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Andre Iguodala, All Star

Nobody else though from the Sixers though: D-Will, Johnson, and Deng making it. Surprising group.

If D-Will is out, AI9 may be playing some point forward.

Wonder if Lou would be an injury replacement. Is D-Will hurt?

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 19:26

Maybe, could be Irving or Rondo too, though.

I hope not. He's on my fantasy team.

Congrats Andre! Although it may not be the prototypical "all star" season for Andre, he was still deserving of the honor no doubt. His incredible defense combined with his stellar all around game should be recognized.

We needed someone to make it and to be honest, I thought we were gonna get snubbed. BUT, that did not happen and now we have our first all star since AI. It would have been nice for Lou to make it, but I'm OK with the fact he didnt.

I'm feeling alot of Sixers pride right now. G

Granger has been terrible this season. That's a joke. He was not snubbed. Josh Smith has a better argument.

These guys crack me up. Spend 10 minutes talking about how you have to be on a winning team to make the AS game, then saying Rudy Gay was the biggest snub (MEM is 13-13).

I wanted to see Iguodala make the team over Paul Peirce, but both got it.

Congrats Dre. Long overdue.

I figured he'd get in considering his national profile has risen a bit in a year or two; winning with the Olympic squad was one reason and this season another. ESPN even spent a WHOPPING 36 seconds breaking down his 2nd quarter defense on Kobe after the LA win (most likely only because it was Kobe, but it's something anyway). Getting some recognition.
Thanks to DC for waxing political.

correction: 2nd half not 'quarter'.

I feel like the more relevant list is all the players that get paid more than him that didn't make it (14 people counting amnesties)

Really happy for Iguodala, especially considering all that he has put up with over the years from the Philly "fans." This will be his first appearance at All-Star weekend since he won the Rookie-Soph Game MVP *and* got robbed of the Slam Dunk title in 2006. Who knew it would be six long years until he made it back.

I've noticed too that he seems to be a lot happier on the court than he was in his "high-scoring" years of 2007-2009. He gets along with all his teammates, as evidenced by their immediate tweets of congratulations (Turner, Meeks, Thad, Lou). Here's hoping the good year will continue ...

Not in the "Overpaid" category but rather in the "Not the ASG that it used to be" category.
Few years from now we will remember Iguodala as an All star as we do now with Theo Ratliff, and not, say, Iverson. I think many will agree on that.
As a Sixers fan, I am happy anyway.

You seem to have a knack for sounding like one of the "experts" on ESPN.

ahahahhaha, I'll take that as a compliment...
Maybe I just assess him for what he is, a good player, very good in some aspects, that actually shouldn't be in that group.
Anyway good one, you made me laugh :-)

Taking defense into account, Iguodala not only deserves to be on the All-Star team, he deserves to be starting over Anthony. There is more to basketball than PPG.

did I ever mention scoring or PPG?
I think as far as defense goes, Iguodala is obviously an All star caliber player, as for overall value (which does include scoring), I am not sure.
But the whole debate now makes few sense as he just made it, so I'm done with it.
Again, I am happy for him and for the team, but that is not going to change my opinion on him.
BTW I stopped watching the ASG in the Rolando Blackman years (lol), I think the only interesting feature in the whole weekend is the 3 pt contest

Haven't been this excited about a trivial thing in a long time.

Deng surprised me the most. Also thought Rondo is more important to Celts than Pierce but whatever. Also didn't like the Grainger got snubbed BS - at this point isn't Paul George the guy who really changes that team?

tk76 reply to T McL on Feb 9 at 21:20

Would you trade Turner for George?

MCT reply to tk76 on Feb 9 at 21:28

If we're keeping the team as is for awhile, then yes I would. George fits better with this team - bigger, more athletic, and a better shooter. Would be great to replace Meeks in the starting lineup.

However I think Turner is a better all around player than George so if we're going to make any significant moves in other areas in the next year or two than I would hang on to Turner.

Think I'd take George. He's shown a lot this year.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 21:59

I like George alot, but I think it helps him that he fits with his team better than Turner does with the Sixers. He starts, plays more minutes, and can play his natural game. I really think if Turner was on another team we would be seeing a different player.

George is much more athletic though so that might give him an edge.

He's bigger, more athletic and can shoot. Turner's a better rebounder, better handle.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 9 at 22:13

He's transitioned this year to more ball-dominant, still without a consistent shot. He's always shown the ability to dribble and rebound. What would be so different?

He's still not ball dominant though, not even close. And I'm not saying he should be on this team. But if he played for a different team, one in which his particular skill set was needed more, he would be putting up better numbers, that's all I'm saying. This is not a "Turner deserves more..." argument.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Feb 9 at 22:30

Yeah, I'm just asking to see where you're coming from. Putting up better numbers (by way of more minutes?) doesn't necessarily mean "different player", at least to me. He'd be the same adequate handler, aggressive rebounder, maybe a tad bit more assists (being allowed to be more ball-dominant), still can't shoot a lick player to me.

Tom Moore on Feb 9 at 21:02
eddies' heady's on Feb 9 at 22:16

After the WS and PER table is there anymore article left? Click on full story and it does nothing..

Nah, that's the end.

I think I would have given Lowry the nod over Parker.

eddies' heady's on Feb 9 at 22:23

What the hell was World Peace shooting at? the troops in Afghanistan?

Gotta make the midrange to be an allstar!

This was a great surprise when I came home from work. I swore that the Sixers would get the shaft, and I"m pretty damn glad I was wrong. Andre deserves it, he's the best player on a very good team.

Let's go Lakers (ugh).

Blake43!!! No, foot on the line. Dumb ass.

eddies' heady's on Feb 9 at 22:34

Reset the clock? home cooking?

I feel like someone needs to start a Twitter account that just warns NBA fans what game Violet Palmer is doing that night. It's such an unpleasant surprise when you turn the game on and see her, it would really be a public service.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 22:42

You watch more than I do, is she that blatantly bad in other games? I was just thinking that she had it out for us, mainly because Doug was sort of cut from the Van Gundy cloth when he was announcing. He would not shy away from questioning specific calls, along with mentioning the ref being in error that called it. Just thought Violet maybe caught wind of this and wanted to pay him back for it after seeing the DEN and Spurs game, and believe it was one or two obvious bad ones last year she hosed us on too.

She's really bad. Typically, I don't even notice the refs, which means they're doing a good job. I always notice her, Crawford and who was the guy that just hated Iverson? Javy or something?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 22:46

Yep, Steve.

Dwight reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 23:16

The reason you probably notice her is because she is a woman.

Nah. I don't mean I notice her standing on the floor, I mean I notice when some bad calls are made. Usually a lot of them when she's officiating. Same w/ Crawford.

Dwight reply to Dwight on Feb 9 at 23:42

Yeah I know. My point is that there are a lot of crappy refs in the NBA. It's easily the worst officiated sport in the U.S. (really because of how difficult the sport is to officiate). But the fact that you only notice one shows a bias.

The announcers also do the same thing. And they influence a lot of opinions on here (i.e. when Malik complains about a bad call, you'll often see people complaining on here).

I just said I notice two or three. They all miss calls here and there. Crawford, Violet and Javy are beyond that. Last night's game is a pretty good example. The eff you call on Turner. That's not rare for her. Didn't Crawford challenge Tim Duncan to a fight? And Javy tossing Iverson just because he didn't like him. Stuff like that is what I'm talking about.

Personally, I don't think there's any reason not to have female refs in the NBA. I think having Violet as the only female ref is a bad idea (a) because she's a terrible ref regardless of sex and (b) because seeing her screw up games gives the impression to some that women can't handle the job. They should get rid of her and replace her with a competent female ref. They should get rid of Crawford and replace him with a competent ref of either sex.

no offense, but comments like this along with the fact that while loud complaints about not getting calls happen rather often on this site-sixers don't have a player who "commands respect" aka is a valuable marketing asset to the nba, which is a disadvantage-i've never seen the vitriol heaped upon another specific official before, and heaped with such relish

did she make some bad calls last night?yeah. would nameless male official x have sparkeda "let's start a twitter campaign" level of attention for making the same calls?never in hell

if you don't feel nba officiating is is a job where women are likely to have success, you should say so. it's not out of bounds. i imagine it would be a lot more stressful to have a bunch of hulking giants scream at you for two hours as the only woman on the floor than as another ex-marine looking white guy who was too short for college ball

but hating on her and insisting it has nothing to do with the fact that she is the only female official is laughable

Yeah, this is bullshit. Check back to the game thread for the last game Crawford reffed for the Sixers. The vitriol was similar, if not greater. Saying you can't criticize the job she does as a referee because she's a woman is ridiculous.

It's not BS. Yes, I know the Crawford stuff and the I remember Javvy in the Iverson days-but-a)aren't they both from Philly?wouldn't that help explain why there is a little extra bitterness towards them here?and b)the tone about violet was too intense, it was odd. if she was steve palmer you're telling me random people on the comments section here would be using the first name as an epithet?for the record, you I would think know more about the foibles of individual officials than I or most other fans do, you pay a little more attention. your complaints carry merit in my opinion. but i think if you were honest you would admit that a woman official kinda rubs you the wrong way, and you aren't disappointed to see her doing poorly, at the very least. You are telling me that gender is irrelevant to the criticism entirely?that is fantastically improbable

I can't speak to other people's reasons for disliking her, although I did speak very bluntly to someone who made this about her gender earlier today. All I can tell you is that I wish they would get rid of Violet in favor of a woman who is a better referee. I live with a very strong woman, my mother is a very strong woman. In a tight situation, I'd probably rather have either of them at my side than 95% of the men I know. This isn't about gender.

There's absolutely no reason why more women shouldn't be refs in the NBA. Violet happens to be a terrible referee. It doesn't rub me either way that she's a woman, it rubs me the wrong way that she's a consistently bad ref.

Well said. I agree with you especially that that if she is a consistently poor official-and I don't doubt it, I'll defer to more informed opinion there-it is a disservice to have her in the league. Unless she is really good at her job it is unfair to her and to other women who might work as officials in the future to have her break that barrier. It is sorta the whole Jackie Robinson thing-he was the right guy to break that barrier because he was without doubt a great baseball player, and he had the strength to let his play answer the hate pouring his way(obviously Violet is no Jackie Robinson as it just isn't that big a deal but you get my drift"

I think it is pretty clear that some people feel that a woman is out of place on the court and are going to focus more on her bad calls than ref x's bad calls, though. That's just common sense and the insistence that that was not at all the case is what prompted me to say something. well that and the non sequiter about feminist suppression of the truth about violet. to quote ann iverson, that's some simple nonsense

my friend, i believe you are thinking too much or trying too hard to find an issue here. Stuff is gonna fly in the game thread, but even taking that into account, the position of a ref in an NBA is so inconsequential that you'd have to have the mind of a serial killer to just fixate on a particular one. there's 3 for every game and each gets a decent share of questionable calls. For one to gain that sort of notoriety amongst fans; you gotta be doing something special. ergo, you suck at ref-ing.

the sexist comments are all a consequence of her being pretty bad at it. rather than the cause of her popularity.

i'm not losing sleep about violet's plight. the stuff in the game thread i thought was mildly distasteful. i was reading it and there was all this hate on her for her calls, which, fine, but then somebody jumps in asking how often is she in the rotation, wanna know how many times we can expect to be raped the rest of the season. that was gross but it was gosixers and he lives to stir the pot and also probably has aspergers syndrome so whatever

just seemed clear to me that the fact that she is the only female official in the league drew extra scrutiny and it annoys me when people pretend that stuff like that doesn't matter, or that only the pc police would see that

not a big deal and i do think too much, in general

Hmmn. Looks like the info becomes available every morning at 9:00am. http://www.nba.com/news/referee.html

Wonder if @WheresViolet is available.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 22:39

I wonder how long it would take for a feminist group to target you for it. I'm guessing 12 hours

I wouldn't do it. I'm too lazy. Someone should, though. No editorial comment, just "Violet is working the Sixers/Clippers game in Philadelphia tonight."

Bet the Celts run a play here. They made that pass before the timeout, should be getting the ball in the back court, but they won't.

Lakers win. Doc didn't draw up a play, horrible Pierce iso with Artest on him.

Wow. The Celts attempted 5 free throws in that entire overtime game.

The Greek on Feb 9 at 22:48

Congrats to you Brian, this is a huge day for you

Not really a huge day for me. I've always known he's good. It's a big day for him to get some national recognition. Probably a big day for the morons on Philly.com who use things like All Star appearances to say he's a bum. They'll have to cross that off their list and dig a little deeper to put him down. I guess PPG is still available.

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 22:54

As long as the team is winning is winning it doesn't matter what the haters have to say.

For me, it's all about what we do with Brand money. The right move can put the team over the top. Although resigning Lou will not be cheap, thus eating into that brand money.

This team is going to have a ton of really tough decisions to make in the next 10 months or so. Best not to even start thinking about them and just enjoy the ride. I seriously doubt we'll see any kind of big trade before the deadline, it's going to be this roster (hopefully deep) into the playoffs.

It wouldn't take much effort to still put him down actually. All they would have to do is delete, "making all-star money but isn't an all-star" and replace with, "he only made it because he team was good and they had to choose someone...Lou or Thad should've gotten it."

It really never ends. I've almost given up.

eddies' heady's on Feb 9 at 22:54

It's such overkill to have LeBron comments scrolling on the bottomline. Barf! The segment that even cares for such is so small it need not cater to them.

Looks like Steph is eating Lawson alive tonight. GSW up a dozen on DEN.

Tray really wanted to jump the gun on a Cousins update. Started 4/4 from the floor. 0/4 since with three fouls and a turnover. For some reason, he's still in the game with 3 fouls in the first quarter.

Thrilled for Igoudala. Feel that we will look back on this day as the tipping point for a shift towards a more respectful local media narrative

It makes me want to scream when people heckle him at games...two people in my row yelled abuse at him on Monday for missing FTs while winning us the game on the defensive end. To me, he is a very Philly player...lunchpail guy

not that the FT thing doesn't also bother me. but in that game especially-forest for the trees

I think part of the issue is that Iggy does not seem to care all that much what the fanbase thinks of him-I get a vibe that he is the type who gets juice from feeling that he gets a raw deal, to a certain extent-of course that is pure bs armchair analysis so, grain of salt

I'm ok with booing for the FTs.
While it's probably not productive, there's no excuse for an NBA player to be missing freebies like that. Don't care who you are.

I think people still have last year's much less effective Iggy still fresh in their minds. As long as he continues to play the way he plays, he will change people's minds.

My dad, for instance, used to be a huge Iggy hater (and every year I've tried to convince him how huge his defense is for the team). This year, he's finally turned around and believes Iggy to be our best player.

Interestingly the game that did it for him was the Knicks game (even though we lost), where Iggy played amazing defense on Carmelo Anthony after playing on a back-to-back-to-back.

I think this year performance solidifies what we all knew last year-he was playing through pain that hurt his game for a lot of the season. Don't hear that mentioned much in the media either-but he missed significant games a couple different times last year and has a reputation as a gamer-again, something that Philly usually respects. it's a weird dynamic here with him

Full disclosure-I'm higher on Iggy this year than I have been since his first couple years out of college. I do think he has matured. One thing I noticed at the Laker game was the frequency of him sidling up to younger guys after plays and having what looked like mentor-ly conversations about what just happened. He seems more confident and settled in his skin in addition to having more poise in his game-fewer shots, averaging fewest turnovers of his career so far this year which he used to struggle with, etc. Even last year he regularly annoyed me with dumb TO's-very rare this year

He was historically good at taking care of the ball last season. His assist-to-turnover ratio was unbelievable.

You're right. I actually was looking over his career stats just last night and that in particular jumped out because it didn't jibe with my perception of last yr vs this yr. But in fairness to myself, he is averaging about 1 assist fewer this year so far than he did last year as well as marginally fewer assists. So-he did turn it over more often last season than he has to date this season...but only marginally

And I was never less than sufficiently impressed with his ability to distribute last year...he's a top notch passer

Also, for what it's worth, I've gotten much better at watching basketball since last year and I credit reading this site with helping me get smarter as a fan...I'm 24, never played outside the driveway, so I learn a lot by reading...and I don't think it's a coincidence that as I try to expand my knowledge my appreciation for Igoudala has grown as well has grown as well...so thanks Brian for the site and your contributions, along with all the other smart Sixer fans who chime in...having a freat time being a Sixers fan these last couple months-another 20 years and I might really start to know what I'm talking about

while i'm getting sentimental, thanks to rod thorn for not bowing to media pressure and trading igoudala...think most of us believed at the beginning of last year that his days in Philly yet here he is representing the first place Sixers in the All Star team...it's been a whole lot of fun watching things get from there to here. if iggy had actually been dealt for monta ellis, which it seemed was a bit of a bs rumor all along, pro hoops would be on life support in this town

They get $785 per diem?

Long overdue for Iguodala. I would have prefered the let Doug Collins coach some kind of way but it is what it is. I guess you are really ready to have Iguodala's baby now Brian.

Some think Andre Iguodala is a bullshit metaphor for an All-Star. Some think he's the real deal. Cookie Rojas is undecided. Me, I'm just glad that Goofy and Mickey get to see for themselves.

The interesting, unprecedented and uproarious twist to Andre's selection is that he'll wear #4.5 and his coach, 'Jiminy Cricket' Collins, will also wear #4.5 while perched on Andre's shoulder to whisper encouragement and to offer advice on shooting opportunities that are bound to occur in the freewheeling East-West classic. In a spirit of thanks (and a sense of relief), Andre will defer to his coach should any free throw opportunities arise. Congratulations to both!!

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