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Sixers On Short Rest In MIL Tonight

I see Lou having a big game tonight; after being stymied and denied the ball by Chicago's guards, I think he will be back with a vengeance and more stat padding. That may be a good thing for us in this game with Bogut out, he can live at the line and feast on the likes of Livingston, Udrih, Jackson etc.

the consensus for the next 11 result was 6-5. right now we are 2-3. if we can win this next one, we are at 3-3 with the next 5 being games against Boston and NY, Utah at home should be a win, and even though tough, they can win at Indiana. The Miami game I have pencilled in as a loss. Which of the BOS or NY games do you think we lose?

Any word on whether Stephen Jackson will be back for tonight's game? I realize he was getting less minutes as part of the rotation anyway but just curious.

Good read on last night's game from the CHI blog.

Wow are these guys for real??? This is the trade suggested on their blog mentioned n the article...


Completely ridiculous from a Sixers perspective.

Pretty sure he's kidding around.

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 17:19

I'd make the trade if Jrue wasn't involved and we didn't swap Iguodala for Deng.
One interesting take from that trade is that this fan thinks that Iguodala is better than Deng. On a national level I think people recognize Deng as a better player than Iguodala.

He scores more points.

comment on Mar 5 at 16:22

I know they tried to pass to meeks at the end, but is that really a good play either? Lou himself said if he is doubled he needs to pass it. If he is doubled why not a basic play to the open man?

comment reply to comment on Mar 5 at 16:30

Lets say Lou catches the ball and hits a trap. How about passing to Jrue and having him charge the lane with Meeks spotting up on the other wing? Could be a 3 on 2 with AI9 and thad/voose crashing.

Lou just doesn't get rid of it. He seems to think he can dribble out of it, even when he can't. Plus, I don't think he's comfortable jumping to get the pass over them and he's always sort of swallowed up because both players are bigger than him. Jrue had some problems last season w/ doubles, but seems to have a handle on how to break them now. Iguodala is the best they have at it.

comment reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 16:46

I was thinking more like passing around or stepping through the middle. I see your point that he still needs to work on this, but with his handles I dont think this should take much practice.

It's tough to split it when it's way out on the floor like that. If it's a double off a pick-and-roll, you've got more time and maybe a lane to get through there, but where they're trapping him, it's really like a triple team because the sideline is on one side. He needs to recognize that it's coming, and pass it right away before he has four long arms swarming him. He sees it, but for some reason thinks he can dribble out of it. At least that's what it seems like most of the time. I think there are three things at play: (1) he wants to shoot more than anything else. he's not going to get the shot if he gives the ball up in those situations. (2) it's a somewhat risky/difficult pass and he's really anti-turnover, and rightly so, (3) He's small and just not very good in those situations.

comment reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 17:46

Good points. If he will be trapped against the sideline, inbound to the open man, but if not then he can hopefully get space to pass around. If they spread to stop this, then split or overhead pass

comment reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 17:53

I think the dribbling is to try and get space, but he does seem to need practice at this. As far as the sideline goes that's a hard position for anyone

It seems ever since Lou has been our unofficial "closer" teams have come hard at him at the end of games and he is unable to adjust. Sixers really need to have someone other than him as a reliable 4th qtr option.
For about a month now unless they are blowing teams out, their 4th quarter offense is just terrible.

The fourth quarter offense wasn't terrible last night.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 18:09

It was good in fact, especially when you consider the opponent. If you can generate good looks against that team, it's possible against pretty much anybody.

To take it a step further, I would argue that the only gaffes came up on poor shot selection. The offensive movement/spacing and general game plan were good.

Interesting argument here, it's not Lou but it's that there is no other guy to keep other teams from doubling up on Lou:

NBA: Williams can’t do it alone for 76ers http://bit.ly/y0OI6o

comment reply to das411 on Mar 5 at 18:11

Thanks for the link. I dont agree with the one part of picking Iguodala over Jrue as the second option. His numbers dont even support this, showing Jrue has done much better in clutch situations.

Hawes could be back next week, but Doug on V8: "Nik is the same thing. I don’t see him as a center." - wait what?? then where the hell is Model T Battie?

76ERS: Hawes to begin basketball activites on Monday http://bit.ly/wzwfQm

I don't get that at all. Is he talking defensively? On the offensive end, he's really the only guy they have who can score with his back to the basket.

Yeah that's a weird statement. Vucevic is probably the purest C on the team...

South Broad reply to Brian on Mar 5 at 19:43

Is Collins saying "Nik is the same thing" while referencing the sentence before that about being 'a player' when initially referring to Lavoy? Then reverting back to talking about Lavoy as he started out doing in the quote when he said "I don't see him as a center".

StatsforTK76 on Mar 5 at 18:00

Marc Stein ESPN Rankings comment. I felt TK76 would appreciate the point.

The Sixers have held their last nine opponents to 88.7 ppg on 41.5 percent shooting. They've been outscored by a single, solitary point in that stretch. And yet they've lost seven of those nine games...

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