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ill be at the game tonight, hawes looks horrible through my tv i can only imagine what it will be like watching him live

It's maddening to watch him play. softest center in the league.

Not sure how you can predict a fifteen point blow out after last nights embarassment

I think they're going to win, and they don't win close games. Doesn't make much sense, but there you have it.

Last I checked, the line was Sixers -6, which seemed crazy to me.

Valid logic if you think theyre going to win I guess

Even zaza can bitch slap this front court if the hawks pay attention

Im as pro Jrue as most folk
But the lakers got Ramon sessions for basically nothing. The cavs took on Luke Walton for gods sake. For a team based on its athleticism sessions would have been a nice fit.

Cavs were going to require a first-round pick for Sessions. I wouldn't have wanted to give up ours.

Well the 17th 18th lpicks usually end up much better than sessions already is
They required a first round pick because they picked up a bad contract. Sixers could have given them better contracts

Rather have sessions than a low teens first round pick.

Two things ... first, are you still on vacation - we miss the daily game day previews.

Second, I think you are right it will be a healthy Sixers win.

Can someone name a frontcourt so weak and unathletic as ours ? You know what happens when you asks your wingmen to rebound against opposition bigs all season long ? You burn them out ! Because a wing spend much more energy jumping up and down against a big plus to box out bigger guys takes a toll on you, thats why Iggy's knees flared up and did you see Turner going for rebound now a days ? Almost grounded ! EB isn't even jumping anymore. Asking your undersized, unathletic, old PF to everynight guard opposition best frontcourt players, be the lonely shotblocking menace and half the game play against centers too would run him to ground. So to cover our despicable weak frontcourt plus generate 90% of the team offense and also defend opposition wings and smalls, has burned out our perimeter. The team unbalance cought up to them. This season has so litte time to rest and prepare that smokes and mirrors could back fire on you.
Do you remember the mini ressurgence begun after the all star weekend, so guys were fresher. The blame is on the front office, owners camp. But they are young and exciting and continuity !

Nothing Collins is doing makes sense, from playing endless Small Ball to declaring that Evan Turner is not allowed to bring up the ball unless he gets the rebound to the Lou Will Iso Show to Jodie Meeks still getting 25 minute a game, etc. etc. etc.

Collins is puzzling me..
First he said one of the reasons that ET couldn't start is because Lou and Meeks together are too small to be the bench backcourt unit. So what happened ? Since he moved ET to the starters, we have seen a lot of that small backcourt, so if one of the positive aspects of Jrue, ET and Iggy are their versatility and interchangeable, why not mix and match Lou and Meeks between them, and now they have the other Young too to add.
In NY game that midget backcourt killed us, and from that game on I've been seen a lot of those 2 together.
Also the EB, Thad frontourt maybe our best but can't get the job done forever, guys are always in size, weight, athletic disvantage, one year after another and this season with this schedulle ? Unreal to expect another thing.

headed to the game tonight...only wish i were sitting right behind the bench so i could let the coach know that he no longer gets a free pass in this town cause he hustled in the 70's

I've been to a couple games this year, and every single person around me has agreed that Collins is an incredibly overrated coach, that Meeks does not belong on the court ever, and that Turner needs to have the ball in his hands more.

liked hawes so much better when he was wearing a crisp pinstriped suit and the only time i noticed him at games was when he would shamelessly ogle the dance team(he did this every time the dance-oh sorry, DREAM team performed)

Brian, its a 730 tip tonight for some reason

flyers had a home game, gives them a little bit more time to get the court/arena ready

^ guessing that has something to do with the Flyers game not ending until 4...with an injury delay, a long goal review AND a shootout that they probably were not counting on...

Game was always scheduled for a 7:39 start

Jeremy Lin is out for six weeks

When I tuned in last night, Shumpert was playing PG again. Pretty funny.

Offense is down to 17th in the league, with a rating of 103.8. Last year the same rating would have been 25th. It's never too late to trade away some of our dazzlingly gifted non-scoring perimeter defenders for offensive talent or draft picks.

What's the use of comparing it to last season when offense in the entire league is down? Their DFR is 97.3, #1 in the league this year. Last year it would've been #1 by an absurd 3 pts/100pos.

It's also never too late to cut ties w/ your starting front court and replace them with bigs who can actually dunk the ball.

That 'girl' Brittney from Baylor would probably be better (I use the quotes cause if you've heard her talk and seen her adam's apple you know what I'm talking about)

replace them with bigs who can actually dunk the ball.

They need to defend as well - not just dunk - though looking at the free agents - there's not a whole lot out there

and yes, I'd still use the amnesty on Elton Brand, I'm still hoping for a clippers implosion

You know, even if they got absolute zeros on the defensive end (which is pretty much what they have right now), but guys who could take advantage of easy looks, that would be a major upgrade. This is for a post I'm thinking about writing, but check out these numbers:

Hawes TS% since coming back: 45.7%
Vucevic TS% since Hawes came back: 25.0%

Think about those numbers for a second. Your centers are supposed to be getting easy hoops for you.

The perimeter defense has to make up for shitty interior defenders right now, and while it's frustrating to watch, they get the job done. Still the best defense in the league. But on the offensive end, the bigs just completely drag down the overall efficiency. You expect perimeter guys to be at or slightly above 50% TS (the really good ones are better), but the average center's TS% is almost 54%, the average PF is almost 53%. Thad has basically been average and the other guys haven't even been close since early in the season, when Hawes was shooting a completely unsustainable percentage on long twos.

Guess I don't have to write the post now, but the nut graph would be if you look at the micro (closing games out, beating really good teams) the answer is probably a complete rebuild. But if you look at the macro, improving the overall efficiency differential, just getting league average bigs would improve their offense by leaps and bounds.

Do you really consider 'beating really good teams' a micro problem? If you can't beat really good teams, you can't contend for a title, which is kind of the purpose of professional sports (in my opinion) so it's kind of a macro issue.

The big man problem isn't the only over efficiency differential problem, the ability to finish at the basket and or draw fouls is a team wide issue that might even be worse next year when hopefully Lou Williams is playing for someone else

Well, the overall differential is actually really good even this season. The problem w/ the offense is that they don't get enough easy points, be it at the free throw line, or at the rim. Yes, the perimeter guys need to get to the line more often, but not having a single big who is above average in terms of efficiency, and really only one guy who's close to average, is a huge drag. Lou and Iguodala are basically average in terms of efficiency for their positions, Jrue and Turner are decidedly below average, but you can make the case that Iguodala and Jrue are in total better than their numbers, because they hurt the efficiency of their opponents significantly.

The big men are a double dose of suck. They're inefficient on offense, and their covers are more efficient on the other end because of their soft interior defense.

My point is that a noticeable increase in overall efficiency differential could be gained simply by getting average offensive bigs in here who played little to no defense, instead of terribly inefficient bigs who play little to no defense. The upgrade wouldn't even need to be that expensive.

The micro issues are no less important, they're just harder and more expensive to solve. It's basically a moneyball-like argument. You can make the team markedly better, on paper, but odds are you still aren't going to be able to overcome a team w/ legit superstars who get calls.

but if this team manages to add an average to above average center this offseason, a guy like Sam D, couldn't that be the difference between winning losing the games like the Clippers, TWolves, maybe even a couple of the Spurs games...and doesn't that make them one of the top 3-4 in the league?

Who knows?

If they're going to make marginal improvements, that's the direction they should move in, definitely. But is that what they're going to do, or are they going to keep this core together and bury their head in the sand hoping they grow together? And even if you do make that type of marginal improvement, is it enough to beat Miami and/or Chicago in the playoffs? I don't know, but I kind of doubt it.

Jump on the deandre Jordan clipper implosion dream bandwagon.

F me. League pass has Bobcats/Pistons on their one HD channel instead of Sixers/Hawks. Ridiculous.

Alright, let's just get the mf'ing win.

Aaaand we're off....Hawes wins the tip. A harbinger if there ever was one.

EB, give him the jumper, not the baseline.

Hawes turnover with a 7-inch advantage on the blocks. Awesome.

Sissy jumper from a 3-on-2 break. Lovely.

2 possessions, 2 shit Hawes plays.


Nice D, Hawes. +1 for Josh Smith. Take the fucking baseline away and play off him.

Does anyone WANT to shoot the ball?

Hawes does.

Hawes turnover on the inbound pass. This guy is just awesome.

Hawes glued to the floor, Pachulia gets the board from behind him.

Nice pass, Hawes. Awesome.

Turner's bringing the ball up, if that excites anyone.

I like ET's movement off the ball. I'd rather see Battie than Hawe.s

EB is on. Stop giving him the ball.

Iggy beats his man with a nice crossover and still gets plucked from behind. Thats horrible!

Sissy putback.

Iguodala just ate Johnson's lunch on the defensive end.

Battie to the rescue!!

Summer's coming. So that's nice. Warmth and stuff, you know.

Nice play, Turner for the layup. Hawes mercifully to the bench for Battie.

Jrue turnover results in a dunk on the other end. See you midway through the second quarter.

Watching Holiday overdribble is frustrating

Has Iggy really earned the extnded minutes he gets in the first quarter lately?

Does he really need to earn his minutes at this point? Who's out-playing him?

Thats how Collins coaches. He goes with the hot players from game to game. Iggy has been ice cold as of late.

He's going to mirror Joe Johnson's minutes, at a minimum, as he should.

Crazy shot by Thad.

Zum just described Lou as a guy who likes to play off the ball. Could've fooled me.

Good idea Turner, bad result

Good idea Turner, bad result!

PHI 17, ATL 23 after one.

Terrible first quarter. 10-run for Atlanta after Meeks and Lou subbed in for Jrue and Turner.

On the route to under 70. Yay.

Good play to save that d-board for the Sixers.

Wow, Thad got hacked ...

Do I even need to describe what happened on the first play when Hawes came back in?

Spencer Hawes play of the game, brought to you by Kleenex

Jodie banks in a jumper from the foul line. Pretty.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 20:11

Kinda doubt he meant to do that

Yeah, I was being sarcastic.

Court_visioN on Mar 31 at 20:11

I don't even know what to say about the Sixers' C rotation. No faith in anybody on this team that's not a senior citizen

I've been really quite about Hawes. But it's 10 games now since he came back. And his defense has been atrocious ...

Court_visioN reply to Phil on Mar 31 at 20:12

don't think his offense has been much better..

Phil reply to Phil on Mar 31 at 20:12


I was understanding you until you said "has been atrocious" and not "is so reliably atrocious, you could set your watch by it".

Collins going back to his starting lineup in a time of need.

Meeks vs Green!! Thats a primetime matchup!!

Finally went back to Brand. He goes to the line. First freebies for the Sixers midway through the second quarter.

BTW: Whatever happened to Lavoy?

Doug found his cache of snuff porn.

Meeks for three off a Jrue drive and kick.

Fuck you, Hawes.

Argh. Needed that three, Jodie. Keep the D up, please.

Nice work, Jrue.


Come on, get a couple stops and go into the half w/ the lead.

Malik Rose has really been critical of Iggy lately

Meeks jumper ties it up. Come on, another 1:45 of effort, let's go.

Jrue is 1/5 and this is one of the best halves he's played in a while.

And Jrue gets the hook, of course.

AI9, again. Good call about him being cold, Kelly.

Jodie and Lou are our only players that can hit those mid rangers consistently. I really don't understand why the Sixers don't run plays for them. Especially for Lou. He can play off the ball so well and chances are good his catches his defender on the wrong foot.

Also: Is it concerning how bad our guards are finishing around the rim? I feel like I can watch any Hornets/Wizards/Bobcats game and their guards look like way better finishers.

There's a lot of concerning shit going on.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 20:33


1. Get some bigs.
2. Get some shooters.
3. Learn some plays.
4. Learn more plays.
5. Learn how to drive
5a) how to initiate contact
5b) how to make a layup
6. Learn some more plays

Shooting hasn't been a problem, at least not shooting threes. They're #8 in the league at 36.7%

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 20:47

I'd just like to have a Wesley Matthews kind of guy coming off the bench that can hit some shots and play some D. Or even a guy like Leandro Barbosa. I mean, I'm not high on those players, but they can change a game from time to time. We've just Lou every 2nd and Meeks every 15th game.

Wes Johnson couldn't shoot pool.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 20:50

He's having a rough season. He'll bounce back.

You mean rough career, right?

PHI 43, ATL 41 at the half.

Much better second quarter. Come out and play two more like that, get this win.

Great, another run for Hawes.

Nice work, Jrue.

Good effort, Turner. Got his own board and put it back in. Come on, now.

Give Josh Smith that nonsense.

Would you trade Dre for Al Horford straight up?


Nice pass, Hawes. Why doesn't he get yanked for coughing the ball up?

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 20:51

That was such a stupid play.

Nice drive, Turner.

Nice work, Turner.

4 on Brand. That's trouble.

Turner again.

Heh, sissy trip to the line.

Lou +1. Hit the freebie for the lead, please.

Fuck me, they're free.

Fucking banked three at the buzzer. You've got to be kidding me.

Andre "split pair" Iguodala at the line.

...as was foretold in the prophecy

Horrible posetion Iggy

Nice pass, Lou.

4 on Josh Smith. Big play by Thad there.

Thad playing Smith as best he can taking a charge

Shit, Joe Johnson w/out Iguodala on him now.

Turner is playing him tough

Lou for one?


PHI 62, ATL 66 after three.

I don't quite understand the subs in that quarter, but whatever. Bad quarter overall. Hopefully the foul trouble limits Josh Smith in the fourth.

How about doing something different in the fourth. ATL has to be tired, break out the full-court press or something. Stop fucking sitting back on your heels.

If momentum does not change soon, the Hawks will separate themselves. I give the Sixers 4 minutes to "take control" of the game, otherwise ...

Low energy = Sixers kryptonite (because not enough talent to overcome).

Too many jumpshots

Jrue has played 3 minutes this half. He has 6 boards and 6 assists in 19 minutes, his shot just isn't falling so he gets glued to the bench.


Come on, Ivan Johnson from 18 feet. Give me a fucking break.

Meeks43! Big shot. Like how he used the dribble to clear for the three, instead of coming in for a long two.


Brand looking cat quick

Surprised Dre didn't get called for the charge.

EB trying to get us this W. Would be great if the young guys could feed off his energy...

Elton Brand.

I know he's nowhere what he used to be, but he tries. Every night.


OK, never trail again. Get a stop here.

Wow, Iguodala hit one that didn't go straight down.

Fuck me, Hawes back in the game.

Spencer Hawes, rally killer.

Give me a fucking break. Hawes takes a fadeaway with Joe Johnson guarding him in the post. You are a complete fucking joke. JOKE.

Fuck you, Hawes.

Damn there never seems a game thread where I don't have to say that once.


Brand using muscle vs Smith


Huge fucking shot, out of the EB double.


Again from the kick from Brand in the post. Come on.

Iggy with a huge 3

ELTON! This is what happens when we have a dominant big man!

I love this game so much.

Now would be a great time for Johnson and Smith to start missing their shots.

EB playing like it's 2005 all over again.

EB to the line!

Johnson way short.
We get the 50-50 ball.
EB pushing a tired Smith around.


Give the fucking ball back to Elton. 5 on Josh Smith.


Ugh, Jodie gotta hit that. Fuck me.

Fuck you, Hawes.

Why the fuck, Doug, is Hawes in there?!


Hawes is doing everything in his sissy power to lose this game, btw.

Except miss free throws. The man just never goes all out on anything, does he?

EB again!

Damn it's within 4 points, which means... I'm freaking out.

Brand blocks him the first time, fouls him the second. Ugh. How about missing the pair?

OK, get a hoop.

ET works in the high post and hits over Teague. Huge shot.


What the fuck was that, AI9? Oh, Johnson had his arm tied up. Great.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 21:44

We've to invite the Clippers this off season. Those guys need to learn flopping.

So villainy.

Man's board by Jrue to seal the game. Fucking awesome.

Agree with Malik on Jrue's game tonight. And Doug fucking sat him for 9 minutes in the third.

That Josh Smith three just sunk everyone who bet on the Sixers -6 tonight. Turner put the exclamation point on it w/ the missed freebie.

Is this the first such win of the season? I mean coming back in the 4th and winning a close game. The Lakers game was similar I guess.

PHI 95, ATL 90 Final.

Big win. Keep it going.

This is the last time we see Meredith, right? Enjoy.

I'm going to get to see who's more manly, Meredith or Kim Jones, watching the Yanks all year. Unless she's replacing Kim Jones.

Phil reply to Brian on Mar 31 at 22:02

Have never seen MM live. But she does not look manly on tv IMHO. I liked her, she seemed courteous and smart.

Attendance has been pretty good this year.


17,206 per game. Last year it was 14,751. The year before it was 14,224.

Court_visioN on Mar 31 at 22:28

doug collins really went all out for this win tonight. Iguodala logged 42:49 minutes, Brand 37:19.

just got back from the game, some thoughts

eb was awesome, wish they gave him the ball more when he has it going

why did jrue sit most of the 3rd?

once again hawes looked bad, why doesnt hawes get pulled for ever turnover like jrue or turner?


I was asking the same thing about Jrue. Thought it was a terrible message to send. His shot wasn't falling, but he was really running the team and contributing across the board. And it's not like he was chucking shots. Thought the team really suffered when he was on the bench.

Happy as I am about the win, I miss the time when Spencer was only allowed to play five minutes per quarter. Actually, fuck that. I miss him being injured.

Real out of character weekend for the Sixers.

All of these things are uncharacteristic:

1. Loose to a bad team (Wiz)
2. Win a close game.
3. Live at the line in the 4th qtr (which is how they and many teams win close games.)
4. Get a big performance from Brand in a 2nd of a B-B.
5. Controlled the D-Boards against a physical team.

This team doesn't win too many games when Lou and Thad combine to shoot 5/12 for 10 points.

wow-just got home(stopped at the xfinity center thingamabob after the game...whole new postgame scene at the sports complex, and now fans who get shut out of playoff games have a natural place to gather...i worry about what it could add to eagles gamedays a little bit though)...ELTON BRAND!Un-real. In the last 8 days, I've seen him singlehandedly save the season twice. I thought his 3rd quarter against Boston was good-his 4th quarter tonight was unreal. He couldn't miss-the standout plays were the two 3point plays, the two outlandish o-boards where he just would not be denied, and the back to back kickouts for open 3's by Jrue and Iggy. EB has earned every cent of that contract

Thank God for him because the offense was uuuuugly for the first 3 quarters-as were Collins' manic substitution patterns. Doug was getting a lot of heat from the knowledgeable fans around me and ET was getting a lot of love. He had a ral nice game, by the way-more aggressive moving off the ball than I've ever seen him-inexplicable that he sat on the bench for the first 10 mins of the fourth in lieu of Jodie Meeks(who to his credit showed a lot of hustle and energy tonight...unfortunately, he is a very limited offensive player and a poor defender)

Tom Moore on Apr 1 at 0:46

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