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The Fifth Eleven

I called each one of the last 11 correctly; we'll see if my streak continues. Like you, I have losses to the Heat, Magic, Spurs, and that's it. Though I could see a loss to the sort of resurgent Knicks.

I just want to say, I don't get what this half-decent center you're all pining for would do for our offense, which went from 1st in the league for about a month of this fluky season to 15th. I don't know what our offensive rating over the last couple months is, but it has to be pretty terrible. They'll never contend without some kind of major scoring threat.

Well, as one example, a halfway decent center would've had about 10 more points than the current crop of centers we have on this roster in the Bulls game, because he would've just dunked the easy looks the perimeter guys generated for him. With out none-of-the-way decent centers, those turned into 0 points due to sissy attempts at the rim. Actually, 2 points. Hawes got fouled on one of them.

Im going 6-5. Losses to the Bulls, Heat, Spurs, Magic and a loss to either the Knicks or Boston. I lean towards the Knicks being they are on the upswing. This week at least.

2-2 in next 2... home loss to Knicks OR Celts, take your pick of culprit. Win 4 of following 6.
31-24, a slightly optimistic view, considering 2nd third of season downtrends.

Newlywebbed Turner, Hawes & S. Young + "old faithful" + minutes distribution = mishmash, player confusion, current problem for increasingly solemn Sir Douglas to solve.

"Point Guard Du Jour" is a dish to avoid.

Note to Jrue: See those fellows in red, white & blue? They're your teammates. Without the ball in their hands on occasion, their spirits wither. Keep that foremost in your mind tonight. You too, Evan and Lou.

The big question: Is Boris bad enov? (And whatever became of Natasha Fatale?)

Gdog reply to Dollar Bill on Mar 19 at 9:20

Im not sure if Jrue is in a slump of bad play or if this is just who he is. He seems like he has the physical tools to be a very good player but he's wildly inconsistent on offense and sometimes defense. Despite Jrues better defense, Andre Miller did a ton more to help this team win.

He was also in his 8th season when he came to Philly.

Yes, Andre MIller did a 'TON' more to help this team win. Did you see how many playoff series the team won when Andre MIller was on the roster? He totally carried them to the nba finals, oh wait, what's that?

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 12:45

It wasn't Miller's fault the Sixers didnt win a playoff series. He was a big reason they won ANY games in the playoffs at all. If you think that Jrue does more for the team to win than A. Miller did you really need to go watch some old tape or something. Its not even an argument. Jrue may at some point be more valuable, but he sure as hell isn't now. If this is as good as he ever gets I would expect the Sixers to look to find a new PG over the next few years.

You typical nonsense aside, I'm actually a fan of Miller's. Interesting fact, he's never been out of the first round of the playoffs. He had a really strong series against the Magic his last season in Philly.

Actually, I know what Andre Miller did for the sixers, he kept them mediocre, because a first round playoff loss was more palatable to the old owners than improving the roster when they had an asset...Andre Miller was the 'best' the sixers could get when they traded Iverson too late AND made it clear to the entire NBA that he was never going to play for the sixers again...Andre Miller should have been the nail in the coffin of the GM....

And if you think Jrue Holiday is done evolving, then seriously, what team DO you root for, cause it ain't the sixers

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 19:17

Say what you want about Miller. When he was with the Sixers he was better than Jrue has been at any point and time in his career. He was better on this team with less talent than they have now.
Some of you guys are funny---somebody disagrees with your set in stone OPINIONS or compliments another team for their talent and or accomplishments and all of the sudden were not fans. Its not accurate--we all want to see the team do well, when players who you think are going to be great or very good don't produce as quickly as you like its easy to vent on them.(like oh so many of you who gave up on Turner)--Id love to see Jrue get better. Id love to see him drive to the hole, take contact and get to the line 6-7 times a game. Id love to see some games where he sticks to an all star point guard the entire game and holds him 10-15 pts below his average.(ala Iguodola)--he hasn't really done this IMO with any type of consistency. Time will tell if that changes. I have my doubts, but I still wish it would happen.

So when Jrue was 19, 20 and now 21 he wasn't as good as Miller when he was 31, 32, 33. There's one guy in the league who lived up to that standard, at that position, at that age.

The only reason you come on here is to say the Sixers suck in one form or another. I just don't get it. Just go to Philly.com and talk about how they are never going to be good until they get Dwight Howard. It's fucking old.

I like Jrue's enthusiasm. Has talent, but it's uncultivated. Needs to slow his movements down; too hurried, impatient (even on defensive side). Great players wait, see, pounce. He's only 21. Seems to like to play, appears dedicated. But dedicated to what? He's another case of the Gadget Generation who wants his stardom microwaved. A long talk with Al Attles might help.

Collins' overbearing ways, while carrying positive intentions, don't lend themselves to calm court demeanors in my opinion, particulary for the young and impressionable like Jrue. Need both a revved engine (16-6 proved that) AND self-governing, the ability and desire to grind, in order to drive to big success, whether its individual or team. (Sixers are still in need of an on-court Governor.) Doug's sideline coaching m.o. is like a frantic father jogging next to a kid tenuously riding a bike with training wheels off, yapping in futility to the wind and facilitating junior's fall. Information overload.

Verbosity aside, I believe the coaching staff has stunted Jrue's continued progression this year by getting on him to score more and the draconian turnover penalties

Scoring mandate/'green light' was post-AS game, wasn't it? As I interpret it, was either a 'white flag' by Collins to Jrue as PG or a knee-jerk move for Ws.

Agree, the turnover fear imparted by Father Collins & Rectory has inhibited exploration, limited their fun and shackled growth. On the other hand, the lesson of 'ball possession value' is now deeply ingrained. Not a bad fundamental to have mastered, to carry forward.

Improved ball care, ball share, 3-pt shooting & hustle have carried this team to this point.

Defense has carried this team to this point

Defense - a subset and offshoot of "hustle"; surprised you missed that.

Didn't miss it, ignored it

So you intentionally "correct" someone while intentionally ignoring a part of that person's statement which inconveniences your negatory agenda.


Well Mr Wordsmith, actually I ignore the word hustle whenever anyone uses it, not just someone in love with their word a day calendar and thesaurus.

Not to mention your use of the word 'negatory' is laughable when you have nothing positive to say about anyone on the sixers roster.

It was much earlier than the ASG, actually. First mentioned prior to the CLE game, publicly.

Thanks, didn't recall that.

I picked 6-5, losing to Atlantia

Please layeth the smack down on the Bobcats tonight.

A terrible team that Hoopsworld believes has a 'plan', bah humbug, they're terrible and the sixers should come out and step on their necks...heck maybe Spencer can be useful tonight

I'm expecting a couple of two-handed rejections on Spencer's weak slop tonight. That's if precious 00 can play two straight games.

The thing you're most looking forward tonight is Biyombo making Spencer his bitch (defensively at least), aren't you?

In the same way I look forward to the sunrise, and taxes. Completely inevitable.

Sick man, you look forward to taxes.

Damn it, always reminds me of that line from married with children, theres only two sure things in life, death and texas

pretty sure that line didn't originate with al bundy, hombre

Did you read it closely, cause that word ain't taxes (and al bundy didn't say it)

But thanks though

btw, preview and game thread will be combined tonight. Mondays are crazy and the bobcats kind of blow.

Chat Fodder

Chris G
Teams like Philly, Indiana, Denver, and Houston are good playoff teams with good players, but none of them have a superstar. Do you see anyone on those teams who could develop into a superstar, or will they have to acquire someone to take the next step?

Bill Ingram
I think in Denver and Indiana you have clear candidates. Gallo and Ty Lawson look like stars already, at times, and are only getting better. Indiana’s Paul George looks like the kind of player who could be the real star they’ve been looking for. Due credit to Danny Granger, but he’s not a superstar. In Philly, perhaps Evan Turner has that kind of potential. Really, I think they just have a bunch of really good players. I’m not sold Houston is a playoff team, but with Portland and Minnesota bowing out, they could be. Kyle Lowry is their best player and could prove to be a superstar. He’s made significant strides over the last year. That said, Houston is still looking for their next superstar.

Gallo and Ty are fine players, but they're a bit old to be saying they're going to make another jump. They're both really good one-way players w/ low usage, neither really projects to be more than that and that's not a star.

Paul George? Eh. Maybe. I think he's going to be a very good player, but again, a low-usage guy who scores efficiently and defends. That's not really a superstar.

Lowry's good, not a superstar, and not young.

The sad truth about superstars is it rarely takes them more than a year or two to figure out how to be a star, given the playing time. Of the players mentioned, I guess Paul George might have the best chance, but I don't think he has much of a chance at all.

I think George has a chance is the pacers finally get rid of granger, i'm betting that if they weren't in a need to take on salary they would have traded Granger this year, I see him moving in the off season, and no let's not have him come to Philadelphia.

In a dark place today, will feel better if we squash the Knicks on National TV, but now, this feels right:

You know you're the 76ers when;

the only All-Star player on your team averages less than 13ppg.

your franchise point guard averages 13+FGA per game with only 1.9FTA. and his designated back up owns a 12.7per clip.

your best big man is 33, slow, vertically challenged, with a broken jumpshot, and excels mostly in hard, borderline flagrant fouls.

your center is allergic to contact, jump-shot happy, plodding, injury prone, physically weak and his strongest move to the hole is a lay-up high off the glass.

your #2 overall pick is a 6'7" small forward who cannot get his shot off other small forwards and thereby has to play guard, and whose confidence (and game, consequently) constantly vacillates between egomaniac and roster filler.

you just drafted a quicker clone of your starting center to groom for his spot.

your back-up, back-up, back-up big man is your secret weapon to guard Bynum or Howard.

your shooting guard is a streaky 3Pt specialist, who can do barely anything else.

you worry for your coach's health whenever a game starts.

you could re-use a summary recap for one game for about half of your losses.

you're forever trying to avoid mediocrity.

anonymous on Mar 19 at 15:15

On a positive note, we are still 4th on Hollinger's power rankings, and still first in the atlantic.

and 3 1/2 games out of the 3 seed

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 15:36

yes :)

matt reply to anonymous on Mar 19 at 16:34

BBR has our expected W-L at 33-12. How common is it for a team to defy stats so strongly?

anonymous on Mar 19 at 15:28

In my opinion the team should only get better. They really seem to lose confidence against the top teams. I think the main weakness (with these guys) is a lack of a consistent confident offense.

anonymous reply to anonymous on Mar 19 at 15:30

They need to generate easier baskets, and they need to feel confident in having a go-to offense. If they had this I think anything could happen in the playoffs (even without a top center).

What makes you think they should get better? Is there something I don't see on the horizon that says this team is about to get over that middle of the pack hump.

The sixers ONLY have the four seed right now due to leading their division, they actually have the fifth best record in the east.

What do you think they have on their roster that makes your ideas think they'll get better.

It's a beautiful thing to say 'if they had a go to offense' - but how do you think they'll get that - cause as far as I can see it ain't on the roster, nor is it on the horizon when your stuck in the middle

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 15:47

Mainly because that's what young players do. Turner just took big strides. Hopefully Hawes can stay healthy or Voose improves. They finally learned Iguodala isnt a goto iso option.

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 15:52

Also, outside of hawes this team is built to withstand the schedule. The offense is improving, just not as much as I'd like. But if we found that confident offense, that's the goal in my opinion.

Turner took big strides in a small sample size that promises little int he future...hawes being healthy doesn't mean e doesn't suck. Elton Brand is not 'built to withstand the schedule'. He's not built to withstand an 82 game schedule anymore, let alone this 66 game spring. Only idiots ever thought Iguodala was ever a goto iso option, and just because he isn't doesn't mean the sixers have one.

So basically it seems your basing your optimism for the future on hopes and dreams?

speaking of, if Andre Iguodala Isos are gonna turn into a drive to the hoop and an assisted field goal attempt, then put the rock in Dre's hands at the end of the quarter some more Doug.

I did like seeing that during the game, a real big man would make that even more fun :)

Well, they're young. Saying you think they'll get better really only means you think the young guys will elevate their games more than Brand's will drop off (or more than Brand's departure and replacement will cause the overall level of the team to drop off). Of course, better is a vague term. Can they move away from mediocrity? I guess. Though that depends on your definition of mediocrity.

I could see them making an ECF. Heck, I could see that happening this season if everything breaks right, but I don't think there's any way you can fool yourself into thinking this squad has a legit shot at a title w/out a major upgrade up front.

I'm not sure what scenario I see the sixers making the eastern conference finals unless by 'break' you mean going out and breaking the legs of various players on the heat and bulls (and with the way they've played recently, the magic and pacers just for good measure)

WIth the sixers 'big man' rotation - the top four teams (by record) each have someone who can easily dominate the sixers

I think they'd have a chance against the Bulls. Think they'd probably lose, but Chicago's offense is so predicated on Rose, and the Sixers have shown a propensity for disrupting that.

Don't think they'd have any chance against Miami, too many ways they can beat you on the offensive end, but I'd say they have maybe a 5% chance of beating the Bulls. Maybe a little bit better if they regain some confidence w/ a first round win. I don't think it's going to happen, but it's possible.

Chicagos offense seems to do ok against the sixers without rose as well, and their defense is pretty darn good.

At this point - they'd play the pacers (with home court advantage) in the first round. Are you more than 90% confident they'd win that series right now?

90%? God no. I'm actually hating that matchup after watching our entire front court turn into Spencer Hawes less than a week ago. I'd say they're probably worse than 50/50 w/out home court in that matchup. They still have two games left with Indy, though, so who knows.

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 16:25

I'm a little more optomistic about Brand because he has specifically stated he is playing to conserve his body for the season. He seems to turn it on only when the team struggles. I like his approach.

Oh, well see, while brand says one thing, his play doesn't demonstrate 'conserving his body' it demonstrates, old slow and incapable of jumping

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 16:44

I view him more as a leader and think he'll be fine. He is aging but he isnt a goto scorer either. The young players who should improve are Turner, Allen, Jrue, Voose, Hawes. Even Lou and Doug could.

I'm not sure how Doug is going to improve, but you've got your sixer colored glasses on and that's ok, but I don't share your optimism...especially on a guy like Lou, after this many years in the league, he is who he is and (god willing) on another team next year

PS - There was never anything wrong with Iguodalas contract unless you bought into the primary scorer nonsense that was never going to happen no matter what he is paid

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 17:13

Thats why I kept Lou and Doug separate. I dont really expect them to improce, but they always work hard and sometimes they surprise me.

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 17:54

By the way, I agree completely about the contract. But the team was buying into that idea and continued to use him as a go to iso option at the end of games. That was the only concern.

anonymous reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 16:37

I never viewed Iguodala as a goto scoring option and as much as I like him hated his last contract because the coaches/players viewed him that way. Now they dont. That is improvement in my opinion.

It's an improvement but I never hated his contract

In the beginning of the season I didn't think the sixers were going to be much better, I was blinded by their early start, much like people wrote them off last year after their 3-13 start, and I should have stuck with my gut. They're still stuck in that no mans land of mediocrity but they MIGHT win a first round playoff series, not sure they will, and while I'd like to believe they can hold off the old time celtics, they'll still probably end up the four seed.

@WojYahooNBA JJ Hickson has completed a buyout with the Kings, league source tells Y!

i know he isnt the answer but i would like to see the sixers take a chance on him

I'd rather they take a chance on Turiaf, doubly so since the rumors are that Boston is going to get him

they won't get either. Thorn has returned to hibernation after his sick acquisition of Sam Young.

Sigh, no doubt, I wish they'd just fire him already, he's like that old biddy on Shameless before joan cusack snuffed her

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