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Exploitable mismatch

This is not a term the sixers coaching staff understands

I think they're familiar with it, since it applies to whoever Spencer Hawes is "guarding" on a nightly basis.

Oh come on - that's just a given - nothing you can do about that game to game - Spencer is useless...

I gotta say, it's pretty incredible how much the local media is buying into "Wow! Hawes hasn't missed a beat since he got back!!" It's unreal how they keep sweating him on CSN. I consider myself possibly this board's biggest Hawes supporter, and even I know he has had 1 good half in all of his games back.

Can we please get Van Gundy and Breen tonight? Just once?

Iguodala finished 3rd behind LeBron and Dwight in ESPNs DPOY rankings. He needs to back up the national recognition we've all craved here by having a big game against Melo tonight. He has struggled the last few games on defense so it would be very encouraging to see him have a classic "put him on the list!" game.

I've never really craved any sort of national attention for Iguodala

All I really wanted for him was appreciation from those who claim to be sixers fans or a trade to a team where their fanbase would appreciate him

Knicks 91 - Sixers 84 - Knicks are on a roll. Sixers have not really been playing well against the better teams.

Marcus reply to Gdog on Mar 21 at 19:03

Fucking knick fans I swear

winner of this game decides who takes the season series

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 19:05

What the heck is Magic watching? the Knicks are gonna win the Atlantic and get 4 seed? heh

Yea magic is bugging he also just buying into the hype.

Magic isn't capable of comprehending anything other than hype. Amazing that a guy can be like a savant on the court and a boob off it.

Knicks lose this game I'm not buying the hype from the ny media.

ESPN talking heads love the Knicks. Barry is such a dickhole.

Marcus reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 19:08

Couldn't have said it better myself. Living in nyc I have to hear this all day from knick fans.

Im usually very optimistic, but for some reason I just dont have a good feeling about this game. Hope I'm wrong

Really watching how Collins handles Turners minutes

Big effing game. Any chance Hawes wins the tip?

Aaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip.

Let's GO!!!!!!!!!

I'm extremely pumped for this game, for some reason.

You ask that question every game

That ball was off Chandler.

Where was the fucking foul there? God damnit.

there wasnt lin jerked his head back

Lose two jumps in 38 seconds.

Yeah, Jrue!

Would've preferred the Jrue three there.

Hawes dribble drive?



eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 19:16

Spencer, dag I can't help but laugh man ... so lumbering like Cole Aldrich ...

Lid on the hoop.

Nice board, EB. Just break the seal, please.

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 19:18

Bad shot Jrue, too early.

eb take the shot

What a start.

hawes is useless

This is unreal. Everyone is afraid to shoot.

Jesus Christ, Hawes.

is Doug the only coach in the nba who will let the team go 0-10 to start the game and not call a timeout?

thad to the line

How is Hawes still playing? Christ.

Meeks and Lou? And fucking hawes stays in? God damnit.

Thad should get them on the board w/ his hustle here.

Just calm down, you're getting looks.

good hustle by meeks and young.

hawes you stink.

At least this may cement in the minds of front office that hawes should never be resigned.

Get Hawes the fuck out.

Can't switch on Melo anymore.

Great work, Hawes. And now he's yelling at Meeks.

3 subs and hawes still in? fuck me. And we thought lou or meeks was doug's favorite.

thad back to the line

Run a fucking back door.

Thad back to the line.

POTG - Thadeus Young

I'm really afraid. That Lou shot was way off too. Iguodala missed really bad, Hawes is way off, EB has no confidence, Turner can't make any. This is really tough to watch.

Thad is the most watchable guy on the team. Hustles every possession, never complains, doesn't take poor shots, isn't too streaky.

Yep. He's been a pleasure to watch this year. That signing really looks like a good deal to me.

If this were last year, they would be running Jrue-EB pick and pop all day against Lin and Amare, two brutal defenders.

Jrue should be back soon. I didn't see any reason to go to Meeks with the way he was playing against Lin.

Big Will on Mar 21 at 19:26

Can the Sixers get a mulligan? Make a shot please...

They're free.

This is sad

Lou's gotta drive.

No need to double Amare there. Come on.


Get Lou and Meeks out. Completely takes away the advantage.

Jodie is a lousy guy to have in the game right now. He lets the Knicks hide Lin on defense and just got killed by Fields on the other end.

Get Jrue back in for Jodie. He's useless right now, Doug.

back-to-back three seconds calls, huh?

Chandler sitting a while. Let's score.

Mixville on Mar 21 at 19:32

two back to back 3 second calls! is Andy Reid coaching the 1st quarter?

The second unit has been just as bad offensively. I didn't mind Thad for a big but taking out both guards is just bad.

Alright, just settle down. And Doug, get this ridiculous lineup out of there.

Iguodala has to be more aggressive offensively.

I'm so embarrassed with this output. So embarrassed.

How is it that Collins only has true confidence in 1 of his 5 starters?

lou,jodie turner

not fan of this lineup

he's taking iggy out?

come on turner.

Did he cough that up, I was looking down.

Bernard king on MSG only saving grace at this point

Good job Brand. Been active on rebounds. And loved that hustle play.

Stoudemire should've gotten a tech there.

Thad hasn't gotten a body on Amare yet. Finally bit him in the ass.

Stupid play, Lou.

PHI 11, NYK 19 after one.

Clean this shit up.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 19:41

that was one rare occasion i wanted lou to shoot. should have just gone for the floater.

mixville on Mar 21 at 19:41

It is too bad they cut Battie! could use him in the middle and will not take ill advised Hawes 18 foot airballs!

Fucking shameful to be this discombobulated. It's the fucking Knicks.

really, interviewing spike lee

We should be down 20. We're not. So that's a good thing...

Great, Hawes is back in.

the fuck hawes

Novak is guarding Hawes, and that's the look he gets?

Put Iguodala in for Hawes right now. They're so small, you can out small them.

get hawes out!


And then Hawes turns it over. Come on, man.

hawes with the turnover.

knicks trying to let us back in, come the fuck on.

This is fucking pitiful. Novak is guarding our center. NOVAK.

Fatalotti on Mar 21 at 19:45

Hawes is a turkey. I can't wait until he's gone.

Fuck you Hawes. Fuck you.

Why the fuck does turner hold the ball outside the 3-point line looking to pass it, not even taking a dribble? Is it 2011 again?

re18954 reply to Alvin on Mar 21 at 19:47

Because theyre running a play

Alvin reply to re18954 on Mar 21 at 19:50

Well any time the ball has gone to hawes today bad things have happened. I hope they either get him the fuck out of the game, or not pass it to him.

LOU! Spencer back where he belongs

FreeReggieEvans on Mar 21 at 19:46

I always wondered if I could guard Spencer Hawes. Now I know.

Lou+1. Hit the freebie.

Quick ball movement. Nice move by Lou.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 19:46

Hawes, are you ever going to be any better?


Well then I guess just pout!

Fatalotti reply to Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 19:48

Nice Archer reference!

Floor spacing is terrible ...

dang Elton!!!

We really need Voose and Lavoy in this game. No way they play worse than Spencer. No fucking way.

Keep the ball moving!

Nice work, Jrue.


The only time Jrue gets contact in the lane is when he's called for a charge.

Lou can't get open against Shumpert. He really struggled with him the first game, too.

Thad's gotta take Novak there, no? They are looking to pass to get into something when there's clearly a matchup to be exploited right in front of them.

Didn't you see Novak's sick defense on Hawes? They were probably scared.

Did Jrue get contact, or think he was going to get it on that three? looked odd.


Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 19:53

can't buy a bucket in this one.

Fucking halfway down, ugh.

There is a lid on the rim. We are a poor shooting team, but nothing is falling.

FreeReggieEvans on Mar 21 at 19:54

Love when Brand boxes out to the point where he drives them into the stand.

Why is Hawes back in?


Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 19:55

c'mon that was a charge

I realize I'm biased because I simply hate the guy, but how can Collins defend putting Hawes back in this game right now?

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 19:58

He can't. I know Voose has been bad recently, but this is as bad as a center can play.

FreeReggieEvans reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 20:04

I'll bite:
Voose and Allen will never be better than back ups. Doug believes that Hawes could be a real starting center - roll the dice and see if he bounces back.

Not that I agree.

mixville on Mar 21 at 19:58

How loud will the crowd cheer if Hawes makes a basket?

why all the hawes minutes? just, why?

Collins back to his old starting lineup.

Brought Meeks in because they're doubling so much. No fucking idea why he brought Hawes back in.

EB baseline J.

meeks 3

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 19:59

MEEKS FOR THREE off a good push and swing pass.

That Meeks three was huge. HUGE.

dre to eb

Let's fucking GO!


Jodie off the curl. Beauty!

Fucking punish them.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:01

dammit. that fields and-1 did a lot to kill the momentum.

Nice weak-side help, Hawes.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 20:03

Charge was certainly available if he wanted it there.

Ah, Jodie giveth and Jodie taketh away. Landry Fields can't break you down off the dribble like that.

Horrible shot, Dre. Come on, man. Get into the lane there.

Annnnnnnddd, Hawes flubs another rebound. Nice.

Fucking bank shot. Give me a break.

iguodala with two bad plays in row

Bad shot, turnover, bank shot. Back to 9, in the blink of an eye.

Iguodala and Turner have given them zilch.

Now, Jrue takes a bad stepback. Are these guys fucking kidding? You have 29 points this half, you have no right to be taking horrible shots early in the shotclock.

Court_visioN reply to Rich on Mar 21 at 20:09

annnnd right when you say that, Iguodala penetrates for an EB jumper and scores in the open court.

Hawes mercifully to the bench.

Hawes' foul was jumping away from Amare. What a soft bitch.

Oh no! Hawes is in foul trouble! Perhaps we'll have to go to one of our other bigs!

Hit both, please. Pretty please.

I hate the fucking Knicks, and their loser bandwagon ass fans.

allen is locked in the dog pen and the key thrown away

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:11

so wait when did amare get his legs back?


Iggy looks like a shell of himself lately

that was shameful. turner is incognito once again

PHI 35, NYK 43 at the half.

terrible half. Big deal, they tied the second quarter.

I'm ashamed to say Spencer Hawes is the starting center for my favorite team.

Jrue and Turner just gave up on that last play. That's inexcusable. Amare picks a ball up on the floor before those two? ET can't disappear like this when he starts.

matt reply to Rich on Mar 21 at 20:15

Iggy too. At least hack him

I would like to see Vucevic or Allen get some burn. Amare is abusing us. Brand has played like a warrior, but he's gonna get gassed.

35 pts at halftime. Against the Knicks. Is that good?

I just love amares stance after he dunks it on on guards!

Pathetic. Where is the Turner from the last Knicks game? Why not let him handle the ball more, Iguodala clearly doesn't have it tonight.

ItAintEZ reply to DonH on Mar 21 at 20:16

Nobody put Evan in the corner.....nobody except Collins that is.

ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 20:14

What is the deal with Turner? He plays great and then all of the sudden it's like he went right back to how he was before he was starting. I really want him to do well but he is a big time head case.

Alvin reply to ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 20:17

Agree. He seems so tentative again. It doesn't make any sense. He's getting his minutes. He should just take the ball and attack every possession.

0 mintues for voose, i know he hasnt been playing well but even brian can do better then hawes

Can't watch this garbage halftime show.

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 20:16

You're better off than me, I'm ashamed to say that Spencer Hawes starts at center for my favorite team and I'm just as ashamed to say that Evan Turner masquerades as a shooging guard for my favorite team.

Abysmal showing, hope we don't have anymore ESPN national games, stink it up every single time we're on.

the game on friday(vs the celtics) is on espn

And that half right there showed why the JTI lineup will not be able to score against a good defensive team on a consistent basis. The Knicks not only packed the lane but they literally had 4 players in the paint at any given time, especially in the first quarter before Meeks got into the game. I understand that you advise your players to drive to the basket, but this is why you need to have some shooting and floor spacing.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Mar 21 at 20:20


and 1 more

JTI played 8 minutes. And JTI also torched this team 10 days ago.


matt reply to DonH on Mar 21 at 20:24

I like it when Hawes posts up at the three point line

You mean gets pushed out there by Steve Novak? Yeah, that's my favorite, too.

They went to him 4 straight times w/ Novak on him, two terrible shots and 2 turnovers.

I think one of the reasons turner isnt playing as well is because he's not getting as many defensive rebounds which spring the break and helps him get easier baskets

No Voose in the first half, huh? I guess because Hawes was so dominant.

You know, it's good to go away from your depth when you've got a team on the second half of a back-to-back.

10 turnovers in the first half. Come on.

Yay, more Spence!

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:30

c'mon spencer! let's go pick up foul #4 early!

Battie was telling Doug, come on coach. hawes sucks tonight. give me some burn.

Turner outfights Hawes for the defensive rebound. Shocker.

Sissy 17-footer missed on the other end.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 20:32

he did better against amare on that instance though.

AI9 finally hits one. Is that the second jumper they've hit tonight? Meeks had one and that one. I guess EB has hit a couple from the foul line.

Turtle Bay on Mar 21 at 20:34

Ha Jrue plows into Lin. He's played very good defense on him so far. That and Brand's play have been the only bright spots so far.

yay 4 on hawes

Turner was fouled on the dunk, I believe. Nope.

Without Brand the Sixers would be down 20. Stoudemire sure doesnt look like the washed up player some here have made him out to be.

LOL Hawes with a rough foul. We got 3 team fouls.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:36

... well i guess now i'll root for hawes to get his 5th.

Turtle Bay on Mar 21 at 20:36

Both of Turner's 3s were halfway down

turner hits a shot

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:37

Turner jumper good

Alright, Turner finally hit one. Get hot, someone.

How is this trash a 6 point game?



eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 20:37

Turner complaining to the bench about a no-call tonight instead of the refs. He learned a little something.

jrue 3!!

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:39

damn. amare and-1.

Come on. They call that garbage? Jesus.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:39

not sure i saw a foul on that one..

Turtle Bay on Mar 21 at 20:39

That was NOT a foul on Thad

mixville on Mar 21 at 20:39

what happened to letting him play 2 ticky tack fouls!

Jrue to the line. Hit 'em both.

Nice cut and find by AI9.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:40

Jrue draws the contact off a good cut and nice Iguodala pass in traffic.

ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 20:40

why does it take us 10sec. to get into our half court sets?

We have half court sets?

eddies' heady's reply to ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 20:41

Frustrates the hell out of me too.

Alvin reply to ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 20:45

Jrue has been very strong defensively.

Good job on Lin so far.

But damn we got no answer for Amare.

thats like 10 in the key on chandler

we never get these calls

Great D there. Jrue was all over Lin, he actually carried the ball.

Pretty, pretty break. Great D by AI9.

Let's go. Stops.



Took the lead, now build it.

like to see meeks again

dre to the line

EB w/ a man's o-board.

AI9 to the line. Split 'em?


Love Iggy being aggressive now.

Brand POTG for sure.

Iguodala made the first free throw! Six more weeks of winter!

Don't start w/ the o-boards for them now.

ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 20:50

fuckin lou

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 20:50

Wish he'd start this lineup every night.

jrue 3


Smart move putting Jrue on Davis and Lou on Shumpert. Shouldn't have taken three possessions to figure that out.

I don't understand why they are having anybody but AI9 initiating the offense. Let him get into the lane and find people.

Come on, finish this quarter strong.

Jrue, AI9 and EB to the bench. That's fucking dangerous w/ 2 minutes left in the quarter.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 20:55

What kind of a lineup is this?

thad at center

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 20:55

doug matching up with the knicks, size wise. Thad Young at center

Hawes subbed in for the first freebie, out for the second.

His effort level just wasn't cutting it out there.

GRAB THE FUCKING BALL MEEKS! And they get a three off the o-board. That's a killer. God damnit.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 20:59

Jeffries had inside position on Turner with the switch, but that ball was literally right in Jodie's area. Gotta have that one.

Nice job by Lou to get them back.

Good job, Lou. Should be shooting the +1 now.

Thad draws the charge, great job. Get another hoop here.

lou 3!

Lou came up big there to end the quarter.

PHI 58, NYK 59 after three.

Give me that exact same quarter again w/out the few lapses and this is a 10-point win. Come on.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 21:02

sam young with a monster swat

That was sick.

I could get used to that kinda defense.

That's all I wanted him for on the sixers roster, better dfense than Jodie :)

That wasn't a 50/50 ball, that was a defensive rebound in Meeks' hands.

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 21:04

Ugh, Spencer's back

Hawes w/ the rejection! Limited athleticism vs. diminished athleticism.

Get Jrue in to guard Lin, please.

Sissy baseline J, good.

5 on Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 21:07

Go back to the bench big wussy.

Grab a fucking board.


All the sixers 'tall people' suck

The lineup is too damn small. what the hell Doug

Thad has to have that rebound. He has to.

Gotta go w/ Brand a the five the rest of the way. He sat the last two minutes of the third, he can go the final 8:35. Take either Lou or Meeks out.

Doug Collins has no clue what to do with this line up to score points

allen and vucevic stay glued to the vinyl cushions while T young plays center

my gosh

lou 3!


I like that play, down screen for the open look.


Lou show. Boo.

Iguodala just ate Melo's lunch.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 21:13


Brand gets in, gets the board.

Loving the playoff vibe in the arena.

Court_visioN on Mar 21 at 21:14

Jrue... what was that...?

Jrue air ball. Ugh.

This crowd is fucking embarrassing.

No idea why Doug played Jodie Meeks so long tonight.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 21 at 21:18

Cause Turner stunk it up?

To your enjoyment I'm sure. Again, misguided thinking though, thinking that two guys can only sub in and out for each other. He should have extended Jrue's minutes or played Thad at somewhere else not center.

If you think Jodie has been good, your crazy.

No one ENJOYS Evan Turner suckage, but come on it was a few 'great' games against bad teams and now he's laid some eggs, consecutively, so the whole 'evan turner has arrived' nonsense was just that nonsense - he had a good run, for about a week, and now he's having a bad run.

No one who roots for the sixers WANTS him to fail - but he is failing - on his own - it's all on him - all those 'good games' showed is what he could do - but he isn't doing it consistently - and it's on him - for gods sake I despise the guy but I don't think he WANTS Turner to fail, he just is, he's a failure as a second pick in the nba draft so far (of course john wall is a failure as the first pick too so maybe it was just a crappy ass draft)

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 21 at 22:08

I took an unwarranted shot at Eddies. I know he doesn't actually want him to suck.

Good to HEAR you screaming to yourself though, you really MADE some really obvious points.

Easier than writing out the HTML tags...

It's probably wrong that while watching the commercial for the hunger games I think that the sixers should do such a thing...that would get rid of the dead weight

They are getting good shot. We're not.

Jodie Meeks is single handedly raping this game

Did Breen really call Melo an excellent passer?

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 21:18

small sample size.

I'd have Brand-Thad-Iguodala-Lou-Jrue as the lineup, with Iguodala running screen and roll with Brand and Thad.

He's staying small instead. Did Thad get a rest once he came in last quarter?

Alvin reply to Rich on Mar 21 at 21:19

sounds about right.

mixville on Mar 21 at 21:18

Meeks has had 3 d boards bounce off his hands! no clue on that side

Rich reply to mixville on Mar 21 at 21:19

He's taken a couple of excellent long twos on the move that have had zero chance too.

C'mon Doug cut the crap with the EFJ midget line up, you don't try to outscore them, you make this game a grind with defense and rebound and then the knicks will implode..
Bring Turner and Hawes back in

Bad shot, Lou.

Shot selection has been poor past few minutes.

Why is Turner on Lin?

Not a good time to go all boss without anyone else touching the ball.

Nice give and go.

Jrue runner.

Get a fucking stop.

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 21:22

Take all fucking day for Holiday to get off a fading left J, he made it though. Too long to get into anything.

He got the ball w/ 7 left on the shot clock way out on the floor, knew he was taking the shot, and took his time to get something good. Not a bad play. Bad that he was on an island w/ 7 seconds left on the clock, though.

Why is Jrue not on Lin? Lin is running the show.

When Amare is playing D, you know shit just got serious.

mixville on Mar 21 at 21:23

"No Body contact" says hubie brown as Stoudamire jumps on brands back for the block

Rich reply to mixville on Mar 21 at 21:25

Eh, that block seemed alright to me, especially with how this game has been officiated. EB should have known Amare was right there and pump faked him.

this is gonna be so painful

Meeks still on Lin, this is stupid.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 21:28

I hope this doesn't kill them.



Iggy with a big 3!

Nice work, AI9.

That's a three.

Did they take a point away?

Come on Iggy.


thats bullshit

WTF of a call is that? Bullshit!


Turtle Bay on Mar 21 at 21:30

Doug Collins "What's wrong with you guys! What's wrong with you guys."

Ball don't lie.

Fucking Meeks. Come on, man.

Layup. Wow

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 21:32

They deserve to fucking lose after that Dre missed bunny.


He always has been a lousy finisher, that might have been one of the worst ever though - on a fast break no less - no contact and misses the easy 2 - sigh...

Big Will reply to GoSixers on Mar 21 at 22:07

He was probably scared he'd have to shoot free throws.

As the saying goes - Haters gonna hate

Great D. Come on.

Brand does not deserve to lose tonight.

ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 21:33

lou and meeks backcourt.....wonder why we don't get stops.

Fuck Lou Williams and Fuck Doug Collins for bringing him in the cgame.


That's probably game. Lou and Meeks is one too many defensive liabilities to have in the game in a 3-point game. Two too many.

Having Lou or Meeks on Lin in the fourth tonight killed us. That is all.

How many times will doug give lou the role of carrying the offense in the fourth.

They put Hawes in just to grab a rebound if that freebie was missed. Melo went right around him. It would've been a dunk if the shot didn't fall.

I wouldn't have completely went away from Thad, who got them back in initially. Doug just went away from Thad for Jodie. I don't understand what the thinking is there.

Like I said, game.

Poorly coached game

eddies' heady's on Mar 21 at 21:37

annnnnnndddd a Andre airball off a set play, Yeah that sounds about right

Passionate. Intense. Proud. Fucked.


This was an offensive abortion from this team. Plain and simple.

I want to cry. I hate half this team

Just pathetic.

Turtle Bay on Mar 21 at 21:37

Lou with a 26 foot contested 3. Rebound off of Hawes' hands right to Melo. Watching the Sixers at the end of games is absolute torture.

Good game EB

ItAintEZ on Mar 21 at 21:40

Bunch of soft choking mother fuckers

This team blows. Fucking blows.

I know they put some effort and all but I;m tired of watching the Sixers lose like this every time it's close. At some point you have to start blaming the coach. DC cannot commit to anything, forever panicking when something does not work and like a battered wife rushing back into the comfort of his 2 worst enemies; Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks.
Hawes is pathetic.
POTG Brand.
I need to see some changes on this roster in the off-season.

comment of the game

eddies' heady's reply to jkay on Mar 21 at 21:47

yeah I've been feeling the same way. As tk said this morning it kind of summed up how I feel, it's just not compelling anymore because it's become too predictable. And I'm usually never like this. But another trade deadline come and gone and still the same ol' shit is really frustrating. Having to watch Hawes and Turner start is painful. One is way past soft and the other is limited as far as versatility unless he's completely dominating the ball, a one trick pony that can't really shoot as your shooting guard. Basically a roster that isn't going anywhere. Wonder if Thorn has any foresight like pawning off Turner when he hit the unsuspecting 3 game hot streak? Guess not .....

So Collins is going back to Meeks as the starting 2?

ItAintEZ reply to Josh on Mar 21 at 21:42

No even worse than that, he's gonna let him finish games instead.

Why the fuck didn't they foul him? IT was a god damned 3-point game? Who was that? They still had a timeout.

PHI 79, NYK 82 Final.

It was Lou who just sort of stood next to the guy

This team is getting tough to watch offensively.

Pretty sure Lou just stood there.

never in my life have i seen a team that is this bad in the fourth quarter, its embarrassing

Dear Lou

Please leave

Well, guys. I'm leaving in the morning for a vacation. Couldn't come at a better time. I'll get game threads up for every game, but I'm not sure how much beyond that I'll be able to do. Back in a week.

Enjoy your vacation

You do more than your fair share and do provide with the BEST sixers coverage out there compared to the other blogs (in my opinion)...though I'm not sure I even believe they're going to win the division any more.

They should not lose to the knicks - period

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 21:48

Have a good vacation man. Everyone could use one. This team is giving everyone headaches right now.

Speak for yourself - I have no headaches - I just remember how I felt at the beginning of the season and remind myself to go with my gut - and trust my gut instead of buying into mirages in the future - i usually don't.

This is the team I expected them to be, this is the hawes I expected them to be.

I'm disappointed by Jrue so far - but Thad has pleasantly surprised me. The early season run was a mirage, the 3-13 start was a mirage, the 13-4 run last year was a mirage

Put it all together and you get a team that is good enough to go around 500 and maybe win in the first round if they're in a particularly crappy division and get the 4 seed by virtue of winning the divsion (which I no longer think of as a given...the way they've been playing I think they might not win the division)

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 21 at 21:50

enjoy your vacation

ditto. you deserve it man.
feel like i need one after watching this game though.

call me racist if you want but i want a tough black center

Racist. I'd take a tough purple center. Tough is the only thing that matters.

I will call you racist cause you could ahve just said you want a tough center

Not really racist; he's just saying he wants his center to be as different from Spencer Hawes as possible.

I'd agree, and add that I would like a tough black center who votes Democrat.

lou gave up.

I think I need a vacation from this team.

Dr Jack drilled in the lack of a 'big man' for most of the fourth quarter - kept talking about not having a big man to go to for those buckets and free throws

He had no explanation that made sense for the second half disappearance of elton brand

Mine goes with 'elton brand is old' (in basketball terms) and can't do all that for a full game

Doug cost us the game, damn it !
How many times do I need to see Lou-ball bring us down at the end of the games ?
Collins homo affection for Lou is bringing this team down

F?ck reply to F?ck on Mar 21 at 22:05

Its clear that ET on the starting line up isn't one of Doug's ideas, the order came from above.
Im happy that his midget ball back fired on him, too bad team had to take a loss

In no rational way can one say something like that - Jodie Meeks SUCKS, and a shake up was needed, the only other option was Lou, and Lou can't start because, sadly, he's the only 2nd teamer in the back court who can score

Putting Turner in the starting line up at the time was the right thing to do, but Turner isn't a quality NBA player yet, someday he might be (Meeks never will)

Dear god - will the sixers do the national tv 'double suck' and lose to the celtics on Friday as well?

I hope not

Damn I've just always liked Ramon Sessions

76ers = The Ultimate Fan Tease

Does everyone agree that Turner at his worst is still a better option than Jodie Meeks?*
*as long as he doesn't launch 16 shots.

When Lou is faced with a really tough defender or does not get his boss calls, he sort of fades and becomes useless offensively.

Jrue played great D on Lin today. Albeit between his own offensive woes.

Vucevic, Allen, did not touch the floor tonight. When Hawes was in foul trouble, DC went small, smaller. BTW we were out-rebounded 47-39 tonight even after Brand's monstrous dozen.
That may be slightly defendable if say Hawes was actually a better option than the former(s).

This may be just an overreaction to probably his worst coached game, but at this point I wouldn't mind him burning out early and letting Curry take over. That was brutal Doug. Didn't we just hear a few games ago that you were gonna stick with the Jrue/ET backcourt for the rest of the season?

At least Hawes provided a little comedy...so bad

And has doug moved away from the jrue et back court yet? He was bad tonight...doesn't mean he won't be starting next game.

When did curry last act as a head coach?

This will just fan the flames of "spiller is a conspiracy theorist" and I'm fine with that, but Turner had 4 borderline superstar games, and then Collins took him off the ball. Why?

Yes, it is a conspiracy theory

Because you're ignoring how badly Turner played, with the ball, in the games following those 'super star' games (nonsense first of all) against lesser opponents

Tonight - 1-7
Bobcats - 3-11
Bulls - 2-8

6 for 26 in the last 3 - sub 25%

If Jodie Meeks did that for three straight games you'd be screaming bloody murder

Now however they're 'taking the ball out of his hands.

He went 3 for 11 against one of the worst god damn teams in the league - 'super stars' show up for games against the god damn bob cats

We were winning when we let Turner take over the games and Meeks was playing 7 minutes. Now we're back to Turner struggling for minutes, standing in the corner, while Meeks' role is back to where it was before (too many minutes). And suddenly we're losing again. This has been going on all year.

And that's my last comment so I don't turn this into a Turner vs. Meeks thread. The results speak for themselves, I'm quieting myself.

Which results? We've had bouts of success and failure with both in the starting lineup.

Turner was the PG for 4 games. We won 3 of them. We've only beaten the Bobcats since Turner was taken off the ball again.

Oh, and the fact that in the two games Jodie played 6 and 7 minutes, we won, against two competitive teams (the Knicks and Jazz).

ItAintEZ reply to spiller27 on Mar 22 at 8:06

did you guys see the post game pc?

Cooney: seems like Evan played better when he had the ball in his hands more. Why haven't you put the ball in his hands more the last 3 games.

Collins: Well how many rebounds did he have in NY?

Cooney: 15

Colins: how many tonite?

Cooney: 5

Collins: Theres 10 more time he could of had the ball in his hands.

Really dude? The only way he can get the ball is to grab a shit ton of reb. Mean while lou can dribble the shot clock down to nothing whenever he wants. Pure bullshit.

Thats crazy!!

that really was a troubling comment, insulting to bob cooney's intelligence, not to mention the fans. turner came in and turned the offense into a high octane machine-yes, for a very small sample size, but it's the only sample size we have of turner being utilized on the ball. the only variable between the our only winning streak of the last 20 games and what we've seen otherwise is evan turner playing on the ball for 40 minutes!because the coach told him to, NOT because of his 15 rebs-in fact, I would say the 15 rebs came because the coach told him to play his game and he was, with confidence, for the first time since columbus.

Look-am I proclaiming Turner the surefire savior?Of course not. Has he looked terrible in the last few contests?Of course-just as he has the rest of his NBA career since the coach refuses to utilize his skills!Collins admitted as much in his presser after the Boston game!

You can tell from his on court demeanor with the refs and stuff that ET is kind of a headcase and I'm sure it rubs Doug the wrong way-but good God!What happened to "seeing what we have"?Why did he move away from Turner?Was it a wishful thinking trade showcase on Collins' part all along?It is so maddening-if I have to watch LouWill dribble for twenty seconds on every important offensive poss for ONE MORE GAME, I swear...

Doug is cracking up

I think it shows that Collins values his personal relationships with Jrue and Jodie, to the detriment of the team.

Everyone benefited (the team overall, and Iggy an Lou especially) from Turner playing PG, except Jrue and Jodie. Jodie was getting no minutes, and Jrue was slumping. But we won 3 out of the 4 games Turner played PG (and against three good teams, Utah, Boston and the Knicks).

The fact that Collins changed things after Turner went 3-1 as a PG doesn't say much for Collins as a coach or as a person. We are now 1-4 since Turner went back to off the ball. Jrue's and Jodie's numbers have gone back up though, so yay for that right Doug?

I'm not always sure about it but I'm pretty sure the argument you just made is

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

The sixers aren't losing because of jodie meeks (or evan turner) they werne't winning just because of evan turner, they were playing shitty teams and quite possibly would have won if Turner had maintained his role of coming off the bench.

You want it to be about Turner, so you fashion your argument to make it about Turner

The sixers front court is piss poor - at a whole lot of things - and Evan Turner doesn't cure them all - he's not Aqua Vida - you have tunnel vision - all you do is watch the evan turner aspect of the game - you ignore everything else - if it's bad - it's because Turner wasn't there - if it's good - it's because of turner.

And that's my last comment - to you - on the Turner situation at all - until you take off your blinders.

Of all the coaching decisions I simply didn't get, Collins' decision to not put Jrue on Lin in the fourth is the one I can't get my mind around at all.

Lin was 1/11 and couldn't even come close to getting a good look on Jrue heading into the fourth. Then he has Jrue stand in the corner and guard JR Smith when the game is on the line? Even when Lin wasn't scoring in the fourth (when he had Lou or Meeks or Turner on him), he was able to easily get the Knicks into offensive sets. There was no pressure on the ball. I'll never understand that decision. If you must have Meeks in the game, let him just stand near JR Smith. That's all you need to do.

Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 0:38

Here's your game capsule w/ rotation chart and advanced stats.

Brand was the player of the game. He was their only offensive option in the first half, even if he completely disappeared in the second half. He also was the only big who did anything all night. 12 points, 12 boards, 5 blocks.

Could've gone with Jrue, who carried the scoring in the second half, and did a great job on Lin until he was moved off him in the second half for some reason. Could've also gone with Iguodala who manhandled Melo all night, but I went with Brand.

johnrosz on Mar 22 at 2:15

I'm suffering from serious Doug Collins fatigue. I hope they don't make personnel decisions based on his input, I don't sense that he's here for the long haul.

Not sure why any of you expected a different outcome. The Sixers have been playing bad for about 6 weeks now(except against really bad teams or good teams with no rest)-there have been a few exceptions but not many as evidenced by their record.
The Knicks are playing better(although still not great) and they have more talent than the Sixers.
Its not media hype--its truth. You guys think because me and some others here pick the Knicks to win or discuss how mediocre the Sixers are and have been were not fans---or if someobody like Magic thinks the Knicks will win the division hes "believing the hype"--nonsense.
What will you say at the end of the season when the Knicks or Celtics win the division and the Sixers are at the 7 or 8 seed ?
Watch the games objectively, if that's possible.

Please - go post on a blog for the team you root for?

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 22 at 11:14

this is the team I root for. Can you only post here if you pretend the Sixers are great and all other teams suck because their not the Sixers ?

Would you stop acting like a diva? You make comments like the Knicks are better than the sixers then you do nothing to back up those comments except cry when people call you out on it. It's pathetic. Give it up already. Here's something I can use to prove you wrong - strength of schedule - Knicks - #2, Sixers - #11

Gdog reply to Jeff on Mar 22 at 14:55

I'm not crying about anything genius. Just pointing out the facts. Somehow in your distorted world the better team always loses. Will be interesting to here you throw out some worthless stats and lame ass excuses at the end of the season once he final standings are up.

Judging from your inability to understand the difference between "their" and "they're" as well as "here" and "hear" I'm going to safely assume that you are very uneducated. Yes, I threw out "lame-ass stats", which is a lot more than you were able to throw out. If you're not smart enough to know elementary uses of the English language, then I suppose you're not smart enough to know when you're wrong either.

Lame ass stats are of course defined as any piece of factual information that disproves his rantings

Gdog reply to Jeff on Mar 22 at 18:32

Yeah because everyone makes sure all their posts are grammatically correct before posting. Weak. At the end of the day, your stats don't mean squat. Its all about wins and losses. Your like the idiot at the bar who argues that Michael Vick is better than Eli Manning.

Well, if an argument is comprised of a claim which is supported by evidence and reason, then your claim that the Knicks are the better team and will end up with a better record is neither supported by evidence nor a valid reason. Thus, your argument is that of a blathering moron.

Gdog reply to Jeff on Mar 22 at 21:47

I said they were more talented, and they are. The Sixers are better coached and play better together but they have a lack of talent in comparison. Your probably going to come to that same conclusion in about 20 games or so.