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Another Stud PG and the P&R

Hawes is out tonight. I assume the Voose will get the start and hopefully an opportunity to put the Spurs game behind him.

We won't get to see Kyrie tomorrow night, he's out for the weekend w/ a concussion.

Video of Reggie Evans reminiscing about his time in Philly.


Probably expect to see a couple Villanova fans happy to see Randy Foye. There doesn't seem to be a Elton Brand connection to the Clippers anymore since the now traded Chris Kaman was the last of Elton Brand's former Clipper teammates...

i like the addition of Kmart as an enforcer because it will give teams pause from hitting Blake Griffin with hard fouls.


Notice how Brian Cook didn't get in Elton Brand's face. Kenyon Martin probably will...

Eh. Who cares if Kenyon gets in your face. Plant Griffin every time he tries to dunk, make him earn the points. If Kenyon throws a punch, you hit the tech and laugh about it. If he gives a hard foul back on the other end, you go to the line and hit your freebies.

Kyrie Irving: string of missing "pearls" continues. Is Sixers advance scout an agent provocateur?

I wonder if Griffin learned anything last year from the smart banging applied by Brand. He got very frustrated, psyched out of effectiveness; fouled out in 36, shot 3-12 & 8-15, cost Clips.

I look for Jrue to have a good game. Gets juiced for LA teams.

This is going to be a miserable, miserable game. You thought the Spurs were bad because they got all the calls, wait until you see the Clippers.

There is no one who converses and tried to get his way with the refs more than Chris Paul. He is truly a politician.

And there aren't many bigger floppers in the NBA than Blake Griffin. His real explosiveness is just as good as his fake explosiveness.

Thankfully they're led by one of the worst coaches in the modern history of professional sports. I'm not as worried about their pick and roll because San Antonio is much better at spreading the floor than the Clips.

Stan reply to Dwight on Feb 10 at 13:45

SAS was just simply better and the Sixers couldn't do anything to stop the pick and roll. However two bad calls was the difference between being down by 8 after 3 quarters instead of being down 4. I think teams have realized the Sixers' major weakness.

will reply to Dwight on Feb 10 at 14:08

'Flop City'

At least Violet won't be making the calls tonight.

I was worried about this game initially and penciled it with a loss. The real reasons for that were Butler and especially Billups who give the Clips much needed experience and BB IQ on the wings that truly make them dangerous IMO. All that is in addition of course, to having the best PG in the game Paul.

After Billups went down however and especially after they slipped against the Spurs i am more confident in them. They need to make sure they win this one, the last home game after a long home heavy stretch.

Here's a question for you, who gets picked last in the rookies/sophs game? Barkley and Shaq are picking the teams. Landry Fields? Hope it isn't Turner.

TBJ did their own version of the draft, Turner didn't go last. podcast

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 10 at 14:01

It should be Markieff Morris. Those idiots would probably pick Kemba Walker and Marshon Brooks over Turner.

I wonder if they'll do this live. I would pay to see Cousin's reaction if he gets picked last.

This article about Dwight Howard's options at the end of the year doesn't seem accurate to me.

A loss tonight will really shake a lot of the early confidence this team built and add fuel for the doubters. I think this is another statement game.

4-3 over this stretch is pretty much the best we could've hoped for going in. You definitely want to get this one and go 5-2, though.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 10 at 14:27

I thought we would go 5-2 with our two losses coming against Miami and LA. After the LA win I thought we would go 6-1. I will be disappointed with going 4-3. LAC is good but they're not elite.

From ClipsNation..


The Antagonist:

I have to say up front that I'm not completely sold on the Sixers. The stellar record (18-8), and especially the gaudy point differential (+9.3, second in the NBA behind only Chicago) are certainly impressive. But they've come at the expense of a whole bunch of really bad teams. The Sixers have played 14 games against teams below .500 this season -- the Clippers have played just 6. Philly's record against teams .500 or better is just 6-6, while the Clippers are 10-7. I'm not saying Philadelphia isn't good, but I'm not convinced they're as good as their point differential. After all, the Sixers are plus 84 in three games against Washington -- the Clippers beat the Wizards by 26 also, they just haven't played them three times. The Sixers are another one of those super deep balanced teams that seem to be in vogue this season for some reason -- teams like the Nuggets and the Jazz and the Rockets. Philly has eight players averaging between 9 and 16 points per game, led by Lou Williams at 15.7. They also play elite defense, leading the league in defensive efficiency to date (though admittedly, that again may be influenced by the relatively easy schedule they've played). So far they've held their opponents to 42% shooting, 31% from the three point line; that's good defense no matter who you're playing.

Fair enough. I'm not entirely sold on a team that loses to Cleveland without Kyrie. (Unless the Sixers lose to them w/out Irving tomorrow night, of course).

Also not sold on the #24 defense in the league.

Not sold on any team coached by VDN. Can Vinny, than people will take them more seriously....

Gotta take any team w/ CP3 seriously every night, though. Hope this game goes like the last time CP3 came to Philly. He had a great team, his team scored 70 points and lost in a blowout.

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