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Even without Rose, the bulls are a better team than the Sixers(a scary thought). Bulls 93-Sixers 87.
On the bright side, the Sixers are in the finals for the national horseshoe championship.

Marcus reply to Gdog on Mar 17 at 18:02

I see the haters on deck.

Is there a point to anything you write?

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 18:33

His point seems to be that the Bulls are a better team than us even without Rose. Sounds like a point to me. I've correctly picked every game since our losses to Houston and Memphis, and I had this as a loss, but if Rose is out that changes.

Gdog reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 18:49

Just making a game prediction. Just as much point as anyone else making a prediction.
I think my posts may come off as a little too negative--Im really not trying to be that way. I can just see how the Sixers are and have been for a very long time. Some of you cant--which is fine. Its just not realistic. I can be a fan without pretending the Sixers are anything more than a slightly above 500 team can't I ? I mean you do realize that's what they are right ? Look at the past 10 years for some facts t back it up.
I can also still be a fan and think Jrue isnt't even close to the player you think he currently is. Outside of this blog I dont think anyone believes he is some cornerstone to build around. Iggy ? yes, Turner? Maybe.
Jrue--hell no. Not based upon his play this year.

And no I'm not a Knick fan. I do think they have way more talent than Philly---but certainly don't have the chemistry yet. But talent wise they are right there with some of the better teams.

Watching this Clippers - Rockets game and thinking about free agents in 2012. Goran Dragic and Courtney Lee are both unrestricted free agents in '12. Courtney Lee plays great D, can hit the 3 and has a good handle. Would be perfect to replace Meeks. Dragic has learned a lot from Nash in Phoenix. A true PG which can score, is fast and has good size.

Phil reply to Phil on Mar 17 at 18:08

My bad:

Courtney Lee, Houston Rockets – $2.2 million – Restricted ($3.2 million Qualifying Offer)

The sixers need front court help - not more guards

That should have been another and 1 for jrue - actually jumping into the contact early tonight

Malik of course criticizing him

@jrfingerCSN Looks like Luol Deng is out tonight.

Won't be able to see this one but is anyone else rooting for at least one completely wide open look for Noah that he is absolutely TERRIFIED of taking?

Got it already

rose, rip out deng playing

Deng, Iguodala's primary assignment, isn't a superlative scorer, the "go off" kind. In fact, 6 times in 37 games this season he's been held to single digits, has a 1-gm high of 24 (besides that, a baker's dozen games in 20-23 range). An effective player overall, but not a BIG worry as far as limiting his scoring. Last 6 gms, has shot 25-72 from field. Has averaged 15.8 on Saturday nights this season. Wouldn't be shocked to see Iggy outscore him, just mildly surprised.

Rebounding and creating & making FTs are Sixers keys tonight. Will they let another midwestern team punk 'em? Or will they aggress as necessary against Thibodeau's trained attackers (98-30 regular season mark)? Will 'missing Rose' factor be a thorn in their psyche? Stay tuned, sports fans. Enjoy the game.

I don't really care if Igudoala outscores Deng (if he plays), I just don't want Deng getting 20+ efficient points.

Legit concern, but don't think he will if Sixers typical D arrives, growls, shows fangs.

More concerned about C.J. Watson killing us ...

Who to believe? The beat writer who misspells Deng's first name or the self-proclaimed "addict" whose name rings no bell? Dang, another Sudanese war.

MikeW reply to Dollar Bill on Mar 17 at 19:54

Cooney later said he was mistaken on Deng. He is playing.

A man of humility and dubious honor. (Thanks for update.)

Sixers feed on LP, surprised. LP is still screwed up for me on Time Warner, though. Like the picture is blurry for some reason.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 20:02

Would give anything to see the team that played the Utah game last Fri show up. Cause they're going to have to grind this one out.

Alright, get this friggin' win. Any way, any how.

need to return to playing good basketball. cannot stress how important that is. none of that on and off stuff tonight.

the green jerseys?!

And we're off....Hawes WINS the tip.

I was at the last game these teams played in Chicago, probably the best regular season game I've seen in over a decade. They need that type of energy tonight.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 20:13

Just get in his way Spencer.... heh

Two possessions, two long jumpers. Ugh.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:14

2 long jumpers to start this game. c'mon. turn up the defense, gotta get some easy ones.

Hawes hits.

Should've gone to Turner in the post w/ Watson on him, though.

good rebound hawes, +1 jrue

Atta boy, Jrue. Great job. Hit the freebie.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:15

Jrue and-1!

OK, good start. Don't let up. I want a shutout :)

Jrue made the right play there, Deng never stopped the ball, he was playing the pass.

Malik disagrees

I like seeing Jrue go for contact early - should have gotten the foul on Deng

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:16

7-0 to start. Jrue with 5 points early. Though he should have shared the ball on that 3-on-1 break instead of taking the tough layup. good finish though.

Disagree. Deng didn't stop the ball.

good start. CJ doesn't look very good.

NBA.TV just showing "WAITING FOR VIDEO FEED". Have to much a fuckin' low-res stream.

Phil reply to Phil on Mar 17 at 20:29

Ugh, Voose.

Sissy 18-footer, good.

good start guys.

Nice shot, Boozer.

That wasn't a walk on Turner.

Boozer did the same thing on the first bucket - no walk

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:19

turner tries to gift chicago a point, the bulls can't capitalize.

Please bury them. Don't let it be close when they get it together.



Bulls don't seem to have no offense right now. Build a big lead. Come on.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:20


The seal is off for CHI. Keep the pressure up. Jrue, keep driving.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:21

it didn't work but i thought the alley oop attempt was a good look. Joakim turned his head and saw it at the last second.

Man - get Thad in there - Boozer ain't going down low

et to the line

ET did the right thing there, too. If the Bulls don't stop you, go right to the rim.

Gotta be more decisive. Jrue should've exploded when the baseline opened up, instead of slow playing it.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:25

c'mon Jrue. you're a point guard!

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:26

there we go. good feed to Vucevic

Nice pick-and-roll. Voose can't finish w/ a 10-inch height advantage, though.

Why is Jrue sitting early Doug?

OK, stop going under the screens.

Bulls in the penalty, 4 minutes to go - take advantage please

God damnit. I fucking hate soft big men. HATE THEM!

Then you my dear sir are rooting for the WRONG team this year...roy hibbert or bust :)

have to finish that voose!

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:28

Ugh, Vucevic. Dunk that shit.

Just saw a pretty disturbing tweet . Terrance Williams was released today, so only 3 of Rod Thorns last 15 draft picks for the nets are still in the NBA, Lopez, Anderson and Damon James.

The ones on the sixers roster don't count?

So 5/17 if you count the Sixers, then.

Does the second round count? How does that compare to the rest of the league, is it bad or is it average, tons of teams (and GMs) have busts on their resume...just seems a rather vacuum'd number to me

Court_visioN reply to Steve V on Mar 17 at 20:29

i think tony dileo is still heading the draft decisions

Well we know doug collins isn't listened to :)

Ugh, Voose.

No threes unless you're wide open - GET THE FOULS


No foul on that? Jesus.

Are you shitting me? He got nailed. I can hear that from Philly.

The refs realized how many fouls they've given the sixers already - I think they have hit their first quarter allotment...

More like their first half allotment.

I'm trying to be optimistic

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:31

should have been an and-1 there. Still, good steal and finish by Iguodala. Also good ball denial (and the bulls reacting poorly) forcing the timeout call.

Well, on the bright side Dre finished thru contact there. Should have been rewarded though.

turner floater

Love the defensive energy. Keep attacking the hoop on O.

Nice floater by Turner.

I'm still a little irritated that Jrue got pulled

Asik travelled before the clock expired, glad it didn't hurt the sixers.

Lou and Meeks on the floor at the same time - sigh

Lou just blew a 4 on 2 by being unselfish - sheesh

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 20:38

I wouldn't say unselfish. Closer to selfish and more on the stupid side. He realized he was going to be under the hoop and then threw it to Jodie as a last resort. A quick pass to Jodie or a give up to Thad or whoever it was running with him, the correct play, would have been unselfish.

I'm grading on a curve, it's lou - when he passes it's unselfish (and a minor miracle)

Lou royally fucked up that break. He hit Jodie as a last resort when the defense was back.

Great take into the contact on the next one though by Lou.

The pass to Meeks was bad too - a good pass he still could have gotten a good look

Alvin reply to Rich on Mar 17 at 20:39

that was so bad.

Oh Lou - how I love watching you run your end of quarter isos

PHI 24, CHI 11 after one.

Keep it up.

This is the lineup I don't like.

Voose had Thad for a dunk there if he passes instead of heaving that 18-footer.

Meeks for 3. It was a little contested, too.

Great breakdown by ET, nice hit by Jodie.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:40

Jodie for 3!

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:41

ticky tack foul on Vucevic there.

ET's confidence has skyrocketed. He's going right at Deng.

hawes long 2

Hawes back in, launching long twos.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 20:45

As long as they're going in I won't complain.

I wouldn't want him going into the paint and miss time and time again. That pisses me off so much more.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 20:53

I like Meeks chasing Korver. Would be a waste of energy to put any other player on KK.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:43

At least Hawes is making the long 2's

Great hustle, Thad.

jumper, jumper, jumper....think it's time to get the regulars back in.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:47

Lou-Jodie defensively is killing the Sixers. That and the Hawes-Thad combo on the glass.

Way too many jumpers. What the heck. Our offense has been jumper-jumper-jumper since the start of the season, no improvement there whatsoever.

Shoot the ball, EB.

Hawes, you are such a weak bitch.

Good job, Jrue.


Where is Iggy???

waiting to check in for jodie

Meeks to the line. Think AI9 was coming in for him, so he just bought himself another minute or two.

Why we are running plays for Jodie when Jrue is feeling it and has John Lucas on him is baffling.

Good point. Foot on the line, Meeks. Ugh.

I don't like Jodie's play today.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:54

closing time lineup in to close the half.

I like Meeks chasing Korver. Would be a waste of energy to put any other player on KK.


That was a nice play, faked the handoff to Turner, then gave it to Jrue.

I'd run something for Jrue every time until they have to sub that little kid that's guarding him out of the game.

Good foul, Turner. Bad turnover, though.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 20:57

A couple of weeks ago, Turner would have been pulled for this. :)

bebopdeluxe reply to Phil on Mar 17 at 21:08

He did get pulled...after that silly offensive foul.

And he SHOULD sit. He needs to tighten his ass up.

Are you watching the game? I"m just asking because the defender was hugging evan the entire time - the foul should have gone against the bulls

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 21:36

I am...he did not have to use his arm...he gave the refs an easy call to make

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:56

Terrible pass by Turner. Can't have that c'mon.

Boozer got Iguodala on the arm there pretty clearly. Nada.

I'm glad Jrue's offense is back.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 20:58

Iguodala doesn't seem to get a lot of love from the refs.

Please don't leave Watson open for threes.

Bad leave there by Jrue. Can't give Watson shots like that.



Ugh. Foot on the line.

That call on Turner was atrocious and forced Meeks back in the game

Malik - stop making excuses for bad officiating - you work for the sixers

It's not Smith Barney - it's EF Hutton talks - you listen - loved those commercials


Nice work, Thad.

5 point swing. Why are the Sixers always on the wrong side of these?

Man, an inch from another turnover, instead a +1 for Boozer.

Sixers force the loose ball - but everyone forgets to get it so Boozer has an and 1

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 21:03

dammit, boozer and-1 off a broken play.

great pass dre

That's how you run the 'iso' lou

Hah, playing with Hawes is like defending 4-on-5.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 21:06

hawes comes in, gets a basket, does a terrible job on the pick and roll, gives up the buzzer beater layup

LOL Hawes, you were slow as heck and let Brewer get the layup.

We can't try to trap people if our center is not gonna try to protect the basket.

PHI 44, CHI 38 at the half.

Really bad 2nd quarter on both ends of the floor. Need to come out in the third and push this lead back up to double figures quickly.

Jrue sat way too long in the first half - i guess he was being punished

Feels like we should be much further ahead. Too many jumpers on the offensive end. The softness of Hawes and Vucevic on defense gets a little annoying at times. Why has Lavoy been totally taken out of the rotation?

Please remember Jrue and the ease with which he scored early in the game Mr Collins

Thank you

Knicks beating the Pacers again.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 17 at 21:23

I am...he did not have to use his arm...he gave the refs an easy call to make

Hawes left Watson too early, almost cost them.


Nice work, Jrue.

Need to get Turner something on the inside. An easy look.

oh hawes

Hawes, you are such a fucking weak bitch.

good job jrue

And again Hawes can't finish a fucking dunk.

Jrue draws the charge.

How many bunnies are Hawes going to miss tonight? Fucking hell.

Good lord Hawes blows. Noah should have let him go, he would have whiffed of that dunk. On the other end, he couldn't get out of Watson's way when he was completely out of control.

Then he blows another Jrue assist.

Hawes you are useless

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 21:30

that's TWO blown dunks off beautiful passes from Jrue. Fuckin Hawes, take that shit strong!

Get Hawes out of the fucking game.

Get Hawes out.

damn, put Vucevic in, Allen, whoever just get Hawes the eff out

Get Hawes out. Settle down. You've still got the lead. Your offense has been fine when you haven't given the ball to Hawes. Just relax.

Hawes is singlehandedly giving the lead up.

If I was ever in contract negotiations w/ Hawes, I'd play the last 4 minutes of game tape on a loop when he walked in the room w/ his agent.

Let these 4-5 minutes be an example why Hawes cannot be the center for this team if they want to compete.

hawes to jrue

Jrue. Nice pass, Hawes.

Give that garbage to Brewer.

Did Zum just say Hawes has played well?

Great D by jrue. Iguodala was fouled there. Fuck me.

Dre gets hit twice on the arm, no call. Un-fucking-believable. Deng's reaction said it all.

Man, our bigs have just been awful recently.

Stuck on the screen, Voose was 20 feet away from the play. Awesome.

Get Voose out of the game for Thad.

Scrambling defense leads to no block out assignments.

Can the center position have been any worse tonight?

Voose holding the ball 22 feet from the hoop probably isn't a great way to initiate offense.

lou, dont know how that went in

Fucking Watson can't miss. Jrue was on him there.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 21:45

c'mon guys. reaching some adversity, gather yourself and make a push before you get down by too much.

Jrue needs to sell out on the close to Watson. If he drives by you, that's fine, just don't let him get the three off.

We need some offense. Thad.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 21:48

wow. super late call.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 21:49

ANOTHER super late call. what the hell is going on.

14 FTs this quarter for the Bulls, huh?

That better be 3 freebies.

C.J. Watson is killing us. I called it...

boss call; we need more of those.

They. Are. Free.

Bailout call for Lou.

Wow, what is with Vucevic doing the handoffs? Trying to make him Hawes 2.0?

Lou missing his free throws this past 2 games.


PHI 59, CHI 64 after 3.

Pretty terrible quarter, all around. This is going to be a loss if they don't wake up.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 21:54


Got to love how Lou let Lucas waltz past him there.

This game has reminded me why Lou and Hawes are my least favorite Sixers

Phil reply to Alvin on Mar 17 at 21:57

That was terrible D by Lou. And yep, he's starting to annoy me, too. And to a degree it's not the fault of his inconsistent playing as of late, but because Doug just fails to adjust "clutch" plays...

What a shit quarter...

Jrue is the only guy in double figures heading into the fourth. That's not how this team wins games.


need a stop...need 3 stops...


Great job, Thad. Way to use your strength.

That foul happened before the shot.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 22:00

wow omer. really?

Korver for 3! Wait, what?

Tempted to turn off...

you feel like you already know how it ends; one more fool's gold run right at the end to make it look close = 76er characteristic folding.

Impossible to root against him. Wish he was still on our squad.


Great job, Hawes. Comes in, offensive foul and a tech. Awesome.

I used to hate watching the teams we had that couldn't D. But this team can't score and that's just about as irritating.

run the offense through jrue, for better or for worse

Tech on Turner. About to get his second.

turner just bitched about refs instead of getting back on d. awesome.

Not a good shot, Jrue.

Hey, Hawes finished one (after walking).

he tried to dunk and it ended in a layup

Needed that three from Jrue. Just to tease me.

Or that three from Jrue.

Nice work on the glass, Spence. That's impressive.

4 offensive boards right over Spencer on that possession. Four.

And now they just give up. Fuck this team.

im gonna go ahead and say that was the most frustrating sequence of the year for sixers

By the way, has it been mentioned that we've fallen to 14th in the league in offense, now that scoring's beginning to get a little closer to pre-lockout levels? After today we should go to 15th. I would've blown it up at the deadline.

Hawes couldn't jump a rope

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 22:12

this team needs like a reggie evans type of guy. someone who can come into the game and JUST FUCKING REBOUND THE BALL

So much for Hawes earning a big contract

Better that we're seeing this shit from him now rather than after we've signed him for I-don't-even-want-to-think-about how much money

so we just blame this one on fatigue?
thinking of a Sixers basketball diet.

If Hawes is still a Sixer next year, I'm pretty sure I'm done w/ this team.

guys, hawes is coming back from an achilles injury, it's his 2nd game, and he wasn't that great to begin with. cut him some slack, seriously. blame doug if anything.

We definitely have the worst starting center in the league

Court_visioN reply to Marcus on Mar 17 at 22:15

we have the worst big man rotation in the league.

Iguodala for 3



Tom Moore on Mar 17 at 22:16

Jrue to the line.

They're free, buddy.

Wow that was horrible

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 22:17

Jrue is gassed


Come on Jrue, do it yourself.

thad putback

Thaddeus turns garbage into gold.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 22:19

Nice, Thad. He was hacked on that one too.

Good foul

I'm not mad at jrue for the shot attempts somebody gotta be aggressive

Asik made Hawes look so bad. I think Asik was the difference maker because they got so many offensive boards when he was in the game. And he completely locked down the paint for the Bulls. Very underrated defender.

come on lou

Wonderful. Missed oop by Lou.

and...that's game.

Court_visioN on Mar 17 at 22:23

lou what are you doing. WHAT. ARE YOU DOING.

Not the time for highlights

And that seals it.

And that is why I fucking hate Lou.

Fuck him.

Lol Lou Wtf was that he must have had a McGee moment

I blame Iguodala for passing to Lou again.
Scratch that, I blame DC for leaving Lou in.

quietly into the night.

Peace & more hair grease

0-3 over the week against 3 teams that are clearly much better. Time to make big changes. No point being the fifth/sixth best team in the conference.

Its been 4 of 5 years like that. Maybe they they want to be the Philadelphia Sixth Seeders.

PHI 80, CHI 89 Final.

30 for Jrue, I believe. Yay.

It's not much fun watching this team as of late.

We've been carrying the same problems (half court offense, set plays, etc.) for half of the season now, and Doug has not even tried to do something different.

Fuck it.

This is a really mediocre team, headed straight for yet another first-round loss.

30 for Jrue. Yay. I'm shocked the other guys managed 30 in total. Definitely did not feel that way.

i'll be the surprising voice of reason. we just finished the final "bad" schedule stretch, and we're still up 1.5 on celts if they continue to lose tonight. look at our remaining schedule and try to tell me we don't finish with at least 38 wins.

Tray reply to MikeW on Mar 17 at 22:41

That's nice, but since the hot start they've generally been incapable of beating good teams. So yeah, they'll get the 38 wins, but I would expect them to lose to Indiana - maybe even Orlando or Atlanta - even with home court advantage.

Phil reply to MikeW on Mar 17 at 22:41

Knicks, Celtics, Spurs coming up next week.

Other tough games: Atlanta, Miami, Orlando (2x), Celtics, Indiana (2x). 10 of last 14 on the road. I don't know. Not very optimistic right now.

MikeW reply to Phil on Mar 17 at 22:49

I think we've demonstrated that we should beat Celts and Knicks at home. And both of those games are at home. I have both Orlando matchups pegged as losses. And away Indiana games as losses as well.

I am sick of watching this team struggle and flounder about against above average to elite teams. I don't expect to win every game, but they shouldn't lose almost every fucking one of them. I'm calling Collins out for this teams poor effort. These guys are not prepared. period. I also getting a little tired of the way he lays into Jrue and Turner for every mistake they make, yet Iggy can throw away a handful of ill advised behind-the-back-passes each game with complete immunity. Hawes....jesus christ. Could he be more goofy out there? Let's sign another 7 ft'r next year who can hit 23 ft shots but not 2 ft ones.

This team is so frustrating to watch. 3 good teams=3 losses. Great. I know I'm being overly critical but I can't help myself tonight. Perhaps I'll feel different tomorrow.

I dont understand why everybody is saying that the sixers lost three games to good teams this week. They lost TWO games to good teams and lost tonight to a below average team. The Bulls without Derrick Rose are definitely not a 'good' team. Derrick Rose is the biggest reason why they are the 1 seed in the east. Not just his points, but the fact that every defense has to key in on him. Without Rose, who is a real threat on that team? Noah is a great rebounder and good defender, but not much else, boozer is the subject of every bulls fan's amnesty wishes, cj watson is a glorified gunner...

The sixers just lost to a below average team, because they have no semblance of a half-court offense. Also to boot, instead of this being a game for the younger players to gain experience, doug relied on lou instead of turner almost the entire fourth quarter. There were so many levels of bad in this game.

This is completely wrong. The bulls are 9-4 without rose.

They're a good team w/ or w/out Rose, mainly because their defense is why they're so good, and without Rose, their defense doesn't really take a hit. The Sixers should've won tonight, you should always win when you get up by 14 points, but it's not like they lost to the Wizards.

Not quite sure how the Sixers have such a good defense and yet seem so soft. Not all of the players, but the team as a whole.

Can't remember watching other good defensive teams who were soft.

I'd say the front court as a whole seems soft (that includes you Grandpa Brand)

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