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Feast On The Pistons

He paid his debit to society whether u feel it wasn't a strong enough punishment thats another issue. I can name countless celebrities who have messed up so many times and still giving chances. This is the celebrity life in America u pay ur debt to society if u meds up get a million chances to do right and most times all is forgiven.

South Broad on Feb 28 at 7:53

The Grammy's selecting him to perform twice was just as much a travesty. And the the academy votes him best R&B album of the year, I believe, which wasn't deserved considering the competition. The same event where he beat said girlfriend before attending a few years back. Kept rather quiet in all this is his vandalized tantrum of the ABC dressing room at Good Morning America because Robin Roberts "asked" him about the situation with Rihanna awhile (year+ ?) after it happened, even after she prepped him of the question before going live on air. Cowardly vagina.

I don't mind seeing a celebrity make a comeback once he's admitted his faults and paid his debt to society. The thing that annoys me about Chris Brown is that he has been acting like a complete jackass since the incident. Mike Vick spent two years in prison and still acts humble to this day.

"I make more money in 3 days than what you make in 3 years..hahahaha"
Seriously, why would someone in his situation sing that lyric?

Anonymous on Feb 28 at 10:32

He 'paid his debt to society'

He beat a woman. I do not care how long he is shunned, a man who beats women should have his nuts cut off and strung around his neck as a necklace he is obligated to wear for the rest of his life.

Rapists, Abusers, Pedophiles, there is not enough punishment these abhorrent aberrations of humanity can serve. There is a flaw in their humanity (if they have any) that makes them think what they do is alright. Chris Brown served no jail time Chris Brown was forgiven because he makes people money. If Chris Brown was not rich or talented (at least some people think his auto tuned singing is talent) he would still be rotting in jail. The NBA which is so concerned about its image should have thought this through better.

At least he did not fall down on the stage and break out in some sort of fake crying jag, again.

FYI: free preview of league pass til sunday

Most sane people think this way. However--you would find many segments of society where violent, cowardly behavior is a common way of life. They dont care about his character or lack thereof, they care that he makes music they like and conveys a certain "image".
On a basketball note---Sixers 102-Pistons 84

Anonymous reply to Gdog on Feb 28 at 17:07

What an impressively blanket racist statement without naming specific 'segments'. Well done

I didn't even know he performed. I completely and utterly ignored all-star weekend. I have some of it on dvr if I get bored.

Why when I mention a "segment" of society do you immediately associate it with race ? You do understand that segment does not exclusively mean race don't you ?
No one will ever criticize you for thinking before you type.

Anonymous reply to Gdog on Feb 28 at 17:28

Ah semantics, argue them all you want, what ever 'ism' you want it to be, your statement was a blanket judgement of certain segments of a society. If you do not see that as juvenile ignorant and asinine, I am not surprised, since following your discussions with others on this blog, no one will ever mistake you for a model rocket scientist

gdog reply to Anonymous on Feb 28 at 20:18

Your correct. It was/is a blanket judgement of that segment of society that:

A)Doesnt think theres anything terribly wrong with beating up a girl. Especially if she "has it coming"

B)Could care less that Brown is an abuser and a tool on top of it. As long as he keeps making music they like and maintains his "image".

If you think there arent 10's of 1000's of people who think this way (hence segment) your fooling yourself.

Anonymous reply to gdog on Feb 29 at 21:37

My correct what?

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