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Just play 4 quarters of basketball please...

Could JJ Hickson help us ?
He is avaliable, if clear waivers
Not a center but a finisher at 4 spot, little bigger than Thad though, not good defender..humm.. mareese speights, the revenge ?

No one can help in the short term, not really, not enough time, and in the long term Hickson ain't the answer

Though it seems after doing a little reading the answer is not available in free agency which makes me fear a long term deal for Spencer

The Six reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 18:06

We have to get lucky in the draft I think. Maybe defensive 5 like Fab Melo drops to the sixers?

"Falls" to the sixers? He currently projects as a second round pick according to DX.

The name that stands out to me is the dude from florida, but I have speights hangover

Patric Young

The Six reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 18:21

Yeah...I know where he's projected, but with so few 7 ft's I'm not sure he doesn't get drafted higher.

Patrick Patterson I think is the FL guy. He can play D in the NBA right now. That is the BIG difference b/w him and Speights.

The Six reply to The Six on Mar 19 at 18:21

Young I mean...sorry.

I'd like to see where he measures out, but he projects where the sixers most likely will be picking..I'm hoping derrick writes about him soon

eddies' heady's reply to The Six on Mar 19 at 19:13

Patric Young announced last Thursday that he was coming back for his sophomore year. Of course, he can change his mind between now and April 29th but he did come out publicly and say that.

He'll be a junior next season.

eddies' heady's reply to Steve V on Mar 19 at 20:24


Thought he was there last year too but the editors apparently missed that in this article.

Worth a shot for nothing, but they won't take it. Probably go to one of the teams ahead of them. Maybe MIA to be reunited with LBJ.

The Six reply to JH on Mar 19 at 18:01

The answer is...YES. Hickson can HELP this team. He isn't the answer, but he can help.

Not sure if I dig Collins' approach to give Jrue the green light at the start of every game. Don't have time to read all the comments but wonder if you guys have touched on that at all? Half court offense is looking so terrible lately but I despise Jrue iso ball almost as much as Lou iso ball. I just don't think Collin's idea of getting Jrue started early, which he clearly loves, is a good answer.

Phil reply to ambrew on Mar 19 at 18:56

I guess most here can agree on Doug being an excellent motivator and teacher, but not a very good in-game coach. Or you can say he's a defensive coach that makes sure the guys get the fundamentals, but can't run plays on the offensive end whatsoever. He does adapt very slowly and is afraid to make changes. Hell, it took him like 12 bad games to try something new and start Turner over Meeks. He does not go to the hot hand late in games and calls the same play on every friggin' last possession.

Yea i agree with all of that. It's hard to shit on Collins too much but I thought he handled the Turner situation horribly, and his love affair with Jrue and Lou going iso is irritating to say the least

dre to jrue

If I was Paul Silas, I don't think I'd ever be caught smiling. Anyway...

Aaaand we're off....Hawes wins the tip, sort of.

Brand looks pissed.

Jrue for 2 off a cut. Nice start.


EB over Biyombo. Should've taken the first shot, off Jrue penetration wide open from 10 feet. Guess he got a better look.


Hawes has about 7 inches and maybe 60 pounds on Tyrus Thomas and he just got pushed off the blocks.

Jrue to the hole for two after ripping a board away from pussy Hawes.

johnrosz on Mar 19 at 19:16

Hawes right where he left off, cant' stand this fuck anymore

Hawes gives up the o-board, then fouls a driver. Just fake another injury so I don't have to watch you play.

Jrue off the curl.

Jrue to the line. Hawes chased down a loose ball, good for him.

Nice pass, Payton.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 19:20

That looked about like a typical Spencer jump shot except it was suppose to be a pass.

This Braves commercial cracks me up. They're seriously marketing based on an epic collapse in September last season?

They could go with "We're healthier than the phillies"

Heh, Maggette hurt because he landing in empty seats when he went into the crowd.

Lets give him 5 games till he has at least some kind of game shape. If he continues like that, you have all the right to bash him. He played well at the beginning of the year and everybody loved him. Now he missed like 30 games and everybody is bashing him because he doesn't come back and dominate.

Don't lump me in with that everybody.

And he's playing right now like he did all last season and the first three of his career.

TAAI reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 19:31

Yeah why not wait 5 games if you can bash him right from the start. I don't get it. It's just normal that if you miss that kind of time, that your timing is off and everything. He can't even play 12min straight right now.

Give him as much rope as you want. I don't care to watch the guy play like a pussy for even one minute.

No - i never loved him - and he was starting to suck before he went down with injury

It's called small sample size

TAAI reply to GoSixers on Mar 19 at 19:33

I don't like his game either, but it's just not fair bashing him after that long time off.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 19:24

Hate when we do that. Waited until there were almost 10 secs left on the shot clock to start with an entry pass from ET to Vuc.

I don't think I'd go to Biyombo in the post.

nice pass voose

EB. Nice look, Voose.

great extra look from voose

Turner really didn't want Voose on the blocks there. Got the deuce.

Jrue to the line again. Keep attacking, ball hog.

sam young in

Jrue bought himself a couple of minutes by drawing that foul. Lou would've come in for him. Veteran move.

Pretty sure Biyombo walked there. This trip to the line will be an adventure.

and he swishes both.

young to young

good idea voose, gotta finish

Lou gives the foul when they would've gotten the ball back. Fuck me. I hate that shit.

The quarter shouldn't have ended w/ that SC violation. there was a 0.5 second difference.

PHI 25, CHA 19 after one.

Not happy w/ the defense, but I guess CHA is hitting a lot of jumpers. I'd really prefer not to see Hawes in this game (or this uniform) again.

Iguodala played the entire quarter. Not really sure why, either. He's got the easier matchup on the perimeter, and not really doing anything on the offensive end either. Turner and Jrue were both pretty hot. I think Collins sort of sets his first half rotations before the game, unless they have foul trouble.

Wow, ugly lineup here. Voose, Thad, Sam, Meeks, Lou.

i dont like this lineup, we'll see how it ends up

Lou is the only ballhandler on the floor.

Fuck, Lou. You just threw that right into him!

johnrosz on Mar 19 at 19:41

looks like Vuc hit a rookie wall about 2 weeks ago

Back-to-back turnovers.

With this lineup, they have two options. Lou iso, or Lou/Thad pick-and-roll.

This interior defense just makes me want to puke. I swear Hawes has infected all of them.

Sounds like we need some Lavoy Allen!

Jrue should be back in this game right now.


Nice work, Thad.

Iguodala coming back in, but not Jrue? wtf? He had 10 points on 4 shots in the first Q.

Same thing happened Saturday night, great first quarter, sat most of second

jrue and hawes back in

Nice shot, Hawes.

Collins is competely confused with his rotations. Why do we have to play S.Young AND Meeks? Vuce has hit the wall since he has to play like Hawes on offense. All these hand offs make me crazy.

ojr107 reply to TAAI on Mar 19 at 20:01

I agree, a bit of overconfidence by the coach. He took out holiday and turner when they were hot. Lou/meeks/young is an awful perimeter trio

EB w/ the follow slam of his own miss.

Nice hands, Hawes.

Collins is going to lose his mind at the half.

Worst basketball I've every seen.

Nice hands, Hawes.

johnrosz on Mar 19 at 19:58

Collins spiraling into burnout mode, what the hell is wrong with him? Looks like it pains him to have one of the best jobs in the entire world

Defense is not great, but come on, they're hitting all long 2's right now.

Hawes winds up on his ass after "fighting" for a rebound. O-board for CHA, of course.

lou 3

Turtle Bay on Mar 19 at 20:01

Brown with the offensive foul hook with the arm. Gets the call instead.

He looked out of bounds ...

Jrue finally got his fifth shot w/ 1:21 left in the half.

Jrue slam after Hawes gives up another o-board, but they miss the second shot.

Pretty quick five seconds call there. 8 turnovers.

Almost another o-board on Hawes. Didn't put a body on Mullens.

You're damn right that was a foul, you ugly son of a bitch

Evan Turner with the assist!

PHI 46, CHA 44 at the half.

Pretty shameful half of basketball. I'm not sure if you guys can tell, but I'm displeased with Hawes' level of play.

Ugly, ugly 2nd quarter.

Just tighten up the D (close out!), take care of the ball and this is a win. The Bobcats are not gonna keep shooting this well.

Just FYI, the Bobcats OFR in the first half was 114.86. On the season, their OFR is 95.5, worst in the league.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 20:12

valid point. The only reason the Sixers are in this game is their offensive rebounding (50% OREB).

Dre hasn't looked like himself the last 4 games. And Voose really can't hit anything the last 10 games: 29/77 for 37%. Ugh.

Speaking about offensive rebounding: We had 9 to match their 9 DREB.

How about some intensity here in the second half? Too much to ask?

Hawes actually put a body on Biyombo on that miss. Face guarded him.

Didn't like that attempt by Jrue, tentative.

Sissy hook, followed by sissy layup after the o-board. He's like a man possessed.

The Six reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 20:25

Reminds me of the old clipper games that Bill Walton did color commentating on. They were so atrocious that he just mocked them: "oh and Keith Kloss is just unstoppable!!"

good pass hawes

Nice pass by Hawes.

Pretty sure that was a kick, though Turner can't stop to argue it.

Uh oh. Quick hook for Turner after that turnover and arguing it.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 20:27

Doug is in a bad mood, Evan is still the scapegoat when things go wrong

EB from the elbow.

Long twos aren't dropping anymore for CHA.

AI9 got lucky on that break. That was a terrible behind-the-back to EB.

Jrue, again.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 20:28

better take him out now Doug

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 20:29

Had Meeks wide open but decided to bank the short 2 pointer. Not sure I like this from our point guard.

W/ the way both of them are going, I'll take the 2.

Jrue again.

Coming in to the league Jrue's platform is that he could develop into a floor general. He doesn't have pure point ability, give him 2-3 years.

Combo guards use their ability to score. I take no issue with Holiday looking to score at all times. I'm bothered that he is so finesse he doesn't even try for contact once in 30 attempts! Not a good recipe for efficiency.

Jrue played excellent D so far.

Hawes w/ the ultimate sissy o-board and sissy putback!

Ugly shot by AI9.

johnrosz on Mar 19 at 20:32

CSN broadcast showed Turner having alittle bit of a tantrum after he got pulled

i wouldnt call it tantrum

Terrible foul, Jodie.

Terrible turnover, AI9.

Spencer with 4 OREB. Must be a season-high ... LOL.

I'd like to see him go back to Turner before this quarter is over.

Turtle Bay reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 20:39

I wouldn't hold my breath.

Good foul by Meeks that time. At least it wasn't a +1.

AI9 finally hits a shot. Nice play.

Meeks transition three. He's pumped. Nice outlet by Jrue.

Has EB had many bad shooting games? I'm just wondering how we can let him 2 points games with 2 shots like against the Bulls.

He hasn't had many good shooting games.

I think the issues is he just doesn't have the legs for a back-to-back.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 19 at 20:47

I would just like to give him 4-5 shots early on to see how streaky he is on the day. He's had a couple of hot shooting first quarters and then totally disappear on the offensive end.

Lou off the handoff.

What a waste of a transition opportunity.

PHI 76, CHA 63 after 3.

Better, but still not great. I wonder if Turner gets back into the game. If Sam Young starts the fourth, I'll take that as a bad sign.

Hope ET starts after the break...

Lou show. ET is in to start the third.

Sissy baseline 20-footer.

lou to thad

Nice drive and dish by Lou for the big Thad dunk.

For all the scoring Lou has provided, he also has 4 assists.

I think that was a Lou three, but only saw the ball go in.

Hawes +1 after I think Lou got fouled.

hawes 11 and 9, 22 mins.

13. And it's completely misleading.

and there's the double double

Turtle Bay on Mar 19 at 20:57

Hawes with the double double. He's definitely POTG tonight.

Nice work, Thad.

That's ballgame, folks.

Spencer has played A LOT better in the 2nd half.

I missed the entire first half but I have been completely satisfied by Hawes play in the 2nd.

go watch the first half

Seriously, watch the first half.

Thad pouring it on.

Kemba taking advantage of Lou.

Jrue's one of the few who I feel confident with when shooting a bank shot.

Phil reply to MikeW on Mar 19 at 21:01

I guess it was the Bulls game when I saw the first Dre bank shot in my life.

Yeah, I thought the same thing.

Man, Jodie bricked that.

Man, what's w/ these subs? Collins is losing it.

Lou w/ another turnover. Uncharacteristic for him.

Why is EB still in up 20 with 3 minutes left

Think Collins is making some kind of a point.

Thad w/ the hook over Biyombo.

Jrue should've given it to EB in the post there.

No ET ... don't like.

EB. Big Macs for all if they were in Philly.

Jodie has just been gunning tonight.

i liked that pass out of the post, from voose to meeks. liked it a lot.

was that voose? The cross-court? Thought it was from young on the opposite wing.

voose to jodie

PHI 105, CHA 80 Final.

Wish the second half was as good as the first, but I'll take a 25-point win. Now do it again.

This has to be the most angst-filled 25 point victory I've ever seen

...and rightfully so, I should add

POTG: Jrue. 20 points on 13 shots and shut down Augustin completely on the other end. Also 6 assists to 1 turnover and 4 rebounds. One could make a case for Thad though.

BTW: Hawes had 3 blocks? Really? o_O

Stan reply to Phil on Mar 19 at 22:47

Lou actually had 3 blocks in a game this season

Under 200 comments for the game. I miss the 500 comment games where the Sixers were rolling. ;-)

Stan reply to Phil on Mar 19 at 22:46

Finals week :(

JJ Hickson was waived by the Kings. think we'd have any interest?

Better than a loss :)

Not sure how this is possible. The chasm between the Sixers and the bad teams is so broad. I mean, even the contenders don't destroy bad teams like this. Go figure. I guess they're just like the sophomores beating up on the freshman while the upperclassmen don't waste their time.

Said Collins: "I talked to Spencer about how he needed to get back to being on the boards. I thought he was drifting out and wasn't playing with the toughness I needed him to play with."

This made me chuckle. Toughness. Heh.

He was definitely better in the second half. If I was Collins, I would've used slightly saltier language at the half. He was an embarrassment in the first half.

johnrosz on Mar 19 at 23:22

Did I watch a different game than Doug tonight?

@preston76: Collins says Jodie Meeks' energy on defense was key, earned #Sixers "Ace of Spades" award.

I feel like I saw Jodie get lost on a ton of screens, chuck up some bad shots to boot

I figured Thad would be re-signed last summer since he and Collins have such a close relationship... and now I expect we will see many more years of Lou. Sorry to disappoint many of you:

"That's just a little something between me and coach," Williams said. "We've got a little insider going on. It's unbelievable between me and him. Something very personal. They [teammates] don't even know."

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/sixers/20120319_Just_like_old_times_as_Sixers_rout_Bobcats.html#ixzz1pct3Aa9Y

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Mar 20 at 0:13

hey, if he's willing to come back on a reasonable "hometown discount" type of contract, be my guest.

For some reason I'm really concerned about Doug lately, I'm watching him argue a call with like 1:20 left and EB and Iggy still on the floor thinking "is this guy even capable of relaxing for 5 minutes?"

It doesn't seem like that mellowed, wise in his years coach that they hired is the guy that showed up for camp this year.

why can't he have a "special" relationship with Jrue or Turner.
still holding out hope for Lou on getting an offer that we can't match.
here's to hoping there's some nuts on the negotiating table this summer. decisions to be made on Hawes, Meeks and co.

Hold out hope that the front office will take Collins' wishes under advisement, but won't make decisions based on them when they have ramifications for 2 or 3 years beyond when he's gone.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Mar 20 at 0:24

I take it you don't think he's making it past next season either?

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