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Meeks For The Three-Point Shootout?

All good points, I think he deserves a spot there and I do agree that the fact that he actually only take jumpers, and he jumpes pretty high, could penalize him, I can't remember any shot taken with his feet on the floor, also when he's wide open.
He jumps quickly, though, Jodie is the anti-McKie... he would have a chance to get in the Top 4, in case.
Was Korver the last Sixer to appear in the 3 pt contest? I think so, 2004 or something.

I think guys like Allen, Durant and Deron Williams would like to get as much rest as possible during the allstar weekend so my guess is it will come down to: Meeks, Chalmers, Jones, Anderson, Korver, Jefersson, and Jennings for the last 5 spots if Love is certain to appear. I think Meeks has a legit chance unless the NBA decides to go the "star-way".

Big Will on Feb 10 at 8:47

Let's go for a Sixers' trifecta at All-Star Weekend! Meeks for the three point shootout! Maybe Voose could be a contender in the next few years too?

Tom Moore on Feb 10 at 8:57

Video interview: Doug Collins on tonight's game against Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the Clippers:


I think if Meeks makes it, he'll do well. He's pretty deadly when he has the chance to set up.

Didn't Stojakovich use a lot of elevation, too? I remember hearing he could hit, like, 50 in a row, too...

Anyone else find it funny Blake Griffin will be playing a back-to-back on All-Star weekend?

Not only will it tire his legs, but he could simply run into time constraints on the shootout. His style definitely isn't tailor made for the shootout, but he's so accurate he has a chance regardless.

You think he gets in?

After they invited Antoine Walker all those years ago, I've stopped believing there's any rhyme or reason to their selection process. So I have no idea.

ahahahaha so true !!
And remember when they were saying that Gerald Green would have been a good fit for both the dunk & 3 pt contest? Did he make any of them, at the end of the day?
God, there have been so many bums in those 2 competitions it's crazy...

Jonny 2 Times reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 10 at 16:25

ditto for the birdman in the dunk contest

Now I've seen it all. I've seen blogs saying Meeks should start, that he's the worst player on the team and now that he needs to be in the three point shootout.

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