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Sixers Slump Continues

Tom Moore on Feb 18 at 1:59

Holiday (0-for-9) becomes first Sixer since Willie Green (also 0-for-9 at Miami on Feb. 21, 2009) to miss that many shots without making one.

Collins on Holiday's struggles: "You've got to keep fighting, man. It's a tough business."

tk76 reply to Tom Moore on Feb 18 at 2:10

1 for his last 17 and 7 TO's in that stretch.

Worst 2 games of his career.

It's actually 5 turnovers, not that it makes much of a difference.

Tom Moore on Feb 18 at 2:02
eddies' heady's on Feb 18 at 2:25

Jrue made me be on an uneven keel. Tell me about it......

They had them down 9 with about half to go in the third. And it ended up like that.

Next up, the man who went for 30 and 12 tonight - no, not Kevin Love.


Tough last two games for the Sixers. But I cant help but come back to Charles Barkleys quotes on this team.
And I've heard it over and over again from him. At first I thought he was just being negative but hes telling the truth. The Sixers are a good feisty team but they aren't going to be able to take it to the next level with this roster. You can see what happens to them when the better teams in the league have all their weapons(or most of their weapons). They don't have a go to scorer---the scoring by committee has NEVER worked on any championship team. The pistons won but you cant compare Jrue and Meeks to Isaiah Thomas and Joe Dumars--who WERE go to clutch scorers. I like the heart of this team but they are not winning anything more than one playoff series, if that.
Rod Thorn better be listening very closely to offers before the trade deadline. Im about done with Jodi Meeks too.


Uh dog pretty sure the pistons comp is the Chauncey billups, rip Hamilton pistons not the bad boys.

12-2/8-9 split with/without Hawes is being reported today. It's not representative of his worth; schedule strength split required to round out the story. He's a shooter/high post passer in a big man's body, not a legit big man. Top tier players know the difference. Advantage, top tier.

Last night's team shooting woes - continuation of reversion to the mean.

Jason Kidd plays ball as it was meant to be played. What a PG, what a tremendous competitor; one of history's best. His step-up '3' to put Mavs up 72-63 was a dagger, along with Dirk's step-back high banker.

Kidd is tremendous, a true pleasure to watch.

One of my all-time favorites.

Tom Moore on Feb 18 at 12:01

Video: Collins on Holiday's struggles and how lack of practice time is affecting the Sixers' young players:


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