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hopefully good lou shows up tonight

Spencer for hire on Feb 4 at 12:32

We go from a team that matches up well with us to a team we usually handle well. A good thing and combined with getting on the road could benefit the sixers.

William on Feb 4 at 13:24

Driving from Birmingham to Atlanta to see the 6ers in the "highlight factory" hopefully they can bounce back2nite. Their 1st visit to Atlanta last season was the first game Meeks was inserted in the starting lineup. They blew a 20 point lead, hopefully that doesn't happen 2nite.

I don't believe in 'momentum' from one game to the next (unless it's a playoff series), I don't believe in 'must wins' as long as it's not the game that ends your season. I believe that a 4 point loss to the nets or the blazers counts just as much as a 20 point loss to the heat. They're each one game.

However, I also believe, that the only game that matters is the one you're playing next. Not the game the night before where you embarassed yourself in the fourth quarter and not the next game where Kobe comes to town...those don't matter.

The only game that matters is the game in front of you.

I want to see that mentality in the first quarter, I want to see that the players on the team have put last night behind you and moved on, because that's how you get it done, that's how you succeed. I'm sure in the locker room they talked about it, and doug went over it, and maybe there's some things to work on in practice, but the game is one, it shouldn't be thought about any more, and they will show that by coming out strong in the first quarter...strong defense and better offense.

And while there's a lot of the 'winner 'clutch' stuff I don't buy into, and I don't buy in the 'wants to win' nonsense because I don't believe any player wants to lose, I believe that the ability to put the last game behind you, win or lose, and just focus on what's next, what's in front of you is vital, and I want to see that in the first quarter tonight...I want to see in their play that last night is already out of their memory, regardless of what the fans or the espn heads have to say about it, that's irrelevant...

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 15:26

"The only game that matters is the game in front of you."

Good analysis. Definitely agree on that one.

Seeing via Twitter that 00 may be back in uniform tonight....strange to say but damn have they missed him, hopefully he comes back close to what he was before, and maybe with a new haircutt too...

Gosixers reply to das411 on Feb 4 at 17:55

Have they really? Which loss would have been a win if hawes had been playing?

No way to tell, but he certainly wouldn't have hurt in the Nets and Knicks games. The Miami games probably go the same way w/ or w/out him.

do you think doug limits spencer's mintues or because hes playing hes a full go?

@preston76 Coach Collins said EB hurt rt thumb last nite & may not be avail tonite; Collins said he has diff options for starters based on who's avail

lavoy allen starting for brand

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on Feb 4 at 18:14

and i realize it's soon, but if he continues to look like this, he's a prime candidate to be EB's replacement going forward.

Spencer for hire reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 18:31

It looks like he may compliment our two centers well. He seems to play closer to the hoop than the Elton we are seeing now and sure sets good screens.

OK, made it home just in time. So Spence is playing and Brand may not, huh? That's not good.

Battle for third place at MSG tonight. 3rd of a back-to-back-to-back for the Knicks. I believe the Knicks could be the first team to go 0-3 on one of those if they lose this one.

Ugh, I have the Hawks feed in SD on LP tonight.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:08

Hope Lou's on, sure he'll get his shots up tonight being back at home.

If he isn't on, I hope Collins cuts back his minutes because he'll shoot them out of it.

sure will be interesting to see how Lavoy does starting tonight...if we see a lineup of him, V8, Jrue, ET and...idk, Meeks or Lou, wouldn't that be the youngest lineup they've used all year?

Aaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip, picking up right where he left off.

Anyone know how Dwight Howard has been on tipoffs this year? ...better than the 0-22 we are this season?

The sixers aren't 0-22 in tips

Bleh, Johnson and Iguodala both miss jumpers on their teams' first possessions. Lucky break on the o-board and Meeks misses a three.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:13

Spence J. good sign

hawes long 2

Spence hits the 21-footer.

I bet Joe Johnson didnt sleep good last night. Get'em Iggy!!

Johnson hits a garbage jumper as the clock expires. Ugh.

ahahaha "that man went to church last Sunday, his prayer was answered" #shitmaliksays #damnthatwasaniceshot

Josh Smith long two. Hawes loses a board to Marvin Williams. Come on.

Josh Smith with a foot on the line. Love that.

Jrue should kill Teauge

Jrue w/ a pretty drive and an airballed layup.

Johnson w/ all 7 points. That three was the first on AI9.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:18

O-board Allen, Dre nice look to Spence for layup.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:18

Jrue redeems himself. thank you

jrue makes up for his missed layup with a layup

I am loving Lavoy

AttaboyLavoy. O-board, turns into a layup.

Two straight steals for Jrue, and then a blown bunny.

Jrue gets it back, though.

At least Jrue is driving. Blocked by Smith that time.

I never thought I'd be so happy to see hawes back...

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:20

Dag, 2 fouls on Lavoy already.

Two on Lavoy.


Voose should've probably gotten the +1 there. Nice finish.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:21

Jrue has had 4 good looks. 3 layups and a floater. Only made one though.

5 if you count the blocked layup. Hope he stays aggressive like this.

If you call smacking him on the hand a block sure - it was a foul that wasn't called :)

WOuld Someone Box Out Ivan Johnson -- jesus

thad with a fade away

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:25

Damn Thad, sweet turnaround, nothing but nylon.

Thad w/ the turnaround. Wow.

meeks for 3

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:25

Jodie w/ the d-board. Then triple!

Jodie for three in transition!

Who would win in a housebuilding contest, Iguodala or Josh Smith?

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 19:26

to make a brick you have to hit the rim though...

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:26

Ugh, thought Dre should have just kept looking to score there.

Man, that building is just silent.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:27

Thad wide open from 15. clank .. weird

so it's news that Thorn is actually there at a game?

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:30

OK, Thad, enough w/ the jumpers.

Was the ball passed at all on that last offensive possession?

joe johnson was all over dre

Court_visioN on Feb 4 at 19:31

what happened to the electric fence?

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:31

Andre, do more of that. So aggressive and determined.

Well - in regards to the 'start' - unimpressive to say the least

btw, that ball was on the rim. the follow dunk for Ivan Johnson.

WOW nice shot THAD...more of him without EB around sure seems like a good thing, no?

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:34

Well Thad swishes another one. Just pick the energy up to start here and they'll be OK.

Thad at the buzzer.

PHI 20, ATL 21 after 1.

Really low energy out there, on both sides. Keep letting Josh Smith shoot.

Hawes filling the stat sheet up (with turnovers and goaltends)

and an o-board putback :)

good job hawes

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:38

Good follow Spence.

box the fuck out.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:39

Come on Jrue.... can't have that ... ends in runout bucket on other end

Box Out Ivan Johnson - someone


wouldn't be surprised to see Jrue benched for that turnover.

Turner is money from three.

WIll everyone else be benched for not coming over to help him out (he put himself in the situation no doubt but no one gave him a chance to pass it to them

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:39

You're kidding me!!!! looked like it hit the bottom of the net... haha

Ok - so each team has one of those weird ass baskets - the sixers was a 3 though :)

noooo Zumoff, i'm pretty sure the one AI9 made to end the third last night was the most unlikely 3 pointer you'll ever see...


Why would he start doing it now?

Ah, good old Willie.

McGrady is a tough matchup for Turner, was last time they played, too. Is he stronger than you think, or deceptive or something?

Hey - it's hard when you have to guard your childhood idols

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 19:43

More heady :)

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 19:44

A little of both, but I think he still gets some veteran / superstar calls even though he is a former superstar and not a current one. He pushes off alot too.

Turner seems to have trouble with him though.

Man - how deep does this 'heat hangover' run?

Yep, Meeks for Jrue.

Willie long two, and another fucking o-board for them.

Complete bailout call on T-Mac. Two on Hawes.

Dough leaving him in (and lavoy is back in too)

No one touched t-mac it seemed - he fell over and they called a foul?

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 19:47

he did the AAAYYYAAYYAYYYY move.

that + status as a (former) star = ref blows whistle.

MCT reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 19:47

Yup, still gets those calls apparently

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:47

Good job Lou, stepping thru.

at least lavoy will box out

meeks 3

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:48

Good swing of the ball Evan. Jo-3!

Meeks three. Good find by Turner.

See lou - passing isn't evil

I'm really having an issue with Lou lately.

You mean the i shoot first second third and fourth and then think about passing?

That's always lou - it's just when he is 'on' no one cares - when he's off it's ebmarassing

Sissy something. Really nice play there, Turner finding the diving Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:49

Keep this unit in after this timeout Doug. Lou, Jodie, ET, Lavoy, Hawes.

I'd bring AI9 back in to cover Joe Johnson. He's 0/4 since that fast start, don't want him to get hot.

I don't like lou and jodie on the floor at the same time, defensively

Another good find by Turner

Hey doug remember that 'point forward' idea you ran last year - how about doing that on the second team with lou and evan?

Turner is such a different player when he is being agressive.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:52

Aw, good hands Jodie!!! slam

see, look meeks can dunk

Jodie can dunk!!!

Great steal and finish.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:53

Another Jodie steal ... and finish!! Keep it up.

Wow, Turner and Meeks just taking turns picking their pockets.

anyone want to complaini about Jodie now?

yes - two good plays off set all the bad plays

I do. He shouldn't be a starter on any team in the league. I might can beat him one on one.

No - you really can't

Yes. I really can!!

Every time i get to see J. Smith play I am so glad we didn't sign him.


eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:54

There's Lavoy! always at the right place, another o-board putback

Lavoy w/ the follow!

I would've subbed AI9 in for Lou there. Meeks was playing well.

Three on Lavoy. Ugh.

And lou leaves teague alone - to prove your point

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 19:58

Agree on leaving Meeks in, but he pulled him b/c he picked up his 2nd foul

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 19:59

I think that was the third foul on Meeks, wasn't it?

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:55

Good pass Lou, looked like it was way out in front of Thad.

turner with the tear drop

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:56

ET coast to coast floater.

Keep your foot on the gas.

Oh josh smith mr athlete that should embarass the hell out of you - being blocked by hawes

Hawes w/ the flat-footed block on Josh Smith. Heh. That's more embarrassing than being posterized, in my book.

That Hawks heat commercial was poorly timed :)

Man - Blake Griffin is going to get his nose broken this season -

Man, Meeks and Turner both playing well. That sucks so bad. Certain folks can't even badmouth someone. It really blows when two guys on the team both play their roles and help the team win.

What has Iguodala done yet?:)

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 20:00

lol I was just thinking the same thing - what if these two can actually play well together?

Swap Meeks and lou then - make lou the short starting two guard :)

I like that idea for a variety of reasons

MCT reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 20:03

Lou would certainly be happier with that situation. I think it could work.

That idea sucks. Remember 41%? Lou is the light version of AI3. Not what this team needs in the starting lineup.

Lou is the light version of AI3.

Hmm...I think that sounds familiar, I'm not sure why.

Having him be the second team point guard is a horrible idea as well

MCT reply to KellyDad on Feb 4 at 20:17

Lou is a better 3pt shooter, and he would never play as many minutes or dominate the ball as much as AI did.

I thought that second part was self explanatory though :)

I figured it was Iverson cause it was a sixers game in atlanta :)

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 19:59

Don't like that shot from Dre. contested, early in clock

how did M. Williams go #1?

He didn't?

he went 2nd, right before cp3

nice move voose

Voose w/ the up-and-under!

Nice move

Does Voose have a better overall offensive game than Hawes?

Scoring game, yeah. He can do stuff besides shoot 20-footers. Hawes' passing has a value, though.

Voose can pass too

And shoot 3's :)

You must be psychic

It's really close. I think Voose has more of an instict to post up. Hawes is more confident in his jumper.

I think it's more that Voose has more 'athleticism' than Hawes really - he just 'flows' - Hawes moves never look natural to me

They don't look natural cause he is not comfortable in the paint. Voose knows how to play big. Never brings dribbles or brings the ball below his shoulders. Thats how bigs should play.


eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:02

Lou for 1 time...

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:02

Correction - Thad for 3 time .... heh

Nice stop and fake Thad - early POTG candidate

V8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or as Malik says, THREEEEEE-KOLA!!

voose 3!!!

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:03

YES! Lou w/ the assist to Vuc for 33333333!


for three.

Steve V on Feb 4 at 20:03

These refs are ridiculous tonight. The main reason I want AI9 to be an all star is maybe he'd finally get some respects from the officials.

That's more an indictment of the bad officiating in the NBA and NBA not holding it's refs accountable though


PHI 57, ATL 41 at the half.

What a great fucking run by the bench there. Just outstanding.

This is proof beautiful things can happen when Lou looks for a teammate instead of a shot at the end of the quarter.

Beautiful things happen when lou looks for a teammate often - not just at the end of the quarter

I wasn't really liking the energy at the start - but the hangover seemed to wear off early in the second

Jrue + AI9 are 2/12 for 5 points. And the Sixers shot 55.3% from the floor, scored 57 points in the half and lead by 16. Wow.

South Broad on Feb 4 at 20:06

Some unimpressive start and Heat hangover, huh?

Yes - the start was unimpressive - they looked dead in the first quarter - jrue and andre have done very little

It's very good Lou we're seeing tonight.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:06

16 fast break points. So key.

Tight race for POTG. Lou, Thad, Turner, Meeks and Voose all in the running.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:10

Jrue also - no assists and 2 turnovers

Lou - 4 dimes and 0 turnovers

May see Doug limit Jrue's minutes in the 2nd half like he did in the 1st.

If Lou keeps playing like this, that's what he should do. Teague got a little bit hot there in the second, but not enough to matter.

Any idea what the record is for points in a quarter without a free-throw attempt? 37 is pretty steep.

Notice therree is no drop off between Brand and Allen as a starter?

Lavoy needs to watch his fouls.

and maybe provide more than a 24 minute sample size...

True. That's rookie mistakes. He still plays D with his hads beore his feet. Could he be Brand's long term replacement? That's what I am hoping for.

Alvin reply to KellyDad on Feb 4 at 20:18

That is true, but this is not the kind of game where Brand is pivotal. He was outstanding against Orlando when we had to guard Dwight.

Lob What?
We are City of Brotherly BLOW-OUTS, guys~

Pacers/Magic knotted at 39 at the half. Rooting for ORL there.

Nets up on the Knicks early.

That's more like a push to me.

How much fun was that second quarter?Man!Unbelievable that we're shooting 55% as a team but Igoudala and Holiday are a combined 2-12!

Is it just me or is Evan Turner playing some of his best ball of the season?3/4 for 7, 4 board, 4 assists, credited w/ 1 steal though he had a hand in a couple others, and 1 turn. Jodie also deserves special mention, he was a ball of energy on both ends-3 steals. That was most definitely "Good Lou"-SWEET Lou, one might even say!Thad giving the kind of performance we begin to take for granted

Just a thing of beauty, even if Jrue is in the doghouse and rightfully so-1/7 for 2, 1 board, no dims, 2 steals and 2 turns. Like to see him come out with something to prove in the 3rd. And I'd like to see ET gun for the trip-dub!

GOT to finish this one out....I was grinning ear to ear for the whole second quarter...

Turner has had quarters (and games) like that before this year - he hasn't strung a bunch in a row together - he's stil real up and down (and that's on him not doug collins ;) )

sorry, Jrue was 1/5, not 1/7...'Dre was 1/7 for 3, though he had a far better half all around than Jrue-4 boards, five assists...could conceivably get close to the triple double if he can get some shots to fall but really not worth mentioning unless rebounding/assist pace continues in 3rd

ivan johnson starting the 2nd half

Alright, let's put them to sleep early here in the third.

Lavoy in the paint.

Too easy for Marvin on the other end.

We need to see so patience out of Jrue in the third.

The refs can't even save the Hawks so far-- 12 PFs called on the Sixers, as opposed to 2 on Atlanta, and we're still up big.

Keep shooting, Josh.

Lavoy is giving Smith fits!!

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:22

COme on Lavoy, can't be doing that.

Four on Lavoy.

I see what you said earlier

Twin blanco towers!

Let's see how this they work together

Can Hawes win this one?

Jrue to the line. Bailed out, but I'll take any kind of FTs for Jrue, these days.


Energy isn't there like it was in the second.

Cause that energy was from the 'night shift'

When was the last time the Sixer had 2 seven footers on the court at the same time?

Good question. I can't remember it ever happening.

Mutumbo and Geiger maybe?

Hey we got another foul call! Dre gets the roll on the first, makes the second. Nice to see two made FTs by anyone on this team

Too bid for Smith

Voose! Nice little move there. He's quick w/ those hooks.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:28

When looking at only our two games vs the Hawks, I can't see how they've won as many as they have w/ or w/o Horford.

Think Spence just stole three points from Jrue :)

boy Spencer, sure would've been nice to have you stuffing those last night when we COULDN'T DROP ANY GODDAMN SHOTS...

Did anyone elses feed go to hell in the past couple minutes - getting that 'static' thing for the past 3 or 4 minutes

Hawes with the rare offensive/defensive goaltending bifecta!

Bench, please.

Good work, Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:31

Thad time, Spencer's had enough for it to be 1st game back.

I realize he's been much better this season, but it's taken like 15 minutes of him on the floor to remind me of all the things I hate about Spencer Hawes.

Ivan Johnson with a pathetic double double.

Blake Griffin may have a triple double before the end of the 3rd against the wizards

Man i wish the sixers had signed deandre

I'm waiting for the bench to come in to spark the team into life, and blow this thing further wide open

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:35

Need a bucket here in the worst way...

Thad got poked in the eye or something. Iguodala was guarding two men on that trip. Hope Thad's alright. Need a spurt here to end the third, get it back up to 15+ going into the fourth.

The Human Highlight Reel is a terrible color guy.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:38

ET floater again. D up!

Good attack, Turner. Turn it up on D now.


eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:39

Vuc w/ the lefty lay-in!

McGrady in to attack Turner, I would assume.

Wow, Voose in space.

If the Hawks weren't just jacking threes, they'd be back in this game.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:41

Questionable foul on Lou there. Really close, he wasn't fully set.

Beat these guys exactly the way Miami beat you last night, make them keep chucking threes and go turn them into easy twos the other way..

Ivan Johnson is the "bench player who has career night against the Sixers" of the day


eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:43

THad and-one! Needed that bad....

Atta boy, Thad. Hit the freebie, it's back to 15.

Nice take and finish Thad


Never thought I'd say this, but maybe we can get a run now that Ivan Johnson is out of the game.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:44

Good job by Lou to at least try to body up JJ there.



What a fucking pass by Turner!

Voose pulls into the lead for POTG, I think.

Bad news guys. Firstrowsports.com has been seized by the feds. Now I don't know how I can watch the games.

Well - when you break the law - that tends to happen

Find a relative in philadelphia - get slingbox

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 20:47

My parents in Philly have a slingbox, but it's broken. I guess I should try to fix it.

Does a sling box really cost less than nba league pass?

Dwight reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 20:51

it does if you plan on watching NBA on slingbox for many years.

Until they find a way to find sling box signals illegal when they cross state lines :)

That's great if it's what you plan - but since it's broken - not sure it's all that useful to you

Or (you know if you like the law)


Dwight reply to sixerfan1220 on Feb 4 at 20:48

Wow, thank you!

Ryan F reply to Dwight on Feb 4 at 20:47

Pay for league pass like most everyone else.

I have a man crush on The Voose.

great job closing the quarter

PHI 81, ATL 62 after three.

Excellent finish to the quarter. They weathered the Atlanta run, then pushed their lead at the close of the quarter. Excellent.

Iggy can make layups!

Pathetic 3X2 watch: Dre 9/7/7

TS reply to TS on Feb 4 at 20:48

Pathetic 4X2 watch: Josh Smith 6/8/5/7

I'm a little perplexed by the Atlanta announcers complimenting Evan Turner's stroke.

Even when the team is in a lull, Thad is going 100mph. Love that guy.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 20:52


where would this team be if those new owners hadn't, yknow, opened up the wallets to bring him back?

Don't mean to start anything,bnut we need that put of Iguodala in these situations.

Hard to do on the bench. He'll get back in w/ a chance for a triple-double, though.

Fuck a triple double. We need him for 20 tonight

Zaza is the flopper of the night, apparently.

Ugggh starting to take all long 2's again, start attacking here guys

Looks like Minny will get to .500 tonight. So NOH has gotten 2 games from Eric Gordon (a declined extension) and like the #15 pick in the draft. heh.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 21:02

Should've taken that Lakers deal.

I'd take a mid first-rounder and nothing else over $50M committed to those players.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 21:07

Yeah, that's probably right.

great pass thad

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:55

Long way to go ... find your legs here. Stop settling so much.


Ugh. Lou has taken three of those terrible shots this quarter. I'd rather have Jrue out there not shooting at all (1/1 in the second half).

yea you keep chucking Lou, not like we've seen this team drop a few 3-bombs already this game.....this one is far from the W column still...

Lou is shooting us out of the game right now.

Not sure Turner deserved the hook there. Jrue finds Thad, ugh. They're free.

OK, Jrue taking over would be nice.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 20:58

Thank goodness Jrue made that, wasn't sure what he was trying to do on that possession.

Bleh. Got to the rim but nowhere to go w/ it. Getting handsy on the defensive end. Tired legs.

love me some voose

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:00

Good pass Dre, good shot Vuc.


8 dimes for Iguodala.

Voooose agin at the end of a quarter

SWEET pass by AI9 back to V8...just keep hitting those and play keepaway for a few more minutes..

Voose is on tonight

They should bring in Turner for Jodie for defense to close the game


^ heh, comment of the night?

Big Will on Feb 4 at 21:01

Voose is loose!

Our bench is 23-40 for 50 points. Wow.

eddies' heady's reply to Alvin on Feb 4 at 21:02


eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:04

Come on, dig deep here. Just F.I.N.I.S.H. Gonna be hard, but seek it.

Shouldn't have switched that. No need. Just go under and give him the 20-footer if he wants it. Bleh. 11-point game.

ugh so sick of this stupid beer commercial with GoSixers at the bar complaining about everything

Tray reply to das411 on Feb 4 at 21:09

At least he's got a cute neighbor to stalk.

That comment was beneath tray it was so bad

comment of the night

Stan reply to mymanjrue on Feb 4 at 22:09


Teague totally palmed the ball there.

why is lou in?

To take terrible shots.

I'm actually very surprised the Hawks are showing some resiliency for a chance.

Lou is back in? What the fuck is wrong with Collins tonight?

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:07

Hawes floater? I'll take it ...

sissy floater

NICE shot by 00...and another assist for AI9...

BS whistle. 9 dimes for AI9.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:08

That was a BS call on Hawes there. no foul man

Lou comes in, guns and misses. Good Lou first half, bad Lou second half

You know it's a bad call when the other team's announcer says it was the wrong call.

and a board for Dre, how many is that now?

I'd like to see a replay of that "foul" on AI9.

8 boards for Iguodala.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:10

Whew, Ivan out of bounds ... dodged one there.

What the fuck was that Iggy?


Why is Hawes in? Was Voose playing too well?

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:11

Yes, Hawes turnaround J!

Hawes again!

10 dimes for AI9.

WOW maybe they did miss 00...is it time to put tray tables up yet?

Ivan Johnson tips ball away on a strong effort play, steps out of bounds, creates microcosm of entire career thus far.

That's brilliant

Why is Lou in the game right now?

Is Spencer Hawes actually Kobe Bryant trapped in the body of a large, doughy white man?

Did you really need to change your screen name again?

Are you kidding, or trolling? I can't tell

Man, you're just that Wyclef Song by another name

Hm. You're being an idiot right now, and I know it, but you don't know it. Awkward situation all around.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:13

Damn Dre, just terrible.

Again. What the fuck was that Iggy?

I hop Dre is building his house next to Josh Smith's. They'd be fun neighbors.

I like that

AI9 just saves Lou from wrecking that possession...so he can do so again...

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:14

Lou w/ the dagger roll!!!! Yes yes yes

Lou with gets the roll


Bismack Biyombo is starting for the bobcats tonight

...that doesn't count as an assist for Iggy though, does it? he did kind of hand the ball over to Lou just before that stand around, wait for ten seconds, jack up bad shot...

Nah, but he's got those ten already. Not going to get the boards, I don't think. May get fouled and split a pair for the points.

25 Fouls on the Sixers, 11 on the Hawks. What a joke.

these refs are gonna get a talking too

Nah, man, this is just gonna keep happening until we trade for a marquee star like Monta Ellis or John Wall.

I see your poinr but don't agre with the guys you listed

Heh. Neither do I.

Dre shooting way too much tonight. He wants to get the double double, that's the only explanation i have for those 2 jumpers.

Both were against the shot clock, no?

Not too much just very difficult shots

Lou is the only player I'm comfortable with in isolation. Maybe Brand as well.

Good win. But...

This 5 didn't deserve to be on the floor to close the game, I really don't know why they did. Collins didn't make much sense down the stretch tonight

MCT reply to MCT on Feb 4 at 21:18

Not that it mattered in this game, it just didn't make any sense to me.

Dwight reply to MCT on Feb 4 at 21:20

I'd much rather Collins make lineups that can match up with the Hawks players and what they're trying to do than just play whoever is hot.

Yeah you want Iguodala to be on the bench at the end of the game. He sucks, doesn't he?

MCT reply to Jeff on Feb 4 at 21:21

I never said that did I asshole? I didn't want Lou out there

"This 5 didn't deserve to be on the floor to close the game"

Yes, you did.

MCT reply to Jeff on Feb 4 at 21:25

I didn't mean all 5 of them, I meant the rotation as a whole.

I don't really have to explain myself to you, so you can fuck off. They won and I'm happy that they won so that's the end of it.

That's great, but when you say, "this 5" that is easily interpreted as all five players.

It's a shame you don't have to reduce yourself to that level with the name-calling.

*It's a shame you have to...

MCT reply to Jeff on Feb 4 at 21:28

I call it like I see it.

vision insurance isn't all that expensive, you know :)

MCT reply to Jeff on Feb 4 at 21:40

Yeah, well, my company is cheap and I have shitty benefits.

Alright dude, I take back the "asshole" allegation and the "fuck off" comment. I have online Tourette's.

It's cool my man.

Darius reply to Jeff on Feb 4 at 21:45

Way to take a benign comment and turn it into an "Iguodala bashing" one. Man, you were just chomping at the bit to make that association. Huge stretch.

It was intended as a joke, but thanks for the unnecessary judgement.

PHI 98, ATL 87 Final.

Big win. Think Hawks cut the lead to under 10 for like 15 seconds. Good finish. 3-1 week w/ 4 games against those teams? Great week.

3-1 so far during hell week, and the one they were right in the game for three quarters...this team just continues to impress...woah but is it just that camera angle or does Hawes look JUST like that dbag Brian Wilson??

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:20

Spencer screwed up a bit early, but he was rather good tonight for his first game from such a long layoff. He was just as good as Vucevic also coming off a layoff. Work-man-like effort from both guys tonight. Kudos.

eddies' heady's on Feb 4 at 21:24

Got killed on the overall boards

Only shot 9 free throw attempts to 27 for the Hawks

Only 2 fast break points, after 16 in 1st half

Best all-around player gunning to a 3-15

Still win by 11? Sign of a really good team.

Glad to see Hawes back. Voose was good.

A win is a win is a win. 3-1 for this week is great.

Voose was pretty good on offence

bench for POTG?

Lou Williams used to be amazing at getting to the line but now that the refs have eliminated the hand in the cookie jar rule and have limited the continuation foul, he's had a tougher time.

Good point

DonH reply to Dwight on Feb 4 at 22:17

Lou is still getting to the line at an amazing rate. I'm pretty sure he's in the top 20 in FTs made.

Collins giving major props to Lavoy and Vucevic in the postgame, the rest of the team likes them, they both are "pretty unflappable"....

Kevin Love just stomped on Scola's face and the refs responded by calling a technical on the Rockets bench. Ridiculous. So does he get suspended or does he get the KG treatment?