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Sixer(s) To The All Star Game?

It sucks that Hawes missed so many games, he'd probably be right behind howard along with Hibbert

Ryan F reply to Nick on Feb 9 at 16:50

I think that's the only reason its even possible to mention him worthy. He's going to be falling back down to earth for the rest of the season, bet on it.

I think Iguodala makes it, but none of the others. With the condensed schedule and very few games being already played i don't think coaches have seen enough players and teams beside the ones they have already played against and will vote on past accomplishments.

Also i kind of secretly hope Jrue doesn't make it because of that new "twice an allstar bigger max deal" rule

I'm hoping they extend him early. He's not a max player right now. Hoping they get it done early for a deal like Conley's that would be nice if they could lock him down w/out breaking the bank.

I want us to have as many all stars as possible but it's not even a definite we get ONE, much less two. Iggy SHOULD be there but who knows if he will get the nod. As for Lou and Thad, I don't think either really deserves it. We're talking about the 12 best players in the conference. I hope we get two but I'd be SHOCKED if we do.

My ASG Reserves

G- Kyrie / Jennings
F- Iguodala / Bosh
C- Hibbert
U- Pierce / Josh Smith

Deron Williams seems too good to leave off but I think Kyrie and Jennings have both played better and are on better teams.

Milwaukee and Cleveland are both under .500. Lou and Rondo are probably the two most deserving from this group, though Rondo hasn't played a ton of games.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 18:05

Yeah, I wouldn't really consider record at all unless your argument is that it genuinely reflects on the player. It's clear to me that Irving is already a better player than Lou ever has been or will be.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Feb 9 at 21:49

Jrue too? I remember telling Brian last year that I'd take Irving, among others, over Jrue. It was mocked at the time, something to the nature of he hadn't played a game on this level yet.

I think I mocked it because he'd barely played a game on the NCAA level.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 22:21

Yeah, I'm almost positive that's why you did, though I think he had played approximately eleven, or somewhere around that many. That, and your outward love for Jrue :)

Kyrie's got a ways to go on defense though.

Heh. I don't know what to make of Jrue right now. I feel like he'd flourish more from a statistical standpoint if Collins would loosen the reins a little bit, but I'm not sure if that would be the best thing for the team. I guess my hope is that he spends the early part of his career learning the value of taking care of the ball, then at some point finds a happy medium where he's driving, dishing and seeking out contact without turning the ball over. For now, probably going to have to settle for flashes of a great distributor, a really good spot up shooter from three and too many long twos (when the option might be a drive that ends up in a turnover).

Iguodala will make it, either tonight or as an injury replacement. I would have liked it to be Hawes for the irony of it.

If the Sixers were to make a Boss for big trade- can you think of a team that needs a better bench and has an extra big that would fit the Sixers needs?

raro reply to tk76 on Feb 9 at 17:32

Chicago or Utah make the most sense IMO

Chicago could definitely use him, but they wouldn't give up Asik or Gibson for him, I don't think.

Utah. They're really thin on the perimeter, though Tray loves Alec Burks.

Honestly, it's a tough fit because I think there's like 95% chance Lou opts out of the final year of his deal (especially if he adds All Star to his resume). So you're talking about a rental for any team, unless they plan on giving him a sizable extension. I always thought Lou for Gortat was a good move when he was with Orlando, but they preferred Hedo.

There aren't a ton of bigs out there. How about Lou for Dalembert :)

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 18:09

I just think Burks has a lot of potential, not sure whether he'll pan out or not. Horrible jump shot that must get a lot better for him to be a useful player.

Looking at rosters:

Boss for Bass (probably need more back)
Boss for Bismack (not happening)
Boss for Taj or Asik
Boss for Bob (side-show Bob) please no
Maxiel (would need a lot more, but a #1 would do it)

CM reply to tk76 on Feb 9 at 19:03

Would you do Lou and Noc to Utah for Jefferson?


@SpearsNBAYahoo Celtics guard Rajon Rondo was not selected to the Eastern Conference All-Star team, source tells Yahoo! Sports.

I think that Collins is a big variable in any potential trade.

While I'd rather they move Lou and challenge Turner by giving him more scoring responsibility, I feel like Collins would prefer to have Turner moved and keep the more proven guy to help him win games now.

unless they take both deron williams and kyrie irving then jrue or lou made it

@SpearsNBAYahoo Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings was not named to his first All-Star team, sources tell Yahoo! Sports.

Since Coach Collins has expressed his desire for Iguodala to make the game (and/or Lou), I wonder if he went so far as to NOT vote for the nearest competitors (for example, Deng or Joe Johnson). Since coaches can't vote for their own players, that's the only way for a coach to help his player's chances -- vote for someone else who probably won't make it. But Doug is a also a man of conscience, and so I wonder if he would do that ...

Well, they showed Iguodala in the all star montage. He closed it, actually. Good sign?

Love, Aldridge, Westbrook, Dirk, Parker, Nash, Marc Gasol for the West.

@WojYahooNBA Paul Pierce has been chosen to the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves, Doc Rivers says.

Ugh, they're going to draw this out.

OK, so on Twitter we've learned no Rondo, no Brandon Jennings.

Yes Pierce, yes Joe Johnson.

I think the Sixers have two.

Woj just said AI9 made it.

WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski
Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala has been selected to the East All-Stars, league source tells Y! Sports.


Between Jrue, Lou, Deron, Kyrie for the two guard spots, I think. Probably the other two.

Did Jeremy Lin make it?

Awesome news for Iggy

spears says deron made it

About time he made it. With an 18-8 record we should have at least one more sixer on the team.

Deron is in, per Woj. I'm guessing Irving is the other guard.

deng instead of a 3rd pg

Bosh, Joe Johnson, hibbert, deng, Iguodala, Deron Williams and Pierce.

Why Deng? He's been injured.

Very happy for Andre. He belongs there. He's belonged there. I wouldn't of bet 20 bucks on him actually getting picked, but I love that I was wrong.

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