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I think the best course of action is to rest Iguodala tonight and have him ready to guard Joe Johnson tomorrow. None of the forwards on the Wizards should be of concern; they're not as big of a threat.

Josh Smith has been a beast lately. Brand should get extra rest tonight so his legs are more fresh for tomorrow.

Let's hope Lavoy and Vuce get some playing time tonight.

Get this win, and may the Knicks lose a tough, close battle against the Hawks tonight.

If Iguodala's ready to go, I'd like to see him in there tonight and tomorrow night. Don't want them trying to conserve anything at this point, need every win they can get, imo.

If this game is close late, it's going to be interesting to see which team is worse at closing out tight games. Washington has had a bunch of heartbreakers recently.

Dei Lynam is reporting Iggy is playing tonight. Said Doug didn't want to make it a game-time decision so that they'd know the line-up for the shoot around.

Hope he's back for good now. Rest in June.

You mean July, right ;)

Well, late June :)

arent the Olympics over the summer?

of course im assuming coach k values defense over offense

Even if he makes the team, which he should, not sure how much he's going to play. Though I'd love to see him getting minutes over Melo.

I'm getting caught up w/ the game capsules for the last three. Who did you guys have for player of the game in each?

CLE - Meeks
SAS - Brand
BOS - Brand

Sound about right?

I tend to have a hard time pick a P.O.G. in a loss. But it sounds about right.

Pretty hard to believe that the Sixers are essentially tied for the 7 seed right now (also tied for the 4 seed.) Crazy, eh?

Cartier Martin is back in WAS.

Fadool just said "a guy who's not limited is Spencer Hawes"...

Knicks hawks - are we rooting for the 'linless' knicks?

Tough call. I think I'm focused on the division. Probably rooting for the Hawks.

The way I look at it - the division is something the sixers can control down the stretch - they have a lot of division games - they need the hawks/magic/pacers to lose some games so the sixers can get home court...I'm going with rooting for the knicks.

i think thats 3 won tips for hawes in the last 3 games

good job jrue

Aaaand we're off...Hawes wins the tip. This game never ceases to amaze me.

Hawes turnover on the first play, Jrue gets it back with a sick defensive play.

Stop running offense through Hawes, please.

He can still pass the ball well

Ha nice play by Jrue to knock that one out...solid shot by EB too

EB x2.

Bleh. Jrue blows the layup, then coughs it up. Nice challenge, Spence. You're useless.

Who was that three second call on?

eb i think

Sissy running hook. How many inches does he have on Nene?

Spencer hook! Brian, he must know you're back!

Nice drive, AI9. More of that.

Keep going to EB. These guys can't guard him if that shot's falling.

Man, nice pass by AI9. That close to being a dunk. get a good look here.

4 turns. I assume Jrue is getting the hook in this timeout.

Sissy 20 footer. Ugh.

Fucking Hawes. Plays no D on Nene, then misses another sissy shot.

Wall misses teh layup, ET pulls down the board...and yet the answer to who would you rather take in that draft is STILL Derrick Favors, no?

Favors strikes me as a gentle soul, he would probably need a restraining order on Collins at this point

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:22

This is just pretty terrible. Time to sub.

Who's a more automatic 1/2 from the line, AI9 or Turner?

alley layup?

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:23

What. a. finish. Spencer.


Great play by Spencer Hawes? Fucking tipping in an oop? Jesus H.

Jrue got contact on that drive, no whistle.

Sissy 8-footer. No good.

Voose coming in on next whistle.

Jrue inside on Wall. Nice move. Used his body there, too.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:25

And Spencer Hawes has now turned into primary option, secondary option, closing option, on almost every possession. The sky is certainly starting to crack, if it's not falling already.

Just pitiful.

Hawes is 2/7. Brand is 3/3 and can't get a touch.

Anyone else think it's odd they let those fans just walk down the sideline during play?? I guess you don't tell the high rollers no...but it sure would be awesome to see one of them get bowled ...

Stupid turnover by AI9. Even if that pass is completed, Hawes isn't doing anything with it. Fuck me.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:28

You can't start Hawes and Turner together. just saying ... you can't b/c they both end up being a drag, Spencer dominating half-court possessions, ET standing, watching. They're most likely not a good match as a starting unit.

Either that, or he needs to change up the offensive philosophy.

Hopefully Spencer will be wearing another uniform next year. In the mean time, maybe hope for an injury.

Isn't it fun watching NBADL players abuse our "centers."

PHI 15, WAS 23 after one.

Shameful shit.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:32

Can Thorn or whoever try to pry Serafin from the Wiz for something? He could start over our garbage at that position

that quarter sucked

This is just pitiful. 9 shots for Hawes + Voose.

yeaaa that was pretty awful...can we have some Lavoy and Sam Young in this 2nd Q and hope they're not awfuL?

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:35

And Brian, it's really how they've looked at times during the last couple of games. so sorry on offense, just such a struggle to even get a good look, or if they get one nobody can knock it down consistently....

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:35

how they've looked = shameful shit

Nice interior D.

Meeks better still be hot.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:37

It'd be nice if somebody could get their shit together ....

Get Thad a look.

Alright, he needs to forget about having Jrue and Iguodala on the bench at the same time. And he needs to think seriously about cutting both Hawes and Voose.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 19:40

I'll call the Turk if you've got the number.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:39

Good defense there. Ugh Lou touched it??? aww

Lou is unraveling.

They seriously need to double Seraphin, huh?

...maybe we need to address teh paint, really Malik? Brian's been saying that since they traded SammyD!

This would probably be funny if I rooted for some other team.

down 16 to the wizards

ill let that sink in

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:41

Lou looks unusually ticked off at something. He appears very unpleasant. I don't know, just seemed like it ...

Looks like he just woke up, hair's a mess.

Go with Brand at the five, Thad at the four, or put Allen in. These guys are just pitiful.


Nice D, Jrue.

Give the fucking ball to Brand.

good pass jrue, eb to the line

Finally got the ball to EB, he's to the line to split a pair, most likely.

Nope, hit 'em both. Stops, please. Turner back in.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:46

Wish we had that kid...

Yeah, they got Seraphin for nothing, much like how the Sixers got Brackins.

The Sixers really need a tough player. Way to soft in the frontcourt.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:48

The Sixers look like none i've seen this season, not in the slightest.

Just in case anybody is watching the Wizards feed for this one...the message from the Sixers broadcast team could not be more crystal clear-DC has the team playing tight..."challenging the team during that timeout with a message they've been hearing repeatedly through practice yesterday, shootaround, and in the lockerroom"...the danger signs have been there...this may go down as the day Doug Collins officially outlived his usefulness...his substitutions are impulsive and vengeful and I fear his head may actually explode...

Broadcasting was the perfect gig for Paul Douglas Collins

Cartier Martin. F me.

Finally, Jrue gets to the line.

and front rim on the first...back rim on the second. Awesome.

of course he missed both

Jrue is playing like a winner...taking it upon himself to do SOMETHING and wake up his team...kid is a keeper

Oh hey way to not get the rebound, everybody who's out there...

Jesus. This is embarrassing. And here comes Hawes to make it worse.

What an uninspired effort.

Turner out after a 2 minute run, still no FG attempts.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:54

Boy, do these guys look swell.... just superb

Damn it - now i'm stucking thinking about a movie...which you may be quoting...someone says the word superb...and some other guy yells at him ' say it again' - he says 'superb' and he gets bitchslapped

Now I remember - Empire Records

1/4 from the line, now?

3/6. Forgot about Brand's.

Igoudala makes a play...

thus far, it has been fear and loathing at Verizon Center...dead men dribbling

At least they won't be tired tomorrow, on account of this sorry-ass effort.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 19:56

and I'm not ashamed to say this, but I expected this tonight, I really did, doesn't mean anything, cause someone else felt the same way too earlier today, but still... it's like you could see it coming from a mile away

TBF they did have a a tough game last night on the road...oh wait that was the the team that has zero to play for

I've asked it befoer...

How is such a soft team also such a good defensive team on the interior. Makes no sense to me.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 30 at 19:59

Cause they're willing to give up 20 ft'ers...

This is why all the road games vs non contenders down the stretch have given me the heebiejeebies every time I look at the schedule...the Wiz are loose as could be, having a ball...Cartier Martin has not a care in the world, meanwhile have the Sixers bench is on suicide watch and the coach is gonna need a straitjacket if this goes on much longer

Doug should retire the powder blue suit.

remove the phrase the powder blue suit and i'm thinking you're on the right track.

Nice D, Hawes.

Let's get more shots for Hawes. that usually ends well.

Court_visioN on Mar 30 at 20:00

jesus, can hawes be MORE useless?

wait, don't answer that.

Hawes just allowed himself to get pushed right under the hoop on that Wall drive. Unfucking real.

At least Lou has a pulse.

I'd love it if Hawes just kept walking right past the bench to the lockerroom.

eddies' heady's's reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:05

It's mean, but I wish he'd never wear the uniform ever again. Take it off right now after going to the locker room. I mean it too, sorry.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:03

I'm leaving it to you guys tonight on the hawes clowning, it's been this way for far too long, games, mostly since he came back.

PHI 36, WAS 55 at the half.

Not much to say. They should be ashamed of themselves.

19 points

doug better rip them good in the locker room

He should probably rip himself as well. Hawes and Voose were both beyond pitiful. Give their minutes to Battie and Allen and this game is a lot closer right now.

Da Jruth on Mar 30 at 20:07

I would have loved to enjoy the beautiful daylight-savings time evening. Outside, not viewing this filth.

The advantages of recording the game cause you're still at work (and hell you have to work late on friday because of end of quarter, dr oz tv appearances, and the like) is that it seems like I can just erase it when i get home and spare myself the misery

When WAS shot that pair of FTs in the last minute, the entire time they were standing at the line waiting you could hear a constant bleatings from Collins over the CSN broadcast, sounded like a hacksaw...poor players must be wondering where Latrell Spreewell is when you need him

Honestly Collins should salvage some dignity and resign right now, McKie can coach the 2nd half and the rest of the season and we have a puncher's chance at the division...being real, this is a disgraceful display from Collin....thirty years later and he is less mature then he was in Chicago...I don't think he is suitable to lead young men...he is a poor role model a nut and an incompetent

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 20:11

Is this hyperbole? Agenda? Or actual?

Resign? Is it bad as you say?

it is hyperbole BUT it is actually bad. He does not look like a well man, quite honestly. It seems crystal clear to me watching this that the team is not responding, and rather than try another tack, Collins is racheting up the madness because he knows no other way to be...I do truly believe McKie for the rest of the year would lead to better results

I could be totally offbase, the qualifyer as always

and you could hear him yelling throughout that FT sequence and it was a very unpleasant sound....the color commentary from me is hyperbolic because I am pissed...but I am being sincere when I say I don't think Collins is an effective coach moving forward...he does not have the psychological makeup...maybe with a veteran team, but then he couldn't make them do suicides for turnovers...the Philly media is all over DC's jock and I bought in last yr but my unease has grown throughout the year. The Turner situation perplexed and disturbed me

Fundamentally, he reacts in am impulsive, emotional manner...the only decent thing about the team is its defense, which HE DOESN'T COACH...I could have set up better 4th quarter offense for this team all year, and that was before the heavy burnout. I think he must constantly compare his players unfavorably to himself as a player

He is charismatic. He was a great broadcaster and very likable. What in his record points to any particular skill as a head coach?What in his record points to possessing the psychological makeup of a coach and a teacher?

His durability as a coach is due solely to his broadcasting career...he is a talented self promoter. I'm sure he is a lovely man, in all seriousness, but he should learn his limitations...this is the fourth team, same show

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 20:31

I disagree. As I've frequently said, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit. that's it. how would you like to be the staff with this group? really?

Look at the totality of his career!He had Jordan and turned him into chicken sh!t

I know you aren't an ET believer but can't you see that he's been coached within an inch of his life?Looks like DC maybe had a deathbed conversion at half...or maybe he sat in a quiet room and waited for the valium to kick in while McKie talked...but Sixers arent as tight here in the 2nd...ET particularly looks like he said f it I'm gonna play my game-and suddenly he looks like the most talented offensive player on the team again, just like he did when Collins ran offense through him for 3 games right before the deadline, 3 games during which Turner looked like the star he was as National Player of the Year and Sixers had a dangerous offense for the first time in DC's tenure...then DC just stopped running that offense for no discernible reason. Since then they can barely get to 80!

I don't have an agenda with Turner...coming into this year, I didn't know what to make of him...I am just reacting to what I've seen and it is irrational coaching in my view. I'm sure Turner is a a handful, he is a brash, cocky kid, to a fault...Collins can't handle it because COLLINS IS IMMATURE

Media folk...the same media folk that have been fellating Collins for two years...kick up grumblings about Turner's mental health...hmmm...pot kettle black

When the whole "DC hates Turner" and Turner/Meeks things were going on here early in the season, I didn't have a dog in the fight...I come by these views through honest observation, not as part of some longstanding internet agenda, is all I'm saying

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 20:52

I know nothing of internet agendas. That's just stupid, it's an everyday ongoing thing. Just basketball, and a season. come on... just opining

oh, I wasn't accusing you of having an agenda...we're having an honest disagreement here...seems like there are some posters who have beenbeen bringing upo ET's lack of playing time in every post since he got to Philly and I was just explaining that I wasn't one of those posters and had no preconceived notions...sorry for misunderstanding...my anger is at Collins right now, not you my friend!

As for chicken sh/chicken salad...his team has success early with balanced offense, ball movement, that was their game and that was how they maximized their potential. I would give Doug credit, EXCCEPT, his reaction to this early success was to ABANDON BALL MOVEMENT in every close game and have four guys stand around while Lou dribbled like an Iverson with his HEAD CUT OFF for 20 seconds...

why?because in ONE GAME against the Lakers, Lou went off and they won. That didn't happen because Lou is a "closer" or a "4th quarter guy" it happened because he is a streaky scorer who got hot at the right time and going against Kobe and was unconscious...this was not a result that a rational person would expect to predict future results...this was a one off

Collins murdered the team this year because he ground the offense to a halt in a succession of big games...a once promissing season became a letdown once this coaching incompetence caused them to take on the identity of a team that loses close games at historic rates and couldn't win a big game

All because Doug Collins-whose only job is coaching the offense-chose, at the time of the game when it's most important for the coach to lay out the x's and o's, LAID OUT THE WRONG X'S AND O'S NOT ONCE BUT OVER AND OVER. Chicken salad of ball movement and selflessness was transformed by his hand into the chicken sh of Lou hero ball...because Lou "reminds me of me"

HE isn't responsible for the defense...he murders the offense down the stretch in close games...he is incapable of drawing up a play out of timeout to produce an open look...he gets into ego struggles with his 22yr old potential star to the detriment of the team...

what does he do that is GOOD?please tell me

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 20:57

you win. talk about an agenda.....

sorry, thought "wanting the Sixers to be good" was the shared agenda on this lil wensite...that's all I care about...and it just gets clearer everytime I watch what the problem is

So you absolve Collins for the issues with this team? Cause I don't - he's the one deciding who plays and doesn't?

can you read?I've spent the last 45 minutes spewing all manner of venom at Collins

have tickets tomorrow night, might dress up as a ghost in an MJ jersey, the ghost of nervous breakdowns past, with a fire collins sign...

Philadelphia 76ers:

Passionate, intense, proud... SOFT?

Think soft should go first.

Free Charmin Night? That could be worse than free bat night.


Has Adam Aron cut down on the tweets recently?

Brian, sorry, not the best night to avoid being negative. After a month of being "relevant" returning to the perenial 7th seed leads to a lot of pent up resentment. And a game like this...

Nothing to be positive about so far. Pitiful is the only word that comes to mind. And the tweets this joker from the inquirer posts make me want to punch a hole in the wall.

I think this last month has been useful. It has told us a lot about what the Sixers have and what they need. And ET has gotten minutes, so people can no longer say that the savior is on the bench.

I think the meme is that he isn't handling the ball enough now, even though he's getting the minutes. Basically, he won't save us unless he's the only useful player on the squad.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:27


I did mean that at a shot at ET. More that there was this sense that the Sixers had this huge star that would be unleashed and the team would be elevated... or at least it looked that way after a couple of games.

60+ points in the second half. I'm calling it.

Hawes maxed out about 2 feet below that pass. Good thing he blew the dunk.

Nice challenge, Hawes.

Nice pass by Hawes. So each good pass makes up for one pitiful defensive play? If that's the ratio, he needs to have like 15 assists/game to be neutral player.

Turner moved without the ball! Twice!

Turner again. Stops, please.

lets leave nene wide open and hope he misses just to give up an offensive rebound- hawes' thinking

Seraphin started the second half, huh?

Hawes w/ an accidental o-board/putback.

yea booker got hurt

That foul was the most productive thing Hawes has done on the defensive end all night.

Especially since each one gets him 1/6 of the way closer to fouling out.

Come on, Turner. Need you here.

welp ET if you're going to take over this game and make it interesting, you might as well start now...

To take over a game one must be a much better shooter than Evan Turner is

How about you challenge a shot, there, Spencer?

I don't know how you stop the bleeding when you have a complete zero on the floor, and the other team (a) knows it and (b) continues to attack it.

In fairness to Spencer, he's more of a "double-zero".

You staunch the source of the bleeding - tie a tourniquet - trip him on the way back to the bench when you pull him immediately

The hell with this. I'm going to watch some porn

can i nominate this for comment of the thread?


If you insist on leaving Hawes in the game, Jrue has to go double Nene on the catch every single time. Then you hope the shot they wind up with is a Wall jumper. You can do the same with Singleton.

Tony Battie will surely save us

Just lace em upand get out there yourself Doug, you know you wanna

retracting the sarcasm on Battie as soon as I can here, his entry has sparked something

johnrosz on Mar 30 at 20:30

wtf took so long to go to Battie?

Anyone else breath a huge sigh of relief when they saw Battie come in?

Yes, like I did last time he came into a game
I don't care how old he is - he's the only hope this team has - ride him until he breaks

Every run gets killed by an o-board.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:33

Bad thing is, Battie is the better option I'd prefer to see out there, but he can't even roll to the hoop like on that play where he floated out for the Dre pass and gladly took the missed J.

Man, why didn't Turner double hard there instead of just watching the play?

Man, they just showed the replay of this. His man is the one that cut through the lane and got the hoop anyway. He just stood there in no-man's land, didn't bother Nene and didn't keep his eye on his man. Terrible.

stonedeightytoo reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:40

the philly feed, cos i walked away ?

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:36

Lou jumper, he doesn't even want to probe and use the dribble.

That was a walk before the clothesline.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:37

These guys are ... i'll let you guys finish it...


How about some Battie-Lavoy-Thad, go big and hope something happens?

Doug Collins has no clue how to fix this offense

Or maybe doug collins doesn't have enough talent to fix this offense? There's some pretty big gaping holes in this offnse that need to be fixed

Thats true but he has the talent to fix the amount of jumpshots that this team takes.

since they mostly all suck at finishing at the basket, not sure what good that would do.

Thad, Turner, Lou, Jrue and S. young are pretty good at the rim. Iggy and Brand to a lesser extent.

and since he doesn't run the defense, one has to wonder what it is that doug collins does...oh, right, he murders the franchise for oh, 8 more months, skips town and lands a multimillion dollar tv deal-i forgot!

Lou had a lane to drive there, pulled up from 22 instead.

Lou jacking up bad shots will not get us back in the game

MORE JAMIE MOY...er, Tony Battie for the rest of the damn season please!!

Battie w/ the perfect box out and Turner doesn't go get the ball. Ugly.

nooooo Cartier??

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 20:42

Did these guys stay in DC last night or Philly? does anyone really know?

I think they stayed in Dc last night

PHI 62, WAS 79 after 3.

Cut 2 points off the lead. Pat yourselves on the back, fellas.

Cartier Martin unconscious.

Thad wants it. Anyone else?

Cartier Martin, apparently.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 20:52

Turner seemed like it, I don't know

He had two defensive brainfarts that resulted in dunks or layups in that stretch where he was scoring.

...so you're not going to use Lavoy at all Doug?

Lavoy is not good - Nik is not Good - Spencer is not good

There is no answer among those three players

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 30 at 20:54

I vote for Lavoy, he would at least boxout and always seem to get his hands on the ball, and tip it.

Man, Lavoy must have been playing soft post defense, feathering passes to the other team, taking 15-foor jump hooks after getting pushed out from under the basket, giving pointless and-one fouls after arriving late as the help defender, choking on wide open jump shots, and failing to get a hand up even after having three face-up shots in a row dropped on him, and getting boxed out or failing to box out on every vaguely contested rebound close to him...or something like that.

Heh. You're right. He couldn't be any worse than what we've seen from Hawes and Voose.

Nice shot, Wall.

So when they re-sign Hawes, is the word from the team going to be that he was never really healthy after coming back? That's my guess.

If they re-sign hawes the new owners are just as stupid as the old owners

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 21:00

Stop it.

Nice shot, Wall.

They gave up. No hustle after loose ball, just taking the first jumper that avails itself.

Two great shots, Jodie

Didn't like that long two by Turner by I'll take the points

Turned down the wide open 3 in favor of the 22 footer.

JH reply to tk76 on Mar 30 at 21:24

2 points better than no points, a man must know his limitations =)

This typically drives me nuts, in that case, I didn't really care. Thought he'd miss either shot.

Come the fuck on. Get the god damned rebounds.

Really, you guys let Vesely out rebound and Cartier Martni outshoot you??

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:01

4 3's for Martin? heh typical....

Nice move, Lou.

3 on 1 and that's what you get? A charity call sending Sam Young to the line.

Lavoy Allen sighting

Voose and Allen. White flag city by Collins.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:03

There's Lavoy, he got in last game I think? Hi!

Nice shot, Voose. Glad they got you back in there.

that's your ball game, folks

Nice shot, Wall.

so this means they will inexplicably win tomorrow night huh?

Da Jruth on Mar 30 at 21:06

Well, your feelings and take have been sorely missed, what do you see the skies as?

I should've stayed on vacation.

Your 76ers
2007/8: 7 seed
2008/9: 6 seed
2010/11:7 seed
2011/12: 7 seed

35 wins still does it, but not sure they'll get there after this mess.

The same place they have been since 2003?

35 would be above .500. I guess that's technically an improvement. But they've limped into the playoffs each year they made it anyway, so no different.

Hello #7 seed

Lavoy hits the shot Hawes and Voose missed about 15 times tonight, just to rub some salt in it.

welp these guys eanred all of the bitching they're about to get from DC...but wasn't that Nene guy available at the trade deadline?


And the nuggets got more talent than the sixers have to offer, and a nice trade exception the sixers didn't have to offer.

Plus he just signed a 50 million dollar contract and denver was looking to dump him months later...does that bode well for long term performance?

PHI 76, WAS 97 Final.

I don't think anyone really needs a wrap on this one. I'll spend the night getting the game capsules caught up. ATL tomorrow.

I think official team Twitter accounts should be disabled on nights when you get blown out by the Wizards.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 0:58

After every loss I get pissed seeing all the tweets.

Worst lose of the season

loss, not lose, and yes, it clearly was.

Not for nothin', but John Wall's IQ + Jordan Crawford's IQ has to be less than 100.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:13

Utter disgrace. Looking at Vesely and the other kid, what a luxury WAS has, and that's ignoring Nene. This game was blah. But there's dissension, somewhere.

Where? I'm not that sure we can say, but I'm damn glad it's happening, maybe it'll wake the owners up and not just be happy with the increased ticket sales.

the coach for reasons unknown refuses to allow the dominant offensive talent on the team to assert himself in the offense AT ALL. that is the dissension. The team knows it-they were loving it for those three games. They looked happier as a group in those games than at any other point in the year. These guys want to win

Since Collins inexplicably shut ET down it is difficult to pretend he is a good coach and his behavior is truly...puzzling

ET wanted to take charge of that disaster tonight...he was trying to do it even with 4 minutes left when he was REINSERTERD INTO THE GAME TO ATTEMPT HIS FIRST FG SINCE COMING OUT OF THE ROOM ON A MISSION AND KNOCKING IN 8 POINTS IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE

someone explain the wisdom of Doug Collins management of his talent

Dominant offensive talent... based on college?

Name a quality wing ET excelled against while at OSU?

ET is a potentially good talent. But the only dominant part of his game is getting rebounds from the SG position.

And I wanted them to draft ET. But it was a weak draft- that was clear prior to the draft.

OMFG HE IS NOT A WING!!!!!!!!!!!!

how obtuse can you be?He is a mfing POINT GUARD!He is the 1, Jrue is the 2, and that's a backcourt foundation for a decade of exciting Sixer basketball
The whole beauty of Turner is that he is a point guard in a wing's body. He struggles against defenders that are bigger than him, but he is bigger than most every guard in the league

Let me break it down

Turner's dominant offensive talent is initiating offense(you know...like a point guard)

"Dominant" based on his demonstrated ability to initiate an NBA offense when given the opportunity

But we better stick with Jrue, who has basically been playing 2guard all year ANYWAY, because that makes sense

Jrue was thrilled when Turner was being used properly for that brief hallucinatory moment...Turner/Holiday is the future of Sixers basketball, hopefully...it is malpractice not to get them started and see what develops

It will be great if you are right.

Look, Turner wanted to put the team on his back in the 2nd half...came out and made four quick buckets...is the one guy who has demonstrated the ability to take this offense to another level...and the Coach ignored him the rest of the half...next FGA came with the 5 min left and the game out of reach...he made it...he continued to try though...did everyone see him just hit Vucevic with an entry pass then quickly hit an open lane to the basket?he expected the ball back and would have had a GIMME layup...but NIK FING VUCEVIC ignored him and shot a 10 footer that i think somehow hit the bottom of the rim

Evan Turner is the most talented player on this team. This should have been Evan Turner's team for the past month...the offense was a force to be reckoned with when it was Evan Turner's offense...when it's Doug Collin's offense it struggles to score 80 points

A coach who refuses to hand ET the keys to the offense at this point is perpetrating a fraud upon the people like me who pay to go to the games

If someone can explain to me how Collins' aversion to Turner is not pathological in nature, stubborn, immature, wrongheaded, and LOSING, well, I'm all ears

Give Evan Turner the mf'ing BALL tomorrow night and let him create the offense...I don't know how anyone can argue against this with a straight face...give him the ball and tell him he is gonna be the creator for the rest of the year and you want him to go get you a goddam division title!Think Turner won't respond?you must not be observing this kid

If I am Rod Thorn I call DC right now and ORDER him to do this, tell him if he won't then surely someone on his staff will...

oh wait, Collins marginalized Rod Thorn with the new ownership group so there is no one to hold him accountable...because that is Paul Douglas Collins' enduring talent, the machinations of self promotion and preservation. He is a narcissist and he wears no clothes

Turner hit three shots, I believe, in the third. Maybe it was four. Then he fell asleep BADLY on defense twice, giving back two of the hoops, then he airballed a jumper. He was as useless as everyone else tonight, and no one was holding him back.

It was four. And the airballed jumper was the only shot he missed all night


I am sorry to yell Brian. It's an upsetting night. But I can't understand how you don't see this

We've heard of coach killers?Collins is a star killer

He didn't exactly kill Jordan, Grant Hill or Pippen.

Turner had a nice little run tonight, no better than a little run Lou had, nor a little run Thad had, nor a little run Brand had. Turner then shat the bed on the defensive end.

This was a bad game, but Turner is nowhere near a star, I'm sorry to break it to you. Those three or four games were an aberration.

Pippen flourished as soon as he saw doug's rear end hit the horizon and you know it

Jordan scored 37 a game but the team was losing and dysfunctional...Jordan never respected Collins because Collins knew Jordan was the ultimate holder of the power in that situation and Collins instincts are for self preservation and Jordan thought him a chump


Have you ever read the Jordan Rules?Or the Halberstam book on Jordan?

What did Collins make of Grant Hill that Grant Hill wasn't before he got there?

The difference is that Hill and Jordan were established in the league without Collins. Turner was the #2 pick that Collins never wanted so it's an ego clash.

WEAK, Brian

"team was losing" is shorthand that doesn't make sense...should say something like "team had hit a wall"...Collins had the transcendent talent in the history of the game...a situation which is a COACH'S dream...and he walked away with nothing to show but his 19th nervous breakdown!

"Turner had a nice little run tonight, no better than a little run Lou had, nor a little run Thad had, nor a little run Brand had. Turner then shat the bed on the defensive end."

Brian, you really are missing the forest for the trees. I don't know why you are so invested in denying that your team has a potential star(notice, I say potential) whose potential is currently unrealized because he is fundamentally being misused...

It's like if you started Shaq and two guard and said oh yeah, Shaq had a nice run crashing the glass but he shat the bed on those 18 footers, no different from every other shlub...

(and DUH, ET is no Shaq, and never will be...but see the point?)

further, Turner's little run at the beginning of the half was emblematic to me because I saw him itching to take over the game...but the way Evan Turner the basketball player that you, Brian, saw as a 20ppg guy on draft night is in INITIATING OFFENSE, creating...he is leaps and BOUNDS the most creative offensive player on this team, it isn;t close...Turner can't change a game playing off the ball, period, end of story. it's been amply demonstrated.

Turner has only been used on the ball and asked to be the creator and the engine for on stretch of games. Small sample size, of course, we don't know what would happen over 82, sure...but that stretch where he was used the way he was used in college that led our favorite team to use the second pick in the draft on him-he was getting 20, 10 and 5, the team was shooting over 50% and getting 100+ a game and 25 FTA

Brilliant success in a small sample size, then he was relegated to the same role that sets him up to fail-and left in the starting lineup to boot, so his struggles in aa role which shackles his ample talent are even more evident

It's tiresome repeating this but no one will acknowledge that this is what has happened OR explain why preventing Turner from initiating the offense to the tune of 100 ppg is not preferable to um...Spencer Hawes, I guess? initiaiting the offense and scoring 78ppg!

Doug's favorite guys on the roster are Hawes, Meeks, and Lou Will.
An insult to 7fters, a lovable no talent hard work guy who dives for loose balls, and a poor man's Monta Ellis

stonedeightytoo reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 21:20

you're funny as shit

trying to keep it lively, thanks. have to find my satisfaction somewhere, even if its in taking to the internet to defame the mentally diseased 65 year old who is murdering my basketball team

I'm done with DC. I completely agree with mymanjrue. I've been in a similar situation as ET. With the ball in his hands he looked so aggressive, now he's back to walking around the court moving from A to B because good old DC made a play through Spencer so ET has to clear the wing. There's nothing worse than being forced to play a way you hate and suck at and watch the team fail miserably when you do while you've proved everyone wrong in the 3 game stretch you were given the chance to do your thing.

thsnks. my heart really does break for ET. he should OWN basketball fans in this town...instead, according to the guy who sits next to me at games, there was a minor sports radio hubbub last Friday about the kid-but the subject was whether or not he is clinically bipolar. A serious discussion, unnamed sources and everything apparently. It is really wrong

let me tell you though, the real fans that go to games are with me. Went to the Celtics game last Friday...chatting with the dude next to me on the subway, bitching about Lou Williams, he says well their real problem is their star point guard is standing on the wing watching...it came up with two guys in my row, which is all partial season ticketholders, as well

this is an organic thing of basketball fans trusting their eyes, because the media in town is in the tank for Doug. think zumoff is itching to go rogue, though

L. A. Steve reply to mymanjrue on Mar 31 at 13:08

So that's it! A couple of weeks ago Stan Hochman wrote a piece in the Daily News stating that ET had some illness that caused him to play poorly. Although he knew what the illness was he refused to identify it, due to its sensitive nature. It must be this bipolar thing, don't you think?

I don't believe it. A serious condition like that wouldn't go undocumented on his medical records, I don't believe Management would take a chance on a player with that medical condition, especially, with the 2nd pick in the draft. Both Evan and Management refuted the claim.

L. A. Steve reply to mymanjrue on Mar 31 at 6:51

I think it all revolves around Collins' ego. Doug fell in love with Jrue Holiday soon after he got here. Then he proceeded to announce to the world that Jrue would be a top 5 point guard within a couple years. Well, needless to say, that hasn't come to fruition, but Doug isn't backing off. He's still out there pushing his man all the way. Currently, there's an article on ComcastSportsNet stating what a great job Jrue is doing, and this great bond they have, and how great he's growing into the point guard position, the whole article is unreal. Can you believe the propaganda? What a joke. In my opinion, he isn't even playing the point. In fact, he doesn't appear to have the aptitude or desire to play the position.

This is the same action we've seen for years with Andre Iguodala. Management, via the media, always telling us how great the guy is. Unfortunately,(for them), it's an impossible sell because we get to see the games and we know what he's all about.

seriously, if you watched a sixers game in a vacuum, knowing nothing of the personnel...you would think wow, they need a point guard, would you not?

i like jrue, i think he is a good kid, love his defense, and really do think he could flourish at the offguard next to turner...i think it is what jrue wants based on his body language and excitement in interviews during that gd 3gm stretch...would be a backcourt with a lot of size and shutdown defensive potential that could come at you in different ways on offense based on the opponent...jrue would be a plus passer at the 2...it just feels right. they could develop together. i mean...

the truly baffling thing about dc vis a vis jrue is...if doug is going to forsake a special talent because he "believes in jrue"...why has he coached jrue to play point like a 2guard?all collins ever says is "he needs to look for his shot"...his ast numbers are way down because collins has coached him to deemphasize passing, quite obviously(jrue plainly take coach's direction well)...he is managing my basketball team in a really deranged fashion...the guy is not right

As for DC's ego...after the win over Boston, Doug gets to the podium and he is bawling...proceeds to relate that his daughter had overheard his grandson praying for granddad to get his 400th win tonight...didn't mention the fact that his freefalling team had delivered on a mustwin to salvage the division lead because that's really not important. It was sick. i guess it's an achievement to get 400wins without ever cultivating talent or moving a franchise forward, though...

If Collins was favoring Jrue so much as his PG of the future, he'd probably let him actually play the point once in a while.

To be honest, the most frustrating thing I see from Collins is the fact that he has a guy who has the aptitude for the position, and has proven he can play it at this level, but he's being turned into an inefficient combo guard.

I'd much prefer he give Jrue the keys to run the team, and live with a few more turnovers, than give the keys to Turner to get his and maybe set some other guys up once in a while when he's actually showed he's capable of carrying the scoring in about 4% of the games he's played.

JH reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 14:16

Maybe he showed he can carry an offense only 4% of the games he did play but those 4% was the only time they used him like he played in college with the ball in his hands and creating for him and for others. Keep ET playing off the ball and on spot up shooting is not going into his strengths. I dont think ET could be a focal point of an O like Durant type of talent, but a good 2nd option like all of top talent on this roster.
We need more talent or from draft or from free agency or from trades, until more talent is assembled, they should play the youngs and developt. Keep playing this veterans is a road to nowhere or as you know it, first round early exits or be a 13 or 15 pick on draft. Please fire Lou ! Fire Hawes ! Fire Collins !

L. A. Steve reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 14:23

Brian, Jrue has the ball in his hands, he can do whatever he wants. I'm pretty positive Collins wouldn't get too upset with him making an astute PG play. If he wanted to drive-an-kick, he could; if he wanted to pass up a 22 foot J, in order to swing the ball for a better look, he could. Occasionally, he does these things but not nearly often enough. I recall a play a couple of games back which exemplified this non PG mentality that he displays too often. Jrue forced a TO and started a 2-on-1 fastbreak. He was on the left side of the court and ET was on the right, they were running parallel with each other. Somewhere around the foul line the defender commits to Jrue. Instead of passing the ball to Turner for an easy layup, he shoots a left-handed running hook layup that is tightly defended. Fortunately, it went in, but it is not the play a point guard would make.

As far as what Doug wants from Jrue, who knows? He says he wants him to shoot, he says he wants him to be a 1. I don't know what he wants, but based on his apparent love of Jrue, (see ComcastSportsNet article), he may be trying cover for his slow PG development and relieve some of the criticism.

The only consistent, public message from Collins to Jrue has been to score more. I've seen a direct reflection of that in his play, basically since the statement was made (I believe it was a game against Cleveland). Essentially, he was told to play more like Lou (it's hard to turn the ball over when you shoot it).

But that shift was really the second move, by Collins, away from Jrue being the PG. The first was last year when he said he wanted AI9 to play more point-forward.

say what you want about the wizards but i would take their frontcourt over ours any day of the week,with nene,vesley and seraphin they have some good potential.oh well hopefully we can get someone in fa.

Who do I cheer for--the Bucks?--if I'm a fan who desires a lottery pick more than pipe dreams and playoff ass-kickings?

Lottery pick isn't going to happen. Not this year. Even if they did lose the rest of their games, they'd still wind up with like no better than #13 in the draft.

Well - technically - the first 14 picks are 'lottery picks' as those are the teams in the lottery

Yeah, my comment was two separate thoughts.

At this point I'd rather have the 13th pick, cause, well, losing in the first round is inevitable whereas there's a chance (yes, i know it's dumb and dumber kind of chance) for some dumb ass luck come lottery night :)

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 30 at 21:39

I would sincerely accept the 13th pick in this draft. With open arms. 5t'd be better than the suddenly apparent.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:46

whoops - It'd

Can they draft Calipari?

don't think they're gonna grab the foundational post threat they need to go with the Turner/Holiday backcourt at 13 so I'd rather see them make use of the guy drafted #2 and have some success

If this collapse continues unabated it could have devastating psychological effects on some of the Sixers players...notTurner/Holiday, they are young enough, but a guy like Thad who has been valiant every night and probably bought in to the idea that times were changing after last year's positive feeling and the hot start this year?Would be crushinig

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 21:59

Such hyperbole. I truly wish you well.

i am trafficking in hyperbole tonight because this game put me round the bend and i don't understand why this community of rabid Sixers fans has collective amnesia about Evan Turner's brief but wildly successful stewardship of the offense. i feel like where is the outrage?are we not sentient basketball fans?

was kidding bout the road of bones though...self parody, yknow

eddies' heady's reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 22:23

How can 120+ games of evidence so far equal amnesia?

You're banking your ideology on such a small sample of games, but most importantly it displays the narrowing nature of his game. He's really a limited player, pigeon-hole, for sure.

EH...can you not recognize the VERRRRRY CRUCIAL difference between the 3 games where Evan Turner was used as the point guard and offensive initiator, creator, facilitator-and the other 120 games where he was used off the ball and looks lost ineffective and unable to find a rhythm, a nonfactor?

Wouldn't it make sense to say-"gee. This kid is a mess off the ball. But damn, those three games where we played him at point and let him run the offense he looked like a completely different player, and our whole offense looked like a different and improved unit, and he put up stats similar to those he put up as a college star point guard-and gee, we don't have an effective "captain on offense", there's no leader and no cohesion and we struggle to put up points....maybe we should let Evan Turner run the offense??"

WHY NOT?I'm not guaranteeing that he will be a star. But evidence suggests that he very well might. To say he sucks as a 2/3 off the ball so therefore his success-in admittedly small sample-at the 1, on the ball, is illegitimate is just totally irrational

stonedeightytoo reply to mymanjrue on Mar 30 at 22:31

So Evan Turner being "wildly" successful as a "steward", what for 3 games? And probably that many total last year, then suddenly he's the man?

Basically,...Evan Turner is a star, or you're not sentient?

work on reading co9mprehension. I emphasized "potential" star. he wasn't mildly successful-20-25 pts, 9-14 boards, over 50% shooting individually and 100ppg, 50+% shooting, and 25FTA for the team. He was WILDLY successful running the offense for those three games. The only games he's ever been asked to run the offense

"Evan Turner is a star or you're not sentient"?Of course not. If you pay attention, I'm actually NOT a buffoon. Try this

The wildly successsful experiment of ET as the offensive focal point shouldn't have been summarily abandoned in favor of a the ineffective hodgepodge we've seen since which is based on feeding the ball through Hawes in the high post as much as it is based on anything, as far as I can tell, or you aren't sentient

Care to respond to my actual points?

I don't talk out of my ass and I don't have an opinion on every issue just for the sake of having an opinion...this issue has been the most baffling Sixers subplot as the year has developed...when Turner played 40mins and ran point for those three f'ing games, I finally understood why he was second pick in the draft...U was EXCITED, not just cautiously hopeful, about the Sixers for the first time in years. Then they just stopped letting him do that, for no rhyme or reason, to awful results...those were the only three games since 20-9 where the Sixers looked like a legit playoff team...then *poof*m the guy responsible got effectively neutered

I pondered and wondered and thought won't don I get for a few weeks. Watch that absolute slop tonight-and it has been SLOP since Hawes got back...and realized that Collins is just wrong. He chose to rely on SPENCER FING HAWES stationed in the highpost as the conduit for our offense, rather than that kid whowas in the midst of a monumentally impressive coming out party, sparking real interest and excitement, making dear Jimmy Lynam come in his pants on postgame live-and Doug Collins though oooh Big Spence is back, let's shut that crap down and make a run at establishing the most ineffective offense in the league, an offense so inartful as to be actively antagonistic

It really pisses me off!I invest time, money and heart with this team and the coach is cheating me and all of you. We should be in revolt. He should be loudly booed tomorrow night. I know this in my bones, I am right about this I reallllly think. certainly no one has pointed out what I have wrong. i've been around this site, over a year and I don't argue and bicker because I don't fight about $hit unless I have the courage of my convictions. that's what seperates us from the animals, or GoSixers(who strikes me as someone who went to law school cause he loved to win petty arguments, ended up in mergers and acquisitions, and has to pursue his true passion on the internet but i digress). so...i am out for the night, my point is made, made & made some more...i'd love to counterpoints that make me think tomorrow. i'm not gonna argue with sensible points for the sake of arguing. we'll see what happens with the team, I'll be in 207 tomorrow night. will be unarmed, hand to god.

Plus, it's a lot easier to move from 13th to 8th than it is 18th to 8th.

hey Derek, do you have your scouting report on Turner from 2010 handy?it would be interesting to read it and consider the talents advertised and whether the role Doug Collins insists he play offers any opportunity to utilize any of them except his plus-drebounding

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 30 at 23:17

It really does pain me to say that, but it's becoming more evident that's obviously the truth. A higher pick in this one wouldn't be such a bad thing.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:50

Wish NYK, and DAL, and MIN come back and win their games.

eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:55

Willie G oh how I miss you when I watch Evan Turner. sorry... duckin'

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 30 at 21:57

but missing you was definitely in moderation though

THE VILLAIN WILL MARCH ON A ROAD OF BONES, and every knee shall bow

Willie G kicking ass at ATLxNY game

bebopdeluxe reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 31 at 0:44

What a waste of time reading your posts.

Truly sad.

I know he is a bum and all... but Hickson finally had a nice game.

I'd seriously take anyone else on this roster at the 4/5 right now. I love Thad, keep him. Every other slot, though, roll the fucking dice. Could it possibly get worse?

They could re-sign Hawes and draft another Ball Friendly big this summer.

Sorry, you asked :)

Anyhow, I'm doubting they amnesty Brand. Why would they, it does not actually save the franchise any money. It just allows them to spend more money on another player without going over the tax. But will they find another big to sign who is an upgrade from Brand? Or enough of an upgrade to be worth them paying more?

My guess is that they say they want to keep his "veteran leadership" around and then if things don't go well they buy him out at the deadline and let him go play for a contender.

My final feelings on Brand will probably depend on how the season goes from here out, and especially in the playoffs. If they wind up the #7 seed and lose in 5 games again, then cut ties and make some drastic moves, even if they don't seem like positive moves. Just create the flexibility. If you have that kind of result again, then you just can't justify keeping it together.

Wouldn't just keeping Brand and letting his contract expire create more flexibility than using his cap space to sign another "good" player to a longer deal?

I'm all for creating the cap space if it allows them to make a lopsided trade or impact signing. I'm just doubting that it actually comes to that. But I guess we will see.

They are "young and exciting," sort of like a lesser version of the Atlanta Hawks 5 years ago. I just hope they don't bring in a Joe Johnson... meaning a second level star (like a Brand but one that is healthy) just to make themselves "relevant" in a non-contending type of way. This will be a really dangerous summer.

Not to be unrealistically pessimistic, but I would put the odds of a Final appearance in the next 4 years as under 2%. I just don't see a clear route for this squad to build up, nor do I expect them to make the radical type changes it would take to really remake their core of players. And if they do try to build with this core, then the 4 years can very easily become 8.

...sorry, I guess a post like this really serves no purpose. I just wonder how ownership and management sees things. I don't think they see it this way, or feel any sense of urgency, since the team is young.

Here's one way to lock yourselves in for the next four years. 4 years, $36M or so.

Amnestying Brand this summer doesn't really create more flexibility than letting him expire after next season, it just creates the same amount of flexibility sooner, if that makes sense. I guess I'm just saying I don't see the point of clinging to him as a band aid to keep the team at or close to the same level when maybe that $18M can open the door to something more meaningful for the long term. Who knows.

On the bright side, I think Lou will probably be tradeable during his new deal. Thad certainly is.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 31 at 9:54

"And if they do try to build with this core, then the 4 years can very easily become 8."

Spot on my friend. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.

yeah, the roster is severely limited. one big unknown quantity who was the second overall pick in the nba draft...would be nice to let him play his game to see if he is what some(ahem) think he is, eh?

would be a shame to jettison that guy for 20 cents on the dollar and be left with a combo guard as your point of the future while your #2 pick wins most improved playing for a real coach in some other city...then your roster really sucks

and lou should not sign another contract here...hope dc has nothing to do with that decision because dc loooooves him some GUNNERS...you see, dc was a gunner once...even if he was 0-15, he wasn't afraid to take the 16th...


Really there is nothing more to say.

Horrible interior defense. Bad rebounding. No energy. No hustle. And worst of all, terrible offense.

Overall, the defense was passable and they should've won with that defensive effort against the Wizards. I don't care if the Wizards have improved defensively or not of late, you cannot play so bad on the offensive end against the 37 ranked defense. Just inexcusable.

Someone in the organization has to realize that this roster cannot score and make a move in the off season. I's prefer going for draft picks, but i'd take anything at this point.

*27th defense

JH reply to Xsago on Mar 31 at 7:58

Right now I would prefer losing all the way to the lottery than be a 7 seed and be destroyed by Miami, but if FO and Collins really want to get into the postseason, I would prefer be a 8 seed and match with Chicago, they would have all the pressure to beat us, plus Iggy and Turner are from the area and Jrue seems to enjoy battle Rose, so they have some juice going on against CHI.
My original post would be how the start of the season did fool us and maybe the FO into they have something with this roster and that made difficult to make a move for more young talent(bigs!) and picks with our best trade chips, Iggy and Lou(cheap talent+ possible expire contract). Collins is killing the developtment of this team because his looking for his own agenda, win now ! He said this is his last job, so developt young talent is not on his list of priorities.

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