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A Tall Order

Sure would be nice to have ET in pissed off Rodman mode tonight...kinda like he was in the playoffs last year vs these assholes...

Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 9:22

Hey Thad,

It would be easier for your team to beat them if you managed to show up for one of these matchups.



He was decent in their last meeting. Much better than he was in the playoffs last year. I kind of want to see a Voose/Thad lineup to go against Anthony/Bosh. If they put Anthony on Thad, Voose should be able to get whatever he wants on the blocks w/ Bosh on him.

Voose will be perfect for Bosh, he's quick enough to guard him and his long arms will bother Bosh, Thad can just lay off Anthony and roam for deflections and charges. But I fear what that would do for our defensive rebounding and paint protection (albeit what little semblance we have anyway) cos once Wade or lebron gets in, it's a wrap. With Brand, you might stand a chance at least.

The only guy Voose is really "quick enough" to cover is Hawes. I kind of hope it's just that he hasn't learned to move his feet on defense, but more likely he just can't move them quickly enough.

I read Turiaf will be waived by Denver..
Pleeeeaaase Rod Thorn make a move for Turiaf, he's not a great player but he is serviceable in spurts as defender, shotblocker. Just for this playoff run the Sixers need someone with a pulse at the 4,5 spots besides EB.
Thad isn't big enough, Hawes is Hawes, Voose and Lavoy too unexperienced and Batman has already retired but is a secret.
Im ok if somebody else better get fired but no more Cisco Elson's kind.

Is Turiaf healthy?

Questionable, according to espn.com he hasn't played in a game since january 1

Another player I've always been a fan of...be nice to see the sixers pick him up with that free roster space...I have no idea how he's played this year, just always liked him even when he was in college

hes been hurt most of the year with some sort hand injury


Like I said, a fan of the guy, but if he's got a hand injury - then he shouldn't be looked at.

HOWEVER, ESPN says he was active for the game on Tuesday and possibly held out because of the trade deadline. I'd bring him in to at least see if he can go, he has been a motor / rebounding guy off the bench in the past, which much like youngs defense the sixers don't really have, if he can still bring it 15 mpg game he'd be worth a look the rest of the season

The Sixers advantages tonight:

1) it's Friday, a day in which they often play well
2) they're home, a place at which they are 16-8
3) their pride has presumably been stoked by 17-point throwdown by Pacers
4) the exciting unveiling and instant nutrition of Sam Young, who always plays his best during March Madness and whose pet expression is "what the Sam Hill?!?!"


1) another roster factor added to formula to further complicate Doug's game decision-making
2) the Miami Heat, a presumably motivated team with clearly superior talent (but only 13-9 on the road)

Wow, are they only 13-9 on the road? Pretty sure they're riding a road losing streak as well (4 or 5 games if I heard correctly the other night).

That's how it reads. 18-2 at the beach!

Quick question - did the sixers get toasted in the third quarter of the first miami game?

Looks like they closed the third Q poorly.

Yeah, that was my recollection, that it got away from the, I think the first one, in the third...I think the heat are just one of those teams that is better than the sixers, and just losing by less than 5-10 would be nice

4 straight road Ls. Rose-less Bulls, Magic (OT), Lakers, Jazz (by 1 point)... surprising, but no great shame considering competition & venues. Recent trouble would seem to make them more vulnerable tonight than usual (key word: seem).

Great news for the Nets!

They probably lose Gerald Wallace and Deron at the end of the year, which would mean a total of what, four #1 picks plus Favors for the honor of being one of the worst teams in the league for 1.5 years. Awesome. Well done, BK.

Not sure who told the Nets hiring Billy King was a good idea, but I never thought Deron was staying in New Jersey, and the moment that Dwight opted in they should have realized their slim shot was gone.

And the thing that they should have thought (just realized this in hindsight) was that Dwight opting in makes it more likely other guys will opt out because there's one less guy to litter the FA market

WHat i read this morning was that the nets really only thought 3 guys were 'worth' it in this years draft, hence the top 3 protection.

That's smart thinking, that's the kind of thinking you want running your franchise, huh?

Yeah, I saw the same thing. I hope they wind up with the #4 pick, and one or more of their guys are still on the board.

And then there's the other thing (which I was more thinking about when I wrote the post) is that while the Nets may think it's only a '3 person' draft, a lot of folk out there think it's a much deeper better draft...that pick, beyond the top 3, would have had some serious value assuming they didn't get the lottery shaft and shoved down 3 from their finishing spot.

A lot of folk think this is one of the deepest drafts in a long time, and all the nets could get for it is a guy who might opt out (probably opt out) anyway?

Just short term thinking, to me reeks of a panic move to dry and placate deron williams after dwight ruins their 'brooklyn plan'. Though if Gerald Wallace placates Deron Williams he's not as smart as I thought

I knwo BK isn't that smart

This makes things easier for Cuban. He can probably afford to get Deron and keep Terry. Just needs to amnesty Haywood to get it done, though that leaves them w/out a center.

How much does Camby have left - he'll be out there :)

Not for nothing, maybe someone can tell me, when did CBS decide to dump college basketball experts for the three dolts from TNT (and ernie?)

I need derek to tell me the last teens early 20s power forwards to watch in the tournament - day off today

When the Turner networks cabal entered the fray with regards to NCAA coverage and showing all the games on his additional networks (TNT, TBS, trutv) that's when they stupidly decided to put Chuck and Kenny in the studio coverage with Greg Anthony and Seth Davis from CBS, this happened last year.

He's already played and not too sure he will come out but CJ Leslie of NC State is a potential athletic freak at power forward, quickness and weakside help are tremendous, shot not so much though. Henson from UNC (out today I think) and Zeller. Andrew Nicholson from St. Bonnie. Bernard James from FSU. Mason Plumlee from Duke. Draymond Green from Mich State. Thomas Robinson from Kansas, a workman-like beast. Not sure where any of these guys are projected or if any of the underclassmen will even come out. Some to watch.

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 14:22

It's only 3 #1 picks plus Favors for this whole debacle.
Billy King isn't THAT bad :)

I don't know why but I am feeling a little bad for NJ

Man, no one who grew up near Philadelphia should ever feel bad about anything that ever happens in New Jersey...stupid state won't even let you pump your own gas

MCT reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 14:47

AT least we don't sell beer and liquor in separate stores :)

At one point, not sure if it's still face, New Jersey had the most nucelar power plants in the United States

It's got Admiral Wilson Blvd

It's not called JERSEY shore for nothing (sorry, you get credit for them even if they're from new york)

No teams currently playing their games in pennsylvnia claim to be from another state ala the Giants and Jets.

New Jersey - you can get in for free but you still have to pay to leave

Reading Hollingers draft grades, if he's right, Denver is now sitting on a 13 mil trade exception for the next year

They can also amnesty al harrington, if they want to. Interested to see what they do with that roster.

And here's a shocker, the new cba doesn't stop bad franchises (Cleveland, NJ, Washington, Warriors) from doing stupid things...

Man, it would be nice for ET to keep rolling along here. This is the team that he's never lacked aggression against.

Last time they played the Heat was such a bummer. The Heat and Sixers played really close for three quarters and then they turned it up another level and went on an absolutely monster run. Can't have any of those tonight.

Be nice if ET was the same ET we've seen this week, plus a little of the ET that got in Durant's face vs OKC...

Rockets waived Terrence Williams.

Sure, they just traded for Sam Young and I'm no proponent of adding another small, but in the summer league (last year) he was superior to Jrue Holiday in my opinion. He was incredibly aggressive and watching them go head to head was a pleasure. I wonder who gives him a chance next...

they're kind of long on wings at this point. Williams is a turnover machine and a head case, as well.

Rather they look at adding someone, anyone, to help the front court defensive depth

Turiaf would be a good get. He'll probably go back to the Knicks for their push for the #8 seed. Pretty funny that Melo is basically chasing Lin out of town now.

Well, in my opinion, Carmelo 'ran' D'antoni out of town the moment he was obtained, never a good fit. Lin put D'antoni on life suport for a couple weeks, but he was never the long term answer because D'antoni wasn't. Carmelo coming back just brought it to a head.

It was never a good fit, and the ownership made it clear by giving up the house that Melo mattered a lot more.

Dolan is awful

Stan reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 14:42

I honestly don't think Melo can run Lin out of town. I think Lin has too much universal love and admiration for people to take Melo's side over his. I think NY would take a huge PR hit if they didn't keep Lin.

I think you're completely and totally wrong.

Woodson will marginalize Lin because of the system he runs, if the knicks make the playoffs people will forget lin.

It was a nice couple weeks, but Lins time in New York is done

As if on cue this article comes out. I'm sure it's just the first.

Of course there are people excited cause the knicks beat the blazers after D'anoni 'resigned'

ESPN has the Sixers as a 57% favorite for tonight's game. A little steep or are they banking on a close game and an inevitable Le-choke for the Heat at the end?

I don't see how they can be considered a favorite. They must be using the highly flawed Hollinger team rankings... where beating up on Detroit by 30 instead of 20 pts makes you more likely to beat the Heat...

Anyone taking the day off watching the UF game? Their starting center projects to where the sixers are scheduled to pick around in the first round

That's hilarious.

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