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Miami hasn't been playing great lately. I give the Sixers a shot. That doesn't mean I think they would even come close to beating them in a seven game series, but I give them a shot tonight.

someone please f-ing explain why we are resting Hawes tonight and starting him tomorrow. Clearly should be the reverse given matchups.

Is that legit? Man, I'm so sick of him already.

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MCT reply to MikeW on Mar 16 at 18:53

They said that this will allow him to play every game next week, because of how the schedule is set up. I'm not sure how it makes sense, but if he was going to play like a stiff tonight then he might as well sit.

Bleh. The Bulls have a stronger front court, and I guess maybe if you know he's going to miss one of the games, it makes sense to have one guy well rested for tomorrow night.

We got this let's go Sixers if the Sixers is not ur team go jump off a cliff also let's go redskins rg3 the furure baby

You know, I always thought the worst thing was to be a sixers/cowboys fan, but dallas is far enough away from philly that being a sixers redskins fan is much worse

If we hit 444 comments in this thread, I'm going to stop accepting more for symmetry's sake.

is Sam Young available tonight?

I believe so. Dorris and is that Teriko (don't know how to spell his name)? When it's an ESPN game, I'm happy as long as it isn't Mullin doing the game.

bebopdeluxe reply to Mike on Mar 16 at 19:02

He is available...not sure how much he will play.

So Doug called out Vuc for playing soft earlier to the media. He said he needs to play tougher. I don't think I've heard him call out a player like that in public, he always seemed like a behind closed doors type of coach.

Has Vuc ever played tough - I mean ever - in high school - or in college? He doesn't strike me as 'tough' - nor does Hawes, or Allen, and Brand is old.

Come on Philly, use the NSU inspiration, if they can beat Mizzou - you can win

MCT reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 19:09

Probably not, but there's no reason why he can't start playing tougher. If you're that big, it shouldn't be hard to learn to play physical.

Will it happen? I wouldn't bet on it.

I expect it's quite hard to learn how to play that physical in the NBA - during the season - and not draw massive amounts of fouls - especially as a rookie.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Mar 16 at 19:13

good for Doug....about time

word, thanks

And we're off...Voose looses the tip, but at least he got a finger on leather.

Bad pass, Jrue. Got bailed out.

Not a lot you can do about that shot by LBJ.

Get on the fucking floor, Voose. God damnit. Just bending over, watching the Heat get dirty.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 19:15

sorry but that 'was' comical. or pitiful i forget which one... heh he looked to have lumbar problems

2 minutes gone and no points yet.

was that really a shooting foul?

6-love start. Wunderbar.

nice pass evan

Great pass, ET, and nice cut by AI9.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 19:14

Sad thing is Doug, I'm not sure about the mental as much as I am sure about the toughness, if there's any there to begin with.

JRUE 4 3!


And then too much fucking room for Chalmers. God damnit.

Not looking good out there. Vuce isn't getting the job done right now.

Defense has picked up right where it left off. Who needs a big who can protect the rim?

Absolutely zero energy. Nada. Zilch.

Trap the sixers, force a turnover...

They can't just sit back and try to stop them in the half court. Get Voose out, put Thad in and start trapping.

Damnit Jrue gotta knock that down

Ah, Jrue. Need that one.

Good look for Jrue again. If they're giving you that, keep taking it.

Three steps too slow, so far. Nice effort jumping to stop that lob to LeBron, Voose.

Weak, weak fucking foul by Turner.

This is bullshit. Get Thad in and start playing harder. Voose has been awful.

Great job tipping the board away from each other.

What an awful start

Turner jam. Three hoops so far, the Jrue three, and two back door dunks.

Fucking Voose.

another fucking TO

And they can't fucking miss

6/6 for LeBron so far.

That is the right idea by Turner. You have to beat that trap with a quick pass.

We are getting absolutely destroyed on both ends.

Split pair?

Nope, hit 'em both. JTI with all 9 points.

Man, Thad looks timid against his old nemesis Joel Anthony. No reason for him to try not to flush that one instead of giving it back to Dre.

Wasn't that Anthony who 'blocked' (fouled) young just two possessions before?

Yep. He fouled Turner as well. Got called for the third one, at least.

Hey - one every three isn't so bad is it?

How about calling more than every third foul - man I know the refs aren't to blame but it really gets tiresome to see the ft differential in every game when the sixers ARE headed to the basket

I hear ya gosixers

Couple of things. First, LeBron looks to pass out of pick and pops. Make him a scorer when Bosh screens for him. If not, Bosh is going to have 40 points tonight.

Second, if you run pick and roll, they will trap. You have to make the quick find to the screener and then good looks are available. Thad can't try to pop like he did when Turner turned it over. There's not enough time for that.

Meeks and Lou at the same time - never good

Fun watching (insert anyone's name here) abuse Lou.

Another backdoor cut for a dunk. They're over-aggressive, keep taking advantage of it.

Ugh, you think Dre can keep LBJ under 70 tonight?

He'll sit the entire fourth at this rate.

Lou was going to shoot that if the whistle wasn't late.

Lou43. OK, get a stop or two, huh?


I hear ya gosixers

Nice work, Thad.

I noticed the other day when I got to the game early that Thad spends like 20 minutes, just working on those pivots. Over and over again, he works on the footwork in the paint.

On the plus side - the heat had 21 points at about 5:45 left in the quarter - so um - the defense tightened up?

Charlie H on Mar 16 at 19:35

How's that a foul on Cole and the play Thad made wasn't?

Doug needs to rip these refs in the press to get some fucking respect

Ripping the refs in the press gets you a fine...telling someone publicly they suck at their job doesn't really make them like you more - and it lightens his wallet...i've never seen public whining from player or coach affect the officials long term...fans just like it.

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 19:40

worked for Phil Jackson

Having some of the best players in the league on your roster, and one of the biggest big men ever probably helped more.

Stars get calls, Phil coaches stars.

Rich reply to Charlie H on Mar 16 at 19:41

Oh did it ever.

Marcus reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 19:40

Well something has got to give I mean fuck this is crazy

one more pass there thad.

Swallowed whistle.

PHI 18, MIA 31 after one.

not great.

Come the fuck on. Norris Cole gets calls but Lou gets hit and there's no call?

I'm shocked to hear both ESPN heads mention how the sixers seem to keep getting fouled and yet the refs forget how to blow the whistle

- Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.
- They are hitting everything.
- We don't get calls (as usual). Even the ESPN announcers have acknowledged that the Sixers don't get calls ... ever.

You know, that was a foul on Cole. You can't fall down under a guy when he's shooting.

And Lou doesn't get the whistle. fuck me.

Are Yall watching this no calls

I don't advocate public ripping of officials - but drawing a T during a time out wouldn't be out of bounds Doug

Court_visioN on Mar 16 at 19:43

lets go ET!!

ET. Get hot, kid.


Jrue w/ a little runner, haven't seen that before.

How do you just leave him? 21 seconds of sick defense.

Thad just owned Bosh on D.


Charlie H on Mar 16 at 19:45

Wow - another obvious foul not called on Turner's drive

Turner, hit again. Nada.

Still doesn't excuse Jrue for missing an open Thad on the break. That was a dunk if he held it for a second longer and hit a streaking Thad.

This is pure grade a monkey shit fuck these refs

rooting for the knicks makes me feel dirty.

I was rooting for the heat against the magic the other day - made me feel dirtier than that...the knicks just stinks :)

Evan - if you can't make that on a fast break - you can't take it - empty transition opportunities can't happen this often - not against this team

Thad seems to be playing pretty good defense this game to me

And what's with all the open looks at 3 the past couple games - it's eddie jordan stuff

Damn the Knicks I hope they lose I can't stand them

It really is ridiculous ...

For example the one where Cole went flying. If he gets under Thad he must have been in his way. So you have to blow the fucking whistle. IT'S CONTACT...

Charlie H on Mar 16 at 19:47

Is this what not having a superstar means? Jordan rules in reverse

so #8 gets the call? Jesus

sixers got a whistle?!

About time

AI9, lazy.

Someone want to box out SHANE BATTIER for gods sake

I'd keep doubling Wade here.

Can't have Battier O Board tip ins, Dre.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 19:50

Vuc is so soft, just saying.

That's what makes him the perfect fit for the sixers big man rotation...it's a requirement

That's the best shot you can get with Battier on you in the post, Voose? Pitiful.

Bad, bad defense Lavoy.

This game is getting to be pretty sad.

I would much rather see Battie right now than Lavoy.

Dougs use of Battie is kind of baffling

Been a long time since the Sixers were demoralized two games in a row. These bigs are beyond pitiful. Haven't gotten a single decent play from any of them. 1/8 so far, and the one was probably a charge by Voose.

Charlie H on Mar 16 at 19:53

Something tells me they're gonna be down 12 the entire game.

DC should try Lavoy at the 4 - Brand can't grip the ball.

Lavoy can't do much of anything, period. If Hawes was available he wouldn't be playing, hell I'd rather him go with Battie

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 19:57

yeah - I'm trying to come up with something

Not a lot you can do with crap - which is what the sixers big man rotation pretty much is

Hey Jrue -= pay attention who you're passing it to - k thx bye

Mental lapses aplenty tonight.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 19:56

Lavoy deserved.

Wow, small lineup

Great board by ET. No whistle, yet again.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 19:57

don't think there was contact on that one. lou pussed out and tried to double clutch it.

turner with a touch foul on battier.

Lou double clutched on that one.

Lou didn't get contact there, my bad.

Battier gets a foul call in the fucking post? Good Lord

Court_visioN on Mar 16 at 19:58

THAT one was a foul. what the hell.

Thad got hit on the floor there, though. In the face it seems.

Mike Tirico - Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young look nothing alike

That's thad, not turner...

I figure he was going by numbers and spoonered it, but still

Meeks bricks a wide-open three. Awesome.

Nice pass Lou. Jodie way off. Sigh.

When Meeks can't hit that shot, there's really no point putting him on the floor.

I don't think I've ever seen this team this lifeless.

We can't win this game. We win by our energy level. Nothing is going our way, energy is down, so there's no way we'll win. It's simple as that. :/

Two straight games with flat energy is disappointing - and concerning

Phew - changed the channel before seeing that cabin in the woods trailer

Guess I don't have to worry about missing any of the Temple game

I think Jrue's scared to drive

Charlie H reply to Nick on Mar 16 at 20:02

He looked scared on that left-handed drive

Get Jodie out. You can't play him and Lou against a Wade-LBJ lineup.

Don't think it really matters at this point. They folded.

The sixers are 16-8 at home - anyone know how many of those 24 games ahve been against teams with winning road records?

This is fucking disgraceful. Just not turn up for the second half.

Rich reply to Alvin on Mar 16 at 20:03

Yup. I get that they aren't as good. Their effort and mental focus have been unacceptable tonight though.

Alvin reply to Rich on Mar 16 at 20:12

I never mind that they aren't that good. I freaking lose it when I see them give up out there.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 16 at 20:13

If Doug only knew he was speaking an oxymoron pre-tip. Oh, the irony...

Looks like its going to be a early night

Sam Young!

Finally to the line. And Iggy of all people.

sam young!!!!!

Hi there Sam Young - um - 1 on 3?

Ah, welcome to the team Sam!

How does the trailing official have to make that call?

Man - in this game - i'm not sure what's going on with the officials

Sam Young misses the first FT. Already feels like he belongs.

That is NOT how you defend Mr Wade

Seriously, losing by less than 10 to this team really is a modest goal - isn't it?

Lou for one!

Nah, just another Meeks brick.

Court_visioN on Mar 16 at 20:09

ugh, jodie.....

I look forward to next season when Jodie Meeks is on another roster

I was away for a week, but has Jodie been this bad?

Can't believe Jrue sagging off there at the end. Just give Chalmers a walk up three, don't you?

PHI 30, MIA 57 at the half.

A chorus of boos. And they are well deserved.

How did Jrue not know Chalmers was just going to pull up for that three?

This could have been the worst quarter by any Sixers team I have ever seen.

This game is over I'm glad I didnt get tickets to this game

Charlie H on Mar 16 at 20:10

booed off the court at halftime - this game will be good for morale

unbelievable how many missed layups with a lot of contact. did they change the rules or something?

I think the fans en masse should decide to spend the second half mocking Lebron James hairline and beard...cause that would be fun

I think they should beat the traffic. Let all the lifelong Heat fans in attendance enjoy the second half. I say start Noc.

Let's go with Lou, Meeks, Young, Noc, Allen to start the second half - let em play all 24 minutes

Maybe I can watch Duke struggle with Lehigh - up only 2 at the half - funny

Charlie H on Mar 16 at 20:14

I think Doug has already conceded. Did you see that lineup? Iguodala, Meeks, Williams, Sam Young, Jrue. I know it was just before half, but c'mon.

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Mar 16 at 20:19

I just thought it reeked of desperation, looking for anybody to just give him a little bit of something.

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 20:20

think you're right

The crazy thing about shooting 11/44 in the first half is that they weren't really settling for jumpers. Not nearly as much as they usually do. I think they're like 4/30 inside 10 feet.

You know - if the Heat committed fouls I bet you the sixers would have a better shooting percentage - I mean all those missed shots become free throw attemps, they may have gotten up to 35% :)

I didn't watch all of the pacers game, only the last half of the third and fourth, it discouraged me from starting the game from the beginning, but they seemed quite unergetic from what I saw then, and tonight of course. Again it's not the losing, I don't expect them to beat Miami, but it's the effort, two games in a row, that's concerning to me...

Charlie H on Mar 16 at 20:16

Love hearing my team called "chicken soup" on the teevee. And Magic & Wilbon chuckling about how bad they are - unbearable.

I admire the fortitude of your ears, I can't watch those guys talk any mroe

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 20:20

Does ESPN have anybody good for hoops?? Tirico doesn't know the game at all. He talks about everything but.

I have said it before, I'll say it again, ESPN's NBA reporters might be the worst, top to bottom, of any sport they cover, that includes the NHL

Alvin reply to Charlie H on Mar 16 at 20:20

I hated hearing that as well. But they have looked rubbish today. I would call them worst names in a fit of anger.

Charlie H reply to Alvin on Mar 16 at 20:24

The fact that they deserve it makes it that much worse. wonder what Doug is saying. He probably locked himself in a stall.

if they game isnt within 10 at the end of the quarter i would rest the guys for tomorrow

Over under for closest the Sixers make the game in the second half is 18. What do you have?

Ryan F reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 20:23


Alvin reply to Ryan F on Mar 16 at 20:24

Wow. Optimist.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 20:25


I'll take the under...but only in garbage time - they'll get it down to like fifteen

What a gutless first half effort by the Sixers. Talk about playing like you know you're gonna lose. Bunch of pussies when they play this team.

Anyone want to do the rotations chart in the second half? Not sure I can stomach it.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 20:26


Sorry - My advice is to tape the second half and attack it some other time - no one would blame you if the post game lacks it but you know you want it for continuity...if you tape the second half you can just fast forward to stops and check for subs.

Unless you wanna trust the ESPN game logs :)

This is why we have to blow this team up. Not based on this one game but the Sixers are so outclassed when they play some of the better teams its not funny. The Sixers are really not "up and coming"--they are a slightly above average--38-44 win team. Been that way for a decade.
They are going to have to become really bad before they can become really good. Certainly not easy to fix.

Talk about a drastic over reaction. This team has holes - yes - holes a team like the heat can exploit

The heat are also one of the three best teams IN THE LEAGUE - so try not to freak out as usual. The sixers front court is soft - the sixers just found a starting two guard, and the sixers bench really has no defenders...they have quality pieces that need to be added to, and they have the ability to do that in the off season, blowing it up is a gross over reaction

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 20:43

Dude you are delusional. Have you watched the Sixers last 15-20 games ? What do you think this is a 50-60 win team ?
There is such a huge gap between the Sixers and the Heat and Chicago its not funny. Isn't the goal to win a championship ?
Or is it to be hovering around 500 every year(or worse) ?

I'm not going to answer you much because you rant and rave and put words in peoples mouths constantly, if you read this blog consistently you'll know what I think about the sixers.

Who in the east is competitive with the bulls and heat out of curiosity? Who is on their way up and going to compete with these two teams soon (in my opinion, no one)

I think you exist, even more than I'm accused of, to only say bad things about the sixers, to play the WIP voice, and to over react to one game...I've been watching the sixers all season, but I watch with a dispassionate eye - do you know what that means?

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 21:01

I would say Orlando could give one of these teams a much better run then the Sixers. So could Indiana, even Boston with a lot of rest. All Im saying is out of the entire 30 team NBA---Sixers are sitting MAYBE the 10-13 range.
Its been that way for a REALLY long time. It gets old. Its the reason why no one goes to see the Sixer games.
If the Sixers were a 15-20 win team for 3 years wouldnt you take it if they could become a consistent 50-60 win team for 5 years after that ?

I stopped reading when you named 3 teams with no shot in a 7 game series against thee bulls or heat come playoff time.

The celtics - jesus - you work for ESPN?

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 21:58

I said a better shot than the Sixers...I didn't say win.
Don't let the facts interfere with your reply.
And Orlando is flat out better than Philly.

Rich reply to Gdog on Mar 16 at 20:46

He didn't say they were a 50 win team. He said you were wrong to say the team was "so outclassed by good teams that it's not even funny." He's right too.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 20:46

And they REALLY get up for the Sixers. We have had the great misfortune of playing these guys at home TWICE this season after the Heat had been playing like ass for a while. They know that - with the Sixers athleticism and defensive ability - they need to share the ball to play well...and 10 assists on their first 10 made FG's will telly you that they got off to a good start tonight.

(they also know that if they punch us in the mouth, we'll fold)

This team does not need to be blown up - they just need someone with a sack to lead them. Turner has the attitude...he's done it at every level until now...we better pray he's the guy, 'cause if he's not, he ain't on this team...and that's a REALLY important guy to have. He doesn't have to be a superstar (someone like a Tyson Chandler would help), but he has to be able to at least win his matchup on the floor against a good team.

Sack from a guard doesn't mean much if you have a bunch of pussy big men.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 21:56

Agree, bro...although Wade and Pierce do a pretty good job of carrying their sack on the floor, and they're not 6'10". That's all I'm saying.

Don't know if it is Collins or DiLeo that believes that we should focus more on athleticism and offense, versus a guy who can lay some wood. It is easy to second-guess Speights versus Hibbert, but trading for Hawes and drafting Vuc speaks to a focus on a particular type of big - offensively skilled, but with no "dog" in them (to quote B-Dawk).

We need one of those guys fo' sure.

That's not what he was saying, Wade and Pierce have better physical big men than the sixers do :)

Da Jruth reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 16 at 22:00


Don't buy that they 'get up' for the sixers - they're just THAT MUCH BETTER than every team in the east not named the bulls when they have their roster complete.

Came home tonight to see us down 27 and to see that Lebron has already scored 18 points. What's with Iguodala? He has been very sloppy lately.

I say we make a comeback and only lose by 20 to them

Allen starting the second half.

The captain of the titanic approves

Good start.

Jrues play in this game could POLITELY be called lethargic in terms of ball handling, what the hell

Whens the last time two players on the same team got at triple double in the same game?

carter and kidd i forget what year

Another turnover.

They're just playing terribly. Where the hell is the team they've been most of the season, the unforced errors tonight is just awful

What number was Faried drafted?

22nd according to wikipedia

It would suck to have him.

It's been a long day - but I'm assuming that's sarcasm :)


eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 20:34

always liked him, he was a Reggie+ type guy, and it's always good to have one of them around

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 20:32

the collection of pussies v2.0.

b2b games and pow here they are again

they never even consider lighting the fuse, much less blowing it up ... so frustrating for so long

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 20:33

that last mention was toward the FO

Where has blowing it up worked in the NBA without extreme lottery luck?

BLowing it up requires helps - requires takers from other teams to take what you want to get rid of...They could probably get rid of Iguodala and Young this off season, let Hawes Meeks and Lou walk and amnesty brand...but then what?

Charlie H on Mar 16 at 20:34

now they're talking about the Knicks. wtf?

Just do the game.

The game is boring and a blow out - what would you like them to say - the sixers continue to play like crap?

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 20:38

It's something they always do and I hate it. What would you like me to say?

Nothing...national broadcasters cater to a national audience, the knicks have more fans nationwide (and interest) than the sixers...there are things going on with them and like it or not, regardless of record, the knicks have a higher q rating than the sixers...it's ridiculous to get angry or bothered - it's the nature of the beast

Hell this is a sixers blog and we got people asking about Kenneth Faried :)

Iguodala got raped on that one. No whistle.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 20:35

Is Burke our personal color analyst or something? this is 3 straight I think

Well they second game probably got a better broadcasting team, plus the sunday team is probably already at their location...hell I bet the first round NCAA womens games tomorrow got a better broadcasting team than this game :)

And Jrue got hammered on that one.

You know what you need to do, is really fucking plant LeBron and/or Wade the next time they drive. I mean fucking hammer them. If the refs are going to swallow the whistles on one end, you take it out on the Heat.

Well it's not really the Heats fault, me, on a fast break i'd lose control of the ball and run over a ref trying to get it :)

If they aren't blowing the whistle, you get more physical. They're asking to lose control of the game, so you start hurting people.

Then players get ejected and suspended - and fined - which is not good either

Would it really be bad for the Sixers if someone like Lavoy got suspended? Or Voose?

If it back fires on you and the refs start calling the sixers even more closely in terms of fouls - yes - you can't predict the outcome...if they think you're thugs - they'll call you as thugs - this isn't the 90s with the bad boys - nba players are fragile china dolls these days

You've got one team hacking away instead of playing defense on the inside. Return the favor. That's what I'm saying. Return the favor with a little more oomph.

Just not my style of thinking that's all - agree to disagree ;)

TwoSense reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 22:05

Sound strategy.

i guess they changed the rules and i missed it. apparently its now legal to hack the fuck out of a sixer at the rim.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 20:39

Utter disrespect for the supposed game of basketball. Flat disgrace. Sham.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 20:40

If they could just show a pair here to end this game it'd do me good.

Dear god, at this point - just get it below 20

Sweet walk, Voose.

Ugh, waxing poetic about the trailblazers that never happened, that's what happens when you draft a guy with no cartilage in his knees and give him 80 million folks..

The sixers have a bigger q rating than the blazers - and that story is just a pet peeve of mine because 'ignoring injury history' is one of those things that announcers do that drive me crazy

sixers getting physical. i like it.

Man, the Heat's speed is just too much for the Sixers.

I hate seeing a guy have inside position for a board and just allow himself to get pushed under the hoop.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 20:46

i also hate the ball being bobbled THREE TIMES before bouncing around and somehow hitting a miami player in the numbers.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 20:46

happens to Voose a lot.

See, that LeBron drive right there, why not put a hard foul on him? Fucking finesse defense while you're getting beaten to a pulp on the other end.

No one on the sixers can actually hurt lebron - dudes a freaking brick out house...even pushing Iguodala around like he's nothing


Hey look - Voose did something in a crowd

Well, at least he went away from Turner/Meeks/Lou. I feel better w/ Iguodala/Meeks/Lou, but not much better.

I never feel good when Meeks and lou are on the floor at the same time

I know the shot got blocked - but how about calling the travel on #31

And Voose gives a fucking PUSSY foul for the +1. Fun while it lasted.

Dumb shot voose - don't do that again

Probably say it was after the clock.

Oh yeah, that's three shots Mr. Official.

.1 on the clock, three freebies is what it should be.

Alright Lou, be a boss

We really needed those points Lou. Fuck

Lou - are you KIDDING me?

1-3 for Lou. That's a fucking killer. Needed all three.

Great job, Lou.

PHI 56, MIA 69 after three.

1/3 from the line, had a chance to make it 11 heading into the fourth. Just great.

Our starting PG is 3-16 with ZERO assists in 27 minutes. Shocking.

I'm really tempted to watch this duke lehigh thing instead - closer game

Well, if they hold MIA to 12 points again in the fourth, they've got an outside chance of losing a close game.

Jesus, Jrue is 3/16.

Lous 2 for 8

Hey Evan

How'd you like to show up to a game against a really good team?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 21:01

Like when he was awesome against the Heat earlier in the year?

He wasn't starting then, and the sixers got waxed in the game (cause the sixers get waxed by the heat)

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 21:04

So good games don't count when you play on the bench and basically carry the team?

One good game in a seas of crap doesn't really indicate anything - this is turners 'hot streak' that everyone has been excited about - and when people point out that it was mostly against bad teams they are shouted down...here was his chance to show this 'run' was for real and he's played like garbage - and I'm sure excuses will be made - I wasn't ready to get all excited after 4 or 5 games, and this is way, he's no where tonight

Voose tipped that one in.

Ugggh, the Turner / Lou / Meeks lineup to start the quarter

Voose is such a pussy.

Voose tipped that damn thing in

Lou show.

WTF Lou.

God you suck jodie

5 TO's on Turner, just can't happen against this team

Shouldn't happen against any team...

And those missed freebies ended the run permanently?

Blown bunny, Lou.

Doris Burke is right though - he avoided the contact, thus making the shot harder than it needed to be AND not getting free throws...DRAW the contact whether you make or miss, put the heat closer to the penalty

(After three, the sixers had actually taken more free throws than the heat according to ESPN.com)

You fucking piece of shit LOU

For a guy that gets a lot of contact, Lou is very scared of any contact in transition when a guy is flying at him. Really the contact can only be ticky tack, on his terms.

The Sixers don't have five guys on their roster who I'd like to see on the floor right now.

Doris Burke just made a good point. When the sixers go to the paint, they are avoiding contact instead of initiating it.

JEsus - what ever happened to screaming SAME when two guys go for a rebound Evan and Elton?

If anything, the effort has been splendid in this half.


You owe me a coke

DAMN it - someone has to grab that rebound - Elton not being able to jump is ridiculous


Get it under 10, then we'll talk. Great hustle by Thad.

So talk

WEll they're at least scrapping and showing that energy that was missing in the first half - but why wasn't it there in the first half.

About time jodie

You realize the whistles will start once the game gets anywhere near being in question, right?

I love Will Smith standing up giving some support to the team.

I love fans who buy tickets and have that a bigger part of their income getting shown a team that fights even when down over 20 more than I care about the multi million dollar owner who shows up every once in a while

If that Jodie three went down...

Wade and LeBron taking turns taking hero shots. Get a hoop here, please.


OK, I'm excited. GET THIS FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh baby, what a break on the Wade gamble! Stay with this lineup. ET-Jodie-AI9-Thad-EB. They deserve to close it.

Doug seems to be an advocate of 'go with the ones who brung' you coaching in a game like this. I don't expect a substitution unless someone is gassed (like Elton possibly)

Agreed. Please just hit the next open three you get, Jodie. Because you're going to get another one.

Turner making a 3, even an open one, I mean if you believe in fate or destiny - it makes you think

Fuck, Jodie slipped.

Fuck. A cunt's hair away from a turnover turns into a layup.


If the trap in the fourth quarter i completely disruptive why wasn't it used in the first 3 quarters?

Damn - jodie slipped on the floor - would have ben another fast break instead a chalmers 2

Wade just told Turner to suck his dick. Or asked him to.

Evan talking smack to Mr Wade - come on dude :)

ET! He was fouled, too.

He's lucky that posession lasted - he almost passed it to no one earlier

Offense after a made basket (first opportunity) not so good - some scrambling turned into sixer ball - but gotta find a post up man - just one - low post - PLEASE


how was that not a fucking and 1

I hate how good the Heat's bench is against the Sixers. Haslem had been folding like a cheap suit lately. Now, hitting open and contested jumpers like its no big thing.

I know Haslem is good at that shot but come on.

I've been kinda tuned out tonight, has Turner mostly been matched on Wade? He's 6-16 tonight... crazy.

Jodie, didn't need that. You weren't open. Fuck. Get a stop here, please.

Airball Jodie? COME ON

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 21:20

There's a rim and net up there.

Bail out, AI9. Dumb, dumb one. Gotta be smarter than that.

Don't know if anyone noticed, but Lou came in for Jodie

Terrible shot out of the timeout.


that hurts.

Get a hoop!

Win this fucking jump, EB.

A. CALL some damn fouls

B. Who is that dude RIGHT next to the sixers bench pounding the floor - he's a fan - not a part of the roster

Attaboy, ET. Run it through him, Doug.

That's the first fucking foul on Miami in this quarter.

Heat have ZERO fouls in the fourth are you kidding me?

Before the turner drive

They. Are. Free.

Fuck me. Missed both. That's just horrible.

Is Evan Turner the best player at getting to the basket on this roster (the other option is Lou in my mind)

Jesus - MORE missed free throws - damn it tk

Missed them both, goddamnit

The heat accomadate

Get the board if he misses this second one.

Doris was right- Lou and Evan leaving 4 big ones on the board. Just horrible.

For the love of God the missed free throws.

*broken record

Lou needs to be out of the game. I'm sorry, but he's done jack shit. I'd rather have Jodie standing out there looking for a kick out.

Honestly - I'd rather have Jrue in there because defensively he provides more

Lou spits in your eye

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 21:36

good call

Brand has been hustling like mad in the second half.

Like I said, Lou iso w/ LeBron on him.

Then lou proves your point with that quick 3 - DUMB posession

Quick three attempt by Lou, fuck you Louis

And quick Lou three after LeBron misses the hero shot. Why switch Thad onto him again?


Damned close to 8 seconds there. I'd like to see a replay.

That was 8 seconds. Can't they fucking review that?

Nope - so aggravating - honestly - with all the technology available - you can have the dude sitting at the scorers table make the 8 second call...aggravating

Well - I wanted them to lose by less than 10 - they did that

Doug is upset with Iguodala for not giving the foul - but Iguodala forced a turnover in my mind - the refs just ignored it

that was risky and he should've got the whistle. you know he heard collins too

No - you don't know he heard that - there were 18-20 thousand people screaming their damn asses off - you don't know what he heard - someone else could have ran up to foul him if they heard him...Iguodala was focused on defending Lebron, forcing a turnover WHICH HE DID if the officialls could count to 8 - 20,000 screaming fans (close to) and focus might make it hard to hear one old man yelling from 30 feet away

You know it's not your day when LeBron hits a shot in the last 2 mins. And goes 2-2 from the line next possession.

Really will? really? You're a part owner....

What did he do? I changed the channel to get some joy from duke losing in the first round once lou missed that last 3

Was buddying up with D-wade after the game ended, had a big smile on his face when high fiving with D-wade. Also someone needs to tell him it's time to stop with the sideways hats.

I figured it was something like that - don't really care about crap like that - it's not the 80s folks - they all interact constantly - they're all friends - no big deal to me - and Duke looks like they're going down early - all that 'DUke UK rematch' crap can SUCK IT

PHI 78, MIA 84 Final.

PHI 48, MIA 27 in the second half.

Great effort in the second half, but they play two halves.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 21:45

Wow. That's less than the Sixers scored in the first half.

Anybody else think Turner got in Wade's head a little? He always has that I-really-don't-give-a-shit look on his face. Can be irritating, especially when you're a superstar who expects hero worship from everybody.


Gdog, still think they were that much outclassed? They played like dogshit and lost by 6 to the Heat.

Really, the only positive was that the Sixers gave a great effort in the second half. They gave none of that in the first half, and that's inexcusable. The defense was awesome in the 2nd Half, but it was just horrible in the 1st.

I can't believe how tentative they were offensively. The Heat play great defense, but man they missed everything at the rim.

Yet they lost by six when LeBron was as good as he'll be. What?

The sixers big men have got to be a priority in the off season - there's no one on this roster I really want them to rely on next season.

Be surprised to see him reply to you as the sixers showed heart and grit and determination in the second half - strengthening the - need some pieces not blow it up argument (though he wasn't the only one advocating blowing it up in the first half).

The front office should be focusing NOW at ways to improve that big man awfulness in the off season.

TwoSense reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 22:11

Heart? Grit? Determination? You've never believed in such bull, no? Gathered pieces aside.

Probably the wrong words, caught up in the moment.

They played with Energy and Focus in the second half, which I didn't see in the second half of the Pacers game or the first half of the Heat game (I hate the all caps thing).

I believe in Energy and Focus :)

I never said I didn't believe in such things by the way, I said you can't determine who has heart watching a guy on a tv, it's that whole 'he looks like he doesn't care' thing I don't buy into :)

The sixers legitimately seemed to be playing with no energy or focus that's all - I think most would agree

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 11:35

Game to game.
Half to half.
Quarter to quarter.
Sequence to sequence.

Basketball tends to be a prisoner of the moment game huh?

Hypocrite much?

Has Lou taken and missed more terrible crunch time shots than Dre yet? Cause it feels that way. Would've liked to see ET get a shot at it.

Would have been nice I guess, but ET is a bad 3 point shooter.

So - the bulls can beat the heat handily without Derrick Rose but having trouble with Portland...what is it with this 'new coach energy' thing?

Darryl Morey is looking into changing head coaches every game. His numbers tell him it would be a very effective strategy.

Actually he's talking to the lehigh head coach right now :)

btw, Turner had Wade all night...and out-played him.

felt that way too. not sure if the stats back it up, but turner kept it front of him all night and didn't give up anything easy