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Sixers Show Just Enough To Win

any theory to why voose plays better off the bench then when he starts?

Dunno. Could be level of competition. Could just be a really small sample size. He only started 5 games, hard to draw any conclusions from that. May be nothing to it.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 10:13

Bismack vs. Nikola- who won?

Actually i don't think he has played that bad as a starter.

He had (according to me) his best game of his short career against the Heat as a starter before he got injured. He also played well against Atlanta. It really has been these last couple of starts after being injured for a while that he has struggled. The 5th one was against Denver where he barely played because of foul trouble.

I would have voted for Lou tonight. He filled up the stats sheet more than normal with 4 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block in 27 mins. 50% FG and 40% 3pt isn't bad either. I get that his defense of Kemba wasn't great, but he was still 6/15 tonight (most of that thanks to Jrue, i'm sure). I like the new Jrue FT/TO stat counter!

I'm generally not on the same page as Brian but here I certainly am. Take Lou off the floor in the 4th and we still win by the same margin because we won't be getting abused by Kemba. It's been like that with Lou all year, in fact his whole career.

I'm the opposite. I am generally on the same page as Brian. My take would be that Kemba would have made many of those shots on any defender. Some of those shots were bad shot, he just made them. He was hot, somewhat like Kobe the other night. Don't get me wrong, he's no Kobe, but I guess I don't blame him for his defense against Kemba as much as you do. The Voose may have been the surprise of the game, but not the player of the game. IMHO, Lou's scoring and ability to get to the line (and make FTs) was the key to ensuring this win.

mchezo reply to spiller27 on Feb 14 at 16:06

You are assuming that we would have scored the same amount of points with lou on the bench or that the bobcats would have scored less.

South Broad on Feb 14 at 0:29

I thought Nikola had better games versus Indiana and the first game versus the Heat. And to a lesser extent versus the Hawks Saturday before last. Still a good performance tonight as Allen and Brand seemed to be missing in action. Allen hasn't done as well starting as he was coming off the bench. Maybe because he's not playing against mostly second stringers.

Iguodala has pre-All Star hangover.

im not too worried about the sloppy play considering we got the win. they have been playing extremely hard against good teams for the last couple weeks and they must be tired (7 games in last 11 days). i think they will right the ship come wednesday. im just happy we're finally a team that gets wins over teams they should get wins over.

jswigga on Feb 14 at 6:10

kind of a weird feeling to be hoping the 6ers blow teams out instead of simply getting the win. Last year we were content with all wins - big or small.

This season, just getting a W in the column isn't really getting it done. The difference between pretending and contending (still smarting over that comment) is beating bas teams silly and hanging tough with good teams. Like you folks I check a lot of stats pages and I like seeing the 6ers topping all charts, including rankings charts...

We got Orlando and Dallas coming up. Should for sure beat Orlando and might could beat Dallas too.

Fatalotti on Feb 14 at 6:43

I think people are being a bit over-dramatic here. The Sixers HAVE been hanging tough with good opponents all year (save the Heat) and beating some of them. They've been beating the snot about bad teams since the beginning of the year.

They slept walked through last night's game and still won. If they'd have won by 20, everyone would say, "It's the Bobcats, it barely even matters. They SHOULD beat the Bobcats by 20."

At the end of the night, they went into another team's court, played half heartedly, still led the entire game (most of the time my double digits) and won by 9, despite Kemba Walker hitting circus shots in the 4th quarter. Consider me unconcerned about their level of play tonight. They rebounded quite nicely from their crappy effort against the Nets, and that resulted in a loss. This resulted in a win.

Gordon is having arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and will be out for another 6 weeks. He could be back for the final 20 games.


I'm still not sure if I would trade ET for him. It's a huge gamble.

I wouldn't. He won't even be back on the floor before the trade deadline, then you'd have to extend him after seeing him play maybe 20 games? Not worth the risk.

Scott reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 10:57

Couldnt you potentially extend him for cheap, though, because of all the questions marks? It's definitely a risk, but otherwise we're just getting mid to late first round picks each year and not bringing in any FA's.

Is someone definitely going to give him a max deal?

Someone will give Gordon close to a max deal, since the max for a guy coming off his rookie contract starts at under 13M. And having Bird rights allows you to maybe pay him a bit less up front but give him an extra year where he makes it up on the back end.

In terms of injuries, I'm not as concerned about how often he gets hurt as wheter or not any particular injury might have last effects (like it did with Roy.)

My biggest concern would be what is the team planning to do about the frontcourt. The have Young, Vuce and Lavoy... and no one else committed beyond next year. I would worry that committing a bunch to a SG would leave them stuck up front without any answers.

But there is no doubt that a back-court rotation of Jrue/Gordon/Iguodala/Lou would be tremendous.

How can you commit that kind of money to a guy who missed 4, 20, 26 and then maybe like 55 of 66 games over his first four seasons?

If he was healthy, I might be tempted to see what that back court could do, but there's no way I'd tie up that much of a shrinking cap number in a guy who hasn't been able to stay on the floor since his rookie season.

LavoyAllen reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 11:36

My contract expires at the end of this season.

Yep, he's a restricted free agent. Looking more like a minimum salary guy going forward recently.

SpencerHawes reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 11:42

Most rockets come back to earth eventually. He did, I did, Jeremy Lin will

OT: Brian - what do you think of Jeremy Lin? Obviously his level of play is unsustainable (we hope) but what kind of player will he be from a longer term perspective? Amare called him the next coming of Steve Nash in the paper this morning. His usage rate implies that he's going to struggle mightily with Amare and Melo, but I just don't know...

His numbers have been impressive so far. I wouldn't say I'm totally sold. There's no way to tell what's going to happen when Amare and Melo (and their 60% usage rate) come back to the lineup. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I think Amare would probably work pretty well with him, but Melo is going to be a problem.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 14:46

I'm sold :(

He takes a lot of long twos, but he only hits them when he's wide open. He doesn't force bad shots and he can get to the basket. Basically he's a Rajon Rondo on offense with a better jumpshot.

Eh. This whole thing has a Brandon Jennings' 55-point game feel to me.

Brian, going to send a quick article... Just some stats I ran across.

It actually has a bit of a Valentine's Day theme...

Definitely. Send it my way.

I just sent it. let me know what you think. I can edit if (or you can) if you want.

I just fixed some typos...

Sending one last edit/addition.

Sharone Wright on Feb 14 at 12:42

Guys, I have an idea, and I wanted to get your opinion.

Eliminate multiple free throws. If a player gets fouled and gets two free throws, combine them into one (2 for 1). If he gets fouled in the act of shooting a three pointer, give him one free throw that is treated as all three (3 for 1). If it is an “and one” situation, then that scenario does not change. There is nothing inherently exciting about free throws, except maybe at the end of a close game when the pressure is on. This idea simply adds more value to free throw shooting and will increase the chance of comebacks.

Some may argue that it would mess up past statistics, but there need not be any change to the stats. A made free throw after a two-shot foul simply counts as two made free throws.

The only negative I can think of is that it may encourage more hack-a-Shaq type strategies (or worse, hack-an-Iggy).

It would speed up the game. There are about 32 free throws per game, and each takes about 20 seconds. If we can cut out a little less than half of these boring tasks, it cuts out almost 5 minutes of dead time.

It encourages comebacks. For example, if a team is down by 3 with four seconds left in the game and fouls their opponent, they have at least some hope that they can come back if there is a miss.

It makes each free throw more valuable and therefore more exciting. Why can’t this work?

Interesting concept, but I don't think length of game is something the NBA is struggling with.

Yeah, games come in at under 2:30 more often than not. Game length isn't an issue (the Sixers actually play much quicker, I bet they average somewhere around 2:19, something like that)

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 13:02

Game length isn't the only concern. I just think the team-down-by-five-in-the-last-70-seconds parade-to-the-line is one of the most boring things in sports, and anything to speed that up is a plus.

jsmoove reply to Sharone Wright on Feb 14 at 13:24

Naismith slowly turns over in his grave.

"I have often overheard some spectators express the opinion that a game was won by free throws. I have always taken the attitude that the game was lost by fouls." Naismith wrote. "Personally, I believe that any tendency toward lessening the penalty of a foul would be a serious mistake."

how about the endless timeouts and commercials? that's takes a decent bite.

But that pays for the game.

jkay reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 13:39

trim the coaches ability to waste them in the final minutes. give 'em fewer or make it so they can only use 1 in the final 2:00 oif game time.

do you know how many close games I have watched with back-to-back timeouts? Where the ball is barely in-bounded before Budweiser is telling me again why they are the real American Beer? Too much face time. They can skip that and put a logo at the top of my screen or a Picture-In-Picture, I dont mind.

Agree, the game would flow better if they fix end of game stoppages.

Sharone Wright on Feb 14 at 13:43

Not sure I am decreasing the penalty, just condensing it. But, I hear you, Mr. Naismith.

Sharone Wright on Feb 14 at 15:26

By the way, I liked your title "show just enough to win." Milton Berle reference?

Didn't think many people would get that one. I'm old.

L.A. Steve on Feb 14 at 17:55

I don't know if Nik was last night's MVP or not, but I like his game and am impressed with his skills. The thing that I'm encouraged about is his D. He's active out there, he's covering the paint from side-to-side with his hands up, and contesting shots, plus he's a decent rebounder too. He's suppose to have white man's disease, but he has good timing, and long arms, so he can block an alter shots. Now, don't get me wrong, he's not Dwight Howard, or JaVale Mcgee, but he'll not allow any free passes down the lane without contesting them, and occasionally, he'll get a few. I believe he'll have the presence to keep them honest.

However, without doubt, the offensive side is his strong suit. On this side of the ball is where he's most skilled. I can't remember a rookie center coming into the league with such a developed offensive game. He has a very good post game. Last night he showed a great drop step move that resulted in a layup, I didn't even know he had that. He uses ball-fakes, and up-fakes, at the appropriate time, shoots left and right handed hooks, can pass the ball, and play pick-an-pop/roll. Also, he has a very good J that extends past the 3-point line. I just hope Coach continues to give him minutes so he can relax out there. Right now it appears that he's pressing a little, especially with his jumper, because it isn't falling like it can.

The thing is in the NBA it's a known fact that it takes big men longer to develop than other positions. Even though he's advanced, it's still going to take some time for him to get use to playing in such heavy traffic, against such big men with unbelievable strength. Many experts believe playing center in the NBA, with all its physicality, is the most difficult position on the court. I believe that if we put a big, strong, athletic 4 alongside Nik, and move Thad to the 3 full time, we'll be good-to-go for the better part of this decade.

Best of luck for this team.

So nice to read about such a great and lovely post.

Thanks for the update on Sixers Show Just Enough To Win (Depressed Fan) - Stasia Buckler

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