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Tom Moore on Mar 27 at 9:03

Blog (with Collins video): Sixers head into big week, season's final month tied with Celtics:


Tonights game is on NBA TV

It'd be easier to get excited about the short-term goals if they didn't just drop 13 of 19 and give up their entire division lead, with the possibility of falling to 3rd in the division. That said, they should win 3.5 of their next five.

This is the type of team that can start playing better after they gain some mojo from beating up on some bad teams. It could build its way into a nice little run that gets them back to where they are beating quality opponents again.

It would probably just me another little fools gold run- which would be great compared to what we have been seeing. I don't need to see reason for long term hope. I just want reason for for hope they might be some entertaining basketball for the rest if the season.

Reports are that Iguodala is 'unlikely' to play tonight.

Maybe this injry will help folk appreciate him?

If it takes a one game this far into his career for more people to appreciate what he can do then its too late of a cause.

Attempt number 1 on ESPNs playoff predictor :)


matt reply to Xsago on Mar 27 at 14:42

Best I could do in 30 seconds was conference finals. The Celtics made the finals my first try though. The Heat seem to lose a ton

Unless the Sixers can win the division, Id rather see them miss the playoffs altogether. Lottery > 1st round beatdown--

Stan reply to Gdog on Mar 27 at 14:27

If we can't win the division, hopefully we still get the #5 seed and play Boston in the first round

Gdog reply to Stan on Mar 27 at 14:44

You think the Sixers could beat a healthy rested Celtics team in a seven game series ? Keep in mind the last 2 games they took form the celtics--one was the old ass celtics on the 3rd night of a back to back to back---and the last one Ray Allen, Bradley and Pietrus(inured during game)didn't play.
I think the Sixers could beat the Hawks, Bucks and maybe the Knicks without Amare.

Stan reply to Gdog on Mar 27 at 14:45


If the eastern conference was seeded purely by record, the sixers would currently be the 6 seed, 2 1/2 games behind both atlanta and orlando

however I disagree with the 'rather be in the lottery' nonsense...they would be in the low teens anyway

Gdog reply to Stan on Mar 27 at 18:19

Interesting. Guess we will find out in about 10 days. I see the team that's 7-13 since the break--maybe were looking at something different.

So only those 20 games count huh...that explains it, you have an inability to see the entire board

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 27 at 21:11

Last 20 count more than the first 20 genius.

No - they really don't - but trying to explain that to you would be worse than putting nails in my eyes

Gdog reply to GoSixers on Mar 28 at 18:42

Isn't 920pm past your bedtime ?

I can't believe Atlanta has a better record than us. Their center is Zaza Pachulia and their PG is Jeff Teague. Their small forward is Marvin Williams and the main players of their bench consists of Willie Green and Vladimir Radmanovic.

id rather have zaza over hawes

Sharone Wright reply to sixerfan1220 on Mar 27 at 15:10

And one.

Do you have an argument for why the future of the team "doesn't matter"? The whole point of the goal, "win a round in the playoffs," is that it's supposed to be a stepping stone to winning a second round, and a third round, and so on. Otherwise, winning first round serieses is just really meaningless. That's why Hawks fans aren't too excited about the prospect of winning in the first round this year, but Pacers fans are.

Or you know - that's a load of shit and it has more to do with talent than 'playoff seasoning'

In 2010 the Thunder and Bulls were both 8 seeds that lost in the first round

In 2011 - instead of just winning a round they both went to the NBA finals

I believe that had more to do with the talent on their rosters than 'winning a round' the year before (as they hadn't)

I don't believe one playoff round win (if they even get it) will do much for the players who got bitch slapped by the heat last year (and would be bitch slapped by the heat or bulls in the second round this year) as much as figuring out a way to add more talent.

They don't need 'seasoning' they need more talent - the front court is pathetic - no nba team is going to win deep into the playoffs with the motley crue the sixers have assembled, where your best front court player is a 3/4 tweener

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 27 at 22:14

Well I didn't even say a word about playoff seasoning. I agree it's not worth much. All I'm saying is that it only makes sense to be excited about first-round wins if you think they're a point in a certain trajectory. Nothing too exciting about them if they're the likely peak in your team's future.

hawes wins a tip!

Iguodala not listed as starting so I'm presuming he isn't playing?

So this is the game Jodie decides to show up for?

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 19:19

Watching just the start of this, I feel just as lifeless as the crowd. I'd say it's contagious, obviously.

I'd say very few fans in the NBA get 'up' to play the Cleveland Cavaliers now that Lebron is gone

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 27 at 19:36

I was actually saying it's become difficult to get up to watch the beloved Sixers.

Tape the games, avoid the game threads, it's actually easier that way

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 19:35

Lou for one ends up in a three and crossover deuce.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 19:41

Jrue with the Duncan-esque off the glass, from decent range too.

Jrue slam!

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 19:42

Sam for 3! I'd like to keep him if we could.

If it comes down to a choice between him and jodie - yes - keep him

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 19:49

Jrue w/ a hard shot to his shoulder from Samuels but appeared to fall even harder on his elbow.

Well lo and behold Lou hits Spencer for a breakaway dunk! Yes, Spencer Hawes dunked it. Think he got up 1.8 inches off the floor!

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 19:54

Dag Evan....

jrue back in, hopefully the wrist is ok

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 20:07

Jrue 4 3 out of a timeout before the half!

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 20:12

guess it was only a two after all, thought he was behind the line

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 20:30

If they're going to operate through Spencer as it seems, I wish Doug would go back to the old starting lineup w/ Meeks in there before the playoffs start.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 20:31

Jrue 4 3!

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 20:45


eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 20:52

10 min left and the Sixers have been to the line a whole 3 times. And two of those were from Jodie Meeks. sad

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 20:54

And Zumoff shows humor: "the sixers first free throw in months"

Sixers' defense kept the Cavs in the game last quarter. It was their shooting here.

Still comfortably up 15. Jodie with a great performance.

Rich reply to Rich on Mar 27 at 21:09

Make it 18. Career high 28 for Jodie.

meeks dagger?

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 21:09


eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 21:13

Lavoy Allen is dusted off, well I'll be.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 21:14


free big macs to all

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 21:16

Not that I expected it to, but this game did nothing to assuage my concerns.

eddies' heady's on Mar 27 at 21:21

The studio and game announcers keep saying "Jodie Meeks was starting for the injured Andre Iguodala", to me he was starting for Evan Turner as that's what a shooting guard is supposed to give you. About the only, or few, times he's given it this year though.

If Jodie can sneak by on defense in the playoffs I plead for Doug to go back to starting him. It strengthens the starters, and the bench units especially.

Jodie can't sneak by on defense in teh regular season, no way he can do it in the playoffs

Plus he won't be on the roster next year, I'd rather they keep him on the bench when Iguodala returns as Meeks starting versus Turner starting isn't a long term issue and it won't make the sixers beat the heat or the bulls anyway if they miraculously win a first round series

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 27 at 21:30

He didn't do that bad vs Wade last year in the 1st round from what I remember.

I don't think we can be sure he won't be on the roster next year (I'm of the belief the FO will bring him back), and as down as I am on this team right now, I'm still holding to a thread of belief (that was a rope earlier this year) that we can beat the Bulls if we're fortunate enough to make it and play them in the 2nd round.

My belief is that thorn is a dead man walking. I don't see Meeks or hawes or even Lou as part of the roster next year. I'm hoping for boldness as opposed to continued mediocrity

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Mar 27 at 21:43

I know he's 71 or whatever, but that's not nice...

I have no idea how old he is and only a moron would think I was referring to his actual death. I was referring to his time as the sixers general manager

And since he was involved in that aborted iguodala trade, I'm glad he will be out of work. He can be old and enjoy the vast over payment he's made in his career and probably go back to working for the league

he was joking

His history of how he comments towards me would not indicate such a thing, basically when he responds to me it's some sort of insult and or attack

gotcha, didn't know the history.

If Jodie shot like this every night, he would play more. He doesn't though, not really close to this at all. Tonight was gravy.

I don't think it really matters who starts and doesn't. Neither Jodie or Turner have shown the ability to play consistent basketball with either the first or especially the 2nd Unit this year.

Wonder if this is the largest win by any team to shoot only 5 free throws in a game, let alone only make 3 lol.

Hey tk you know anything about bulging disks in the neck and 'non surgical' solutions?

Amare is out for at least the next 2-4 weeks as he tries such a thing

Lin also out for tonights game

Bulging discs sometimes heal on there own without surgery, especially if you are not dead man walking old like Thorn. But it is not a very quick process.


Tom Moore on Mar 28 at 20:04

Celtics being old and knicks injuries don't hurt either :)

What the hell is wrong with the magic? How could dwight opt in

I would've thought initially it was because the magic weren't hitting their threes...but according to the box score they've hit 36%, which is about the same as the knicks (who have surprisingly shot more). I think the real problem here is they were playing soft, getting badly outrebounded, and getting Howard only seven touches...seven...while their point guard helps himself to 14 attempts.

"We're in the fire now. That's where we want to be." Collins shovels it with the best of 'em. Does he ever stop jawin'?

Celtics old - but proud and stubborn. Pierce, Allen & KG - given health, they put Sixers in shrink wrap in 6 or 7 gms. Rondo, better than any playmaker Sixers got.
Case of quality over quantity.

Sixers' playoff chances rely on connectivity, by golly, arranged by Doug's substitution "patterns."

I suppose you havent given much thought to looking at the Celtics schedule for the remainder of the season.

You mean like all those severe tests for Celtics against winning teams like tonight's victim, the Jazz?

They have a winning record on the road do they?

9 of 16 away, big whup. They'll pancake in a few games due to age. But it's 'big balls' time (with goal in sight); not in an Iguoudala wishful thinking, pantomime way but in a steady win-deliverence way. 'Green' is the bet.

Correction: "deliverance", for Jon Voight's sake.

Mr Bradley, I do enjoy Rhodes-cultivated vocabulary, buuuut the C's do have a tough row to hoe-3 games left vs Miami, one each with Chicago and San Antonio.

Tough to call the Sixers favorites to eke out the division when they find themselves even with the wily old veterans from Beantown with 16 games left, but hope springs eternal in the masochistic breast

The next week to ten days is really crucial, leading up to our final showdown with the Celtics on the road. Prior to that match, we go at Washington, home to Atlanta, at Toronto, at Miami, home to Orlando. Boston goes at Minny, home to Miami and San Antonio, at Chicago, at Indiana. Crucial that the Sixers go 3-2, at least-beating the patsy's, and taking one of two from Orlando/Atlanta at home. 4-1 would be optimal!Boston could easily go 1-4 in that stretch. Would be really nice to have a little cushion in the standing when we get to Boston.

The big win last Friday assured us one thing-tiebreak advantage, which is a cushion in and of itself

The big key coming down the stretch will be winng against bad teams on the road...we don't have a terribly difficult schedule down the stretch, but we do have a lot of road games

I have my heart set on the division but it will not be easy

Interesting read. You've hit on one key - bad teams on the road; gotta get those. But last month's quality of play doesn't confidently predict it. I could see 'em gettin' sucker punched by Wiz Fri as Nene Hilario often says no-no to Sixers. Team's rotation confusion doesn't help either imo. Boston win up there, Sun, Apr 8 - book it.

If there is one thing the Sixers have been consistently good at- it is beating bad teams. There are quite a few teams like the Sxiers that struggle against good teams but always beat the bad ones. Atl, Orl, Ind, Bos, Utah and Mem all are about .300-.350 against winners and .750 or better against losers. So the Sixers have a lot of company in that regard ( http://espn.go.com/nba/standings/_/type/expanded )

The Sixers are 17-4 against teams under .500 .

Compare that to
NY: 16-9
LAC: 12-9
DAL: 10-7

What makes the Sixers unique is how bad they are in "close games" versus how good they are if the margin is greater than 8 points. No one else has such a disparity.

Good numbers to consider, tk. But I think the urgency of season's end, the playoff jostling, changes some aspects, and prior results don't STRONGLY predict future performance. Just a view.

Just a view. Just a negative view against the sixers, so it's your view. Sixers suck. Right?

You're overheated. Go upstairs, brush your teeth and say your prayers.

The Sixers are fading, si who knows if they can keep up their winning ways against lesser foes.

Like I said the other day, I just want an entertaining end of the season. I know the team is in trouble big picture, but maybe they regain their footing with the easier schedule and at least make the next month an interesting one. there is plenty of tiem this summer to bemoan what the need to (and won't) do.

Sorry for the typo and the accidental Spanish interjection.

I am with you, tk. More than anything, I want them to get back to playing fun, winning basketball, give me some enjoyment over the next month and a little postseason excitement. I don't ask much

Igoudala's knee is very worrisome...it is essentially the same problem he had last year, but the other knee, am I right?I'm sure he'll battle through and play, but he was really negatively affected by his injury last year, particularly towards the end of the season and in the playoffs

I think if they get him some rest over the next few weeks he will be able to gut it out for the playoffs.

I just looked up the last few years (skipping EJ.) Basically this year the Sixers do exactly the same against teams .500 or better (lose 62%) but they are much better this year against teams under .500 (win 81% instead of about 63%.) That 81% is close to the best in the league.

I'm not sure exactly what winning more consistently against bad teams says about the team. Maybe that they still lack the talent to beat good teams, but are now more experienced and profession in that that they know how to take care of business against lesser teams without as many let downs. Maybe that they have sort of found there level?

I actually think it is an accomplishment to beat the teams that you are supposed to. Even if it is not really a natural stepping stone to bigger and better things. At very least it puts you in position to maximize your seeding and it suggests that their team has some degree of professionalism that other teams might lack.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 29 at 8:54

Winning more consistently against bad teams doesn't say much to me except that it's an abnormal, compressed, shortened season. Young legs, and opponents not being as familiar with each other due to lack of training camp and practice time, not to mention the league could use a bit of contraction explains it for me. I don't feel it lends itself to any sort of experience factor or more professionalism, I've just chalked it up to it's a wacky year ala 1999.

Maximizing your seeding can be a big mirage, as we all may reluctantly find out this year (hope not). This year will end up like the Eddie Jordan year for me, it's nothing more than an outlier.

2nd correction: EE-gwoo-doll-uh (any way you want to get there) :)

No I meant a stretch of tough games against actual good teams, multiple back-to-backs as well as a back-to-back-back all in the month of April. All in all, they have 15 games in 26 days...makes grumpy old men something something...

I can see why you favor that team, though. You seem to favor anything that might set you up for a potential argument against the sixers, whether it makes any kind of sense or not. To live and let troll...

Getting past your bedtime. Cheer up, tomorrow's a new day.

well let's see now...last I checked, one of us isn't a senile old man.

Ouch! Your shortage of marbles is undercompensated by gall. But you get the spirit award.

For the record, and please do write this down, the Sixers need to get to 35 wins to take the division. That's it. 7 more wins. No way Boston finishes better than 7-9, even if they beat the Sixers. The Knicks probably finish with 33 wins.

"No way" in a season of wild unpredictability? I say "way." Write that down.

I try to avoid making definitive proclamations on future sporting results as they are essentially unknowable...and one ends up leaving rather an embarrassing paper trail...Brian, I hope you're right but I'm not as confident as you are. I think you have to consider the possibility that intangibles wil break a crucial game or two away from the Sixers and towards the Celtics-those intangibles being the Sixers relative youth and inexperience, and their excruciating inability to finish close games...the Sixers do the Tighten Up so well, it's like they're auditioning to be Drells...and while I know the Celtics have a rough schedule, they do know how to win close games with snipers Pierce and Allen. Also, I wonder if to some extent their age vis a vis our youth may counterbalance as veterans know better how to conserve energy over the course of a long season?Youth doesn't necessarily=durability, is all I'm saying

Just playing devil's advocate a little bit...I will really be crushed if we can't pull out this division...but I'm certainly apprehensive at this point. Would like a couple games in hand

Yes, troll. Jotted.

Gdog reply to Jeff on Mar 29 at 16:00

3 team race for the division---All have some pretty tough schedules. Talent always wins out in the NBA....so we will see who has the most talent...

Jason M reply to Jeff on Mar 30 at 0:12

Honestly, do you ever contribute anything original? Your only comments on here are about how people are too negative or are trolls. Either say something or shut up.

Interesting how you dont have a Myn account so I dont have easy access to your past comments for the sake of criticism. i suggest you make one if you value "saying something or shutting up" on here.

Gdog reply to Jason M on Mar 30 at 13:50

that's what happens when kids get into their parents computers.

Speaking of people who contribute nothing to this blog/life...

Gdog reply to Jeff on Mar 30 at 16:29

home from school eh ? Let the posting begin.

Chances of you and Jason M being the same person...

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 10:39


I will be in DC tonight sitting behind the Sixers bench. Can I get a double digit win and no drama please ? I don't know why but this game concerns me. They can't let the Wizards hang around because they have had leads in these games that they have been losing and when a game is close late anything can happen. I suppose though that is the sign of a bad team always finding ways to eventually lose. Hopefully the Sixers can take care of business like they have been doing against these type of teams. Boy does John Wall make some real bad turnovers and crucial times of the game. Maybe this is the night the Sixers will stop Jordan Crawford's 20 pt a game streak. He has the longest such streak at 7 straight games currently with 20 or more points.

if you ever need to remind yourself what Sixers basketball means-and why we must take the division from the Celtics-watch Andrew Toney assassinate the C's... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpUaQY7Z5y4&list=UU-d_Ef7Bi_iX7ZPUyB4tMrA&index=34&feature=plpp_video

I liked the Beat LA chant at the end (although that took another season and Moses.)

Tom Moore on Mar 29 at 16:11

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