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Monta + Lee = Not Nearly Enough

Court_visioN on Mar 3 at 15:24

Interesting ESPN trade proposal. If the Lakers offered Andrew Bynum for Andrew Iguodala straight up (big if), is there any hesitation in pulling the trigger?


After seeing all of those boards he put up when the LAL were hear, you *almost* have to pull the trigger on that right away...if Bynum is healthy this season, does he make this team good enough to beat Miami, and if you lock him up for massive amounts of $$, wouldn't he then be on the books even longer than AI9's contract has left with extension time for Jrue coming soon?

re18954 reply to Court_visioN on Mar 3 at 16:24

I would definitely do that trade. While there are some risks to it, like bynums health, I think the potential is too great.

I pulled the trigger as soon as I read Lakers offer Bynum.

Bynum is a top 5 center and he's only 24 years old. I'd make that trade without hesitating. Why would LA do this?

They wouldn't.

The Six reply to Court_visioN on Mar 3 at 22:35

done. Was that too fast?

Anonymous on Mar 3 at 16:22

interesting that the sixers were playing against the (philadelphia) warriors on wilt night, the franchise wilt was actually on when he scored 100. I wonder if they did that on purpose


Adam Aron‏ @SixersCEOAdam:

No accident. I requested it from NBA. RT @robcurrran: @univalveeye5 The @sixers just happened to play a team called the Warriors last night

^^ so yes it was intentional, pretty sure the Warriors have played here in December the last few years..

Andres Nocioni + Lou Williams for Josh Smith, would you do it?


The real question should be why on earth would the Hawks do that trade?

GoSixers reply to Xsago on Mar 3 at 20:09

Would you do it for ray allen if you had to include the 2012 first round pick (it works)

So basically would you be willing to give up your first rounder in the upcoming draft for maybe a better shot to win this season. I think it depends on how much better you think Allen makes you. Do you get out of the first round w/out him? W/ him? Maybe to the conference finals w/ him?

If you think he's the difference of a round in the playoffs, I'd probably do it. Don't know how much value that pick holds, this is supposed to be a deep draft, right?

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 3 at 21:52

I like Ray Allen but I wouldn't make the trade. He's 37 years old and he isn't going to be the difference between winning or losing a round in the playoffs. I would trade Meeks because I think his ceiling is low and I would trade Lou because I don't want to resign him at market value next year. Ray Allen has 2 seasons left in him. He makes the Sixers better but not by much.

I'm also intrigued by the draft. Guys like Patric Young and Ezeli are projected to go in the 20s. Who knows? Maybe the next Serge Ibaka or DeAndre Jordan can be found in this draft.

Monta Ellis looked good for a bit last night till Iggy shut him down. I would never trade Iggy for Monta---but Lou and draft picks, maybe Nocioni ? Absolutely. I think it would make the Sixers a better team but certainly not good enough to contend. Still hoping they can somehow find a way to get Dwight Howard and keep Iguodola and Jrue.

A lot of interesting stuff on the annual sports analytics conference this year again. The most interesting one, that i have read so far is a paper claiming that mid range jumper possesions are far less likely to end up with an offensive rebound than any other possession. This is interesting for the Sixers because it does sort of explain their lack of offensive rebounding.

Is it really that interesting? I thought it was fairly common knowledge.

It's one thing to intuitively think something's the reason why somethng else is happening, it's an entirely different thing to have proof about it.

I found it interesting, but it might be a professional habt to like those kind of stuff :)

I have a question without attempting to inflame.

Looking only at ET's current abilities and weaknesses, and ignoring drafted position/potential... Which current NBA teams would he start for and who would he replace? You can include Meeks on the list if you want.

I just thought it would make an interesting exercise.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 3 at 20:58

You can start him at PG, SG or SF. As long as you think he would upgrade a team's starting lineup. As with the Sixers, the question is not whether he is more talented than a given starter, but whether his insertion would lead to an overall improved unit on the floor- so look at teams as a whole.

Lakers at PG over Fisher comes to mind. I'm sure there are others.

Stan reply to tk76 on Mar 3 at 21:09

Nets- Stevenson
Knicks- Fields
Raptors- DeRozan
Bobcats- Walker
Cavs- Gibson
Pistons- Stuckey
Warriors- Monte
Rockets- Parsons
Clippers- Foye
Bucks- Livingston
Wolves- Wes Johnson
Hornets- Belinelli
Suns- Dudley
Kings- Thornton
Jazz- Bell
Wizards- Nick Young

A lot of these are debatable but it's over half the league.

tk76 reply to Stan on Mar 3 at 21:15

Thanks. I'll have to review the rosters to see if I agree with all of these, but it helps get a better sense of what might be his value. If he is worthy of starting now and perceived as having upside then that suggests value.

South Broad reply to Stan on Mar 3 at 21:47

I don't think any of them are debatable honestly. The only one that is in Turner's favor is maybe Wes Johnson and the Timberwolves, though you could argue he doesn't even improve that unit with them starting two capable ball-handlers already along with his poor shooting. The rest are easily against Turner. The exerecise was posed as based on improving the unit on the floor and upgrading it. Turner doesn't do that on any of these listed.

Stan reply to South Broad on Mar 3 at 21:56

You wouldn't start Turner over Stevenson? I think in most of these situations, Turner's defense and rebounding should be enough to make those teams better.

South Broad reply to Stan on Mar 3 at 22:50

Not really, because Stevenson plays just as good defense, maybe better, and he can at least knock down a three-ball. As is the case with the Sixers, and in the majority of these situations, Turner's defense and rebounding isn't needed as much as the shooting provided by the guys you're saying he will replace.

Turner's defensive effort individually is sometimes good but he has major lapses in team defense. He does aggressively rebound, but besides that, he's usually not making any impact on the game at all.

Defense and rebounding are always needed, unless you're Don Nelson. He is a better rebounder than everyone on that list. He is a better playmaker than everyone except Monte on that list. And he is a better defender than at least half of that list, maybe more.

They're all debatable, but anyone with an IQ of 80 or above would start Turner over most of that list. He upgrades most of those starting units.

Will be @ the game tomorrow against Chicago

Speaking of Turner, has anyone else noticed that Favors has made absolutely no strides whatsoever from his rookie season, aside from fouling people a lot less? With slightly increased usage, his TS% has actually dropped this year from .542 to .516. His rebounding's down (very) slightly. Maybe there weren't many great choices in that draft. I know I like Cousins, but that's a controversial view, and no one seems to have seen Monroe being half this good.

You can't discount the fact there is a guy named Kanter in Utah now that might impact Favors numbers.

He ha been disappointing thus far i agree, but he was always a long term prospect as in production should come 3-4 years down the road.

Favors, Turner, Cousins, Johnson---what a garbage draft at the top end. Wall I thin will be OK once he gets some players around him. Damn why couldn't the Sixers have gotten the 2nd pick the year Durant came out. Although somehow I feel they would have found a way to draft Greg Oden instead and then we would have really been miserable.

tk76 reply to Gdog on Mar 4 at 9:42

Trading for Andre Miller and Joe Smith led to an 18-7 run to close the season killed their chances that year to get Durant or Harford.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 4 at 9:43

Sorry, phone typo.

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