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I think we may have a solution to Turner's shooting woes - we need to figure out a way for him to shoot behind the backboard every time, and his percentages will soar:


Poor kid, can't even hang on to a world record for more than a few minutes.

haha, damn, that was cold, rubio

It should be noted that neither player broke the record for shots attempted from behind the backboard in a single minute, which was set by "Trick or Treat" Tony Allen during an actual NBA game in his Celtics years.

Off-topic: interesting list of finalists for the HOF this year. Maurice Cheeks is on the list again, and he has a better chance than before of making it. The two frontrunners would seem to be Reggie Miller (who scored 25K points, a guarantee of election in the past) and Bernard King (who is the only eligible single-season PPG leader not to be in the HOF). But if they elect a third player, I would put Cheeks ahead of Ralph Sampson and Jamaal Wilkes.

Objectively speaking, do you think Cheeks belongs?

I couldn't give you a truly objective answer, because Cheeks was one of my favorite players growing up. He never made any All-NBA teams, but Miller made only three 3rd teams in his career. Cheeks was a 4-time All-Star, 5-time All-Defensive selection (4 first teams), the career leader in steals when he retired (still 5th) and in the top 5 in assists when he retired (still 10th). He had a career assist-to-turnover ratio of 3.26, which is excellent, especially in his high-turnover era. If elected, he wouldn't be at the top level of the "pyramid" (as Bill Simmons puts it), but he wouldn't be an embarrassment on the level of K.C. Jones, either.

Spencer for hire reply to Statman on Feb 24 at 18:31

I would have to take Wilkes over Mo, in spite of my p.g. beginnings. I still remember Wilkes playing p.f. on the Barry led champion Warriors and holding his own against E.Hayes, Unseld and T.Robinson. He was a great defender, clutch shooter and, like Mo, a solid pro.

Do you think we could have used him?

no, i doubt he would want to come heren anyway

Speaking of putting too much emphasis on this game...I remember when Iggy was a sophomore, he had a MONSTER rook-soph game. He absolutely took control, never taking jumpers, and going to the basket relentlessly. I honestly thought it was a breakout game for him and would change the way he played the rest of his life...oops.

turner's shoes for tonight


His shoes are a metaphor for his court decision-making... I kid, I kid!!

If he only had a J. Why didn't Philly's think-tank see that he didn't? Has some skills, but seems to be slow to upward thrust.

TwoSense reply to Dollar Bill on Feb 24 at 21:09

Which is...?

Big hand for Turner when he was introduced.

By whom? By what demographic? I wonder why, seriously. OSU contingent? Orlando is farm country. Not much to do if you don't like Walt Disney's art. Must've felt good for him. The antithesis of Doug's voice.

I was being sarcastic. You could've heard a pin drop.

Thanks for clarification, Brian. Am not watching tonight.

TwoSense reply to Dollar Bill on Feb 24 at 21:21

"Orlando is farm country. Not much to do if you don't like Walt Disney's art.

Not really true at all. Animation is the intial draw, sure, but certainly not the only. To say farm is inequitable.

OK, sounds like you know more of the area than I. It was just my impression from passing through.

Actually, so far the only reaction from the crowd was for John Wall. I assume Rubio and Blake will get some applause.

Lin w/ the biggest hand. Blake with the biggest douche entrance.

Liked the catchy tune ...

turner is starting!!!!

Turner gets the start!

Phil reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 21:17


Turner w/ the hoop!

and the dime to DeMarcus.

Another pretty pass by Turner.

turner dunk

Turner w/ the smile, and about 10 boards, and another dime. :)

Turner stuffing the statsheet.

Easy MVP so far!!


Turner raising his trade value on the national stage!

Turner gets yanked for falling for the Rubio ball fake.

TwoSense reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 21:34

Mo hates him! Stop the presses!

I heard Meeks is starting in the second half in front of turner

turner dunk

Da Jruth on Feb 24 at 21:34

this is the worst display of actual basketball.

And Kenny Smith turns it into this grand spectacle, individually.

Turner has matched his season total in dunks already

Turner is going to have a triple double in this game.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 21:39

NBA.com is keeping full stats, including +/-

This shit is too funny

Where do you see a box score? annoying how espn doesn't have it.

I really like Gordon Hayward. Jack of all trades including defense.

MCT reply to Phil on Feb 24 at 21:41

Is he a good defender? I have heard otherwise about him, haven't seen him play much though

Phil reply to MCT on Feb 24 at 21:43

He played very well (on both ends) against Iggy in one of the Sixers' first games.

Da Jruth reply to Phil on Feb 24 at 21:46

He really did. D'd Iguodala up, blocked one of his shots late if I remember correctly. Had improved lateral movement, and overall footwork and angle pursuit on that end.

Phil reply to MCT on Feb 24 at 21:50

Haven't seen many Jazz games, but the ones I watched he's looked like a very solid defender. He has good speed, can jump and anticipates well. Not the best shooter, but can score if needed. And he's a good passer and a decent rebounder. We'll see. I see a bright future (on the right team!).

Turner might get a triple double in the first half.

cousins has cost turner about 3-4 assist

Yeah, but he got o-boards on both Cousins' lazy misses that last time down.

Is it just me, or does Derrick Williams look like the worst player on the floor by a large margin?

Cousins costs Turner another assist.

Damn you DeMarcus. Not finishing this.

bebopdeluxe on Feb 24 at 21:54

Someone needs to tell Turner that NOBODY passes in a game like this unless it is an alley-oop.

It's probably more fun to pass in games like this

Collins is on the phone, trying to get Turner yanked for that last turnover. Fucking home run plays.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 21:56


Phil reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 21:59

Funny thing is, Turner looked like one of about 3 guys out there playing at least a tiny bit of D. IT'S IN HIS HEAD NOW!!!

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:00


South Broad reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:01


stonedeightytoo reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:03

u make my tummy hurt...lol

0 FTA for turner, im disappointed

I wonder what would happen if Collins told the Sixers to go out and play like it's an All-Star game on the offensive end, just once. Iguodala, Turner, Lou and Jrue all have a little of that and-one stuff in their basket of tricks.

Iguodala lobbying for Howard in Philly (or a trade to Orlando) :).

Da Jruth reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:11

I refuse to read that.

Read it.

Da Jruth reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:27

Besides the egregious "I'll", where's the editor?; water that propagation.

Da Jruth reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 23:09

Also, note "placed", rather than "places". Bill and Allen references notwithstanding.

Jeremy Lin will win MVP. It's a voting process, right?

Turner got yanked from the starting lineup! I swear Collins made a phone call to the czar.

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:16

He needs to learn to play off the ball

Alvin reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:24

Must not give him the chance to get the triple double, it'll made his head swell.

Irving might hit 12 threes tonight

29 points on 11 shots for Kyrie.

You had to know Cousins would take the worst shot in a game of bad shots.

did cousins really just shoot a 30 footer?

Heh, yep. W/ about 20 left on the shot clock.

Turner ruins his perfect shooting percentage

Turner was looking up at the scoreboard to see what he needs for the triple double.

This probably feels familiar for Turner, watching the Wall show instead of the Lou show.

These games always suck but this might be the worst I've seen

Da Jruth reply to MCT on Feb 24 at 22:36


How long before someone uses Turner's line in this game to say he needs more minutes?

stonedeightytoo reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:37

Look at ET's box. Play the kid!

How long was that?

MCT reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 22:39

He is +23 tonight, that's 23 better than Jodie was last year :)

Damnit. That was another assist. Since when do they give fouls to prevent dunks?

the one legged fadeaway for turner

Turner even hits a jumper. Insane.

And Wall missed the dunk, another assist down the drain.

Da Jruth on Feb 24 at 22:49

As eerie as it sounds, it would've been interesting to see Collins and Cousins clash. Good things may have very well come out of it. However slim.

Kwame Brown disagrees.

stonedeightytoo reply to Da Jruth on Feb 24 at 22:53

That's thought about too from this end. Headcase vs. Headcase. How many rounds will it go?

TwoSense reply to Da Jruth on Feb 24 at 23:21

Barkley agrees. Brought up Moses, Erving, Mo, and Andrew Toney, guys Demarcus would benefit from being around. Mentioned he could be the best big in the league if harnessing physical talent. Not a stretch, when you factor in age, and immaturity for some.

It's not harnessing the physical talent that matters, it's somehow motivating him and getting him to grow up. He's a really lazy, unfocused player. I guess the optimist sees it as pure immaturity. I think it's deeper than that and I doubt he's ever going to put it together.

TwoSense reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 23:52

I do not disagree with one word you said.

Cousins' defense just fits so perfectly with this game.

Greg Monroe is my hero.

South Broad reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 23:01

I once loved the guy, and really never stopped, but cautiously considered your take on his, for lack of a better term, 'softness', or maybe it was 'finesse'. Either way, lack of rebounding seemed to be the issue for you, but his skillset initially turned me on - the high post passing that Sam wasn't suited for, that his coaches often asked him to do.

Along with Greg's ability to finish, though not authoritatively. Decent roll-type of guy.

South Broad reply to South Broad on Feb 24 at 23:03

That goes without saying anything towards his handle for that size. It's as good, or probably better than Thad.

I ♥ Greg.

4 TOs for Turner in 29 minutes. Yeah, he's running laps tomorrow.

they try so hard to entertain the crowd that it just starts to look like a senior's version of an And-1 pick up game. next time: just play basketball.

Wall's skills fit perfectly in this game.

What a waste of time.

Fair to say that Sir Charles entered the league with the rep of being a bit of a headcase (and still is.) How much do you think coming in as a rookie the Sixers, with guys like Moses, Dr. J, Cheeks and Jones, helped him harness his talent? Or would he ended up just as good if he was in a Cousins/Kings like situation early on?

BTW, the leading scorers for that team:


A. Toney
B. Jones

Wow. And lost in conf finals to


Who lost in the Finals to:


Man, that was unbeliebvable back tjhen. Unless you were around then you have bno idea what those teams were like. Imaging the Heat, but with 3 more All Stars and matched up against 2 other equal giants. It was not hjust that you had great teams. It was three teams with multiple top 50 all time players and then multiple all stars in support.

Gdog reply to tk76 on Feb 25 at 7:29

A great time to be a Sixer fan. Moses was the last great center ths Sixers have had in the past 30 years. And they haven't won anything since. Not sure Howard would ever want to come here--but it sure would be nice to have a piece like that to build around.

full highlight, made by myself

JeffFoote410day on Feb 25 at 17:06

Hope Rodney King Thorn watched me play today in the D league all star game. I can offer so much more than Francisco Elson, plus I have major upside. Sign me up Sixers!

Brian, i have compiled some interesting numbers and have written something that you might be interested in. Can you give me your email so i can send it to you and you can have a look at it?

Just click "CONTACT" at the top of the page.

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 22:18
tk76 reply to Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 23:43

I would have been more generous with Battie. I think he has done surprisingly well in his limited role.

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 23:10
Rob_STC reply to Tom Moore on Feb 26 at 11:18


Nice piece. I have always been of the mindset not to trade Iguodala because I love what he brings to the team. The problem as you said it is that the offense is so bad they go through stretchs where the can't score and it is almost impossible to win consistently that way. He is probably their only trade chip and maybe Lou so if they could get a Monta Ellis or a scorer like that I think Turner could step in and grow and do a decent job and still work within Collins system of help defense. Your thoughts ?

mo speezy on Feb 26 at 3:19

Some fans are idiots.

Quick question on this All Star say:

Who are you favorite current non-Sixers that you enjoy watching? What (non-Sixer) player makes you want to to turn off the TV?

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Feb 26 at 8:58


No one.

Favourite non-Sixers: Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love

Least liked players: Bryant, Wade, Griffin, Stoudemire

Matt reply to Xsago on Feb 26 at 11:03

Thas Raycess

Stam reply to Matt on Feb 26 at 12:26

Well.. Griffin is 50% white, so he's not completely racist.

Egh, it has nothing to do with race, it's about personal taste of someones game and personality. I like Durant too for example.

Stan reply to tk76 on Feb 26 at 12:25

Favorites- Williams, Howard, Durant, Nowitski
Dislikes- Melo, Westbrook, Aldridge

Rondo, Durant, CP3, Lebron.

Paul Pierce makes we want to turn the TV off which is quite a conflict since I want to see Rondo play. So anytime he's hurt (and there's plenty of that) I can view C's games.

Turner wearing a pair of Nikes in the picture!!

Hmmm did I see AI9 sitting right next to Howard during the 3-point contest last night?

and also an ad for some show called "Wilt 100" on NBATV at 7pm Friday, aka Wilt Night?

Heyy guys, D12 feverrr in Philly?!, well maybe it's just me lol but either way check these links outtt, Iguodala's pitch to Howard, & also a rumor



some encouraging reads for any Sixers fans!

Yeah, use this thread for the All-Star game if you're watching as well. Busy weekend here, didn't have time to put a post together, but I'm watching.

Iguodala starts the second quarter.

Think that's 8 quick points for Iguodala. Clearly his fault the East is losing.

reggie gets a +1 for acknowledging Iguodala was robbed in the dunk contest, i will never forget that

I realize it means nothing to the NBA, but I've boycotted every event of NBA All star weekend since that midget was given the award with his Americans with disabilities act assisted victory.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Feb 26 at 22:28

I feel so bad for laughing at that comment :)

I havent watched any of the game, how does iggy look?

looked good in the first half. 8 points, 2 boards, 2 dimes and a steal in 7 minutes.

wade smacked kobe who now has a bloody nose

I think the East really wants to win this now. West going to try to pick up their play a little. Personally, I think if both teams actually tried to defend, there's no way the West could compete.

does anyone how hawes's 2nd opinion went? i havent seen any updates


The latest I heard was the walking boot for a couple of weeks. I think that was a result of the 2nd opinion, but not 100% sure.

AI9 with the block then the dunk

Iguodala just locked Westbrook down on the perimeter then blocked Durant's shot, then threw one down on the other end.

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