than-average players--but I won't bank on it.

And, for the record, I'm also not banking on the owners, in a down economy, to amnesty Brand so they can pay him 17 million dollars next year while he either doesn't play at all or plays for someone else, just so said-owners can pay someone else an additional 17 million to be on our team. Why not? Well, if the logic of the previous sentence doesn't already explain it, there will also be the problem of limited replacements in the summer: what are we going to net that makes the lost cash in an amnesty-move worthwhile!? Fans need to be realistic about owners: owners don't become weathy owners by thinking real dollars are monopoly dollars.

Dwight on Feb 4 at 9:32

The Heat are just one of those teams that have the Sixers' number. Even before Bosh and James got there, Wade has dominated us. This was their 9th straight regular season win.

The Heat bench is really the only bench besides Denver's bench that has been able to beat our bench. They have some great defensive players in Haslem and Battier. Cole is lightning quick and very tough to stop off the dribble. And Miller is lights out from 3. Three of those guys were starters at one point in their careers.

The supporting pieces of this team are very solid and should get more credit.

Excited to be going to the game in ATL tonight. I'm hoping for a nice bounce back W against a team with its own front court issues. What I dont want to see, however, is a lineup with Lou and Jodie at the 1-2. I cringe whenever Collins goes to that combination. I guess its pretty much the back court of D'Antoni's dreams but the sixers win with solid d and that duo isn't cutting it.
I didnt get to see any more than the highlights from the Heat game but based on the chart that Brian posted it looks like the 4th qrt skid started with Meeks and Lou manning the ship. Collins should never put them on the court together in a close game when there is still meaningful basketball left to be played.

could9 reply to could9 on Feb 4 at 10:10

oh misread the chart, that sub for meeks was end of the 3rd

Good 3 quarters, horrible 4th. My takeaway from the game is actually positive because i sort of expected them to lose. I think the Heat played as well as they can (possibly their best game of the season and one of their best in the big-3 era), and the Sixers still managed to hang on without a problem for 3 quarters.

Hopefully, this loss won't shake the Sixers confdence and they can beat Atlanta tonight.

Spencer for hire on Feb 4 at 11:00

I would not be shocked to see Hawes tonight because the road is a good place to shake off the rust and he will be needed against the big frontlines this week.

Elton needs less minutes and I hope Collins can pick his spots with Elton now that L.Allen is gaining his trust.

Vucevic and Allen are 5th and 11th in rebounds per game amongest rookies so they sure addressed a weakness in this past draft.

The issue here is phillys strength(its wing players) is negated by Miami's wing players (2 of the best 5 players in the league)
Which is why the Sixers need to get Dwight Howard.
Can ANYONE on the heat stop him ? Nope. And the sixers defense would be truly something to behold with Dwight back there.
There should not be any 2 players on this team who are considered untradeable to obtain Dwight Howard.

Iggy and Turner...yes
Turner and Jrue--Yes
Thad and Iggy--Yes

Howard is a once in a decade talent and a bonafide superstar. Which is why the Sixers should make every effort imaginable to obtain him. Philly is every bit the market that NY/Chi/LA are. And Howard wouldn't have to share the spotlight with anyone. He would instantly be "the man" and would be responsible for bringing back one of the NBA's previously marquee franchises back to glory.

Sixers are a good, deep team---but lets be realistic--they have not beaten one team that wasn't missing one of its top 2 or 3 players.

Indiana-granger was missing I believe
Orlando-Jameer Nelson

Blowing out Washington by 30 during the regular season doesn't count for anything in the playoffs.
This isnt football---you cant have one player play out of his mind one game and advance in the playoffs(which is why Milwaukee would NEVER beat Miami in a series)---you have to be better. And right now the Sixers arent. They need to make a move to be better--even if it means blowing up this year--which at best will be *maybe one playoff series win and at worst, depending on where we finish--being knocked out in the first round again.

Spencer for hire reply to Gdog on Feb 4 at 12:12

The trouble is no combination of 2 of our players would get him and adding a third guy is what bothers me. If it takes Thad, Jrue and Evan , when Thad becomes tradeable, than it may not be worth it in the sixers mind.

Especially if he won't resign definitely. One thing going for the sixers is that both rookies have shown they can play and may add some value in any trade scenerios or add value here if the cupboard is left bare after a move.

Well obviously he would have to sign. But really---any 3 players to get dwight ? Sign me up. Good players will come here to play with Dwight and play for Collins. Its what this franchise needs.

You forgot our other strength, which is "unathletic white guys"

comment on Feb 4 at 12:10

What frustrates me about the 2 miami games ths season is that they both felt like shooting contests. And like miami couldnt miss when it mattered. Thats not the type of game I expect from either team.

Brian, you are right on about those opening five mins of the 3rd being the pivotal stretch, moreso than the beginning of the 4th when the Heat pulled away...as it happened, you just knew this was their shot to build a lead and make Miami play from behind, and they just didn't capitalize...after they blew that stretch, you kind of just sat back and waited for the inevitable Miami run to blow it open...didn't think it would be quite as bad as that 4th quarter turned out to be but c'est la vue

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