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Sixers Shut Down Hawks in ATL

Nice pick on the POTG!

I gotta say I loved the twin-towers experiment (naturally). Honestly I'd like to see us go with many more big lineups rather than the dreaded "small ball" that Eddie Jordan loved. I'd really like to see an extremely big lineup try: Hawes/Vucevic/Thad/Iggy/Turner. Let's see what size can bring, it's an advantage we can have, let's go for it.

Jodie looked pretty good tonight, his best game of the year as far as I'm concerned because it was against a real team.

I really don't want to see Thad at SF for long stretches. He has trouble staying in front of the quicker SF's, and I don't trust the defensive/shotblocking prowess of Hawes and Voose to make up for that.

Good point. Could do give it a short run and see how it goes. Can also replace Thad with Jrue, still have a big lineup but a bit stronger defensively.

Turner's three pass looked alot like a. Andre Miller shot from deep- same form.

David Thorpe on Lavoy Allen:

"He's playing like the older version of Antonio McDyess at just 22 years of age."

Hilariously backhanded compliment, or most hilariously backhanded compliment? Discuss.

I think it's a great compliment. McDyess has played a meaningful role on a lot of very good teams as he got older.

The fact that LaVoy is getting mentioned by natioinal media is incredible based on what initial expectations were. 2nd round gold,

Yes, to discuss the advanced hypothesis: I see it as a fevered forehand smash to the backhand side of the reader's (assumed) historical volleys, an esoterically contorting Martina Navratilova kind of return, based on the (presumed) partial observation of Allen's 11 games and 179 minutes (or the privileged access to Collins' gushing, silvery waterfall of vivisectional, statistical and experiential cross-referencing remarks?), another random "professional" shot in a world besieged by useless temporal opinions, against a backdrop of infinite uncertain outcomes and exchanges of currency. In other words, the postulate could be taken to be standing on the drifting sand of memory and, more pointedly, on one writer's unfarmed field of abstruse connectivity. In even fewer words, it could be seen as bad poetry in prose's clothing. Game, set, and match to the disregarder of folderol, always. I rest my case on the matter.

South Broad on Feb 5 at 9:40

Turner got the nod? Over Thad? or Nikola? Both of the latter deserved it over the former imo. Really good win after a draining night before.

bebopdeluxe reply to South Broad on Feb 5 at 10:05

I don't mind the call. He plays with such stability...runs the offense well...during the two key stretches of the game - in the 2nd and 3rd quarter - his play on both sides of the ball was rock-solid, and the other guys on the floor benefitted from it.

South Broad reply to bebopdeluxe on Feb 5 at 10:47

Nitpicking here but I don't agree on rock-solid play on both ends in that 2nd quarter. As soon as McGrady came in Turner struggled on defense just as he did in the previous game against the Hawks. On offense, he had a hockey assist to Meeks for a trey (Lou made the intitial cross-court pass to Turner who quickly swung it to Meeks), a nice pass to Hawes diving towards the hoop after I believe was a screen and roll, and two more passes I think but can't recall, then an end to end tear drop 6 footer. Around this same time, Meeks had two steals and breakaway finishes on other end. Turner had a poke away too and may have got a hand on one of the aforementioned steals credited to Meeks. Voose had several big buckets, Thad had some timely shots and hustle plays, Lou was scoring in addition to setting others up.

Turner was admittedly good but not "substantially" better or benefitting his teammates "moreso" than others, imo. [Before the board goes in meltdown mode, it was prefaced with nitpicking.]

Turner POTG-a bold call, and right on the money to my mind. His stat line is awfully nice, but it can't convey what came through from his performance in that second quarter. It felt like he took control of the game. Confidence, energy, ease, explosiveness, hustle, polish-it struck me as the most impressive stretch of ball I've seen from him in a Sixer uniform. Hope it was a taste of things to come. With ET playing at that level, the already excellent second unit becomes an absolute monster.

Now if we could only get Jrue on track...I am thinking Monday night...Fish should be good for what ails him

Spencer for hire on Feb 5 at 10:15

Brian, I know you disagreed a few weeks back when I said Vuce could play some p.f. but I could see more of this Monday against the lakers.

He seems to move pretty well and sure offers some interesting offensive options that Elton can't at this stage, mainly posting up and hitting a long jumper.

Does a tandem of he and Hawes allow Jrue, Evan and Iggy to work offensively? And suppose a center [Ezeli] is available when we draft. Could Vuce turn into Elton's replacement?

It is too early to tell but it could be an interesting alternative if it allows Evan to start.

Tom Moore on Feb 5 at 10:43

Great stat in that story TMoore about the losses so far...hard to believe they've lost five games by 24 total and then two to Miami by 41...guess that tells us who the team to beat in the East is, at least for now...

gwadagibeht on Feb 5 at 11:21

I think Spencer didn't want to mix it up underneath so he could avoid adding to Miami/Atlanta's absurd free throw advantage

That's just nonsense

And it's not like this is the first game were spencer has been unable to box out

He's not physical...period

nice win by the Sixers. If Spencer and Voose could contribute like that every night we may already have all the big men we need. Id still like to see Howard on this team but I dont see that happening when other teams have more to offer the Magic. Orlando would be foolish not to trade him for *something*. Hes obviously going to walk at the end of the year and then they will be in the same position the Cavs were a few years ago with Lebron.

Hawks unraveled like a cheap suit in Q2, missed open Js when they needed 'em badly in Q4. Was unimpressed with their effort, except for Ivan Johnson and Jeff Teague, only ones who went toe-to-toe with Sixers (which is the only way to beat 'em). By the way, Hawks 3-8 against teams above .500.

It must be your life-long goal to give the sixers the least amount of credit as possible.

He makes all good points here though. I wasn't aware the Hawks are 3-8 against above .500 teams, that bodes well with competing against them for a top seed.

the "points" were besides the point. Not to mention, obvious. The underlying tone is redundant, if not snide.

Tray reply to Jeff on Feb 5 at 18:41

You don't seem to know what redundant means.

from dictionary.com:

   [ri-duhn-duhnt] Show IPA

characterized by verbosity or unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas; prolix: a redundant style.

So how is his same message of "sixers aren't as good as you think" not redundant? It seems like you don't know what that word means.

It's almost too predictable that a fake sixers fan such as yourself would also support another fake sixers fan.

Your comment's funny in its irony, regrettable in its errancy, obnoxious in its overlay.

"It's a shame you have to reduce yourself to that level with the name calling." - Jeff to MCT, yesterday

There's a bit of a difference between calling someone an asshoe (funny how you conveniently left that part out) and calling someone a fake sixers fan. One is distasteful while the other is true.

So you're a prudish name caller as opposed to an earthy one.

Gave my honest take on the Hawks. Look closely and you'll see an implied compliment of the Sixers. Crawl back into your Iggy tent and zip it.

Not sure what Igoudala has to do with my criticism, yet your off-topic mentioning of him only serves as further evidence of your glaring bias. Blogs need more people (trolls) like you.

Your time allotment has expired.

How about we stay on point, or at least make an attempt. Dollar Bill, I'm sure you can spend your time looking for arcane references to devalue whatever the team, or more importantly, Andre Iguodala does. Jeff, you can just ignore the nonsense, like most others do. Too much time is being spent on this bitchy crap.

Dwight reply to Dollar Bill on Feb 5 at 12:18

If the Sixers hadn't beaten them twice they would be 5-6 against teams above .500

Wouldn't be surprised by this. He blew up at the one ref.

Blowing up isn't a problem as much as making contact :)

The Sixers have a distinct bench advantage over the Lakers...but the lakers have a big man advantage...

After watching that game last night, it was interesting how Kobe hit two ill-advised threes to put them back into the game after being down 15 with about four (I think) minutes left.

With that said, he then took them out of the game by taking more ill-advised threes. Of course, this won't be reported on or complained about.

Last night was the first game that kobe, bynum and pau scored 20+ and the lakers lost...i guess it all depends on how the lakers (and kobe) approach the game

Utah seems to have the size up front to compete with the Lakers' size. Sixers (obviously) don't have this, so they'll need to depend on fresh legs, continuous hustle, and their bench coming through. If we see bad Lou and bad Turner, it'll be a long night.

It will be intersting to see who is out of the rotation when all our bigs are healthy. Brand/Hawes/Thad are all guaranteed a decent amount of minutes. That leaves Battie/Allen/Vucevic fighting for the remaining time. I think Battie is probably going to be the odd man out, with Vucevic/Allen switching on and off for minutes depending on the matchup.

Yeah, if everyone is healthy, Battie becomes the emergency big (and Elson starts wearing suits to games). I'm interested to see how Lavoy and Voose wind up seeing minutes. I think Collins might be leaning more toward Lavoy, and it helps him that he's probably more suited to play the 4 and the 5 than Voose.

My solution would be to go with bigger lineups, less time for Lou/Meeks and a Turner/Holiday/Iggy rotation at the guard spots. Having a plethora of bigs is a blessing that we should exploit.

Lavoy Allen really has been quite the find. You always hear Collins mention how strong he is but thats the last thing mentioned about him in scouting reports.
Great to see the Sixers strike gold for once in the second round.

If Lavoy can continue to improve he could be the reason the Sixers choose to amnesty Brand next season. I was always hoping that Speights would have been Brand's replacement.

I think the chances of Brand getting amnestied for anyone other than Howard are zero. No way Harris is paying $18M for Brand to chill out at home. Who are you going to replace him with besides Howard? No one else is worth clogging up our cap space for 4 to 5 years. Better to go with cap flexibility and stick with the expiring contract, in my opinion.

Let's go Raptors. Down 5 to MIA with 4 minutes to go. Something crazy like a 12-0 run going on right now.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Feb 5 at 20:12

To be honest right now, unless you think the Sixers can get the #1 seed, I am fine with the Heat getting it...I want no part of them until the EC finals - if we can even get there...much rather see the Bulls in the 2nd round.

Concerned Dad on Feb 6 at 0:05

Apparently there are just too many "fake Sixers fans" in this world. Yeah it's annoying to read criticisms of the Sixers' play/players, but being critical is part of being a fan.

Dwight on Feb 6 at 0:12

Alright, the Giants winning the Superbowl has inspired me. If they can win it after going 9-7 in the regular season and no one expecting them to have a chance, why can't the Sixers win the NBA Finals?

Well, it's much harder to win a best-of-seven series than it is to just win one game vs. a better team. I don't think it's impossible, just much more unlikely. They'd need more luck than a muffed punt and fumbled punt to get the job done.

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