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jswigga on Feb 15 at 9:29

nice one!
Let's just hope they die by it...

Boston Dave on Feb 15 at 11:01

How many years under Cheeks/Deleo could the sixers not defend the 3 point shot! Orlando killed them during that period...especially in the playoffs!

Underrated improvement under Doug Collins in that category. I would love to see a comparrison of 3 point defensive effeciency from this year to years past

Cool new tools available at basketball-reference.com. Here's one example:

A Sixers lineups w/ 20+ minutes on the floor, sorted by how effectively they defend the three. link.

Results are per-100-possessions.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 12:36

Surprisingly to see Lou as part of so many of the team's best defensive units.

Boston Dave on Feb 15 at 11:16

Spencer Hawes down low makes the difference on defense as well!

I don't know what you were watching, but it was Tony Battie who did a really good job against Dwight Howard as much or more than EB. Battie's experience practicing against D12 for years is a big part of that success. I'm hoping we see Battie instead fo Lavoy Allen starting the game tonight.

Battie did a fine job in his 17 minutes. Brand had him one-on-one in the fourth quarter and did a great job. That's what I was talking about.

Scott reply to TNT on Feb 15 at 12:35

I saw on twitter that Battie rolled an ankle during practice and might not play.

It was posted by John Mitchell, though:

john mitchell @JmitchInquirer:
Battie rolls an ankle, might not play

Court_visioN on Feb 15 at 12:39

It will be interesting to see how vucevic does against Howard if they get a chance to play against each other

Great piece by @RobMahoney on the Sixers as contenders ( nyti.ms/AgvDYy )

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 13:14

Contenders? Even without a guy like Lin?

Heh. Keep seeing people say the Sixers should be worried because the Knicks and Celts are making a push. Neither team has gained a game on the Sixers over the past 10. A stretch which saw the Sixers play 7 playoff teams, while the Celts played 4 (including the Knicks) and the Knicks played 4 (including the Celts).

CM reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 13:38

How can they hope to win the Atlantic if they don't have a dedicated espn site to their home city?

We're doomed!

MCT reply to CM on Feb 15 at 13:49

I especially like the report card that the guy who covers the Heat (Tom Haber-something) posts after every game. The ones that I've seen usually look like this:

LeBron: A+
Wade: A
Bosh: A-
: B+

Opposing Team: F-

MCT reply to MCT on Feb 15 at 13:53

The B+ is for a random role player, basically who ever makes a few hustle plays

He loves Mike Miller. Probably for him.

I for one, am worried. The next 5 games might create some big movement in the standings with Knicks having a 5 game homestand against 3 bad teams, the Hawks, and the Mavs. Just hope Melo shows up in time to disrupt the Knicks flow (also, these last 6 games made me realize that I despise Melo much more than I despise the Knicks). I think 2-3 is an adequate goal for Sixers in next 5.

I just hope this Lin thing dies down by 3/11 so I can afford decent tickets to see the Sixers/Knicks at MSG.

MikeW reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 13:44

I think Linsanity in NY is here to stay for the season. What I'm worried about is how it will affect ticket prices for the game that they come down here! Definitely not buying now.

I think this is a tough spot for the Sixers. I would be surprised if they are in this game late 4th quarter. I hope Im worng, but with nelson back and this being in orlando I see this as a loss with Orlando pulling away at the end.

meeks not in 3 pointcontest

@NBA: 2012 Foot Locker 3pt Contestants: James Jones, @TheJoeJohnson2 @KevinLove @mchalmers15 @BlackBoiPachino(anthony morrow)@RyanAnderson33 #AllStar

Turner tweeted complaining about it as well. For anyone who says that his ego is too big, I really don't think it is.

Joe Johnson is a complete joke. I'd love to know what the NBA's formula is that it spit out a guy shooting 35.6% from three.

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