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Sixers Must Negate LAL Size

I find it rather strange that the Lakers struggle to score these days. Their defense is good and we'll need to get some easy buckets tonight. They can't run with us.

Whoever will guard Andrew Goudelock needs to close out. He can get hot from deep. And we don't want the Chalmers/Cole 3s, they hurt badly.

I'd love to see our "bigs" take advantage of their 2nd unit. Their only C is Bynum. Make sure Voose gets some looks around the rim.

The Lakers are not the team they used to be anymore. Their defense is better than in the past but they are often struggling on offense (and i think Bryant is on of the guys to blame).

One interesting thing is that the Lakers are absolutely terrible on the road this year. They currently stand at 3-8 on the road despite getting better at it lately.

At this point the Sixers SHOULD win this game.

I would like to see a big lineup up front to matchup with Gasol and Bynum. Thad can attack Murphy off the bench and Brand honestly should get some additional rest tonight. He struggles against big PFs like Gasol and he could use the rest. I'd go with any combination of Hawes/Vucevic/Allen/Battie. Battie has shown to be a pretty good post defender this season and i think he will see some minutes against Bynum.

Also make sure you keep Bynum and Gasol off the offensive glass. They are very good offensive rebounders but the Lakers as a team are not a great defensive rebounding team so Allen and Vucevic will have a chance to show their offensive rebounding skills.

Is Brand definitely available tonight? I still see a win without him, just a little more difficult...

I don't think the sixers fear them call me cocky but I'm expecting the sixers to run them right out of Wells Fargo

not sure if there are numbers to back this up but from watching some of the lakers games, bynum is below average at passing out of doubles

His assist rate is shockingly low (6.4%). Turnover rate isn't great, considering (14%).

Here's my latest from SB Nation Philly On where the Sixers stand and the outlook for winning the Atlantic Division.

Quoting Kobe himself (LA Radio) the lakers are 'old and slow' - maybe take advantage of their age and bench depth and just tire them the frack out.

Sixers favored by 4, over/under 178 (so 91-87 is the expected score).

However, Steve Blake is out for the Lakers, so even if the Sixers win in a blowout, the naysayers will be able to discount the victory ;-)

...but, conversely, the yeahsayers will be able to expand their fantasies ;-)

from twitter:

Michael Preston Coach Collins tells media that EB "is out" tonite, Lavoy will start; added EB wants to try & go, but more important to get him healthy.

@preston76 Coach Collins tells media that EB "is out" tonite, Lavoy will start; added EB wants to try & go, but more important to get him healthy.

Steve V on Feb 6 at 11:29

Looking at the leaders in three pointers made and percentage, is there any way Meeks get into the three point contest this year?

Yeah i think Meeks is a perfect candidate for the three point contest with the recent attention the Sixers are getting in the national media.

Steve V reply to Xsago on Feb 6 at 11:47

How many contestants are there usually? I can't remember. But a contest with Meeks, Ryan Anderson, Anthony Morrow, Kyle Korbwr and Ray Allen would be pretty entertaining. Unfortunately every year they seem to put in a star player who can occasionally make threes but at a low percentage. I'd much rather see a bunch of pure shooters go at it.

I think they have 6 contestants in the first round right.

I want to see what Thad does on offense. Last year he struggled against Lamar Odom.

Yeah, going from Lamar to either Murphy or McRoberts should help Thad out.

I was really encouraged by his game against Miami. The jumper might just open up some things for him when he doesn't have a huge athleticism advantage.

Is Bluster Brown or John Kuester coaching tonight?

Kuester. Have a preview of your inevitable comment devaluing the win, should the Sixers pull it out?


I hadn't until you mentioned it. Here's a peek at my headline: Brown-out affects Lakers grid; Sixers storm in darkness.

I'm reading reports about part of Howard's desire to go to the Nets is he likes the new arena in Brooklyn. I'm 100% sure the new arena he has in Orlando is much better than what they're building in Brooklyn. The original plans for the Brooklyn Arena were pretty bold, it was designed by Frank Gehry. When the money dried up for the huge Atlantic Yards complex (which was supposed to include something like 17 huge buildings with commercial and residential space), they went with a bargain-basement design for the Barclays Center.

It's new, so I'm sure it'll have modern amenities for the players, but it's essentially a cookie-cutter design. Like how the Vet looked like Three Rivers and Kaufman because they were all designed at the same time.

There were also 'reports' this weekend that Dwight no longer wants to go to the lakers cause Kobe said he wanted him to be like 'tyson chandler' was to the mavericks.

I honestly think Dwight is a putz who has no clue where he wants to go or what he really wants...which makes everything he says (or that is leaked) as reliable as a 'leak' from brians favorite inside sixer source sf1976

Heh. Is that guy still around?

I have absolutely no idea, I was just looking for an unreliable source that wouldn't lead to some political discussion :) He's the first that came to mind (after Eskin)

Point is, Dwight is better off going the Carmelo route as opposed to all this BS, say where you want to go, answer EVERY QUESTION about any town the same way, stop trying to please everyone, you can't, if you try to please everyone you'll please no one

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Feb 6 at 12:35

Eh, it seems pretty clear that he wants to go to the Nets at this point.

Yeah, but what does god want?

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Feb 6 at 14:52

Tebow to the Eagles. I, on the other hand, do not want that.

Mike Brown has been given a one game suspension for bumping a ref - most likely he'll serve it tonight

Hm, would you consider playing Voose as PF alongside Hawes/Battie if the Sixers (= Lavoy/Thad) can't handle Gasol? He size would match up better. But foul trouble could be an issue. Bet then again, the Lakers have no other bigs.

Phil reply to Phil on Feb 6 at 12:44

Ugh, keep the typos.

I'd actually like to see the twin towers lineup a little bit tonight if the Lakers stay big.

This isn't a great game for Brand to miss.

Actually - if I could pick a game for Brand to miss - this would be it. To see how the other guys handle it, not for this season but for 'long term planning'

For instance, the fact that I don't think the sixers lost much when Hawes went down was very instructive...

I can't give you exact numbers right now but their offense got significantly worse during the span Hawes was out. They were the top offensive team in the league offensive efficiency-wise before he went down.

So to be fair yeah they did lose something. That doesn't mean i want Hawes back.

Which games did he miss? I can run those numbers from home tonight.

He missed 10 games starting with the loss vs Denver. Returned @ Atlanta obviously. It would be interesting to see both offensive nut also the defensive efficiency numbers with him and without him. There is i think enough sample size to draw at least a basic conclusion.

Is Bynum cross-eyed or is that the picture angle result?
Shoots free throws like he's cross-eyed: 66-113, .584 ... 'HackanAndy' strategy in force tonight?

Sadly, Metta World Peace is on the wane: 22 mpg, 4.9 & 2.7

Kobe. Beat some Lucas Sixers when in high school. Saw him beat Chester on Palestra floor. Still a threat to the hometowners. Father had a pretty, less coiled J. In conclusion, Kobe.

Anyone else kinda hoping we get to see ET on Kobe for at least a few minutes tonight, just to see how he does? Any big runs, you can put AI9 back on him, but it seems like a good test for the kid would be the guy with the, what is he now, fifth most points all time?

Jrue has taken him for stretches in the past. I think ET could handle him pretty well. He isn't explosive going to the rim so much anymore, lot of dribbling to get fadeaways. ET would have problems w/ him in the post, though.

If memory serves, the Sixers played the Lakers in LA on New Years Eve 2010 with Ai9 missing the game due to the knee problems.

Turner guarded Kobe for long streches, playing him tough but unable to stop Kobe from getting hot in the fourth and making some tough shots. Sixers lost the game if I recall correctly.

Rich reply to sober81 on Feb 6 at 15:14

Yes, really good defense from what I remember. Just nothing he could do about it.

Does anybody on here have espn insider? There is an article up by Hollinger titled "What's the ceiling for the Sixers?"

I dont have insider but I'm curious what it says.


I just read the article. Says that the Sixers may be close to their ceiling right now, but with so many young players they may be even better next year.

Also said that Philly can become a free agent destination with continued success, suggesting Eric Gordon would be a great fit.

Also mentioned that Lavoy has no team option and will be a free agent after the season. Says that this was a mistake and that second round contracts usually have multi year team options.

Yeah, that thing about Allen is kind of funny. Wonder if they lose him if he really shows something the rest of the season.

They only lose him if they want to - since he's restricted.

Maybe they were just trying to maximize the dwight howard room :)

I mean, they probably could've signed the guy for one year with like 3 team options for the minimum. Was he really going to say no? No one expected him to even be in the league.

New owner cheapness - only explanation :)

Heh. I mean, they're going to pay someone the minimum to fill out the roster, and the years wouldn't be guaranteed. Crazy.

Some exceprts

The sneaking suspicion around the league is that the Sixers are the primary beneficiary of the league's lockout, and the low-error path to success only reinforces that belief. Bringing back the same players and the same system into a league with virtually no training camp, Philly was halfway down the track while everybody else was still back in the starting blocks. If that's the case, the league is going to catch up to the Sixers as the season goes on, and their advantage may be considerably smaller by May.

(Unfortunately for the Sixers, however, somebody was asleep at the wheel when they did Allen's contract. The Sixers gave a straight one-year deal with no team option, allowing him to become a restricted free agent next summer. This is virtually unprecedented for a late second-round draft pick; nearly all have contracts with multiple team options for three or even four years, allowing the team to keep the player at an extremely low price if he turns out to be any good. Houston's Chandler Parsons, for example, was taken 12 spots ahead of Allen and has team options for the next three seasons. Thus, while Allen looks like a keeper, he may not be as cheap a keeper as he could have been.)

No, Dwight Howard isn't coming. But this team doesn't need Dwight Howard. Eric Gordon, on the other hand -- they could really use somebody exactly like him. The Sixers lack both a reliable long-range shooter and go-to offensive option, and he'd fill both those slots rather nicely.

What is clear is that Philly is in much better shape than it appeared at the start of the season. They've played like legit contenders through the first third of the season; while we can retain a healthy suspicion of whether they're really this good given the circumstances, it's abundantly clear that this team's future is dramatically brighter than its past.

Thank you GoSixers and Sober81. Much appreciated.

Denada - sorry i didn't post the whole thing - i'm ok posting excerpts but for some reason the whole thing feels 'wrong'

The comment before the dwight howard paragraph was that if the sixers can make some noise in the second round (not necessarily win, but put up a fight) they could become a destination to the kind of free agents I like the most, the ones who want to win. He admits that it's not a 'popular' destination but that they could be a pretty good team if they add a piece or two.

My issue with gordon is his ability to stay healthy - and having to overpay him to get indian AND new orleans out of the way

I think I'd prefer to let Indy or NOH give him a max deal. I like his game a lot, but don't want to invest that much of the team's future in a guy who just can't stay on the floor.

Like I said- his health in disconcerting - but you must admit, if healthy - he'd be a pretty good fit

Yep, if only.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 15:43

The question is- would you trade for him? He won't play until March 9th, but he would be a perfect fit in between Jrue and Iguodala.

So you're talking about like 2 or 3 games he'll play before the trade deadline. Ugh. I don't know. He wouldn't come cheap, but you'd have restricted rights, so he's not going to walk unless you want him to. What are you thinking, a deal built around Turner? Maybe you don't have to give up that much value if you're willing to take back a bad contract. Like you could do Gordon and Lou in one trade, then Nocioni for Ariza in another. That would save NOH a bunch of money, especially if Lou opts out. But I kind of doubt they'd trade him just to get out from under Ariza's contract.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 16:33

I was thinking Evan Turner for Eric Gordon straight up. It depends on how much value Turner has. Maybe NOH might want to keep ET for two years instead of paying Eric Gordon 14.5 million next year.

I think Turner can be a 15ppg/4apg/8reb guy as a starter and the main ball handler in NOH.

My bad, just looked it up - Kobe is currently at 28,573 career points and Shaq is at 5th with 28,596 - meaning 24 from Kobe tonight puts him ahead...anyone feel like calling up Shaq and asking if he wants to start at C for us tonight...and maybe as long as he lasts..?

There are very few people i woudln't root for if they were a sixers

Shaq is one of them

Stan reply to das411 on Feb 6 at 15:27

Kobe still has another 4-5 years in the NBA. Shaq might have to play 10 more years to compensate for Kobe's scoring.

I think Kobe has as many years as it takes him to win six (if he can) and then he retires

I wonder if Kobe will experience 'divorce affects' like Tiger did

Kobe's very good but it's gonna be hard to duplicate driving an Escalade in a gated community over a curb, into a hedge, then into a fire hydrant and, finally, a tree, with both back windows compassionately cleared by wife's merciful 5-iron swings. Some moves are signature ones like the Wilt shovel shot, the Connie Hawkins swoop and the Sam Jones bank shot.

L.A. Steve on Feb 6 at 16:02

Since the Lakers are in town, I thought I'd bring this up now. Gilbert Arenas has been working out in L.A., and is suppose to work out for the Lakers this week. It now appears that they aren't sure if they want to commit to him, so the whole workout thing is up in the air. Well, if they decide they don't want him, (and they might not considering Steve Blake is expected back soon), why don't we take a chance on a talent whose career has fallen off the tracks.

Actually, I've had the idea of giving Arenas a shot with this Sixers for some time. To me, it's a case of low risk, high reward. Gilbert isn't going to cost much, since he's being paid a fortune by the Magic, so: if he doesn't fit, isn't healthy, or isn't productive just cut him, no problem. However, at 30, he should have a few good years left.

In his prime he was a potent offensive machine, who could shoot the 3 with accuracy, and go to hoop anytime he wanted, he may still have those skills. The real problem with Gilbert is he's a head case, that whole gun thing was bad, no doubt. That situation was a case where he thought he was untouchable, but found out otherwise. Now, he has fallen to the bottom, so I'm sure he's a bit more humble these days, and would be more than grateful for one last chance to restore his career.

The Sixers seem like a perfect fit, because the team is in need of a consistent go-to scorer, and that was Arenas. Is it now, who knows? The Sixers have a strong coach and high character young guys who are talented, so I don't think he could, "poison the well". One thing about Gilbert, he has never played with a good team before; with us he would have that opportunity. So if he is healthy, which he claims to be, he could fill a big whole on our team, the only negative is sending Jody Meeks to the bench. To me it really isn't much of a gamble and could pay big dividends, will Sixers' Management see it that way, unfortunately, I doubt it.

There's very little reward to be hard in signing gilbert arenas, who hasn't been a consistent 'go to' scorer for a few years, even before the gun incident.

Lou Williams is just as good as gilbert right now - gilberts just a name - a bad name - and a sign of how desperate the lakers are - because derek fisher is old

Yeah, I think the Sixers have a really strong group here, and by strong I don't just mean on the floor, I mean they're genuinely a bunch of good guys who get along. Obviously, if you're adding a really great player, you worry about how he'll fit in the locker room later, but to add a guy like Arenas, who isn't going to give you anything of note on the floor, it just seems like a really bad idea. It's like the Packers signing TO after they started 8-0 this past season. Why risk it?

L.A. Steve reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 17:53

Why risk it? Because at the end of a close game we have someone on the floor who can make a shot with some kind of regularity. Also, when the opponent goes on a run, like the Heat did Friday, we have someone out there who can make a shot under pressure, and stop the bleeding. And finally, if Arenas has the ability to return to anything close to his former self, he will be offensively superior to any player we have on our roster. And let's not forget, he'll cost next to nothing. Don't worry Sixer Management will never make a move like this, it's not in their character, Lakers yes, Sixers no.

OH right -t he non existent 'clutch' gene - when did gilbert arenas get it?

No interest in Arenas.

MattG76 on Feb 6 at 18:06

103-89 sixers!!!!!

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