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Sixers Trade For Sam Young

Young is a solid wing defender,

I think a guy off the bench who is a solid defender now that Turner is starting could be considered a glaring need when right now your bench options are Lou or Jodie.

If he can play league average defense on 3's (and 2s maybe) it's a solid move...as long as he knows he's here to play defense :)

Agree that a sub at 3 spot is one of the glaring needs of this team, but a big who can defend and rebound is a bigger need and Thorn and Collins always said they wouldn't add a player just to add because there is no practice time, so I would preffer to add a defensive big, maybe Robin Lopez or a another player with same skills.

I would agree with you if they gave up anything more than the rights to Ricky Sanchez. Hopefully Young fits in - If not, no loss.

I agree that that's a big need too, but people keep throwing names out there without factoring in availability, what it would take to get them and whether it puts the sixers over the luxury tax.

Where did you read that Lopez was available?

Lopez was just a name that came to my mind, he is a sub in Phoenix and they have Gortat, so is not like he is untouchable, if you take Warrick off their hands pretty sure there is a deal to be made. The real name that I read was been made avaliable was Bogut and we already talked about that a couple days ago, so nothing to say. I read Javale could be had if you get Blatche too but Im not going this way, I think Javale could be saved by a change of places and a good coach but I don't want touch Blactche's contract.
Asik's name has been brought by another poster and I like him but don't think he is avaliable for cheap. Just trying to come with ideas, Sixers frountcourt just makes my eyes sore..

JH reply to JH on Mar 15 at 12:01

Is Jason Thompson avaliable ?
Does anyone knows something about it ?

JH reply to JH on Mar 15 at 12:10

I think Darko is avaliable, anyone wanna touch his contract though ?
Ok I 'll stop with "crap bigs you can get for cheap" list, sorry about that.
I think I 'll drink to kill my free time..

The Six reply to JH on Mar 15 at 13:30

Honestly...I would take Darko. His contract isn't that bad (2yrs left after this season at 4.5 mil)and this team is desperate for size. He can be had for very little and the sixers have zero presence at the "5"(with Hawes). He is still 7' 260lbs and can block some shots. I don't know why there would not be a spot for him on this team. He would have value as an expiring contract after next season anyway.

Theo (CA)
Do you see the kings doing anything?

John Hollinger
No, but I suppose one could see them moving Thompson for a point guard.

Do they think lou is a point guard?:)

I thought the same thing when I read it..
Maybe there is a three team trade to be made.
Right now after I speak with my friend Vodka for some time, I would roll the dice with Thabeet or Jordan Hill for cheap of course..but Darko still a sexy option after The Six talked me back to it

bebopdeluxe on Mar 15 at 11:28

Reading comments from the Memphis side of things, part of the reason he was getting no burn in Memphia was that Hollins wanted Young to be a defensive energy guy off the bench, and he felt that Young was to focused on his offense.

Of course, playing with BOSS, it's not like he's gonna get any shots...so as long as he D's up, it will be OK.

He's been dealing with injuries this year. Just as recently as mid-February he was wearing a walking boot.

Barbosa to the Pacers.

Pacers add 7.6 million cap number - that should get them where they needed to be?

The only bad thing about this trade is that in my rotations spread sheet I'm going to have to differentiate between Sam Young and Thad Young. Sam will just be S. Young, I guess. Don't want to have to go back and add a T in front of every Thad entry.

The sixers really should consult you on such things ;)

anonymous reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 20:28

If you really want to add the Ts in, I believe excel has a feature called "replace all" where you can edit them all at once, replacing all the word "Young" with "T Young". MS Word definately has this.

That's not the hard part (as I understand it). The rotation charts that are posted in each post game thread are image files (excel files don't display well on the web, it's a shame). My first thought was the replace function as well, but the it occured to me it might be those images in each post game thread he didn't want to change...doesn't really need to either in my opinion.

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 21:22

That makes sense. I hadnt really considered the other steps, but was mainly just trying to help in case he did decide to do this.

Yeah, I can do it in the excel sheets, there's a master and then one individual sheet for each game. the master is all that matters, though. I can just change that and then going forward use T. Young and S. Young. Pain in the ass.

...couldn't you just use Thad?

The problem is the input. I keep that thing updated while I'm watching, and I have all the options in the appropriate rows at the bottom, so I only have to hit one letter and it auto-completes the rest of the name. For pretty much everyone I can just use last name only because only one player has a last name that starts w/ that letter. For example, at the center position, there's only 1 H, Hawes. So I type H and Hawes is filled in and I can move on to the next position. B's are a problem right now, so I use Brand, then T. Battie and C. Brackins. If I use Thad, then that's the same first letter as T. Battie, so there's another problem. Anyway, just a minor pain for me, but anything that saves time is worthwhile cause I'm doing so much during games.

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 21:31

I thought you did everything with paper and pen. Didn't you once show us a photo of the rotation chart you put together during the game?

Anyway, my naive suggestion would be to assign a word for Sam Young, that starts with "x". When you're finished with the rotation chart you find/replace all "x" with Sam Young.

Extra steps w/ the x. The S will work for him.

I abandoned pen and paper this season, mainly because my kids drew pictures all over all my graph paper and my local stationer was driven out of business by a Staples.

anonymous reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 21:41

This may not be an easier solution but you could make macros that type the name based on a combo press like ctrl+t for T. young. The autocomplete can also guess after a couple letters, like "T. Y"

I wouldn't worry too much about it...just use S. Young for thad.

The weird thing is last year you used T. Battie, and I never understood why whenever I got the file :)

Use S young for the new dude obviously :)

Here's a small move you might consider to add some girth on the inside. Nocioni for Maxiell. link.

If Howard is off the table for this summer, I don't have a problem adding some salary for next season ($5M). Detroit saves some money next year. Not sure how they feel about Maxiell at this point. He isn't playing a whole lot, he isn't playing all that well, and he isn't particularly good, but he's a physical presence and he can dunk.

I know this will make lots of people happy

Marcos (PR)
How about a Melo for Iggie and Thadeus. With the emergence of Turner Iggie is expendebable right?

John Hollinger
Two answers to that -- 1) Turner scoring more doesn't suddenly make Iggy's defense irrelevant, and 2) the Knicks aren't trading Melo. But that is the type of deal the Sixers ought to be pursuing, yes.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 13:26

Oh. My. GOD.

I lost a lot of respect for Hollinger in that one comment. There's now way I think obtaining Carmelo Anthony makes the sixers better.

Lakers getting Ramon Sessions and additional player for luke walton and first round pick

matt reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 13:50

Lakers also get the right to swap picks for Miami's first rounder in 2013 (Cleveland owns the pick. Thats the second biggest asset moved this week, after Ricky Sanchez.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 14:00

Luke Walton? His contract doesn't end soon. I thought they absorbed Session's contract with the TE they received from Dallas.

I listen to ESPN Radio from LA - which is mostly lakers talk, year round, and they're saying that according to their info - they still have their entire TPE

There was talk a lot from lakers fans about sessions and calderon - i know one didn't fit in the TPE but I don't know which one

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 14:07

I don't get that trade at all. Walton makes more money than Sessions and his deal doesn't end until 2013 (the same year Sessions contract is over)
Cleveland is also giving them Christian Eyenga

Can someone explain to me what Cleveland gets out of this deal?

A first round pick?:)

not sixer news but nets news

Portland trades Gerald Wallace to New Jersey in exchange for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a first-round pick(top 3 protected).

Why would NJ agree to only top 3 protection? They're really tipping toward the bust side of boom/bust.

Is the pick for sure the Nets pick - don't the picks have multiple picks in this draft.

Talent upgrade, Billy King scrambling on the Dwight Howard disaster and trying to keep Deron (which I never thought would actually happen)

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 14:03

"Nets receive the Rockets' 2012 first-round pick (top 14 protected in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, or 2017 2nd round pick) "

matt reply to Stan on Mar 15 at 14:22

ESPN still isn't reporting this, but now I'm interested. Why would they need top 3 protection if its the Rockets' pick?

I think it's two different issues. I was just asking because I had heard that the nets had two first round picks this year...conditionally it seems...the top 3 pick is probably the nets pick

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 14:38

If it's the Nets pick and is only top 3 protected, Billy King is an idiot. I hope this blows up in his face and all they have left from this whole escapade is Gerald Wallace.

that's kind of crazy. I mean, are they going to extend Wallace? I believe he's a free agent after this year. Are they trying to get better? I just don't get that at all.

he has 9.5 million player option for next year but i have no idea why they would trade a good to great pick in this draft

To assuage Deron Williams?

i dont think gerald wallace is going to change his mind

matt reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 13:57

Why would that convince him?

Maybe he'd rather play with Lopez and Wallace than Dirk and Terry. heh.

I don't think it would, but I don't think Billy King is a good GM or that Pohkorov is the kind of owner (Cuban like) that I thought he would be. Gerald Wallace is better than MehMet Okur, and in general don't established stars prefer established players instead of counting on rookies?

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 14:09

Maybe they are looking for a playoff run. I think they are only 3 games out of the 8 seed.

Not sure that's the smartest thing long term but that's how NBA folk look at it - BK loves the first round loss :)

The bucks didn't get better (maybe)
The knicks aren't really that good - the blazers just stink
Detroit - maybe they think they're better than Detroit now

But Lopez got hurt again right?

i know hes old but if i find out the rockets got camby for next nothing i will be mad

Fuck me. Expiring deals and a second-round pick for Camby. Sixers could've done it w/ Lou. Or with Hawes, but Hawes would've had to agree to it.

Meant Nocioni + Lou or Hawes.

Can't trade Lou - he's helping the team win - you know they weren't giving up lou plus he's not 'guaranteed' to be an expiring deal

and Hawes can veto. Though he's from Washington, maybe he would've said OK. Doubt Thorn ever made a call.

matt reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 14:38

Camby would've been HUGE for this team (literally).

He seems to get dealt every year.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:20

Sounds like Camby would only accept a trade to HOU...does he live there in the off-season?


His only recourse to being traded elsewhere would be to retire.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:22

Which, it sounds like, he was prepared to do.

+ 1
Right now why not Sean Wiliams for a bag of balls ?

Does trading Richard Jefferson for Stephen Jackson make sense to anyone? Am I missing something?

I'm shocked Pops would take him back

Shane reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 14:53

He's not staying. I hear the Spurs are trading him to the Pacers who are lining up a trade with the Nets.

So in the span of 3 days, stephen jackson will be on 4 teams, 2 of which had him before?

That's got to be some sort of Tim Kurkjian rarity

Or maybe 5 teams if he ends up on the nets?

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 14:53

It saves them 10 million in 2014?

matt reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 14:54

He expires a year sooner than RJ

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 14:53

Thursday practice video: Thaddeus Young and Doug Collins on the Sixers acquiring Sam Young from the Grizzlies:


“I'm through,” the unnamed GM told FOX Sports' Sam Amico. “Done dealing with (Celtics') Danny Ainge. Bleep him.”

Haha. I wonder what one-sided trade that the Celtics offered made this GM really pissed off? I'm guessing Rondo and Peirce for Lebron and Wade?

Daryl Morey finally made a trade?

Heh, Derek Fisher and a pick in the late 20s for Jordan Hill.

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:22

I thought their first round pick went to Cleveland?

This is the one they got from Dallas in the Odom trade.

So now they essentially traded Odom and Fisher for Jordan Hill.

Source: Wizards and Nuggets in serious talks on trade that would send Nene to DC for JaVale McGee and Nick Young...

what is denver thinking?

@WojYahooNBA: As part of three-team deal, Nene goes to the Wizards, JaVale McGee to Denver and Nick Young to Clippers

That is...crazy. Wow. What are the Clips giving up?

Did Denver have that much buyer's remorse on Nene? Holy crap.

brain cook and a 2nd rounder i think

The Six reply to sixerfan1220 on Mar 15 at 16:06

What is Denver thinking? This deal is good for Denver. McGee is who I was hoping the sixers would target.

Nate McMillan got canned. Guess he wasn't too pleased about the trades.

Had to think that was inevitable, just like D'antoni. Nate wasn't going to coach the blazers past this seaosn anyway. Not dumping Felton probably sealed his fate because one of them had to go.

I was driving to pick up a burrito when I heard the NeNe thing, I can't believe the nuggets did that, and honestly, I can't believe the wizards did it either, they should be getting younger, not older...THAT's a guy the sixers could have targeted if they had a young asset...they could have given up expirings (ish) but they couldn't have given em an upside player like that.

Maybe the nuggets know how to straighten em out

They're going to have to extend him this summer, and he's asking for insane numbers.

I wonder if the Wiz are looking to flip Nene now. Doubt it, I guess.

Well they can't 'flip' him until the off season, so it's not really a flip - it's not a trade that makes sense to me from either side.

Supposedly the mcgee 14 million thing was misquoted - but reportedly they think the nene, jordan numbers are comparable - and purely on talent they are - but mentally - dude should get the same contract that Tony Battie has

Damn-didnt know Nene was available. Wonder if the Wiz would take Lou Williams for him.

Doubt it highly, sixers could have given them the expiring contracts, but McGee is a better young talented big man that what the sixers have, doubt #8 or lavoy (or both) would have blown up the skirts of the Nuggets.

I wanted them to make a run at the guy in free agency - i'm surprised that Denver was giving up on him already - something is fishy here - denver is competetive this year - Nene is a big part of that - there's something going on behind the scenes we don't know about - I'm sure of it :)

I agree. To disrupt chemistry and momentum for a team winning in the WC is too much of a price for trying to create cap flexibility long term even if you suddenly decide you made a huge mistake with Nene.

Brian - don't miss out on this

A group of Time Warner Cable customers are pushing forward with a $5 million class action lawsuit against the cable operator for missing the Knicks' Jeremy Lin-fueled winning streak last month. The Knicks won seven in a row after Lin came off the bench and scored 25 points in a game against the Nets on February 4, but many fans in the New York-area couldn't see those games because MSG was locked in a carriage dispute with Time Warner Cable. New York Post

Heh. I'm in the middle of enough headaches w/ lawyers at the moment. Don't need another one.

Oh man, sorry to hear that, made it through life so far with out needing a lawyer

Howards decision to create this circus AGAIN next season involved praying, and fasting...based on the fact that at one point it was reported that he didn't even know what signing the paper meant, I do believe this is going to happen again next season. I'll laugh when Deron opts in too :)

A lot of crazy stuff out there today. Instead of the expected silent trade deadline we got possibly an even crazier one than those in the past. Literally everybody was apparently waiting for Howard to make his choice. And the funniest thing is a lot of good teams got WORSE.

Quick analysis (on the bigger deals):

Ellis - Bogut deal - Love this trade for the Warriors. They might actually be headed to relevancy next year.

G.Wallace deal - I have no idea what the Nets are trying to do but they are apparently desperate.

Nene - McGee deal - I really like this deal for the Wizards. McGee is overrated and a soon to be free agent, whereas Nene albeit overpaid is one of the better centers in the league. How the Clippers stole Young for nothing in the deal is beyond me even though he is mostly useless.

Lakers trades - Lakers are possibly the only good team that got truly better at the deadline. Sessions is a big upgrade over Fisher and Hill will provide some much needed frontcourt depth

SJax - Jefersson - Whaaaaaat???? Nothing else to say...

Camby to Houston - Expected. Inevitable.

I disagree that the nuggest deal was a good trade

Mcgee would have been over paid by someone - it's how big men work - and wiz might have worked a sign and trade

They could have amnesty'd Blatche, they could have bought out rashard lewis

Then they were clean - starting over -

Instead they took on a big man on the wrong side of his career for this roster who won't make them relevant before his contract expires.

I think it's a trade that makes no sense to me for the wizards

They knew they didn't want to keep McGee. Essentially, they got one of the best centers in the league for practically nothing because the two guys they gave up weren't going to be there next season. At worst Nene is a very nice trade asset in the summer and he is locked in long term.

The Wizards clearly won that trade even if Nene doesn't play a game for them IMO. What i cannot understand is what the nuggets were thinking...

The Nuggets were thinking the McGee has tremendous upside, and if he plays well with his head on straight for 20 or so games and the playoffs, they can extend him and have ripped off the Wizards

It's a high risk play that a smart team can make when they have bench depth and trade assets.

Yeah well i guess we are valuing McGee much differently. I see him as a guy with almost tremendous athleticism but virtually no skill. He is not even a good defender he just gets some blocks and rebounds at the expanse of losing his man on a lot of possessions. Oh yeah and i don't think you can "fix" his head.

I like the Nuggets and wish them well, but this looks weird to me. It's true that they have depth and can afford the risk though.

Oh yeah and i don't think you can "fix" his head.

Are you exactly the same person you were when you were 24? I'm serious. When I was 24 I was on my way to a PhD in molecular biology and a life of level 4 biohazard research...people change, people grow, it seems that folks on this board don't think it can ever happen, be it javale mcgee, or demarcus cousins...i'm pretty sure that if you all wnet back to the folk who knew you your late teens and early 20s you haven't seen in a while - they wouldn't recognize you as the same person...

I think playing for the wizards isn't ever going to help a young guy mature, it's a toilet franchise...a guy like george karl will crack the whip (metaphorically)...hence the term high risk, but a smart risk...it's what smart teams do.

Karl isn't really known as a disciplinarian. More of a player's coach who kind of lets the inmates run the asylum (JR Smith, Melo to an extent). Doesn't seem like as toxic of an environment as Washington, but also not a lot of good role models out there for him to learn from (Al Harrington? Bird Man?).

Anyway, they have a month-and-a-half to evaluate him before they have to decide if they'll sink $50M+ into him in free agency. I guess if it doesn't work out, they just got really young and took their biggest, longest contract off their books.

you're a biochemist?

Well considering i just turned 25 a month ago i am pretty much the same person that i was at the age of 24 :)

People can change. Some do, most don't. But really McGee's problem isn't as much about behavior rather than IQ in general. It's not so much about him not willing to listen to what the coach is telling him but more about him being unable to do understand. Also, McGee is in his 4th year now it's not like he is a complete upside guy. He has room for improvement but no proof that he will ever improve. He has improved very little since his rookie year. Most of his "improvement" during the years, was in the increased role rather than his improved play.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Mar 15 at 23:13

McGee has a bit of Sammy in him. I'm not sure that goes away with experience or instruction.

You know, Nick Young can veto that deal. I guess he didn't.

Nick Young gets to come home and play, he probably knew the wiz weren't going to re-sign him long term and he gets paid to be home too - he'll be fine.

I wonder if hawes would have approved :)

I think agents really advise clients against allowing trades like this. It takes leverage away from them when they hit free agency w/out bird rights.

Well today was a day to tell agents to screw off then.

Did you know that the document Dwight Howard was signing today requires an agents signature (in general, and yes it's stupid that the agent must sign off on it) and that Howards document was approved without the signature.

The agent had a self serving interest in Dwight not 'opting in' because he makes zero dollars until Dwights new contract.

Yet another silly aspect of NBA agents - the new CBA did nothing to control agent influence, and it should have. Hell the NBA and NCAA need to sit and talk to get that crap under control...

MCT reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 16:40

I wouldn't be surprised if he forgot.

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 16:43

Why would he? He's in a big market! Plus the women in LA are a lot prettier

He can't make as much in free agency now. Not that the Wizards were going to give him a big deal, but I think agents hate to have that lever taken away from them.

Why would he? He's in a big market! Plus the women in LA are a lot prettier

This is false, the women in the midwest are much hotter than you'd believe, milk REALLY does a body good.

Most LA women have parts that have warranties and might burst at any moment...too much botox, too much collagen, and as puck said on the best line on the real world ever

They have 3 brain cells, and they're fighting

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 22:11

Fine. The women in LA are a lot easier, especially if you make a 7 figure salary. In the grand scheme of things, I really don't think Nick Young care much about the quality women he gets.

You had it right the first time. The women of LA are the hottest in the world, no place comes close (except maybe Ukraine). Sure a lot of west coast girls have some fake parts, but the majority don't and are still goddesses.

I'm partial to NYC women.

Oh, so you don't have standards, and don't mind a woman who only dates you for your money?

That's fine

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 13:39

Nope. Not at all. We're both superficial. I'm in it for her looks, she's in it for my money. It all balances out.

If you are that shallow, sure go right ahead, in the end, she's on to someone else when you run out of money...seems like you lose

Why keep Nene when he is 30 years old and is clearly the mismatched piece in Denver? At least McGee is young and when paired with Faried creates a nasty athletic frontcourt. Worst case, they saved a ton of cash on a guy they were forced in to paying in the offseason due to not having a viable in-house replacement (and the Wizards having not yet soured on McGee's outlook). Better to trade him when he's yet to decline then be 2-3 years into his contract and it reach unmovable status.

The thing is he is not unmovable right now is he? a lot of teams would give up a lot for him. Now they end up with a guy who they are most likely better off letting him walk in the summer.

They rid themselves a gargantuan contract and get a young, undeveloped but potentially capable replacement. They can extend Lawson and offer Chandler a long-term contract with that money, and their core can develop at the same pace. I think that's more important than adding more "right now" talent.

He is replacing John Wall with Chris Paul. Of course he accepted it. And their names eve rhyme :)

Ouu was meant as an answer to a previous post about young accepting the deal.

Apparently the Nuggs tried to trade Nene for DeMarcus a month ago, but the Kings weren't interested.

You would have laughed your ass of.

I don't get it though. Has nene dropped of significantly this year? They just signed him to 65 million - why the hell would they have signed him if they were looking to move him less than one season after he signs his exteneions?

They were potentially contenders in the West and didn't have anyone who could man the five. He started of the year injured I believe, but this trade smells more of them being opportunistic in working out a win/win deal.

I thought NeNe manned the five better than McGee does now.

I think it's a bad trade for the wiz but there's something weird that denver gives up on the guy less than 6 months after the contract extension...I mean they know the guy best right?

Actually, yeah. His TS is down 10% and his turnover rate is up 5%. Not a good combo. Maybe he's hit a wall, physically.

I guess we'll find out first hand when we play them next Friday

Stan reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 17:07

Buyers remorse? I think they took a step back, looked at their payroll and saw that they would have been paying this guy 13 million a year for the next 5 years for a guy who will be 35 when the contract is over. An opportunity came along allowed them to rid themselves of that contract and acquire a 24 year old freak athlete that would get 2/3 the salary of what they were originally paying their center.

Well if that's it, then I have to downgrade the Nuggets owner and GM for not seeing what they were doing, with the new CBA, maybe they didn't even understand the 'repeater' tax thing when they signed it...who knows.

He is a guy I wanted the sixers to get though...I thought the nuggets deal was extreme when it was signed, but now I wish they just let him walk :)

Is that twitter comment floating out there from Mr I can't spell my first name right Wade's official account? If so, yet another class move from the guy who broke Kobe's nose

Haven't seen it. Didn't even fire up TweetDeck this morning, too much work to do.

Dwyane Wade: Loyalty hahahahaha Twitter

If you want to hear something VERY classy from 'sports radio' check out 710espn.com right now - the tribute to derek fisher is incredible. I can't picture any philadelphia athlete being sent out like that by the big voices.

The lakers had a pretty good day in terms of bad contracts, not sure how that worked

Greg Oden waived.

Career over? Minimum over the summer? Either way, he's gonna have a rough life on those balky knees being fairly heavy.

Someone will give him a minimum contract yes, but I don't think he's ever playing again. Bill Walton said he should retire two years ago.

Sad to here this news.

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 19:48

Story (with Thad Young, Collins video): Philly acquires Sam Young at deadline:


So true. And so germane!

That sounds like the bankers and the Murdoch Mob

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