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bebopdeluxe on Feb 13 at 13:16

Hawes did not travel with the team.

There you have it. Thought there might be an outside chance he'd tough it out for this one so he could pad his "Look at the team's record when Hawes plays!" argument when he's looking for a new contract.

I think he is hoping for a Friday return.

I'm feeling a little queasy about the thought of trading Turner. We are so early on in his career, it would be foolish to give up on him already, especially for a Kris Humphries, Taj Gibson level talent. There is a real possibility of Turner averaging 18, 7 and 5 at some point in the near future and being a plus defender. I would want at least Favors back in return. Thoughts?

MikeW reply to CSTH on Feb 13 at 13:36

Why are you even bringing up the idea? Did you read something?

bebopdeluxe reply to MikeW on Feb 13 at 13:44

There was a Fox Sports News article from one of their regional affiliates over the weekend that said that the Sixers are putting feelers out about moving Turner. Given how the guy's minutes have been declining, and with at least the perception that Collins is having some issues with Turner (the end of the Orlando game, the look on Collins' face and the quick hook on Friday after Evans beat Turner to that loose ball), even if it is nothing more than typical pre-trade-deadline noise, I could see how something like this would get some attention.

It is a shame that Cooney came up WAY short in his blog report today talking about what is going on with Turner and his minutes...he talked to Turner about it (and his response was, for the most part, what you would want to hear), but it sure would have been nice if Bob would have asked Collins the question as well.

bebopdeluxe reply to bebopdeluxe on Feb 13 at 13:54

It was actually the Fox Sports Ohio basketball guy (Sam Amico?) who mentioned it over the weekend...

Stan reply to CSTH on Feb 13 at 14:12

Kris Humphries? Who thought of that? Whoever came up with that rumor deserves to get kicked in the face.

RASHEEDWALLACE on Feb 13 at 13:49

Thoughts on Lou leaving at the end of the year, and making room for Gordon? What would have to be done? Brand?

Is that something that's worth looking at?

They could certainly open up enough cap space by amnestying Brand. But the issue would will be an empty frontcourt if that money goes to Gordon. They would be left with Vucevic, Chips Lavoy and Thad as their only bigs.

Assuming they paid Gordon about 12M that would leave them about 9M left under the cap to replace Brand and Hawes.

If they did make a move for Gordon, my bet is they'd bring Hawes back. Then you'd probably be left with, i don't know, 3 or 4M to replace Brand.

If they really want Gordon, I'd look into trading Turner for him right now.

Not sure why I am posting this:


Because you're a rabblerouser.

Meeks is going to be a FA this summer as well. I know Spiller thinks he'll be lucky to catch on in the D-League, but specialists have gotten mid-level money in years past, guys like Kapono and Korver. He's no worse than they were. Wonder if he'll remain a relative bargain, or if they'll wind up having to let him walk.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 14:41

What's the deal with Gordon's knee anyway? Has he had problems with this knee before? Or is there possibility that this can be a chronic issue?

I think this is the first knee problem, it's been wrist and ankle in the past. He just seems frail to me, I wouldn't feel comfortable giving him $60M+ for five years.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 15:49

Crazy how he's such a strong and bulky physical specimen and yet he seems to get hurt all of the time. I remember a hand problem for him at Indiana as well.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 15:07

I agree with this. If Gordon is a priority and a high priced target, I'd look into trading Turner for him this year, because that's just a logjam of players at a few positions.

Turner's salary along with Nocioni's could get you a serviceable big next summer. Hawes leaving would free up even more as well.

Stan reply to tk76 on Feb 13 at 14:30

Bird Rights for Hawes!

Got to be able to give them that 5th year players option :)

Haha sbnation power rankings favorite quotes of the day regarding sixers how they can beat good teams(like the bulls)but not elite teams(including the spurs and clippers)soo apparently Bulls fell out of the elite class cuz the sixers beat them:) also the Knicks are rated right behind them at 7th.....are they Linsane!?

In Sheridan's power rankings he suggested it would be a good idea for the Sixers to trade Nocioni's expiring to get Shawn Marion for 3 years and 26M.

That has to be up their with "Iguodala is holding back Willie Green's development."

If anyone trades for Marion's shit contract the entire league might be screwed. Cuban could probably then offer max contracts to Deron and Dwight to play w/ Dirk.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 15:02

I'd rather see Deron and Dwight in Dallas than in New Jersey.

Sheridan thinks its a good idea for the Sixers. maybe he owes Cuban money or something, because he can't really be that dense? Or maybe he is just misinformed?

Rich reply to tk76 on Feb 13 at 15:02

Sheridan's site is pretty awful IMO. I keep going back to it though. for whatever reason.

Is there a cap hit for Nocioni next year when we decline his player option?

There shouldn't be. If the Sixers decline his option he no longer has any contract obligations with the Sixers. He is not a restricted free agent. By declining the option they basically let him go.

Nope, we're completely done w/ him. No buyout figure, nothing.

What knucklehead created the Bobcats roster?

Boris, Bismack, Kimba, DeSegana & Eduardo are missing Manny, Moe & Jack, and then some.

Southern hospitality: somehow Charlotte has drawn 208,304 paying customers, is ranked 19th of 30 in attendance; marketing marvel.

In all honesty, I think this is what typically happens to your team 2-3 years after Larry Brown leaves. He wrings the most he can out of mediocre vet talent and then leaves before the roof caves in.

Great coach, rehabber extraordinaire, terrible franchise builder.

Sort of like the guy you want to have when yo are trying to sell a crap home. he will stage it so that it looks better than it is, and then leave before it collapses.

Yeah, Larry, the weasely coaching legend, usually knows when to vacate. Even his rarely referenced college coaching debut at Davidson College in NC ended abruptly, lasting only one summer. He bolted before the start of the season for an ABA job with the Carolina Cougars.

Has been entrusted to keys by 11 pro franchises (2 ABA, 9 NBA) and 3 colleges (Davidson, UCLA, Kansas)! Longest stay: Sixers, 6 years, due to his affinity for the textbook guard play of Allen Iverson :)

Brought home the bacon twice in 39 years since his coaching career began during the Nixon Administration in '72-'73... Danny Manning-led Jayhawks and "silver platter" Pistons.

A shrewd scrapper and a salesman extraordinaire.

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